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We Are Getting Back On Track After

A Traumatic Few Weeks

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A Traumatic Few Weeks

This may seem utterly eccentric, but given the article we added to this page below when we received an attack on our PHONES that has Apple HQ alerting us, we had to relay the information to our readers.

^^ Sent To Unique Property Bulletin Crew ^^

Our Military Qualified Cyber Expert Advises This Is Rare.

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(It Is A Safe Link)

Plus impeccable reports that there would be…

No Nuclear War

BUT there is likely to be EMP Weapon deployment, or if that escalates, we will see a…

Non-Lethal EMP War

Whatever your view at the threats of the West + Europe + America being “nuked” by President Putin, he will NOT use nuclear weapons (at least not  first). He has some horrendous, but clever cards up his sleeves yet to deploy before he wheels out the atomic arsenal. Yes, President Putin will be mentioning nuclear weapons as it is in line with domestic concerns within Russia about NATO getting closer than Soviet leader Khrushchev got to America via the Cuban Missile crisis (here).

Atlantic Council ~ Putin & Cuba: Click Here

What Is The Atlantic Council: Click Here

Copyright Licence Paid to Alamy: 
Contributor: Granger Historical Picture Archive

Meanwhile, PLEASE can our readers BACKUP their precious family and other photos from Facebook + Instagram etc. If the NON-LETHAL EMP War does become a reality (and don’t dismiss EMP War or EMP terror attacks – not many folk would have forecast Covid + lockdowns etc).

We are profoundly unhappy, but now we are absolutely persuaded, having spoken with senior members of overseas diplomatic services and separately senior military personnel, that President Putin will start publicly TESTING EMP WEAPONRY in the remote areas of Russia. Then you can bet the farm YOU WILL get to know what EMP means and have to get used to the distinct risk of having NO Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram and possibly NO internet.

Well before any big red nuke buttons are pressed in the Kremlin or President’ Putin’s secret bunker, first we will all live to see a…

Non-Nuclear, Non-Fatal

EMP Weaponry in Action

Before you view the video explaining EMP below, there is a way to live if an EMP attack happens (instead of the Kremlin launching nuclear warheads). We will cover that very soon. A bit off-message for this publication, but the fact is, we have featured an EMP-SAFE military base for sale right now…

^^ RAF Balado ^^

Photo Copyright (2019) Attribution: Mr R Ferguson, Site Owner.

Including An EMP-SAFE Data Warehouse

UK£399,000 to UK£950,000.

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Listing this EMP-SAFE former military base was enough to get our PHONES interfered with by a State Security Service (the websites are currently safe). It is one of the reasons we are taking the EMP threat as credible. It actually makes a lot of sense. Our advice from Ambassador level is President Putin may be many things but he is not going to immolate the world with his vast arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin & Chief of Staff of
The Armed Forces General Valery Gerasimov
© Planetpix/Alamy Live News ~ Contributor: Kremlin Pool ~ Alamy Copyright Licence Paid.
Wise counsel with impeccable credentials and who we respect has indicated that President Putin (or his successor) will find this Armageddon-avoiding technology very useful…

NON-Nuclear EMP Weaponry

Whether this leads to an…


…is another matter.

Here is a brief explanation…

^^ An Explanation of EMP ^^

As a website that comes top of Google when you search for “UKWO Nuclear Bunker For Sale”, all we wanted to do was reassure some of our readers who wer worrie about this…

=> We were stunned when it became apparent we could reassurance our readers that NO nuclear war will happen.

But now, we have a lot of enquiries about this EMP subject. So will be featuring some coverage from as qualitative and objective sources as possible.


Earlier Listing: 15th October 2023

Just A Quickie

Windmill For Sale.

.An Awesome Windmill For Sale

The price is a bit handsome!

Plenty of lovely photographs

Plus contact information…

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This is a fairly BOLD statement to make…

There Will Be

No Nuclear War

We have received dozens of telephone calls and messages from our readers about worries folk have in respect of the Russia~Ukraine conflict escalating to a nuclear war. Why? Well we have sold many underground UKWMO bunkers over the past 28 years!

=> In order to lessen the worries of nuclear war, our volunteer crew here have been working to find some way to reassure folk that the risk of nuclear Armageddon is much lower than might be expected.

It came as an astonishing event to find out that there is truth in this wish to reassure people that nuclear war is unlikely.

