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Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, Angus, UK., DD11 1JP.

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Unique Property Bulletin Ltd

History + Freelancers Wanted + New HQ Premises

Please note: Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., is a not-for-profit organisation. We are currently run by volunteers. However, during the past 22 years we have been working to ensure the publication purchases its own premises without needing a mortgage. The thesis is, once the candidate building is bought and paid for (we emphasise that is must be free of mortgage) then we shall be renting the spare parts out and utilise that income to pay for PAYE staff employees to cover Unique Property Bulletin editorial + admon., + IT. Thereby relieving some of the strain from the volunteers. During 2019 and 2020 the thee websites have had a much lighter amount of content, but once the new premises at Arbroath are opened and we revert to the full magazine format, the readership levels in the past that have ranged between 35,000 and 78,000 with a peak in excess of 186,000 readers for one particular article (here) shall likely be reinstated due to the full magazine type content…

^^^ 1987 Original Forerunner of the Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ A5 Paper Format ^^^

^^^ 1990s Sister Publication ^^^

^^^ A5 Paper Format ^^^

^^^ 1997 – 2011 Full A4 Version of Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ A4 Paper Format ^^^

^^^ 2012 ->>> Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ Full Online Version: 95% Free ^^^

^^^ 2018 -2021 Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ Social Media Addition To Main Website ^^^

(Currently, Facebook have bu66ered this up and 7,000 people are cast adrift by Mark Zuckerberg (here)

All this from a small network of 5 volunteers who telecommute from home-based offices and studies to help you find your amazing place to live…

One of Unique Property Bulletin’s Website Admin Desks

The view from another at our Noss Head Lighthouse Station…

The Location From Where This Unique Property Bulletin Office View Is Available…

Unique Property Bulletin ~ Northern HQ

This page narrative is important given Covonavirus and the 2020/2021 lock-downs.

For 22 years Unique Property Bulletin has been advocating telecommuting as a way to work from wonderful places such as lighthouses, private islands and monasteries. Never in our wildest dreams nor nightmares did we ever think this occasionally monastic self-isolating style of working would become legally enforceable by proscriptive legislation.

It happened to us. The dream of living at a lighthouse station became a reality.

If you fancy some part-time contract work, you too may end up living in a very interesting place…

Meteora Monastery

Accessed by your very own cable car…

Meteora Monastery: Your Very Own Cable Car

Okay, this may be a little too remote for your “self-isolating” telecommute to work adventure.

Perhaps something a tad more readily available, but still remote…

A Nice Water Tower Conversion

Definitely possible for new freelancers helping with this website.

There is a great selection to choose from.

Researching + finding + publishing details can end up getting you into bother with your partner!

“Honey, I just bought us that *remote-isolate* telecommuter house you had asked me to find”…

Unique Property Bulletin We Were Lucky Enough To Buy A Small Island In 1999.

This year, 2020, another one has arrived on our radar…

Small Islands Can Be Addictive. We Are Looking To Bid On A New Island.

The Unique Property Bulletin has become an accidental success. During 2018 the volunteers were approaching burnout and decision whether to close or grow this organisation was made. One of our directors has spent over 20 years creating jobs, so it would be a wonderful result for us, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, if we are able to start creating new jobs. Specifically, if this work can be completed by telecommuting

As of 1st March 2020, we are delighted to advise the undernoted premises were successfully purchased and this website is much closer to providing a free service to all of our readers that is funded by the virtuous circle.

New HQ Office Bought In March 2020…

^^^ Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ Central HQ ^^^ 


Abbey Studios, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.


^^^ Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

^^^ Central HQ ^^^ 


Abbey Studios, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.

Includes 12 spare offices for use as “business incubator” units as part of our sister company’s High Street regeneration endeavours. In 25 years over 30 closed and empty hotels have been renovated + reopened. In total, 131 new jobs created.

As of 1st September 2021 the renovation is nearing completion and we are soon going to RELAUNCH the Unique Property Bulletin website with premises and staff.

None too shabby for a random blog run by volunteers.

Hopefully others can derive inspiration and if they are keen, then they can grow their blog into s proper business and create several jobs.

Our efforts have been a purely accidental success…

^^^ Accidental Success ^^^

Currently Being Rewritten To Include

More Accidental Success!

Meanwhile, here are a few “before” and “after photos to give our readers an idea of what happens when your website blog starts going a bit viral. Not the crappyvirus viral, more of a good viral as this creates jobs and restores the High Street…

^^^ Abbey Studios Business Centre ^^^

Roof being overhauled & leaks remedied

^^^ New Home ^^^

For Unique Property Bulletin

^^^ Abbey Studios Business Centre ^^^

^^^ James Street Elevation ^^^

^^^ Broken Windows Replaced ^^^

Wood rot totally removed and new, treated wood fitted.

^^^ Signage Reinstated ^^^

But not as garish as the old Swinton neon signs

^^^ Old Damaged Plasterboard Removed ^^^

New insulation + full rewire + new fire alarm system

^^^ New, Double-Skin Plasterboard ^^^

Fire regulation coded. 

^^^ Full Arctic Lorry of RWA45 Spec Insulation ^^^

All rooms future proofed for eco credentials.

This also helps make businesses more viable as heating costs plummet

^^^ One of 17 Completed Offices ^^^

We anticipate relaunching Unique Property Bulletin from 2 to 3 of these offices. The remainder will form part of our business newstart efforts: click here.


Prior to refurbishment. Previous “before” and “after” photos of earlier projects: Click here and here to get an idea of what Abbey Studios will look like after being some TLC work.


Unique Property Bulletin Ltd

In addition to our HQ at Abbey Studios, 280 High Street, Arbroath, D11 1JF.,

We also have a new Northern Office…

The Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, KW1 4QT


Unique Property Bulletin Ltd

New Southern Office ideal area. Perhaps the Solent by the Isle of Wight…

Unique Property Bulletin is currently looking to buy an office premise to the southern part of the UK as well.

For EXAMPLE, this is what we need to locate and buy… 


If you see a candidate property in the south that may suit Unique Property Bulletin, please can you let us know…

Text/Tel: 0757-2768-795.

Something along the following lines…

Windmills, lighthouses, islands, castles, old fire stations, canalside cottages, water towers, martello towers, old police stations. Something along the lines of this amazing place…

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, By Isle of Wight.

Unique Property Club has this under consideration. The price is a tad handsome and we would prefer something under the seven figure mark. Though the funds are available for the right building in the south.

Last But Not Least

Please consider signing our petition to say thankyou to all those who placed themselves in harm’s way to protect so many of us. For certain, if it were not for these amazing human beings, we here at this website would have expired by now.

Click Here To See & Hopefully Sign The Petition.

Click Here To See & Hopefully Sign The Petition.

Also, please consider sharing it on your social media…

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A heartfelt thanks from Russ and all the team at Unique Property Bulletin.