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January 2021

Dare We HOPE 2021 Will Be Better Than 2020?

Well here is a photo of where Unique Property Bulletin was born. It cost us just £5 a year to lease for 5 years timespans. £25 in total.

The Old Lookout, Davaar Island 1984.

Do you fancy a building like this for £5 a year? This article may help.

It is a great place to gain perspective and uplift the old morale.

There was a couple of thousand pounds to get the building fit for use, but it was a life-changing experience and worth a great deal more.

If it wasn’t for that neatly arranged pile of bricks, you would not be reading this publication. Nor would several dozen of our readers over the past 37 years have ended up getting into some amazing property mischief of their own: castles, water towers, lifeboat stations, nuclear bunkers, private islands, lighthouse stations, engine houses etc.

 Barquentine Thalassa Is One of The Delightful Views From The Old Lookout

Photo with kind appreciation to Andrew Macpherson

Do you fancy living on an island?

Would you like to get away from lockdown-town and coviddy-cities? By the end of this page we may have answered that quandary for you?

The photo of this Old Lookout at the top of this page is before we set to the renovation work. A great excuse to buy a boat. Plus a Landrover to help get renovation materials across as Davaar is a tidal Island…

Russ McLean & Beloved Landrover

Jim McPhee secured this Landy from the Island of Islay in 1984

This next photo shows the tide on its way in to Davaar Island. Russ’s home island of Arran can be seen in the distance…

Davaar Island: Accessible By Causeway At Low Tide Twice Each Day.

No matter how much you may love a Landrover, the alternative mode of transport tends to knock the old socks off…

 There Is A Stone Pier At Davaar Island

Useful For offloading building materials.

Please be aware this was three decades ago. Neither Russ McLean, nor Unique Property Bulletin hold the lease any more. So we cannot invite you across to stay. But there are hundreds more unique properties to study each year and you do not need to be a millionaire to enjoy a good quality of life at an amazing location.

Sadly, some years into our second lease, the owner of Davaar Island ( a very kind gentleman called Mr Turner Snr) passed away. The proprietor of Unique Property Bulletin (paper format at that time) was working more and more in London. So rather than leave the island buildings unoccupied, the lease was surrendered and keys given back to Mr Turner’s widow. She had plans and it just seemed the right time to say goodbye to Davaar Island.

Davaar Island From Work: The Harbour & Piers At Campbeltown

Photo Courtesy of Sean McGrory

It was not long before another island property was acquired. This time the the lighthouse buildings + pier + land + gaswork buildings + railway + winch house were purchased feuhold. The lighthouse tower was excluded. That is a whole other story. We sold that in 2001 and the buildings were in a lot better condition when we handed over the keys back then to the condition now, 20 years later.




Answers in a while.









is a tidal…









80,000 families in the UK are mourning the loss of a beloved grandad, gran or mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife… the impact of wretched goes on. We are not wanting to strike a dissonant chord and over-do the hope that we believe 2021 may hold for humanity. But conversely many of us really need a bit of medicine that there is life after the wretched crapfest of 2020.

We actually stumbled on the likelihood that 2021, and surely 2022 will be the start of a remarkably good decade because of an accidental chain of thought at this end of the Unique Property Bulletin keyboard. The late great Jimmy Stewart was appearing with Donna Reed in the cheerful, heart-warming movie: “It’s A Wonderful Life. This excerpt hit a brain cell in the site editor’s head…

Clip From The Film

It’s A Wonderful Life

That 97 year old tune is called “The Charleston“. It was popular for 5 years from 1923 to 1927. The reason?

The generation you see depicted in the movie clip above were making best efforts to restore their lives to normality. does that ringany bells?

The generation you see there had endured almost a decade of death.

From the outbreak of World War 1 on 28/7/1915 t o 11/11/1918. Then…

The Spanish flu pandemic started in February 1918 to April 1920, infecting a third of the world’s population at the time in four successive waves.

The death of World War 1 is is estimated at 9 million combatants plus 13 million civilians. The Spanish Flu killed of a minimum 17 million deaths.

Between WW 1 and the Spanish Flue from 102 years ago, 49 million people had died.

(some estimate the actual flu pandemic to have had 50 million to 100 million deaths.

My grandparents danced the Charleston when they were young. After this film ended, curiosity got the better. Being medically isolated since 23rd March 2020 gets your head in some strange spaces. My grandfather served in WW1. In fact, all I have left of my father and grandfather are these ribbons and silver…





The folkA low result of these pro


nintoll is typically estimated to have been somewhere between 20 million and 50 million, although estimates range from a conservative 17 million to a possible high of 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.[3][4][5]

World War I (or the First World War, often abbreviated as WWI or WW1) was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Contemporaneously known as the Great War or “the war to end all wars“,[7] it led to the mobilisation of more than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, making it one of the largest wars in history.[8][9] It is also one of the deadliest conflicts in history,[10] with an estimated 9 million combatant deaths and 13 million civilian deaths as a direct result of the war,[11] while resulting genocides and the related 1918 Spanish flu pandemic caused another 17–100 million deaths worldwide,[12][13] including an estimated 2.64 million Spanish flu deaths in Europe and as many as 675,000 Spanish flu deaths in the United States.[14]



had just lived through






is Christmas Day in 2017. Life-before-covid. Do you remember that time? Bliss. You could safely have a family Christmas with all generations in one big room. The other 364 days of the year could be filed with happiness too. This was a simpler time when we all took normal life for granted. Here is Russ and Ryan playing “dog jaw”. Woof woof…


^^^ UPS Founder Russ McLean 3 Years Ago ^^^

Normal Life Before Covid.

101 years ago our family forebears experienced far worse.

They had World War 1, then their H1N1 pandemic.


I refuse to believe otherwise.

From the video above of 2017, fast forward three years to 2020. A few days ago, Christmas was celebrated by FaceTime and virtual reality. It was very nice, but genuinely surreal.