The signs were triggered by this message from Apple Inc., to our organisations I-phones by the manufacturers security threat-notification division. It is legitimate…

^^ Sent To Unique Property Bulletin Crew ^^

Our Military Experienced Cyber Expert Advises

This Is Rare, But Legitimate.

Click Here

(It Is A Safe Link)

However, whilst nuclear war risk is receding, something very bad is likely to affect ALL nations of the world. Particularly those not currently loosing members of their armed services in the Ukraine. This relatively NEW RISK is the increasing likelihood of…


Or more likely…

EMP Weapon Use

The EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weaponry is far less lethal and much less toxic than nuclear war. With Russia increasingly being outflanked and put into a corner, the prospect of NON LETHAL weapons that will cause MASSIVE DISRUPTION in the West holds huge appeal to the Kremlin.

Like many websites, we do get malicious hacking attempts. Here is just one screenshot from a website within our selection and this is considered “normal”. Our IT crew also has a 100% success rate at repelling these attacks…

This is from our Lighthouses For Sale

online newsletter. 

That is not even

a monetary or lucrative facility!

All (Non-State) attacks repelled!

Our own suspicions have been raised and the veracity of EMP attacks considered more likely by a series of events. We will narrate these when the UK law allows. For now we can support our belief that EMP WAR or EMP WEAPONISATION will take the place of NUCLEAR WEAPONRY as a result of preparation on this site that included details that are not yet on pages available to our readers (the offsite password protected pages are to help one of our disabled volunteers have his work checked for typographical and grammatical errors by another volunteer several miles away).

When these pages were less than complimentary to President Medvedev or President Putin, that is when this threat-warning became ingrained in our minds. Plus the fact the I-phones then got “remotely” switched off!

When a STATE’S security services start attacking your mobile telephone, there is a massive weight of technology behind their effort. Very few organisations can repel the weight  of this type of vast security organisation forever…

Russian Secret Service Official Head-Quarters

At Lubyanka Square, Moscow, Russia

Vasillisa Komarova / Alamy Stock Photo Copyright Fee Paid - 2MB HD Version: Click Here

Russian FSB Offices At Lubyanka: Click Here

The back part of this Russian FSB security building has enough space above and below ground to accommodate the population of a country the size of Iceland! So what chance is there to repel a STATE security service from interfering with your telecoms equipment to the extent that the biggest telecommunication company in the world sends warnings that a STATE is attacking your communications equipment.

Weirdly, when we “toned down” the remarks about President Medvedev’s appearance in public under the apparent influence of alcohol, our phones were switched back on!

Other peculiar matters struck us. For example, both President Putin and President Medvedev have threatened “electronic war”. The subtitles on the videos translate this as “atomic war”. To our ear, there is the world of difference.

=> An “electronic war” especially in the context of both Russian presidents public announcements mentioning “new” types of weapon being unleashed by Russia on the Ukraine and on the West, leave us with the very distinct impression that the former president and current president of Russia are referring to Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weaponry.

Readers, especially those new to this Unique Property Bulletin might ask…

You State There Will Be

No Nuclear War

What Evidence Do You Have?

Twelve pieces of evidence. Firstly, it is important to state we have no axe to grind.

=> Our managing director just wanted to reassure the many readers phoning us to buy “small” nuclear bunkers listed for sale in our newsletter, that there was no need to spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying about nuclear war.

Little did we know that the phrase: “There will be NO nuclear war” might be part of our reply!

We are a not-for-profit publication that features unusual buildings. We started in 1987 with a loose-leaf paper format…

^^ Original Unique Property Bulletin ^^

A4 Loose-Leaf Format Newsletter

Established: 1987 

We added an online selection of properties and articles distilled from our newsletter in 2011.

We are NOT an estate agency: just a group of friends who share details of interesting properties for sale.

=> We also have a wider group of (585 passive and 111 active) friends who join together and buy the occasional “tasty” building such as a lighthouse station, or castle or engine generator station.

As to a direct answer on the “evidence” question. For several years we have listed the only industrial sized EMP-Resistant warehouse capable of being reinstated as part of the original function (computer data farm). This is the only EMP-RESISTANT building of this size in Europe that is for sale…





^^ Former RAF Balado ^^

EMP-Safe Building

For Sale As A Whole: £950,000.

Or EMP-Safe Centre Part: £695,000.

