It’s Goodbye For Now

Sadly the IT side of things has done for us

Unique Property Bulletin has been a blast – for 25 years. The past 5 years online has seen an incredible 2,500,000+ pageviews across our three main websites.

Sadly, however, the computers, hardware, software and even the ubiquitous Windows and it’s father Mr Bill Gates has some culpability with his horrendous habit of changing the operating system with instruments of IT torture. This has tipped our merry band of volunteers over the cliff edge.

It is probably a generational thing. Younger folk under 40 years of age are IT wizards. Our current group here at the Bulletin love all things to do with unusual buildings and especially the amazing folk who share their enthusiasm.

The current situation is we have a thriving unique property club and this is working just fine. In spite of the computer systems stalling and causing all sorts of bother.

So our plan is to take a few months off – away from the wretched IT and computers. Return to the real world and leave the virtual side of things be for a while. We will concentrate on the unique property clubs and make them succeed. During the summer, after we have completed the rebooted initial batch of three syndicates, it is very likely that we shall be able to afford a couple of part time IT support folk to help with what is now a full time enterprise.

So until we return, in the autumn, it is cheerio for now and see you all soon.

P.S. If you would like an email alert from us when we return to the full online publication of Unique Property Bulletin, please input your details into the pop-up subscription box. We would put a “click here” link, but that has stopped working because of the Divi Site builder cache clearance system breaking down. This last computer glitch has been the straw that has broken the Unique Property Bulletin camel’s back.

Last but not least, whilst you are here, and so that we don’t disappoint folk, please have a look at some of the articles in our back copies. There is bound to be useful information in the archives to help you find that ideal home you are looking for.