We all ate the exact same meal. We live just two streets apart. Barely 200 yards. Yet it could have been life on Mars with a Star Trek link back to planet earth! This was definitely a virtual Christmas. I keep thinking how proud Raymond Baxter, the late, great Spitfire Pilot and presenter of television programme: Tomorrow’s World would be. He loved technology: In the 1960s flying hoverboards and video-wrist-watches really were science fiction. Michael J. Fox sorted the hoverboard (here) and everyone has a video camera-phone with many “blue-toothing” it to their high definition body warn device!

Russ + David + Harris

Still-frame excerpts of sanity preserving FaceTime video

Hopefully you had this extra way of family participation too.

A few days ago in Covid-2020, Christmas was remote: just like Sheldon in the tv series, Big Bang Theory and his covid-shielding virtual presence device. Thank God for FaceTime and virtual Christmas. A surreal experience. Being part of the little ones opening their presents was a gift. The kids have adapted to remote video conferencing as if it is normal. Older family members struggle a bit, but are incredibly grateful for these video systems. The priceless smiles and enthusiasm of your first proper bicycle…

Medical Shielding In A Monastic State.

FaceTime video at the opening of Christmas presents

is morale boosting and best medicine.

Hopefully, all of our UPS members managed a good Christmas at the end of this horrendous year? This edition of UPS News will have HOPE in it. We are also as sure as we can be that there is hope to come in 2021.

In the UK alone 1,800,000 folk are living like monks an nuns due to medical-shielding. Worldwide that will be tens of millions of people. But not the Julie Andrews version of monastic life in the Sound of Music. I have lived in lighthouses most of my life and am used to the virtues, comforts and challenges of solitude. The only really difficult thing is missing the family. But even with decades of lighthouse-life, I have struggled with the past 9 months of medical house-arrest. God knows how folk who have no experience of lighthouses or monasteries are coping.

So what about HOPE?

Well that’s where UPS22 and it’s completion + exit-routes come in.

Plus we have some of our beloved UPS27 lighthouse sanctuary back: at least for a few months…

Lighthouse Sanctuary

Tail End Charlie Bits Being Renovated On Time & On Budget.

UPS27 The Sequel: Click Here

£107,000 of the £125,000 share issue now subscribed.

Just one £10,000 share + one £5,000 share and one £3,000 share left.

For this foreword to the UPS News of Sunday 27th December 2020, we mainly want to wish all of our 383 UPS readers seasons greetings and a Happy 2021.

The first half of 2021 may be tough in relation to Covid.

Though counter-intuitively it looks like we will be securing several exit routes in Springtime for current UPS projects. Just as well because our prediction for the second half of 2021 and for sure 2022 is a repeat of what happened at the end of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic (here).

A century ago the H1N1 virus left 17 million fatalities, then something remarkable happened. in 1921 the ROARING TWENTIES commenced (started: here). Folk valued life after that pandemic and made the most of every day. History is destined to repeat itself. Therein lays some HOPE for humanity.

For the past 25 years we have been growing UPS and Argyll Group members’ financial nest-eggs in order to eventually grow surplus funds that could secure each member their unique home. As an ancillary benefit we happen to have accidentally created 131 jobs. So a track-record in that aegis exists as a matter of fact, verifiable by HM Land registry documentation (here).

The 131 jobs created over 25 years is a main reason UPS22 was awarded a £10,000 Covid disruption grant from Angus Council and UPS25 awarded a £10,000 Covid disruption grant from North Ayrshire Council. Total: £20,000 for participating members’ via their projects here at UPS.

The Covid vaccines have been proven to work. There is scientific fine-tuning to be made in the world of epidemiology and vaccine bio-engineering to extinguish variants and mutations. But we are in a far better state that the 1918 pandemic.

This Christmas was an interesting experience. With some irony I am personally managing more work with better efficiency by remote-working than before Covid hit. Since 1992, Unique Property Bulletin has been advocating telecommuting, so this increase in productivity should not be a surprise.

So for 2021, we forecast…

-> Several resales of existing UPS projects during Springtime given the pent-up demand and proven high volume of sales in remote areas (here). Caused in part by folk seeking to leave lock-down towns and covid-cities.

-> Some very lucrative UPS projects that will provide decent profits for members and create many new jobs into the bargain.

-> The newbuild and/or renovation of some exceptionally unique properties, including at least one private island.

In the meantime, some of us who are on that ruddy “shielding” list (here) need to get from today’s date, to the point next year when the vaccines have us getting back to normality.

The ROARING TWENTIES beckons again. From the 1920s we are going back to the future with the 2020s. Until then those of us who want to play dog-jaw at Christmas will need to build a Dalek or an Avatar. Possibly even one of these “virtual presence” devices so as to play Monopoly and Lego with the family…

Sheldon Cooper’s “Virtual Presence” Device.

Suitable to overcome covid and social mixing? 

To all our UPS family, please stay safe: help really is on its way for this horrible virus. As best you can, have a good holiday and great New Year.

Kindest wishes from Russ McLean and family, plus the diminutive team here at UPS-HQ.

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For The Rest of UPS News

Sunday 27th December 2021 After 9pm.


Current Edition of UPS News…

UPS News: Sunday 20 December 2020

Fulsome Edition: UPS22 + UPS23 + UPS25 + UPS27

Includes an exit-route payday vote.

Also a new mini-syndicate to view: possibly to join.

Also: Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea

Click Here

Life Underwater Is Possible & Tantalisingly Close For One Member of UPS

Or Would You Prefer Living on A Pole?

What would you choose?

For a full edition…

(please forgive typing errors and murdering of grammar).

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Earlier Updates…

UPS News: Sunday 13 December 2020

Major UPS25: Sannox Hotel Review

The big questions answered…

When Is Sannox Hotel For Sale? + How Much Profit?