Photograph Attribution: To Mr R Ferguson, Owner of the Former RAF Balado Bridge Site

The purpose of this Unique Property Bulletin website is actually to feature unusual buildings for sale! We do NOT charge a fee for this service. Our websites are run by volunteers.

Contact: Click Here.

Photograph Attribution: To Mr R Ferguson, Owner of the Former RAF Balado Bridge Site.

EMP, otherwise known as Electro Magnetic Pulse has been developed into a non-nuclear (a relatively non-lethal) weapon.

=> It focusses high pulse of energy that is so intense that the EMP fries and DESTROYS electrical circuitry and micro-chips (mostly the ones that are switched on at the time of the EMP attack).

It gets worse…

=> Such weapons can take out vast numbers of electrical devices, from mobile phone to cars; computers to power generation sites. Even airliners may drop out of the sky if their electrical systems are hit with an EMP pulse attack.

Though EMP is not as bad as the mass deaths that the alternate end result of war has in store….

=> The current orthodoxy is that NUCLEAR WEAPONS will NOT be used because of Mutually Assured Destruction.

The mere threat of EMP has the capacity to change outcomes in geopolitical situations such as the Russia-Ukraine war…

=> The worry now is that instead of the prohibitively mutual destructive NUCLEAR WEAPONS, the EMP WEAPORY CAN be deployed as it is possible to focus it in a way that causes maximum damage to infrastructure (for example destroying telephone systems or social network companies) and with little to no loss of life. Just major social upheaval.

None of us needs to use much imagination as to the profound impact of an EMP weapon or Heaven forbid and EMP War. Why? Well humanity has just emerged from 4 years of isolation and Covid pandemic. Locked in the house and no holidays in warm countries such as Spain. An EMP attack will remove Telecoms + Broadband + Twitter/Facebook + holidays abroad by airplane (or even if you go by car). EMP can be deployed with no (or minimal) loss of life. But is a mighty powerful weapon to world leaders. Russia and China lead the EMP weaponry research. America is self-admittedly way behind EMP as the best they did was a gunnery sergeant’s report…


^^ Full US Naval Report

From The Gunnery Sergeant

Click Here

America has started to catch up on EMP tactical warfare since this report but admits it is still far behind Russia and China.

EMP ~ Electro Magnetic Pulse weaponry may not seem that big of a deal.

Here is a visualisation of what it does to YOUR (and military ) electrical circuitry. 

^^ EMP Damage Illustrated By Magnetic Induced Iron Filings ^^

The EMP Burst Covers The Whole Device

Thereby Destroying It.

Copyright Thanks To An Imaginative Work By Yon Marsh ~Copyright Licence fee paid To Alamy Inc.

The photo above is of a MAC computer PC board. It could be your toaster or mobile phone. It could be a transatlantic passenger jet airline flying over Europe to land at Schiphol Airport.

=> An EMP pulse surges high currents or electricity through micro-chips destroying them with a focussed Electro Magnetic pulse.

You have fried chips, and not in a good and tasty Blackpool seafront high carb potato food style.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see what a focussed EMP Pulse would do to either of these…

The Russian President’s Plane & The American President’s Air Force 1

Photo Copyright Dmitry Lovetsky & Associated Press. Copyright Licence fee Paid To Alamy Inc

After reading some of the bona fide reports that are placed in reputable journals and on government websites, the thought of non-nuclear weaponised Electro  Magnetic Pulses (EMP) worries the bejeebers out of us.

=> Fair enough, it helps avoid nuclear death at an extinction level ofradioactivity and carnage.

But after 3 years of Covid, the prospect of the kids not having their Twitter + Instagram + facetime etc., is like deja vu of Covid, but without the contagion.

For sure it is a deep subject to consider. There are many solutions and we believe that as with Covid where much of humanity have ann understanding of microbiology noww, we may be about to see a similar learning-curve to do with EMP Warfare.

^^ Graphic Created By Author IHX ^^

Copyright Licence Fee Paid By Unique Property Bulletin To Alamy Photo Agency


For the past 25 years, we have also been featuring very small UK War Monitoring posts (used in case of nuclear war)…

UKWMO RoC Underground Nuclear Bunker

Creative Commons Attribution: Ministry of Defence

Following the start of the Russian-Ukraine war, every time President Putin mentioned “nuclear war”, a significant number of people would…


“Nuclear Bunker For Sale”

Because of Google algorithms, large numbers of folk would telephone our UK telephone number!

