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Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Addition: 2nd July 2018

Former Lighthouse Keeper’s House For Sale

Detached 5 Bedroom Home

Or May Suit A Buy-To-Let Purchaser: 10% Return Likely.

Offers Over £249,000.

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Former Keeper’s Home For Sale

Photo Courtesy of Derek Bremner

Exclusively to this website – here we have a genuinely spectacular place to live. The former lighthouse keeper’s house and courtyard immediately behind the lighthouse tower (tower not included) are for sale at a guide of ‘offers over’ £249,000. This is a detached 5 bedroom dwelling that has all modern conveniences inside and out. Plus there is Wick town centre with Tescos, Argos, Lidl and a fleet of shops just 5 miles away. 

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Former Keeper’s Home For Sale

Lighthouse Tower Not Included

It feels suitably remote as with any truly iconic lighthouse station, but the full suite of local amenities, including an airport with excellent connectivity is just a 10 minute drive away. 

A few fields to the east, landward is John O’Groats airport with a very gentle 3 scheduled flights each day. No discernable noise, but a very useful aviation facility for travelling to cities and connections throughout the UK and abroad. 

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Former Keeper’s Home For Sale

The building for sale has just completed an extensive repaint by the actual Northern Lighthouse Board contractors with a specialist paint system that has a long-life (8 to 12 years). The actual lighthouse tower has also had a 6 month duration high quality refurbishment. The buildings are both looking ship shape and very sharp.

Top of The Tower (Tower Not Included In Sale) – A Fascinating Neighbour.

Photograph Illustrates The NLB Contractors Working Off Ropes. 

The Northern Lighthouse Board have pulled out all the stops in their refurbishment. The lighthouse tower looks the best it has in over 10 years.

Meanwhile, the 5 bedroom former lighthouse keeper’s building/floorplan for sale is illustrated here for guidance (please do not scale)… 

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Lots of Rooms

This latest listing on Lighthouses For Sale or Rent for Tower House at Noss Head is not expected to stay around for long. Unlike other lighthouse buildings currently for sale – all between £490,000 and £1,375,000 plus several inbetween this price spectrum, Tower House at Noss Head is very competitively priced at £249,000. Significantly less than other, similar lighthouse homes this website has sold over the past decade. The Tower House building is good to move into. The new owners might be minded to change the kitchen etc., but it is very comfortable “as is” and would make a fine home (or investment property) until the new owners are ready to put their own style into action.

Tower House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station – Land of The Midnight Sun

The buy-to-let potential shouldn’t be overlooked either. Indeed, for the past 6 months, the Northern Lighthouse Board’s contractors have been renting Tower House whilst they work on the NLB tower next door. They have made many positive comments about the level of comfort in the old keeper’s home.

It is worth studying the figures that renting Tower House bring in. The current rental achieved for the 2017/2018 winter (low rental receipt level) extrapolates to £20,592 per annum.

That is for “light touch” rental/rentor management. If let out as holiday accommodation the income figures are more likely to exceed £35,000 to £40,000 per annum.

Here is just one of the bedrooms, illustrating the interior…

Tower House – Interior of The Former Lighthouse Keeper’s Building

The full details (here) show all of the interior rooms and provide a great amount of information.

For readers who prefer video film, here is a short feature of Tower House and Noss Head Lighthouse Station…

Video Film of Tower House – Click On Photo To Play.

Video courtesy of Oracle Drone Services.

If you would like to arrange a viewing of Tower House at Noss Head Lighthouse Station, please feel free to…

Telephone or text us on…

0793 557 2803

If you would like to make a cup of tea and take ten minutes reading through the full details of a place that might be a welcome change to 37 Acacia Avenue in Anytown, UK., then please…

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For Tower House Details



Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 22nd June 2018

Private Island Fort For Sale

Guide: £400,000.


Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

This is a pretty impressive pile of neatly arranged rubble and masonry on a craggy lump of storm tossed rock. It is also a Grade II listed structure which means a fair few headaches if you want to get the building earning it’s keep so that there are funds generated to stave off utter ruin and the whole edifice sliding into the sea.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

A defensive structure was first proposed at this location by Thomas Cromwell in 1539. Stack Rock Fort was built in 1850; completed around 1852, and then overhauled in 1859 with a new building that completely encased the original gun tower. 