Click Here

^^^ The Island of Arran: Famed For Its’s Mountain Climbing. ^^^

^^^ Sannox Hotel can be seen from up here (looking down to the sea side). ^^^

^^^ Can you see the UPS25 building? ^^^

Getting Across To An Island Paradise Always Has A Frisson of Excitement.

If you own a slice of UPS21, UPS23 or UPS25, then you own part of the buildings to the starboard of the MV Caledonian Isles ferry from whence this photograph is taken.

^^^ Another view of Sannox Hotel. Dwarfed by The Mountains. ^^^

Our UPS21 + UPS23 + UPS25 syndicates are located close to the Glen Sannox Road End. Each year, thousands of mountain climbers ascend then descend from these snow-capped peaks. A favourite exit near to the level where most of we mortals live is via the great Glen Sannox. Guess what? The very first place to eat + get warm + have a nice cup of tea and rent a room for a night or two is a place called the Sannox Hotel. If it’s good enough for the British Army and Royal Marines Special Boat Service to become established: click here, then from those who have known the Sannox Hotel (formerly the Ingledene Hotel) the building is a sight for sore eyes. It has an honourable history amongst those who follow the mountain climbs, and more particularly the sea exploits of the SBS.

A Thank You From The SBS (Here & Here).

On many occasions the UPS team have been onsite and humbled beyond words when either the wearer of a green beret (here) or a family member asks to visit the hotel building during the renovation and see thesis memorial plaque as an homage to the place, where the relatives spoke those words and they hit us like a thunderbolt: “the Special Boat Section was born at Sannox”. It has been one of the exceptional elements of this UPS25 project: to meet folk who have served in uniform or their family members, all of whom seek to pay respects to those that have gone before. So many of these courageous individuals left such a sunny safe place and travel into foreign fields, never return home again. The word humbling does not really begin to describe what has happened at Sannox Hotel during 2019 and 2020.

The Sannox Hotel, Formerly The Ingledene Hotel Has A Distinguished Provenance.

UPS21 + UPS23 + UPS25 Members’ deserve a heartfelt thanks

for bringing this building back from the brink of decrepitude. 

Can You See Brodick Castle?

You will pass it on the way from the ferry terminal in Brodick on the road to Sannox.

The Arran Ferry: MV Caledonian Isles. Infamous Date: 19th April 2019.

A last photo taken by Russ before that accident aboard this bloody ship.

(Quarterly appointments ever since: here & here).

Fortunately UPS director David Rutherford and several of the UPS-HQ team managed to cover the three months recuperation time that Russ was only functioning on three cylinders (here). Indeed, it is a comforting thing that David is learning the nuanced elements of running UPS and project managing the new HQ building in Arbroath, after the earlier UPS-HQ building valued at £39,000 was “accidentally” sold for £82,000! UPS24 members enjoyed an additional profit and UPS22 aims at repeating this. Albeit ensuring that UPS-HQ will at least have 3 to 5 years lease of the office within the UPS22 building.

Subsequently a recovering Russ + David and the team are growing unique property syndicates to the next phase: staff for administration + compliance + editorial. As at the year ending 31st December 2020, the full spectrum of unique property syndicates will add up to a remarkable asset-backed portfolio of £1,400,000. No mortgages. All from a relatively obscure website called www.uniquepropertybulletin.co.uk (here). That is a startling amount of buildings under purchase/renovation/resale and augers well for all of our UPS members. The penultimate aim being for all participants to eventually own their own sanctuary where they can live and enjoy time in an unusual home. Ideally without the worries of mortgage nor debt.

Aboard MV Caledonian Isles. This Is The Main Ferry To Arran

In the various reports from UPS-HQ sometimes the reason why we chose a place on an island to run a syndicate can fall off of our radar.

Especially during these horrendous times of this dystopian pandemic.

The View From Sannox Hotel.

Location, Location, Location.

This really does help us secure offers from buyers of Sannox Hotel

This week’s UPS News answers two important questions for UPS25…

The Sannox Hotel: When is the resale time?

& How much is the profit?

But we also love to reminisce as to the

beguiling, magnetic effect of being on an island.

Though the mystical magic of a magnificent place does need to be grounded in the realities of life. At least every now and then. So this UPS News we also cover…

UPS25: Lessons, Luck & The Lurgy

Click Here

Tonight, Sunday 13th December 2020.

To Read The Full Article.


UPS News Editions: Topics…

The editorial segment for this week’s UPS News was 12,000 words. So we have reduced that number to 3,000 or less each evening. These will be uploaded over the next few days. To be precise, each syndicate in sequence, on alternate Sunday and extra Wednesday reports…

Progress & Exit Routes

Sunday 29th November 2020 at 9pm ~ UPS21 News: Sannox Supermarket Bonus Planning Permission. 

Sunday 6th December 2020 at 9pm ~ UPS22 News: Abbey Studios UPS-HQ and UPB-HQ Building & RESALE VOTE.

Sunday 13th December 2020 at 9pm ~ UPS25 News: Sannox Bay Hotel.

Sunday 20th December 2020 at 9pm ~ UPS23 News: Bay Cottage Mini-Syndicate: Openings.

Sunday 27th December 2020 at 9pm ~ Article: UPS22 Exit Route & UPS27 Last Call For Members.

Sunday 3rd January 2021 at 9pm ~ Article: The Proposed UPS Private Stock Exchange & Early Exit Route Facility.  

Following kind and constructive discussions with members of UPS, we will be refining our updates to make them more concise with an executive summaries at the beginning for members who lead particularly busy lives, whilst still catering for our UPS members, many of whom enjoy a more detailed narrative with greater depth and breadth. 