Even newspapers covered this phenomenon. There were some inaccuracies in these national and regional newspaper articles. Our editor Russ McLean has NOT served in the Royal Navy (it was the other Navy). His father had served in the Royal Navy during World War 2. Russ had served as a harbourmaster and used to drive merchant ships (not Royal Navy vessels)! This may seem irrelevant to the wider issues, but anyone who has served and worn a uniform tends to be a bit prickly if details such as these are inaccurate in the mainstream media.

=> More importantly, such is the gravitas of what is being written on these pages, we need to be as absolutely accurate as is humanly possible.

In sincere fairness, both newspapers did amend their articles.

However, we would point out the uncorrected part…

=> We have NEVER said anyone was “scarred” or “panicked”. It’s not the way we see things.

It is unusual, but all of us here at this website have had family or have served directly in uniform, in the emergency services and/or and wars.

Neither the armed services, nor the UK population would be descried by any of us a “scarred” or “panicked”.

=> So if you do read these newspaper articles (eg: here + here + here + here), please be aware they are broad-stroke and written in good faith. But certain parts are not perfect in reflecting the situation. We emphasise that at no time would we deploy the words “scarred” or “panicked”. That really is not what we hear happening when folk phone in.

All of those who have contacted us looking for a UKWMO nuclear bunker have been “concerned” for their families.

Before and certainly after the media articles in the national newspapers and the continuing flood of families “concerned” about the possibility of nuclear war, we really wanted to provide some words of comfort…

=> At no point would we have believed that it might be possible to publish a headline with credible supporting evidence that there would be NO NUCLEAR WAR.

When you study the matter, the alternative of EMP weaponry and/or EMP War is relatively non-lethal, but is still a horrendous event with an impact every bit as challenging – for example, as the Covid pandemic (though without the lethality).

=> Have a think about EMP warfare? Any electrical device that is SWITCHED ON and in range of an EMP weapon will have its circuits and micro-chips fried!

This will lead to the collapse of the internet; the airline industry will be grounded (to avoid aircraft falling out of the skies); cryptocurrency money will evapourate (if it hasn’t already eaten itself). There will be a boom in the “Faraday Cage” manufacturing industry!



EMP War Risk

This is the only EMP-Safe building for sale just now in Europe capable of securely accommodating a vast computer server farm. It is the former UK Ministry of Defence base at RAF Balado…

^^ RAF Balado For Sale ^^

^^ Perthshire, Scotland ^^

^^ £695,000 to £950,000 ^^

Photograph Attribution: To Mr R Ferguson, Owner of the Former RAF Balado Bridge Site.

^^ RAF Balado For Sale ^^

^^ Perthshire, Scotland ^^

^^ £695,000 to £950,000 ^^

Photograph Attribution: To Mr R Ferguson, Owner of the Former RAF Balado Bridge Site.

Please note, Unique Property Bulletin is NOT an estate agency.

We do NOT receive any commission.

Our interest is in getting mothballed buildings back into use.

The purpose of the highly secure former RAF Balado military base is to store computer data in a way where the computer hardware is PROTECTED from EMP pulses by a huge Faraday Cage built into the fabric of the building.

Faraday Cage technology: Click Here.

For Background on Computer Farms…

Also Known As “The Internet”

Click Here

^^ RAF Balado For Sale ^^

^^ Perthshire, Scotland ^^

Photograph Attribution: To Mr R Ferguson, Owner of the Former RAF Balado Bridge Site.

Focussing back on the evidence…

1]. Above and beyond any other evidence (circumstantial, or unimpeachable) is the SUDDEN DEMAND FOR LARGE SCALE EMP DATA STORAGE. For two years, very few enquiries came in to Unique Property Bulletin regarding the RAF Balado site with it’s EMP-Safe Faraday Cage.

2]. All of a sudden, during just FOUR WEEKS in September 2023 we had FIVE DIFFERENT BANKS telephoned us. Each asked specifically about the EMP specification relating to RAF Balado. Each was advised that we were supporting the owner in his endeavours to complete a sale of (the former) RAF Balado base to the Kinross Aerospace Charity (alas that charity has not been able to raise the purchase price after 5 years of trying – even with the owner offering a discount and/or phased payment and/or a substantial discount for the charity). As of 11th November 2023, RAF Balado is back up for sale again.

