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AAA Roads Depot Parking Initiative Headline

Seaview For £7,000 = PART Northern Roads Depot (c) C. McLean

Plus Octagonal Toll, Methodist Masonry, Castles, Forts & Flighty Birds:

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Unique Property Syndicate

A Gentle Alternative To A Full PLC

AAA Rattray Head Garage Land Lower Left of Photo Anne Burgess MAIN

Soon For Sale: Lighthouse Garage Store Parking & Land (c) Anne Burgess

Plus Banks, Boathouses, Bobbie Boxes & Much More

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Tea At The Tardis?

AAA Police Box For Sale

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Two Summers No Winters?

AAA Port Lynas Trinity House

Photo: The Northern Hemisphere – Anglesey Island (c) Trinity House

A New Style of Life Plus:-

Genuine Grand Designs For Sale, Railway Stations, Lighthouse Rentals & Much More

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Home On The Sea?

AAA HMS Endurance Kelly Whybrow Unique Property Bulletin

HMS Endurance off the Antarctic Peninsula (c) 2007 Kelly Whybrow

Living life large and afloat. Plus:-

Bargain Engine House, Waterside Mill, Gothic Folly, London Jam & Much More

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Is “Uniquest” A Word?

AAA 1 Thames A

No 1 Thames (c) 2014 Michael Gakuran and WT Architecture

Plus Canalsides, Chimneys, Exotic Fruit, Freelancing & Much More:

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Mills Galore & More

AAA Sibsey Mill Headline

Rhoades Mill (c) 2014 Rural & Equestrian

Bulletin News, Sliding House, Syndicates & More:

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Carbisdale Castle

Heads-Up Alert For Our Readers

AAA Carbisdale Castle Stuart Logan

Carbisdale Castle (c) 2014 Stuart Logan

Plus Competitions, FTSAAs, All Our Yesterdays & Much More:

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Jumbo Water Tower, Balkerne Gardens, Colchester (c) Ritchie Hicks

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ROC Post For Sale: Guide £20,000

AAA UKWMO-ROC-Ashwell-1RSZ-Unique-Property-Bulletin-1

UKWMO ROC Post Ashwell For Sale (c) 2014 Owner’s Collection

Plus Money in Acronyms – FTSAA galore, and more underground buildings. 

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All Aboard?

Bulletin Bus MAINBulletin Bus Driving Nearer (c) 2014 Russ McLean

Plus Martellos, Zions, Pennies, Stations & Growing….

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Mini Bulletin

Scurdie Ness Dona Robbins

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Keeper’s Home For Sale (c) 2014 Dona Robbins

Lifeboat Not Included

We almost didn’t make it. But for the sake of good form we have managed a mini Bulletin for this week. Plus a development which may be of interest to freelance journalists or even enthusiastic unique property would-be-writers ….

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Commanding Nuclear Bunker

Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker Bill Clark HEADLINE

Nuclear Command Bunker (c) 2014 Bill Clark

Plus Time, Coaching, Plodding, Crickets and Much More ….

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Signalling For Future Sales

Signal Box Goxhill David Wright

Goxhill Signal Box, North Lincolnshire (c) 2014 David Wright

Railway Building Reviews, The Good Life, Bridging It & Much More:

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Grand Designs Fishing Trip

Lifeboat Station Tenby Chris Downer MAIN

The Old Tenby Lifeboat Station, Pembrokeshire (c) 2013 Chris Downer

Tenby, Tane, Cob, Coins, Ice, Treasure, Tower, Sugar, Water & Dairy …

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Online Edition Number 100

Unique Property Bulletin Original Format

Old Paper Version Of Unique Property Bulletin – Now Totally Online

E-anniversary, Arts & Crafts, Octos, 3 Railways, Lakes, Beaks & Much More…

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Déjà Vu For You ?

Towan Island Headline SMJ

Island Paradise – Yours For A While (c) 2013 SMJ

Island Experience, Competition, Shell, Flex, Cuckoo, Castle & More …

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UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale

UKWMO Wadhurst 1 RSZ

 UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

Nuclear Bunker, FTSAA, Billy Connolly & The Captain Plus More …

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London Underground Station For Sale

London Underground Brompton 2

Brompton Road Underground Station (c) 2013 MoD/PA Jones Lang LaSalle

Historic London Underground Railway Station, Rolling Stock, Towers, 747s & More…

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