Previous UPS News: 6th December 2020…

The Latest UPS News

Week Ending Sunday 6th December 2020 at 9pm

UPS-HQ are determined to make decent progress in spite of Covid. For example, Sannox Hotel is now overdue for resale. So to make absolutely sure that NO further delays occur due to Covid or pandemics or slow replacement ferry building (here) or and bangs on our director’s noggin, UPS-HQ are making absolutely sure new syndicates CAN operate ON TIME and ON BUDGET in spite of pandemics etc ~ Example (specially for Isle of Wight friends): Click Here.

Keith I’Anson Installing A “Contact” Board Outside Sannox Hotel

A Precursor to The “For Sale” Sign Has Already Brought Enquiries From Buyers.

Islanders are especially curious about what is happening locally.

Plus almost 1,000,000 visitors normally drive by this sign’s location.

We continue to focus on exit-routes and paydays, plus two entry-routes for UPS27 and UPS23. The syndicate crew at each site have been working in a turbo-charged manner ever since we got to grips with working under Covid conditions.

Ironically, Russ and the volunteers at UPS-HQ have never been busier.

Over the past couple of weeks we have updated members as to…

Progress + Exit Routes + Paydays + New Syndicate Choices

Updates already uploaded and accessible from this page…

UPS21 ~ Sannox Supermarket Bonus Planning Permission.

  • 2 of 3 roadblocks to completion cleared. Third blockage has been laxatised! Click Here.

UPS22 ~ Abbey Studios Business Centre + UPS-HQ and UPB-HQ Building.

  • Please note there is a VOTE on possible exit-route in process RIGHT NOW (link being added at 9pm tonight).

UPS27 ~ Noss Head Lighthouse Station: The Sequel. 

  • Entry details of this mini-syndicate fully featured already: On-Target: here. Membership joining: here.

Updates to be uploaded tonight: 6/12/2020…

UPS23 ~ Bay Cottage Mini-Syndicate: Openings. Will be featured this evening.

  • Fulsome progress made IN SPITE of Covid19. Share issue details (link being added at 9pm tonight).

UPS Addition ~ A way of UPS-HQ saying THANK YOU to our UPS Members. Here is a new “Members Only” page.

  • This page is for members who are ready to fly solo and do buy their penultimate unique property: click here.

UPS Article ~ How Seabreezes has led to a general share purchase and sale between UPS members.

  • A prelude to a new UPS Stock Exchange (held back for a couple of days as we have a member offering on a “live” property).

Updates to be uploaded in 7 days: 13/12/2020…

UPS25 ~ Sannox Hotel. Exit in sight.

  • To this end, we are now preparing the sale process. 

Still several week to go, but Sannox Hotel will be getting put up for sale early in 2021. This may seem a minor pint, but this early drone video of UPS24 was instrumental in securing the 30% net profit up at the Noss Head Lighthouse Syndicate…

So it is a delight that through his day-job at as a firefighter, UPS syndicate director David Rutherford has been put through his drone pilot’s course. A big thank you to the fire brigade for doing this.

So as well as driving a big red version of Thunderbird1…

David will soon be able to prepare professional drone footage to assist with the following…

UPS25: The Sannox Hotel Resale Video.

UPS23: The Bay Cottage Resale Video

UPS21: The Sannox Supermarket Resale Video (a sale is very close so this may not be needed)

UPS22: The Abbey Studios Business Centre Resale Video.

Similar to this style of production standard in the Noss Head Lighthouse video (above) and the example video taken at Arbroath as shown below.

Being able to supply buyers, especially during the whack-a-mole lockdown lottery and requirement for buyers to be able to view “remotely”, theses innovations are like gold dust and make the job of UPS-HQ a great deal easier…

This Is An Example Building Saes Presentation

It Shows How Useful Drone Videos Are At The Resale Phase.


To read tonight’s UPS News and to...


…on an exit-route for UPS22

Click Here

For the Abbey Studios Major Autumn Review



From Russ

Personal UPS News Bulletin: Just 3 Things.

As we reach the end of a horrendous year, we will have a full round-up UPS News for 2020 once the year is completed. But for this penultimate edition of 2020 we aim to include sufficient so as to be digestible. Just three topics…

1]. Hope.

2]. Exit-route vote relating to UPS22 at 11% net profit. Some clarification.

3]. The last three spaces left at UPS27 ~ Noss Head Lighthouse: The Sequel.

I am endeavouring to write each UPS News in a more focussed and succinct manner. However, I also need to ask forgiveness from everyone as there are five syndicates running just now and are running at 110%. Whilst we have a good crew at UPS-HQ and three project managers at each main site who are shining brightly, UPB/UPS Angels’ Share (here) has not yet employed the admin., to support our core volunteers. The motivation to get the UPS22 Abbey Studios Business Centre building in Arbroath finished is very high, as that will finally relieve a great deal of the information-overload at the unsalaried end of what we do.

Most important for this year: please can members accept my personal appreciation. Without the faith and wise counsel from syndicate members, the Unique Property Bulletin and the Syndicates would not have achieved so much.

-> In excess of £1,400,000 of net assets: buildings and cash.

-> No bank debt.

-> Proven track record to grow further.

-> A growing list of renovated unique properties.

-> Making profits for UPS members.

-> Creating many new jobs. Between UPS & Argyll Group, 131 jobs in 25 years.

We are now very close to finally employing our UPS + UPB staff. None too shabby for a very obscure internet website.

If you are sitting at home just now contemplating your own career path in the midst of lockdown ad crappyvirus, ponder this: is we can grow an £11.99 website domain into an entity that creates new jobs and aims to publish articles about unique property online for free forever and be self-financing, then you can too.

Just choose something that you are passionate about and give it a try. You can hold down a full-time job and work WordPress web coding at the same time. We would be delighted to help in any way possible.