3]. Three of the banks are from America. When they were called back and advised that the charity had not responded to the final request from the owner of RAF Balado, and that the former RAF base was back on the sale market, one of the bank security chiefs transferred the call to their internet security chief. The bank technical officer was quite open about EMP shielding and advised they had a credible “ALERT” that…

=> “Russia was going for EMP targeting before touching nuclear weaponry”.

In fact the Americans indicated that the UK have laws requiring EMP Data Dump with Faraday Cage EMP resistant facilities, but some banks are failing here. We ae following that line of enquiry to improve the veracity of what is written on our own website pages. 

4]. It became apparent to us in September 2023 that former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview (badly translated) where he mentioned “electric war” several times and this was inaccurately translated as “atomic war”. Dmitry Medvedev has been slurring his speech and there are concerns of either neurological deficit or alcohol dependency. So this “electric war” (EMP) speech may have been unauthorised.

When we first wrote this segment we featured the following screenshot with commentary about (former) Russian President Medvedev’s demeanour and that he appeared to need physically support. This was widely reported in national and international media at the time, and has been a cause for concern about President Medvedev’s standing in high office ever since…

^^ Former Russian President Medvedev (Centre)^^

Seemingly Being Supported By

Italian Premier Berlusconi and French President Sarkozy.

But when the video is studied,

it is not so certain that the Russian President is staggering…



Presidents’ Sarkozy, Medvedev and PM Berlusconi.

5]. Impeccable evidence has been handed to us that the current Russian President, Vladimir Putin will announce the somewhat bold statement that there will be…

NO Nuclear War

Instead, there will be

A Selectively Targeted


EMP Special Military Operation

At the beginning of 2020 we did not know what an “EMP War” meant. We do now! To be blunt it bothers us profoundly. Though there are very good elements. The end of nuclear threat has to be a good thing? Surely?

No Mass Numbers of Deaths

Just The End of YOUR Electrical Devices!

An EMP Special Military Operation (War) will mean that the cesspit, known as Twitter or “X” or “SpaceKaren’s Folly” will be extinguished as the EMP pulse will take that festering pile of vile out of existence fairly early on.

6]. For safety, so that our readers can access the content of our online version of the Unique Property Bulletin (paper format newsletter) we have taken the precaution of securely hosting it in Iceland under the Modern Media Initiative: Click Here. This ironically helps prove our our sixth piece of evidence. We have been using certain key words on the telephone, BUT not the obvious ones such as “bomb” and “aircraft”. We are unsure who cause the “STATE-SPONSORED ATTACK ALERT” that Apple Inc., detected. But we have been in “EMP” worded discussions with FIVE banks during September 2023 (three banks are from America, one is from Europe and one from London). Our (former) military IT adviser was cognisant of what words trigger a Security Service human (or more recently AI) in-depth audit after being flagged up by the first tier listening kit.

7]. Many folk know about the phenomenon of “keywords” on telephones being robotically flagged-up by AI for review by a human being in an appropriate security office. Within days of the second bank conversation about the former RAF Balado EMP-Secure computer internet farm server warehouse, this appeared on the exact device that conversation ha been undertaken. Coincidence? In 37 years of this Unique Property Bulletin newsletter publication and the volunteer, (not-for-profit) organisation that keeps our reader informed, we have never a peep out of the security services. It might have been a coincidence, but we are so astounded by this screenshot from our devices; so much so that it is important to repeat the publication so that casual skim-readers do see this…

One of our IT team asked…

“What on earth have you been doing to get that rare thing?”

Click Here

(It Is A Safe Link)

In 37 years and the last 11 online with 186,000 readers…

We have never the slightest advisory of trouble or misstep, we get something decidedly hinky. So owe are offering this WARNING from the highly qualified team at Apple Inc., of a “STATE SPONSORED ATTACKER” as number “7” on our list.

^^ Being Handcuffed To The Computer ^^

Used To Mean

Padlocked To Your Work!

Maybe this has changed…

Click Here and Here

These seven points are currently more circumstantial than definitive. But our editor has some experience in these matters as per the next photograph. One thread of evidence would be a weak case to present before a judge at HM Court. But six threads become much stronger. At this time, 15th October 2023, we have 12 threads of evidence (well over the balance of probabilities).

=> Consequently, we are 85% sure that President Putin WILL raise the THREAT of EMP WAR within months, possibly just weeks. We are reliably informed he sees all of this as a world beating chess game. One where he has the grand master’s move such as might be made from the genius wold champion Gary Kasparov (click here).

