UKWMO Underground Nuclear Bunker

More like this needed – especially near London. Do you have one for sale? If so we can help you sell it. Just get in touch (click here).

AAA Penshurst UKWMO Photo Courtesy of Mark Russell RSZ
UKWMO Penshurst For Sale, Sevenoaks, Kent

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

In August this year we featured this underground UKWMO RoC bunker for sale, exclusively via Unique Property Bulletin (here and here).

It has now been sold, but we have found a high demand for these, especially in the London and Home Counties area and are appealing to owners who might be minded to sell their bunker bedroom, to get in touch with us and we can introduce you to several willing and able buyers (here).

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 This one is at Penshhurst, Sevenoaks in Kent – about 33 miles from London.

AAA Penshurst UKWMO Photo Courtesy of Mark Russell - Below Ground
UKWMO Penshurst – Main Underground Room With Museum Display Equipment (not included in sale)

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

Whatever the reason for interest when one of these structures comes up for sale, we get a real buzz in featuring them. We’ve also noticed if you Google “UKWMO nuclear bunker for sale” this website is starting to gravitate to occupy the top three results on mainstream internet searches. Even the fourth spot in a national newspaper originates from the Bulletin (here). So in a way, we can welcome you to UKWMO Central – a place to buy and sell old mole homes for underground dwellers.

AAA UKWMO Penshurst SubBrit

Access Portal Before Renovation.

Photograph with kind appreciation and attribution to Subterranea Britannica

The enthusiasm we have for the current Kent UKWMO for sale is that the owner has restored it to as near original condition as possible. So much so, that he has had museum open days for people curious to see one of these properties that dwell fifteen or so feet underground.

AAA UKWMO Penshurst Mark Russell
UKWMO Penshurst Nuclear Bunker: Access Portal After Renovation.

Photo with appreciation and attribution to Mark Russell

ROC Post: UKWMO Penshurst, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Address: Gated compound on the junction of Camp Hill and Compasses Rd, near Charcott, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN11 8LP

Guide: £29,950Now Sold.

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