Anyways, our new staff will be employed shortly after vaccine rollout has proven effective. This extra assistance will turbo-charge the website content and create many new jobs. As well as providing a regular source of profitable projects. The strapline on our Unique Property Manual says it all…

How To Find, Fund & Have Fun With Unique Homes

So, straight into this edition of UPS News… 


We had absolutely not expected this page to take such serendipitous turn and provide a very welcome chunk of inspiration. Of hope. The UPS profits don’t just “happen”. There are many components. During the course of this Christmas weekend the thoughts surrounding this edition (and our 2020 year end review due in January) coalesced into a draft manuscript for a new book. This is a sister to Unique Property Bulletin. May I present: “From Pandemic To Prosperity” which was born today. The aim is to create many jobs once covid is overcome…

Unexpected Inspiration Today!

From an obscure coastal town, an America icon was created.

A 45 Billion dollar company

Crucially for our hope and inspiration: Buick & GMC employ 164,000 people.

It wasn’t just the Declaration of Arbroath that the USA borrowed for…

The American Declaration of Independence (here and here).

The new offices for UPS-HQ are 100 feet away from the template that brought about modern USA. It is something to see in real life. America has its problems, but history shows these eventually become remedied. My favourite was the New Deal (here). The US oiled the engine of the economy with this wonderful structure…

The Hoover Dam.

80 Years Ahead of Its Time.

This Force of Nature on The Colorado River

Has Saved Billions of Tons of Fossil Fuel Pollution.

The New Deal will return in the 2020s on both sides of the Atlantic. It is highly relevant to us as I predict the history of the 1920s pandemic and economic recovery will be repeating itself. The key for Unique Property Syndicates and Argyll Group is to carefully choose which of our projects are winners and those that should be declined. For example we ain’t investing in airlines anytime soon. But we shall be supporting home delivery micro-businesses as Tescos cannot cope in spite of employing an additional 16,000 new staff in the past few months…

Tesco Employ 16,000 new Staff During Covid Pandemic: Source: Here

It is worth mentioning at this point: we have two separate candidates to rent offices at UPS22, the Abbey Studio Business Centre, both of whom are seeking to establish “Home Shopping Delivery” businesses.

Our Business Angel network are very likely to support them (here)

Sorry for the digression. Back to topic: our UPS-HQ offices. These were supposed to be in the old Engine House at Noss Head Lighthouse Station (UPS24). We had all agreed a price for Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., to pay UPS24. That was £39,000. 

However, whenever possible, we try a public marketing exercise. We have a fulsome book of journalists telephone number, so it would be a shame not to try and improve that £39,000. In fact as around half of our 383 UPS members now know, the Engine House sold for £82,000 almost by accident (see the UPS24 profit: here). That is why we bought a random building (much nearer) to where the volunteers who run the Unique Property Bulletin and the Syndicates live.

The UPS22 syndicate sought out a bargain property for the new UPS-HQ offices because we has sold the Engine House at a £43,000 profit.

UPS24 Engine House Made £82,000. Less Legal Fees.

An EXTRA Profit of £43,000.

UPS22 Dilemma is can we do the same at Arbroath? 

Covered further into this UPS News bulletin

We are aiming to resell the new (UPS22) Arbroath offices as a tenanted , asset-backed investment property for a similar handsome profit.

The challenge has started well because UPS22 secured the 280 High Street building for £60,000 after it had initially been marketed for £250,40,000 by Swinton Insurance brokers. The reduced to £120,000. UPS22 shareholders own this large building at a buy-in cost of £60,000…

The Old Swinton Insurance Building

3 Storey’s High With 17 Rentable Offices/Shops

Bought on 28th February 2020, the renovation work was been interrupted by Covid when lockdown happened throughout the country 23 days later. But we soon managed to put protocols in place (here) to get the new UPS22 Abbey Studios Business Centre back up to speed and as will be discussed in the third segment of this update, we have a LIVE VOTE (here)  .

One of the ways we secure a good resale price is by learning of the local history. This is to provide press releases and news content for the valuable editorial coverage in local, regional and national newspapers. If we are luck, we secure radio coverage…

Publicity Is Vital.

It Can Double A Unique Property Syndicate Profit.

Or better still, national television coverage such as the nuclear bunker we sold last month for Unique Property Bulletin Barbara Powell. Our promise was to make best efforts to secure a modest amount over the general £25,000. However we managed to get it onto the “off bit” tacked onto the national news (East Anglia segment). The resale price jumped to £54,000 and Barbara sent UPB a lovely thank-you card + donation…

It’s Nice To be Nice.

Barbara Powell Was A Lovely Lady & A Delight To Assist

UPS-HQ Cannot Over Emphasise The Importance of Media Coverage

This has a dramatic effect on our UPS profitability…

The publicity on national television ~ not the cheque!

It can actually be a treat to find out the history of our UPS buildings. For example, discovering that our UPS22 syndicate building had an interesting life before the most recent incarnation as Swinton Insurance Broker. 280 High Street used to be the local dance hall many years ago…

Can you see the UPS22 building?

Look for the word “Palais” in a vertical board/signage?

Notice the gable end and the Abbey in both photographs.

UPS22: Abbey Studios Business Centre.

9 months Into This Project And…

An 11% Net Profit Offer Has Been Received (Here).

During the past few days, and enjoying the research of the building all UPS22 members own, I discovered something that resonates profoundly with the publicity we need in order to secure a healthy profit at UPS22: Abbey Studios Business Centre.

More than that, I get a huge buzz when we create new jobs in addition to growing syndicate members’ financial nest-eggs.

So this next bit nocked me six foot sideways ~ in a good way.

Abbey Studios postcode is “DD11 1JF”. 

3 minutes away is the birthplace of the founder of the iconic

American car company “Buick Motor Company” (here)

David Dunbar Buick (Here)

Why Does David Buick Matter To UPS22?

We return to our theme: hope.