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

The fort was one of a chain of such defenses designed to protect the middle part of Milford Haven and the Royal Naval Dockyard at Pembroke Dock against an invasion from France under Napoleon III.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

The island is currently uninhabitable but has significant scope for development.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

For an idea of how these styles of fot can be renovated, you might like to study the Clarenco project at Spitbank Fort.

Click Here For Other Fort Project Information.

This should give you an overview of what is involved in taking Stack Rock Fort to a useful condition where the revenues were available to avoid further glorious ruination and eventual destruction from the untamed elements.

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU


Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Stack Rock Fort, South Hook, Milford Haven, SA73 3RU

Stack Rock Fort – Location

Courtesy of Google Maps

Contact: Ross McKenzie on 0741 513 0106 for background and to arrange a viewing. Please mention to Ross that you spotted this fort for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. Thank you.

Further Details: Click Here

Archived: Here



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Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Addition: 12th June 2018

Towering Island Castle For Sale

On The Isle of Man

Harold Tower, Douglas, The Isle of Man

The accommodation includes…

4 bedrooms with potential for 10 including the additional buildings.

3 reception rooms.

3 – 6 bathrooms.


Secondary house.



Harold Tower, Fort Anne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5BN

Located approximately half a mile from the town centre, enjoying considerable privacy with mature walled grounds, extending to approximately 3 acres (1.214 hectares).

The main tower house currently has 3 bedrooms with potential for 5. There is also a 3 bed guest coach house and 2 bed cottage, garage, workshop and stores.

A handsome Gothic design castle has come up for sale – located on the Isle of Man. This towering castle was built 185 years ago. It has now been beautifully renovated to an exquisitely high standard.

Harold Tower, Fort Anne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5BN

Contemporary kitchen – ideal place to prepare fabulous fare for the fine dining room…

The castle is steeped in history, but still has room for modern comforts…

If you get a tad thirsty on film nights, well there is another entertaining room…

After a particularly fine dram from the well stocked cellar, then it’s time for a very comfortable night’s slumber…

Harold Tower was, for a while, home to the famous artist, John Martin. He who has works now located in the Tate Gallery…

John Martin: Plains of Heaven. Tate Gallery: (click here)

So as well as an amazing tower house, there is a wealth of history into the bargain.


This brings us onto a slight detour with Harold Tower and this genre/style/size of project. We would ask our hardcore UPB/UPS readers whether this might just be a suitable candidate for UPS26? Perhaps place Harold Tower under the UPB/UPS microscope?

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“How to Find, Fund & Have Fun With Unique Homes” is the mantra we bang on about. So each and every time one of our readers say those words that upset us…

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So our point for this interlude in the middle of Harold Tower coverage?

We invite U.P.S., members to study Harold Tower and consider the logic we have applied to earlier unique property club outings.

If you come up with some interesting numbers for Harold Tower, please email UPSHQ with your considered view and precis. Bon chance.

Please can the wider 70,000+ readership of Unique Property Bulletin please note the club list is temporarily closed to new members until we get the new offices bought and open, along with employed staff members in post to help our core group of six volunteers deal with the significant peak email enquiry demand when we feature something that gets 10,000 views within one hour (eg: here). Best wishes from the Unique Property Bulletin Team.


Now, back to this wonderful island castle tower with some more photographs and narrative…

Harold Tower is situated in a commanding position on Douglas Head overlooking the bay. Set in a private location with mature walled grounds extending to approximately 3 acres of land.

The views are arguably as impressive as the castle…


There is aerial drone video footage of Harold Tower available: Click Here.

For guidance, there are also some floorplans. Please do not scale these. Higher resolution can be obtained from the estate agency website.

Please remember this site, Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit publication run by volunteers. We are not an estate agency. Just a group of friends who get into a lot of property mischief and are determined to lead you astray as well: in a good way! We simply share details of amazing places to live, whether a £10,000 off-grid nuclear bunker, or something more exotic such as this tower castle.

Also included in this island castle sale is a separate house…

The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency located almost equidistant between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea. It is known as a business location with a sophisticated financial services sector and e-commerce + aerospace + bio-tech and manufacturing base. Ideal for those wanting to develop a flying wallet that can be cloned in a laboratory.

Location: Harold Tower, Fort Anne Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5BN

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Archived Information: Click Here



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