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Island Hotel May Be For Sale Following Extensive Renovation

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Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD

The sister entity to Unique Property Bulletin is Argyll Group Private Equity (here) and this specialises in buying old, closed hotels, shops petrol stations and factories (here).

During 2018-2019 we have been renovating this beautifully located island hotel and in March 2020 it was scheduled to re-open. Obviously, the Covid pandemic has altered that plan. Fortunately there is no mortgage on the building. Unfortunately the editor of Unique Property Bulletin, Russ McLean sustained a serious head injury on the state operated ferry service to the island.

One of our plans was to base Unique Property Bulletin at this island hotel as in 33 years of publishing the Bulletin this is one of the most beautiful locations we have come across. The famous “measured mile” where Clydebuilt ships were put through there paces sit a short walk to the north of Sannox Hotel. There is a fabulous array of things to do on the island. We wil explore these in the next few weeks as we progress towards completion of the newbuild house that is included within the sale.

It is important to note that NO decision on whether to sell Sannox Hotel has yet been made. Russ McLean cares passionately about creating new jobs. This obscure website for property eccentrics has been lucky enough to create 131 jobs since it went from a public limited company (plc)  back to private ownership.

But because Russ McLean’s family is in the east of Scotland and the place where he grew up is on Arran, the head injury and painfully slow recovery must not be allowed to impede the re-opening of the Sannox Hotel.

There are 5 new jobs when the hotel re-opens and if the second planning permission is as successful as the first and the local authority allow the small village shop to be enlarged to 2,500 square feet (industry minimum standard) then a further 6 jobs will be created at this site.

Unique Property Bulletin and sister entity Argyll Group Private Equity have a view that creating new jobs during the Covid pandemic will become particularly helpful with Coronavirus unemployment heading towards 4,000,000 by the end of 2020.

So the subscribers to Unique Property Bulletin and our colleagues at Argyll Group Private Equity are considering various options…

A]. Install a manager at Sannox Hotel until Russ McLean is fully recovered.

B]. Retain ownership of Sannox Hotel and lease the property to an experienced and qualified person or couple.

C]. Sell the Sannox Hotel.

At Unique Property Bulletin, we have found most folk are irritated when price is omitted. Or the annoying POA (Price On Application) acronym is on the for sale details.

So we have added up the purchase price of what was a run-down and closed-down property that has had no expense spared in the back-to-brick rebuild and checked the nearest “comparable” type of building in the coastal vicinity (here). The price guide will be between £595,000 and £695,000 for the Sannox Hotel + New Village Shop + 1 Bedroom House.

At this point in time, the final element of a major rebuild is being undertaken. The addition of the newbuild 1 bedroom house as granted by the Planning Permission (here).

The reason we are testing the water on a possible resale is the FOURFOLD increase in enquiries from folk who live in cramped cities who seek a cleaner, more beautiful and enjoyable way of life.

This Unique Property Bulletin publishes its text/telephone number (0757 2768 795). We recently had several hundred calls for an underground bunker that we sold helped sell for £54,000 at the end of September (the owner was seeking £17,000 + £4,000 for a small field).

The reason we mention this is that the dozens of texts/telephone calls we for we receive every day from folk looking to buy a lighthouse, watermill, foremer railway station etc., often turn to the fact they want to leave a Covid-overloaded city life.

The topic of conversation lately has been tfor our readers to either buy an underground bunker style house, or a private island.

Then our readers ask if we have any islands for sale. These are rare, but we do chat about the property our group owns on the island of Arran: the Sannox Hotel.


When we send that reader some of the “before” and “after” photographs, they can see theat the building will be turnkey ready. Neutral decor, but the roof has been renewed/overhauled, every one of the 44 rooms has the vast majority xxx

Two weeks ago we had a firm offer from a gentleman wishing to leave te mainland and bring his family to an island. He has elderly parents and five children. So the hotel would make a perfect HOUSE for hime.

His offer of £595,000 was voted on by our shareholders and politely declined.

We want to create the minimum 5 jobs and do intend to progress the second planning application to enlarge the village shop and create another 6 jobs.

So selling the Sannox Hotel as a house is a definite NO for us.

Too many hotels on the island of Arran have been turned into holiday homes or residential houses and many jobs lost forever.


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Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD


Sannox Hotel, Sannox, Isle of Arran, KA27 8JD.

Scotslion are managing a major restoration of this closed hotel. There will also be:-

  • 3 additional guest bedrooms, all ensuite.
  • New staff ensuite bedroom.
  • New owner’s accommodation.
  • New tea-room.
  • New village shop.
  • 6 Additional off-street guest/shopper car paking spaces.

After a major renovation, Scotslion aims to re-open the enlarged hotel plus new village shop during 2020.


In the 1990s, the subscribers who created Unique Property Bulletin also established a unique property club. That was a very fortunate set of adventures and the group of friends grew these adventures buying unusual building to the point this venture became Unique Property plc. However, the cost of running a public company is prohibitive. So we took the plc private and split it from the not-for-profit Unique Property Bulletin which is what you are reading now.


Photo Attribution: “Arran Coastal Way” ~ Click Here