At the fag-end of this dreadful year, many of us our looking for hope. But it behoves a fair number of us, you included, to provide hope. You are already doing your bit. As Da.

You and me will be doing that very thing at the UPS22 building.

Finding ways to create new jobs after covid is overcome.

Buick Automobiles

The Roaring Twenties from pandemic to prosperity.

At the risk of writing another 5,000 word mini-thesis, we will leave this segment for UPS members to ponder and perhaps chat with Russ and the team wif/when they are on the telephone/text/email or indeed as three members have been: at the UPS22 site already.

I take away the fact that this remote, obscure, tired wee coastal town that could, quite frankly , be anywhere in the UK, has some decent history and provenance about the place.

Publicity for our UPS22 resale will be all the easier to obtain, care of Mr David Dunbar Buick. Possibly even international media interest which will help our future plans to expand the Unique Property Bulletin to have versions  in USA + Europe + Australia and Canada.

The vast number of jobs which Arbroath born David Buick authored speaks volumes of where we wish to be in 5 years time.

But the internal combustion engine is on the way out. Indeed much of the old world is. Who would have thought Airlines would be going bankrupt so quickly, whilst white-van-man and woman is enjoying a renaissance as many of us permanently transfer t having our weekly groceries delivered.

Then there is the boom in telecommuting. We have been banging on about this way of life and how it frees you up to work in exotic buildings such as a remote castle or an island lighthouse.

My friends, welcome to the Roaring Twenties. Articles on this to be continued.

As we complete this section of UPS News, here is a graph of what happened after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Something for all UPS members to reflect upon as we look to be heading into another century’s Roaring Twenties, this time likely 2021/2022 to 2029.

How will this affect what all of us here at Unique Property Syndicates do?


The Roaring Twenties Phenomena

After The 1918 Spanish Flu

Will This Be Repeated In The 2020s?

2021 or 2022 Onwards?

Before finishing our mention of the Roaring Twenties and how the phenomena looks set to return, we need to get rid of that diminutive elephant in the room and we WILL get Covid gone.

But first, I need to pay some respects to a friend who was killed by that nasty RNA genome (here). Plus I would plead with any of my UPS friends to please take care and do not drop your guard on this insidious virus.

We are so close to a worldwide vaccine that Covid deaths from here on in are exceptionally poignant as they could and should have been avoidable.

Hope Takes A Knock

We approach this next segment from a frustrating “shielding” place to start, then it gets very dark awfully quick. We conclude with news and proof of hope that I hadn’t expected to find so soon.

With good fortune, we have managed to navigate our way through this nightmare year and frankly are amazed at how the New Year is lining up to be genuinely filled with real hope on many levels.

Very few of the 7,834,936,178 people on the planet will forget 2020. Not many will look fondly back (fascinating population clock: here).

Even now, as the days are drawing brighter and the end of 2020 beckons, we are looking at another lockdown. This is what arrived on my mobile phone shortly after we were all put under what was in effect, a light version of medical house arrest…

Remarkably This Has Meant A 25% Increase In Work Productivity

Remote working improves with fewer distractions.

Though in the long term, isolation reduces morale.

Between ween 1.1 million and 4 million UK citizens have either been asked to shield, or are being advised they may need to “shield” again. I hope none of our UPS family have had one of these messages. But I am pretty sure of six members who are very likely to have been within this group.

With a great deal of head scratching, It took a while for me to figure out how being on lock-down ended up with a lot more work getting completed. 

I still feel a raw sickness at even looking at this next part. But I also have a constant battle with our Sannox project manager, Keith I’Anson at to take Covid-19 more seriously. Keith is 71 years old and obese…

Keith I’Anson. Yorkshireman To The Core. Has An Impeccable Work Ethic.

71 years old: work has helped keep the weight down.

But still an issue the medics are unhappy about.

Keith is achieving genuinely great things at Sannox. He loves the place and excels at his job. This past few weeks he has virtually built a new house at the north end of Sannox (the first of our two bonus planning permissions (UPS23: here).

With some relief, Keith “gets ” why I bang on about maintaining our US safety protocols (here).

The next bit is a tad personal. I’ve seen too much death in my work. For three years I was stationed at Campbeltown as a police officer. After passing the police car driving course and a plethora of other exams I was given a small police station on the island of Islay and a police Landrover and left in peace! Until a plane crashed (here).

Overlooking Machrihanish Bay. Set To Return To The Island of Islay

These Landy’s Make Great Rural Plod Perambulators.

But treble nines are like riding a constipated donkey with Santa’s spare bells.

Some cops can take the part of this job that deals with fatalities. I’d lost a younger brother, Jason McLean and hadn’t realised the fuse that had been lit in my head. Jason was 2 years old and passed away from leukaemia. About six months before he died, Jason had fallen into a coal fire whilst my mother was shopping and the baby sitter was preoccupied from her duties. The only photographs I have left of Jason are when my father passed away ad he had some hospital pictures.

About 20 years after Jason had died, the treble-nine system went off. It was a house fire. Neither I nor the sergeant could get past the flames roaring out of the windows. That was horrendous, but then we had to hold the toddler’s father back from going into that wretched inferno.

Fatal fire involving a child of a similar age to my brother finished the love of that job. Escorting the hearse 100 miles from Kintyre up to the Vale of Leven hospital for the wee boy’s post mortem and liaising with the family, ensuring the final offices were conducted to the best of my ability was difficult. But as of nothing to what the poor soul’s mum and dad had to endure.

This and other tragedies subsequently conflated with flashbacks. In the 1980s and 1990s it was not the done thing to show weakness in that job. I would be on foot patrol in full uniform and at utterly random points had to jouk up a close (walk quickly down a quite alleyway). The tears would flood. Took years to admit a problem.

Anyways, I need to apologise if sometimes the words on these pages come across as a wee bit over protective.

As I wrote before that digression: too much death for a lifetime.