Ironically Gary Kasparov and President Putin are none too fond of each other.

=> Maybe a professional journalist would do well to interview Gary Kasparov about President Putin and his nascent EMP master-stroke announcement?

Here is the experience and skillset that renders the editor of this website to green-light this segment that there will be NO Nuclear War.

=> The vested interest we have is to reassure our readers who have phoned us in droves that they are safe from Nuclear Armageddon.

Though EMP War is a horrendous thing that may bomb humanity halfway back to the Victorian Era. Start again. Start with mass production of Faraday cages!

Russ McLean, Editor of Unique Property Bulletin

In An Earlier Occupation.

We have another 7 pieces of evidence so far that

there will be…


Or not until…




Please be in no doubt, an EMP WAR will be an utter nightmare. Here at this obscure Unique Property Bulletin magazine, all we wanted to do was give some warm words of comfort to those large numbers of folk who phone us an ask for help finding a nuclear bunker!

We are always happy to help, but would have chastised anyone who said it would be possible, let alone likely that there would be NO nuclear war! Our surprise at finding out there is a non-nuclear alternative end to Russia-Ukraine conflict knocked us six foot sideways. We were stunned!

Such is the gravitas of this EMP matter and so sensitive are some of the sources, ranging up the vocational tree – far above our heads, that we will undoubtedly aggravate some internet dwellers who always demand more, or troll folk for sadistic enjoyment. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, c’est la pomme de terre.

=> With respect to the security services, we would mention a matter that troubles us a bit with cryptic offsite IT semaphore between your gatekeeper etc.

=> It is a reasonable deduction given the STATE SPONSORED SECURITY notice that whichever country has tried to hack our TELEPHONE systems MIGHT try and access the secure databases we hold. We are borderline paranoid (and evidently rightly so) about data and deploy an air-computer system for sensitive matters.


=> IF any STATE sponsored security personnel do manage to access parts of our systems where they have no business, or at best, dubious reasons, please note the Ambassador, nor her staff at one European embassy, nor the CD plated vehicle drivers at another embassy have any involvement in EMP matters or providing officially declassified Freedom-of-Information material. This applies especially to US diplomatic heads.

Given our own work serving in uniform, we absolutely recognise the importance of keeping folk safe. However, should efforts be made to besmirch the status of professional diplomats, we will react adversely and the good natured discourse thus far will end.

That would be an absolute shame as we have a shared aim with all security personnel and we suspect a significantly high percentage of the population of replicating the work that led to 10th April 1998 Good Friday Agreement…

25 Years of Peace In Northern Ireland

Surely Peace Can Be Negotiated

At Other Lethal Conflicts?

^^ The Good Friday Agreement: 10th April 1998 ^^

A Pair of Glasses Belonging To John Hume Rests Upon This Historic Document

Photo Copyright Licence Paid: Attribution © George Sweeney / Alamy Stock Photo

^^ If Northern Ireland Can Negotiate Peace? ^^

Surely There Is Hope For Other War-Torn Part of The World?

That resulted in 25 years of PEACE in Northern Ireland. Logic dictates this must be the exit route from the current carnage? Surely we should be focussing on ways to de-escalate the crisis between Russia and Ukraine? Let alone manage to work some form of miracle to help stop the carnage between Israel and Palestine.

For this segment, we complete the narrative with two videos that we hope will help our readers…

EMP Weaponry.


^^ Video ^^

^^ EMP Weaponry ^^



^^ Video ^^

^^ Computer Server Farms ^^


Click Here


We might need to go offline for an hour or two.

This is to upgrade security systems!

Due to the events detailed in the next segment below stating: “THERE WILL BE NO NUCLEAR WAR” ~ this website may go offline for an hour or two at various times whilst we uprate security.

=> It is important to note, the problem notified us of is to do with the I-PHONES we use and NOT the website operating systems.

Just to be safe, we are replacing the Apple I-Phones and increasing website security. Our apologies if this site has any technical hiccups whilst our military grade IT professionals work their computer magic (with our considerable relief and thanks). We are happy to advise that there is an identical but separately hosted safety backup site.

