Freelancer Wanted

Unique Property Bulletin is looking for a freelance journalist…

The Photo Above Is Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

UPB Headquarters.

Unique Property Bulletin has been run by volunteers for the past 31 years. Originally a monthly journal…

Unique Property Journal: Paper Format: 1989-1992.

In 1992 the A5 monthly spot-colour format was changed to an A4 full-colour presentation…

Unique Property Bulletin: Paper Format: 1992-2010

In 2011 we went from a paper format to an online version…

All throughout this 31 year period, Unique Property Bulletin has had articles, features and the fundamental inclusion of unusual buildings that are for sale grace the pages. Research and editorial supplied by our core group of volunteers…

Great Fun With Unique Property For Sale All Round

Examples of Unique Property We Have Helped Our Friends To Sell .

If It Is Unique & For Sale: We Feature The Property

However, the internet version of the Buletin proved a turning point. Our modest 2,000 to 3,000 readership of the paper format went a little bit viral on the internet. A stable readership of 25,000 to 35,000 was built up month-on-month. Sometimes, that number has reached as high as 100,000 from our own “regulars” plus social media going a tad viral…

The email and telephone enquiries that flowed from such large numbers of site visitors was very welcome, but the volunteer group here struggled to cope.

Volunteer Burnout Becoming A Problem At Unique Property Bulletin

Indeed one of our good friends, Sam Collett closed her “What Sam Saw Today” website (here).

As a result of the high readership numbers, in 2017 we had to decide whether to close our Unique Property Bulletin website or to keep it alive.

Our day job elsewhere is creating new jobs. In 22 years of renovating closed shops and shut-down hotels + derelict factory units, we have very much enjoyed creating 111 new jobs. So it would be daft to close something such as Unique Property Bulletin that has new job creating potential.

We chose to keep this publication going.

However, in order to secure a way to fund it so we can start to contract freelance journalists and then move to staff reporters we had to come up with a reliable source of revenue.

The internet Unique Property Bulletin already has several income streams such as Google Adsense and donations from house sellers that are appreciative of our efforts. Book sales also help…

Unique Property Manual Cover

Front Cover of Unique Property Manual (c) Russ McLean

But the staccato nature of the three main income sources varies significantly from month to month. It is an onerous matter to contract with folk to provide a professional service when the income from this end can be wobbly.

To solve this, the directors and a group of 52 Unique Property Club members set about creating a property based annuity where two or three buildings are placed in a discretionary trust and the rental income utilised to cover contract freelance and eventually new staff reporter wages. Our income-producing buildings will have no mortgages so the income is maximised.

This is a far more reliable revenue stream to pay contract freelancers and eventurally employ staff reporters.

How can this be done you might ask? We took our own advice. It is a long story that will be narrated in due course due to the sublime fun and adventure, but basically we bought a lighthouse station with 8 building on it…

Unique Property Bulletin HQ.

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT.

In January 2020 we have reached the point where Noss Head Lighthouses have been renovated and brought back to life. Some of the buildings surplus to our requirements have been sold – example: here. So Unique Property Bulletin can now gently start letting contracts to with a suitably qualified and motivated folk for an inaugural contract of £3,650 for the first twelve months with a 3 monthly review.

Please note you can work on contract for Unique Property Bulletin anywhere there is a decent broadband connection. 

Ideally we aim to transform the contract positions into staff reporters in years 2, 3, 4 and beyond. This is, of course, dependent upon the progress of our building annuity work.

The result means we are able to confidently and securely contract with a freelance journalist to ensure that every alternate day a unique property is added onto our website.

It is crucial that applicants have a good WORKING KNOWLEDGE of the WORDPRESS internet systems.

If you are interested, please POST your CV to:-

The Editor, Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., Ingledene Office, Sannox Hotel, Sannox, Island of Arran, KA27 8JD

Please note, for security reasons, we can ONLY accept postal applications. Given the fact this is an internet based publication, it is ironic, but online applications can be from anywhere in the world and may include miscreant hackers. Therefore we require a return address in the “real” world that is verifiable and identity of the applicant bona fides plus due diligence completed because the website access passwords will be available to the successful candidate.

Initially, the first contract freelance contributor will simply be adding a unique property every second day to the main website.

In due course, the FULL Unique Property Bulletin online magazine format will be returning. Some guidance for the FULL publication, due for a reboot in the autumn of 2020 can be studied on our tutorial website: click here.

Very best wishes,


Russ McLean

Director. Unique Property Bulletin Ltd.