This is why I am on Keith’s case and to an extent I am “nudging” you. I just can’t take anymore friends dying. So please look after yourself.

As for the job with Strathclyde Police? I changed career. latterly back to this very same picture: Campbeltown Harbour where all the mourners are lined up. I should have been there this May 2020. First walking those roads as a beat cop starting in 1983, then back on that very same stretch 12 years later as the Harbourmaster. Having had spinal surgery, I kept knockeding my back out and was a regular in the back of paramedic Robert Black’s ambulance. It is one of the great things about a small community. Everyone knows everyone else. There are drawbacks in never being off duty, but when it counts, folk have your back. Everyone looks out for each other.

Which s why these funerals are so painful. Even in the midst of Covid and the three people at the graveside rule, the whole town came out to pay their respects. Normally I would put a more discreet link to Robert dying through Covid complications (here). But the thought of any of our 383 UPS members going this way; dying of ths dreadful virus , fills me with horror.

I beg of you, if you are in any doubt about how lethal this bloody thing is, please have a thought for Robert’s family. He was only 55 years old and left a wife, Cath and two wonderful kids: Lorna and Andrew.

We are so very close to a vaccine being administered, again I beg any doubters amongst our group, please hold the line for a few more months. The vaccines come with impeccable credentials. I’ve had fights with doctors about over-prescription of painkillers and spent a year tapering off of some pretty heavy meds in the 1990s, so have a healthy (or should that be unhealthy) scepticism of the medical profession. But when you read the Lancet, the New England Medical Journal and various peer-reviewed reports, (please disregard 99% of facebook), you will likely find the Covid vaccines are an impeccable route out of this mess. There is much jhope. But first my own respects and with these a plea in case you think Covid19 is just a bad dose of the flu. It is Russian roulette with your health…



Hope Takes A Boost

Sorry folks, that last bit was heavy. But it’s been one of those years and i am worried about ay of our crew catching that vile disease within sight of safety. So the next phase of this dystopian experience we are all sharing…

From this monastic desk, simply put: if the most trusted doctor in my sphere of understanding says…

“The new covid19 vaccine is safe and he is prepared to take it, then so am I”.

Then that is good enough for me thank you. I am keen to get back onsite (physically not remotely) and without having to wait for all the electricians, plumbers, joiners etc to be clear and offsite (safety protocol: here).

Dr Anthony Fauci

The Most Trusted Doctor Known To UPS-HQ.


As of December 2020, the UK has just past 70,000 covid deaths.

Whilst America is in big trouble…

An homage video to Dr Anthony Fauci by Brad Pitt is at the end of this page.

So too is a video with some reassurance about these bloody VARIANTS of Covid that are floating about and how they can be cured.

This year has been a strain. Christmas has amplified the fracture lines. In spite of a valiant effort by family members to have an electronic Christmas Dinner. As you will have read the introduction to this UPS news Bulletin, the narrative covers dining-like-a-dalek.

For now, all I want for Christmas is some normality. Hopefully Christmas 2021 will be back to some form of normality…

2018: Who Ate All The Christmas Decorations?

Russ or Ryan?




The Vote

Important Comparison To The Engine House Resale Vote

Exit-route vote relating to UPS22 at 11% net profit.

Some clarification.

Hi everyone. This UPS22 vote has been bothering me. Much discussion with UPS22 members and indeed several of our 383 UPS folk who are not members of UPS22 but would like to be and intend to join UPS28 or whichever numbered syndicate buys something similar to this huge building for very little money!

The 11% net profit within 1 year looks very good.

Our IT Guru, Steve B., exclaimed his bank gave him 0.1% and not the 1% we mentioned as the basic bank interest paid on funds deposited with them. For our UPS22 member at £10,000, his bank would have given him £10 interest for the year. That shocked us. As things stand with the current offer from our regular investment property buyer is fair.

What has thrown me is that in my wee world, “property deals” tend to be riskier, but produce more than “investment properties”.

I tend to seek between 15% to 30% from “property deals” in relatively normal circumstances.

The risk is minimised because we ban money lending by banks and make sure a big lump of land + bricks & mortar guarantee the money invested is as secure as possible.

Whereas “investment property” has a number that has assumed almost iconic properties.

I focus on an annual return of 7.5% on “investment property”.

That works well for tenant and landlord. I’ve seen landlords put the rent up too quickly and achieve 12% per annum from the start. Then loose a good tenant. Or worse, a newstart business carries too high a burden in the first/second years and fails/closes. That puts us back to start looking for a new and viable tenant. During 25 years, I have found the percentage return at 7.5% of the asset value to be as perfect as I can muster.

In other words a £100,000 building produces £7,500 net return each and every year.

It is perfectly okay to gently nudge the rent up each couple of years and also harvest the capital gain that buildings achieve over time.

Right now we have one of our regular buyers of investment buildings and her offer price (after haggling) and plugging into UPS22 will yield…

11% Net Profit For UPS22

I feel like Robbie The Robot…

The reason this does not compute in my head is 11% sits in no-mans-land.

It is a little low for a property deal profit, but given we are managing to tur this project around inside the 11 month target ~ and during Covid19, then 11% is far greater than the 7.5% we would look for with an “investment property”.

This is why I have put the vote back to our members of UPS22.

It is only fair that everyone who owns a share of Abbey Studios building in Arbroath gets to have a vote.

Arbroath Abbey should make 20%. If we have the Roaring Twenties phenomena this may well go to 30%.

We have strived to find the Golden Fleece of Unique Property Syndicates. Indeed we have a considerable comfort with lighthouse buildings that they generally make 20% to 30%. But these are very rare buildings.

Whereas shops are well worth the hassle. We buy bargain property, often with the banks taking a financial hit. Renovate the building, install a good and vetted tenant. Then secure 7.5% annual rent ad retain the asset as an “investment property”.

