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Handsome Cumbrian Book Building For Sale

But you will need to be quick to bid. Also check out if this becomes an FTSAA


Former Dalton Library, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria

If this Lake District library were nearer to home here at Unique Property Bulletin, I would be bidding on it in a heartbeat. The reason? My secret sin is buying books. Could easily spend £100 of a Saturday afternoon at Waterstones.

As for library buildings, and purchasing an actual property of this genre – it will happen someday. I hope you might consider this idea too.


Former Dalton Library. Spartan Looking Book Shelves

In essence, buy a magnificent building such as the Dalton Library in Cumbria, obtain planning permission to convert the upper floors to your residential accommodation, then reinstate the functionality of the old library on the ground floor as a new bookshop + coffee shop + internet cafe.

I believe this stands a very good chance of success. This is because we took a derelict pub and turned it into a coffee shop and internet cafe. That business boomed.


This Is What A Library Should Look Like

Please note, this is NOT Dalton Library, but an example of what we would like to see.

It is a sad fact of life just now, cash strapped councils are closing libraries all over the country and selling the buildings off. This is all the more galling in the case of Dalton Library as it was one of the famous free libraries from Andrew Carnegie. This philanthropist built 2,509 libraries for the public good (here).

I shudder at so much of this plague of library closures. Without access to books I would wager the likes of Sir Tim Berners-Lee would not have been instrumental in creating the world wide web. Sir Tim grew up in the 1950s and 1960s when libraries were a primary source of knowledge. No internet back then. Without libraries and public education there might be no internet now – or at least it would be delayed by a decade or two?

It is a reasonable thesis to state the decimation of libraries are like the ill conceived destruction of our tram transport systems. An odd comparison yes. But when you study the industrial and civic vandalism of councils ripping up tram lines and getting rid of these efficient systems, only to spend tens of millions of pounds 50 years later reinstating the trams, the local authorities should be keel-hauled. I suspect that in a decade or two, some bright spark will realise what a profound loss to education this current cost cutting carnage of the libraries is having upon the education of our youngsters. Indeed all age demographics. The cost slashing spark will then ask us all to pay more tax to spend millions building new libraries to replace the ones these idiots closed down and flogged off in the first place. Rant over. Feel Better!


Former Dalton Library – Plenty of Space

Almost 7,000 square feet of building to play with.

So if you do decide to buy a library, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be delighted to help in any way possible. Whatever else, the guide price of £120,000 for nearly 6,920 square feet of magnificent building represents fabulous value for the money. It would surely be good to give something back. Education for the next generation might be a start.

Auctioneers narrative: Three storey Grade II listed detached former library with accommodation over three floors. There are a variety of different sized areas, some more open plan in nature, smaller rooms and offices with ancillary kitchen, WC and staff areas. The second floor has not been used for some time and requires refurbishment.


Former Dalton Library. Worth A Viewing?

This specific library is scheduled for auction on 6th December 2016, so you will need to get your skates on to bid. There is of course a chance this turns into an FTSAA (Fails To Sell At Auction) in which case you may be quids in as your bargaining position will be a lot better.

Alternatively if Dalton Library has sold when you read this, the principle still stands. A wonderful home and business can be brought about by converting part of an old library into a home and reopening the original book depository into a bookshop. Add an internet cafe to ensure cohesive social functionality.

Whatever else, I can guarantee you there will be more libraries for sale. The exciting thing is to consider setting a precedent in reinstating the core purpose and securing a very nice lifestyle business with lots of interesting folk visiting. If just one of these prospective library reopening projects goes ahead, then it is scalable, and could well turn the tide on this stupid policy of closing exemplars of the value of education.

Address: Former Dalton Library, Nelson Street, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8AF

Guide: £120,000

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