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Working Watermill & Home

Ash Mill HEADLINE UPBWorking Water Mill & Home (c) 2014 Mark Devitt Agencies

A Unique List To Tempt, Plus A New Editorial Addition

Lots of tasty unique things to study.


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Earlier Editions Of Unique Property Bulletin …

Towering Bargain For Sale

Plus A Little Help From Our Friends – Thanks


Exquisite Victorian Water Tower For Sale (c) 2014 Mr M. Patterson

Plus: Locks, Nukes, Windy, Briefs, Enigmas & Much More.

In Our Fundraising Special Edition  ….

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Red Hot Property


Summerbridge Fire Station, Harrogate, North Yorkshire (c) 2014 Roy Pugh

New Special Article Features – Helping Us [Appreciated] - In Turn Helping You.

Plus Moated Trips, Island Update, Telecommute Phoenix, BT Repeaters & More:

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Heads-Up Advance Signal

Signal Box Kirton Lime Ian S HEADLINE Bulletin

Kirton Lime Sidings – Future Network Rail Sale (c) 2014 Ian S.

Signal Boxes, Lodging, Quick Nuke, Modern Spirits, Hermits & Much More…

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Commanding Nuclear Bunker

Cultybraggan Nuclear Bunker Bill Clark HEADLINE

Nuclear Command Bunker (c) 2014 Bill Clark

Plus Time, Coaching, Plodding, Crickets and Much More ….

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Not A Stationary Market

Railway Station Brentor Headline

Brentor Station House, Tavistock, Devon (c) 2014 Kivell & Partners

Plus More Signals, New Nick, Restoration Man, Black Horse & Lots More …

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Signalling For Future Sales

Signal Box Goxhill David Wright

Goxhill Signal Box, North Lincolnshire (c) 2014 David Wright

Railway Building Reviews, The Good Life, Bridging It & Much More:

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Cave House Or Castle ?

Cave or Castle HeadlineIs It A Cave House Or A Castle ? (c) 2014 Knight Frank

Plus – Thatchy, Bound Outwards, Old School, Heartbeat and Much More.

Also – Our New Unique Property Auctions – Your Invitation To Enter

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New Year Sales?

Grand Design Kemey HEADLINE

Genuine Grand Design – Kemey’s Folly (c) 2014 Savills

Special Edition – Saving £100,000s – Islands, Stations, Grand Designs & More …

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Grand Designs Fishing Trip

Lifeboat Station Tenby Chris Downer MAIN

The Old Tenby Lifeboat Station, Pembrokeshire (c) 2013 Chris Downer

Tenby, Tane, Cob, Coins, Ice, Treasure, Tower, Sugar, Water & Dairy …

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Online Edition Number 100

Unique Property Bulletin Original Format

Old Paper Version Of Unique Property Bulletin – Now Totally Online

E-anniversary, Arts & Crafts, Octos, 3 Railways, Lakes, Beaks & Much More…

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Déjà Vu For You ?

Towan Island Headline SMJ

Island Paradise – Yours For A While (c) 2013 SMJ

Island Experience, Competition, Shell, Flex, Cuckoo, Castle & More …

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UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale

UKWMO Wadhurst 1 RSZ

 UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

Nuclear Bunker, FTSAA, Billy Connolly & The Captain Plus More …

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London Underground Station For Sale

London Underground Brompton 2

Brompton Road Underground Station (c) 2013 MoD/PA Jones Lang LaSalle

Historic London Underground Railway Station, Rolling Stock, Towers, 747s & More…

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Summer Island – Unique Adventure ?

Island Tanera Mor Headline

Tanera Mór Island – Adventure Time ? (c) 2013 CKD Galbraith

Hebrides: Islands on the Edge

Plus Post Offices, Plots, Angels, and more …

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