Or sell for 20% to 30% net profit as a “property deal”

In fact I personally get a buzz at re-opening buildings in the High Street and creating jobs.

I reckon a fair few of our syndicate folk may enjoy doing a similar style of project in their own home town and tired High Street. We cover this topic in the Argyll Group website: click here.

So where does all of this leave us? In our member’s enquiry example…

Steve would receive £1,100 net profit on his £10,000 investment.

No ifs, no buts. simple. We beat the banks by £1,090 return on investment. But…

Yes, there is always a “but”.

That is endorsed by déjà vu

In fact this is not any paranormal or temporal lobe thingy. It is the old grey matter being nudged by something that immediately precedes what we are doing at UPS22. In short, The Engine House helped get UPS24 over the…


Net profit number.

For our UPS members who are excellent at providing wise counsel, the general consensus was to simply put the dissonance Russ McLean is concerned about between accepting 11% or 20%, even 30% to our general membership and specifically to each owner of the UPS22 building.

For me, this boils down to what we all might reckon is a fair profit and…


Here is the page for you to make your decision

regarding the exit-route and payday for…



To Register Your Decision




There are just three spaces left at UPS27

~ Noss Head Lighthouse: The Sequel ~

Here are the raw renovation photographs relating to the job of changing the horrible old bog, where you got concussion of the head from proximity to the wall and had to climb over the old toilet to get to the shower…

I am off for some dinner as it has been all-go since 7am.

Will be back to add some words and also copy-edit the whole of this UPS News edition frequently during the next 24 hours.

The pictures for this UPS27 segment are reasonably self-explanatory.

Steve Williams has been working very hard to remove the old dreadful wc/shower layout and install a modern, warm, dry, insulated, clean and comfortable WC room and separate shower room into Keeper’s Cabin at Noss Head Lighthouse Station: The Sequel (here) and here…

The Two Gable End Doors At Keeper’s Cabin Were Rotten

Each Was Sealed Shut With Old Paint & Rust.

The two surplus entrances were returned to their window format.

Brand new, bespoke double-glazed units have now been installed. As has a new damp proof course and secondary interior wall with kingspan high-grade insulation panels in the interstitial layer.

This is an old doorway that has not been used since 1997. When the former owner Iain Sinclair knocked a “Narnia” type entrance from the adjacent Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s dwelling through a wardrobe/cupboard, that made this Keeper’s Cabin into an extra bedroom. The format never really worked and poor Iain had far too much on his plate to properly work on this small bothy. It has now in full-flow renovation and has been properly enlarged into a 1 bedroom house and renamed “Keeper’s Cabin”. Mainly to demarcate the names between the other buildings which seem to all have the word “lighthouse” in their title. This is confusing for the post office delivery staff and also for visiting guests. 


The Old Toilet Still In Situ.

Note The Proximity of The Wall Opposite.

Excremental concussion is almost guaranteed. 

The next photo is in the main bedroom and shows the WC doorway on the left and the new Shower Room doorway in the middle, with the Lounge doorway on the right. The latter two doorways are new and properly lintelled, unlike earlier work elsewhere! This renovation has doubled the footprint of this property and transformed the building into a properly insulated and freshly rewired/replumbed house.

This Segment Illustrates Rooms “5” and “7”

Completely Renovated

“5” Is the new shower room

“7” is the new WC and wash-hand-basin.





Brand New Toilet. Fully Plumbed In.

No more head banging the wall opposite or having to climb over the toilet pan to have a shower.

The next photo is Steve Williams hand-making bespoke doors.

^^^ This Is The New Bedroom^^^

The door on the left is to the brand new WC and wash-room. The door on the right is to the brand new, fully functional shower.

To let UPS27 members/owners of this building know how much work has been achieved in this part of the final elements at our lighthouse station, here is what this room used to look like…

^^^ The Old Bothy ^^^

You cannot feel the cold + draughts + damp, nor smell this room. But please rest assured it was not a nice place to spend the night when we were bunked up there to save on the hotel bills.

Now we have a new, warm, insulated and fresh WC. We have been assured the number of toilet rolls is not a result of bog roll banditry (click here), but simply a simple 9-pack delivered from the local Tescos in Wick retail park.

Keeper’s Cabin Now Has An Exquisite Throne Room.

The shower room is also complete and fully functional. It has a separate door to the WC and wash hand basin.



Keeper’s Cabin: Fully Functional Modern Shower Now Installed

Fully Functional Bedroom

The single bed in Keeper’s Cabin has now been replaced with a double bed.


Tail End Charlie Bits Being Renovated On Time & On Budget.

£107,000 of the £125,000 share issue now subscribed.

Just one £10,000 share + one £5,000 share and one £3,000 share left.

Click Here

To Study The Last Three Places In UPS27

Noss Head Lighthouse: The Sequel






& finally, here is the homage to Dr Anthony Fauci…


Plus some reassurance regarding all the media hype about covid variants…


I have “parked” this next video here for reference as it is not easy to find. My fear is this: as a 60 year old I am at peace with what comes, whether many years or mortality taking it’s toll. I’ve had a great life. Don’t get me wrong, I will come back and haunt some projects as there is still a lot to sort out. But the fear? That Covid will mutate and start affecting younger folk. The Van Tulleken twins are both highly intelligent and impressive doctors.

This documentary was filmed when Dr Xand van Tulleken was 41 years old (here).

With effect from mid December 2020, Britain is being blamed for a new Covid “variant”. It seems just to be 70% more contagious. But with 7 billion human beings on the planet and such a high percentage of infection, the Covid mutation cycles are happening at an exponential rate. I can live with what Sean Connery called the Third Act of Life (three acts of the traditional play). And that the third act sometimes comes with site health. But the prospect of the children and grandkids being adversely affected by this dreadful disease fills me with utter dread. Hence keeping this video clip handy for future reference.