Just change to .org and press the return button…



Earlier Listing: 25th September 2023

A Castle In Bath, Somerset

Either £1,800,000

Or maybe we could help split the title and

you could secure a castle for £995,000

(please note this TITLE-SPLIT is NOT available via estate agents)

^^ Bath Castle Lodge Hotel ^^

A couple of days ago on 23-9-23 this magnificent castle building, located at Bath, Somerset, appeared on our unique property radar.

^^ Bath Lodge Castle Hotel ^^

Norton Saint Philip, Somerset, BA2 7NH

We are keen and excited to share this detail with you. Though you will need to work a bit on some research as this Bath Lodge Castle comes with some recent history as well as ancient knights and dragons. The price seems a bit up and down. It is said to have been empty, but might now be occupied??? Tripadvisor has some harsh words, then some saintly praise. Here at Unique Property Bulletin we recently suffered an idiot estate agent based in the north of England who lost his client a £1,400,000 sale from our HNW readers. We had the temerity to suggest the owner of the northern buildings sell the FOUR houses on his site SEPARATELY. Why? Well because 4 houses TOGETHER requires a LOT of cash, or a HUGE deposit and a COMMERCIAL mortgage.

Anyone with an economics ”A“ level, never mind a degree, will know there are far fewer millionaires about than folk who would like to buy an affordable £250,000 character home. If a mortgage is needed, it would be a DOMESTIC one and they are much easier to obtain. In short…. It is far more DIFFICULT to sell a £1,400,000 set of buildings (up north) than sell each separately. Half the buyers in the U.K. can afford £250,000. Only 8% of the U.K. population can afford £1,400,000. So the idiot estate agent (slightly north of the midlands) who had locked his “client” into one of the dreadful SOLE-SELLING-RIGHT contracts lost a sale. We couldn’t get any sense out of that outfit in the middle of the U.K., so we delisted the property.

Bath Lodge Castle Hotel,

Norton Saint Philip, Somerset, BA2 7NH

After a long think we have change our own policy at Unique Property Bulletin… Sure we are happy to list folks‘ buildings for FREE (the dunce estate agent in the midlands thought we were an estate agent, we are NOT). This is a FREE publication run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. So what is the change in policy? We will list sellers buildings for free.

If our readers buy, then great. That is usually the end of our endeavours. BUT we will NOT let a jumped-up Amadan of an estate agent behave in an obnoxious manner, and tell us what we can and cannot do. If you are a seller and a publication that has 10,000 readers on social media and can muster over 100,000 on their own websites and you do NOT want free publicity, just call us and we will remove your property at once. If you are an estate agent that gets a bit precious about FREE publicity, then we would ask the SELLER to consider whose best interest their estate agent has at heart? Today, we are going with a HIGHLY REPUTABLE estate agent. The Savills company and specifically in the Bath area. This is a proper estate agent (unlike the idiot up in the middle of the UK). The point to this narrative? Well you can cough the £1,800,000. Or you can haggle at say £1,600,000 for the WHOLE Bath Castle Lodge site. Or we would be happy to put together a syndicate of three buyers and you could end up with a synchronised sale to those three buyers, where you get your £1,800,000 and the buyers get a bargain castle at £995,000, or a set of outbuildings and modest parcel of land at £495,000 or a large parcel of land and a planning permission to build a grand design as part of the deal. That land and permission would be around £495,000. The result? Everyone is happy.

We trust that this made reasonable sense? So all the best in your consideration of this awesome looking main building and surrounding land and outbuildings. Headline guide price: £1,800,000. Bath Lodge Castle Hotel, Norton Saint Philip, Somerset, BA2 7NH…

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^^ Also: Building Plot Wanted In The UK ^^

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Former Lock Keeper’s Cottage

For Sale


Incudes a narrow boat into the bargain

Our philosophy is to ask readers to learn from us falling flat on our face (and taking the financial pain) rather than folk who read this website repeating these mistakes and suffering that financial pain themselves + costs + lost opportunities. So with the BIG 31% of properties marked “SOLD” or “UNDER OFFER” then FAILING TO COMPLETE, please consider approaching the estate agent/owner of this lock keeper’s cottage in 6 weeks time to check that the sale actually went through?

You could end up with an awesome property as your new home and if good fortune is with you, you might save £50,000 to £100,000 into the bargain….

Plus An Important Lesson First…

^^ When SOLD Property Fails To Complete ^^

We Saved £100,000 & Won The House!

How About You?

Do You GET What We Mean Abut 31%

Being Good For You As A Buyer?




Oast House

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