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Welcome to the newer, slimline, internet friendly Unique Property Bulletin. We will be adding fresh and unusual buildings for sale directly onto this front page every few days. Also worth keeping an eye on our social media pages at Facebook and Twitter. Plus our Feature Articles will be returning soon on a monthly basis. For now, here are some unique properties for sale

******* Latest Addition – 17th September 2017 *******

Clean & Smart: Was Used To Depart

Interesting Little Building. Last Bid Was £65,000

Available For Sale After Failing To Sell At Auction 

Almost Sold – But Failed To Sell At Auction

This former chapel of rest is a curious two storey property. It failed to sell at auction. We reckon somewhere around £75,000 would secure this on a post-auction purchase. Though best to start at around £60,000. Last bidders have a tendency to wander off and the seller may be amenable to fresh offers.

To Spook Or Not To Spook

There is no getting away from the previous used of this diminutive, former chapel of rest. Current permission is “A1” – oddly, in this context, that includes shop use. Undertakers have the same class order. So if you were looking for a small detached property to convert, then subject to planning permission being granted, the next hurdle would be getting your head around whether the previous incarnation of this building might spook you.

Humour. The Best Medicine?

Good Order

The former chapel of rest is presented well. Unlike the health of it’s former customers.

A Lot of Life In The Old Building?

For a guide price somewhere between £65,000 and £75,000 this two storey detached structure and parking represents a lot of building for the money. It is just…. well we think the former use may have caused the premature departing of several thousand pounds off of the price.

Good For Goths

No disrespect is intended. Life goes on, even when we stop! So if new blood (you) can get your head around the nature of the former clientele, then this is a fine building to consider converting into your new home.

Guide: £65,000 to £75,000.

Former Chapel of Rest, Llannon Road, Pontyberem, SA15 5LY

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To Study Details & More PHOTOGRAPHS of The Old Chapel For Sale.

******* Earlier Addition – 16th September 2017 *******

FTSAA: Failed To Sell At Auction

Bargain Time?


Closed Conservative Club Converting To A Collegiate of Condos

This Handsome Building Has A New Future.

Planning Permission For 4 x 2 bedroom and 1 x 1 bedroom Flats.

The fact it has failed to sell at auction places prospective buyers at a significant advantage.

You may be in line to negotiate an interesting deal

Conversion Has Commenced.

This is generally a very good thing as it often means the time-clock until any lapse in planning permission has stopped. Example: “the development must be STARTED within 3 years of the planning permission”. It seldom said, nor mandated a finish date. This is also known as “enduring consent”.

Will You Be The One Who Buys & Completes This Project?

The lower guide level is £150,000. What say you to studying this in a little more depth?

What would the seller say to a very cheeky bid of £99,000?

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For More Details of The Closed Conservative Club Sale

******* Recent Addition ******

8th September 2017

Zinc House

For Sale. Location: Felsted, Essex

Zinc House, Essex – Imaginative Conversion, But A Very Handsome Guide Price

This zinc covered conversion is definitely unique. However, the estate agency description emphasises “affordable living” as the aim. We think that they are referring to the effort at making this as cost-neutral to run as possible. Whereas the price tag to purchase the place is not at all affordable for the majority of homeowners in the country.

Zinc House – Views & Framing of These Are Architecturally Commendable

Zinc House is an eye catching design and has much to commend it, from the unusual entrance…

To the inside, which is as interesting as the outside – drawing the eye around the smooth curves accentuating spaces within…

However, we keep getting stuck at those two words: affordable living. At a guide price of…


…our view, and we would wager many of our readers too, is that such a big-ticket price is just eye watering. We do have a fair few folk that visit the Bulletin and have deep enough pockets to buy the likes of Zinc House – so if you would like to see the fine range of photographs, please click here.


You could DIY locate something with similar potential to Zinc House for…


If, like us, you have a passion for the journey to convert as well as the finished item, might we tempt you to go on a search for your own ideal unique property candidate? One example that comes to mind is a similar structure to Zinc House, and which we found for sale with a guide of £28,000. Plus this included a seaview and additional land and buildings…

Example of What We Find Using Unique Property Bulletin Tools For Locating Interesting Candidate Buildings

If you are looking for a utilitarian style of structure to convert into a unique home, maybe it’s worth studying our special feature tutorial article.

Click Here For SECRETS Tutorial Link On How To Find Interesting Bargains

Utilitarian £28,000 Building, But With A Large Lump of Land & Beautiful Sea Views

This example property was guided at £28,000 (now sold). But there are many more. Just have a read through our special feature article to find out more about what may be available in your ideal location.



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******* Recent Addition*******

Heads-Up For 13th September 2017, day of the…

Water Tower For Auction

A Little Bit of An Eyesore. Any Ideas On How To Make This Fabulous?


Oh Bu66er It!

Post Script – Update after The Auction

One or two of our unique property club members may well give us a sharp dig in the ribs for missing the boat on this water tower at Annan…

If we had an idea this water tower would sell at just…


Our unique property club would have likely bid for it. In our defence, we had sent a unique property club member to the Eddisons Auction sale of Midgley Water Tower last year. With a guide of £4,000 (here) we thought the £22,500 cheque for our upper limit would seal the deal. The experience at that auction was both disappointing and amazing. The price for Midgley Water Tower shot past our £22,500 and actually sold for a mind numbing £110,000 (here). Now subject to planning appeal (here).

Midgley Water Tower. Guided At £4,000.  Sold in April/May 2016 For £110,000

Photograph courtesy of Mr Neil Theasby

So Unique Property Bulletin readers will understand that with our £22,500 bid on Midgley being a waste of time, we had thought Annan Water Tower would go for a LOT more than £13,000.

A lesson in this perhaps?


Annan Water Tower SOLD…

Click Here For Archived Details


Other Tower For Inspiration

Well over £1,000,000 difference in price between the two towers!

Both these towers were spotted on the same day. The top one is being auctioned on 13th September 2017. No price is given, but our estimate is that is likely to be between £20,000 and £50,000. Meanwhile the renovated tower is £1,250,000. Are you thinking what we are thinking?

Buy the ugly duckling tower from the auction and transform it into the beautiful thing that is currently for sale at over a million pounds.

Lots of lovely photos of the renovated tower: Click Here.

Estate agent’s details – slow to load (has heavy data load video): click here.

******* Recent Update – 31st August 2017 *******

Bunker Buyers – & Sellers

If you are looking to buy a UKWMO Bunker, we are out of stock at the moment. For new readers (many from The Sun newspaper – here) who are keen to purchase an underground bolt hole, please consider subscribing to updates from Unique Property Bulletin. Just click here.

UKWMO Entrance…


The Long Way Underground…


Room With No View! Unless You Buy A Submarine Periscope…


Model Example of A Real UKWMO Bunker To Show The Layout…

Courtesy of Mr Malcolm Sayers

When we get the next UKWMO bunker for sale we will alert all of our subscribers. To join that distinguished list, please click here.


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