Unique Property Bulletin – Monthly Editions

Please note, from 24th January 2016 we will be going to a monthly frequency of publication.

This is partly due to losing one of our volunteer contributors, and the remaining helpers struggling to cope. Especially with the large number of folk joining the readership.  This extra work is a very good thing, so please keep on reading and emailing! Monthly Bulletins are also a natural part of how this publication is evolving. The main editions are now becoming fuller in content so the shelf life is a little longer than the old fortnightly format.

The new Bulletin will be more online magazine in style. The other reasons are because we have introduced a new element of almost daily additions of unique property. By click rate, site statistics and inbound email volume it is evident that these have become very popular. Please meet our new social media newsfeeds:-

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We shall do our best to keep adding new property to our social media areas on a daily basis.. Whatever way we look at this – social media has boosted the number of properties available for readers, friends and site visitors. Though due to vagaries of life away from this website, it may be an overly ambitious target to reach 1 unique property per day/365 new unique properties per year (plus the main monthly Bulletin). Even so, if we manage 300 extra properties a year this is reasonable target to aim for.

As of January 2016 our IT guy has advised there have been 20,000,000 property photograph downloads since the Bulletin went online in November 2011. This is somewhat humbling and also a lot to get our heads around. In any event due to unique visitor volume growth there is ongoing IT/computer housekeeping to be done with the burgeoning back catalogue of webpages and archive material. Whilst we do this over time, this website may have to go offline into maintenance mode for an hour here or there. Not too bad in the context given we are online for 99.96% of the annual 8,760 hours per year (365 x 24 hours). For this scenario we have ensured a BACKUP service at our near identical but separately hosted sister website. In essence, if you ever find us temporarily offline, please check out our backup website.

You should find one or the other of our Bulletin websites is live at any given time…




Our .co.uk version – the one you are on just now – is hosted in Iceland, whilst our sister .org version is hosted in America. Even though 99.99% of the unique properties are situated in the United Kingdom. Seems odd, but that is the wonder of how the internet works.

To keep bang up to date. Please consider bookmarking us in your computer favourites section, and check back regularly. You never know what will turn up. It  could change your life and way of living. Lots of fresh properties regularly added.

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Alternatively, a fairly easy way to find our website at any time, and especially for the regular monthly 9pm Sunday night edition, please just …

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