Torguish House

Possible Syndicate Candidate

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Torguish House - The Old Daviot Manse

Torguish House, Daviot, Inverness IV2 5XQ

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Unique Property Bulletin proposal. It would be our intention to purchase the WHOLE of Torguish House estate from the owners with one smooth conveyancing transaction. Of the previous 18 Unique Property Syndicates – where we have bought buildings – four have been hotels. It may be worth mentioning three hotels made a significant return, one broke-even and none made a loss.

We would propose something along the following lines. Assemble the constituent elements so that our syndicate solicitors are in the position to present £750,000 or thereabouts as a single offer to the owners of Torguish House. Thereafter constituent part ownership by syndicate members would initially be on a buy-to-let basis. Those Unique Property Bulletin readers wishing to partake in a Torguish House syndicate would be buying 100% outright one or more of the following:-

The Main House: £400,000
Holiday Cottage 1: £85,000
Holiday Cottage 2: £90,000
Holiday Cottage 3: £85,000
Holiday Cottage 4: £90,000

Total: £750,000


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Torguish House Cottage Unique Property Syndicate

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Torguish House Cottage 2 Unique Property Syndicate

Holiday Cottages At Daviot: From £85,000 Click Here

It can be seen that by this approach the candidate property for a 19th Unique Property Syndicate becomes much more financially digestible. In essence, £400,000 for the main building is much more affordable than £750,000. Also, for many of our readers the prospect of a holiday cottage at £85,000 is very attractive.

We can even make things even easier on the pocket. For some time we have been looking to run a Hotel Room Ownership type syndicate. This is one of the reasons we have bought four hotels already. The fly in the ointment of our plan is that so far we have ended up reselling each hotel, usually at a significant profit. That is of course an option. But if we look at the hotel-room-ownership idea, it is 100% ownership (NOT timeshare) of an en-suite bedroom within a hotel. Providing a buy-to-let income and also holidays when the notion takes you. The approximate numbers for the Torguish House main building if we consider a hotel-room-ownership proposal and the £400,000 target for that part, are likely to be:-

Bedrooms 1 to 8 – £39,000 each
Manager’s Accommodation: £88,000


Torguish House A

Example of Bedroom
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Torguish House First Floor - Unique Property Syndicate Candidate

Guide Layout of Bedrooms – Please Do Not Scale
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