UKWMO Royal Ordnance Corps – Nuclear Bunker

UKWMO – Royal Observer Corps Cold War Nuclear Bunker

One of our readers has asked us to advertise their desire to buy a former UKWMO Royal Observer Corps Nuclear Bunker.

There were hundreds and hundreds of these underground bunkers built for the original network. The VERY BEST source of reference for these is the Subterranea Britannica website …


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Notwithstanding this excellent website, these small nuclear bunkers only come up for sale online from time to time at dedicated owner pages, or occasionally on Ebay.

The whole point of this advert is to ask any current owners of one of these interesting subterrannean structures, if you want to sell, we have a dedicated buyer. Just Contact Us By Clicking Here and we will gladly put you in touch with a keen buyer.


Nuclear Bunker Information

UKWMO – Royal Observer Corps Cold War Nuclear Bunker Entrance 

This week one of our readers has asked for a photo advert to locate any Royal Observer Corps / United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation [UKWMO] that may come up for sale as they very much would like to buy one.

An excellent tour of one of these UKWMO – United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation – posts can be found at …


Though not all are in as good condition as this one. We have been in several and nearly bought one a while back – 20 years ago – ourselves, and at that time several dozen were being sold off. Although our offer was around £7,000, we were outbid.

Earlier Nuclear Bunker UKWMO For Sale – Unique Property Bulletin

Apart from the above example which started on Ebay at £9,000 and sold for £17,501, the only other similar bunkers we had listed were at …

Nuclear At Nominal & Radomes – Unique Property Bulletin

There has been another of the UKWMO ROC standardised bunkers for sale …


But the above UWWMO Bunker has been sold.

Also the ROC Bunker below was sold quickly too…

UKWMO – Royal Observer Corps Main Underground Room.

These cold war relics still command interest and a value.

So if you have a nuclear bunker for sale, please consider getting in touch with us at …..

Contact Us To List Your UKWMO Nuclear Bunker – Buyer Waiting

We have a definite cash buyer to introduce you to, and it will not cost any UKWMO ROC station bunker owner a penny to list their underground bunker on the Unique Property Bulletin website. 



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