Unique Property Bulletin – Format Change

Please note, from May 2017 we will be going to a temporary change of publication format.

Our front page will be the actual Bulletin – with a fresh unique property appearing every few days.

This is because our 3 main volunteers are working hard to secure our new premises and arrange a modest investment portfolio to pay towards employing a couple of staff members.

This is all your fault dear reader – in the best of ways!

You have made this website an…

Accidental Success

By your gift of clicking onto these pages in huge numbers – often breaking the 70,000 mark.

As a consequence, we have an ever growing mail bag.

We now need some fully employed staff support to help our readers find the home of their dreams.

So whilst we beaver away to sort out an office plus premises to rent out and pay new staff members (with the rental income), our ability to put the FULL format Unique Property Bulletins online each fortnight are a stretch too far.

Hence the temporary but still live posts of fresh unique property for your edification.

Our Actual Unique Property Bulletin’s New Premises

Walking The Walk, Not Just Talking The Talk

Photo with compliments to Mr Derek Bremner

You can either check out our front page, or engage with us via our new social media newsfeeds:-

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Last but not least for this page: we had an outage with our main webserver going offline and taking us (and many others) with them for several hours. We are fully back online now, but if ever you find us offline, we have a FULL safety backup website. All you need do is change the suffix FROM .org to .co.uk – or vice versa.

You should find one or the other of our Bulletin websites is live at any given time…




Our .co.uk version – the one you are on just now – is hosted in Iceland, whilst our sister .org version is hosted in America. Even though 99.99% of the unique properties are situated in the United Kingdom. Seems odd, but that is the wonder of how the internet works.

To keep bang up to date. Please consider bookmarking us in your computer favourites section, and check back regularly. You never know what will turn up. It  could change your life and way of living. Lots of fresh properties regularly added.

If you want to make sure that you keep up to date with our monthly Bulletin when it is published, please consider going onto our..

Unique Property Bulletin Email Alert Service

Just let us know where to send the email reminder and we shall do the rest. The Bulletin delivered, online, to your door 🙂

Alternatively, a fairly easy way to find our website at any time, and especially for the regular monthly 9pm Sunday night edition, please just …

Google 3 Words:-

Unique Property Bulletin

…and you will find us fairly quickly.

Very best regards,

The Unique Property Team.