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Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 24/3/2020.

Telecommute Work Available

In this new era of working from home, 24 hours after the UK was “locked down” due to Coronavirus, the least we can do is make some of our modest contract work available for those who would like to freelance with us.


The Photo Above Is Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Unique Property Bulletin HQ

Photo attribution: Mr Richard Taylor.

After 27 years at the helm of this publication, our founder is looking to semi-retire.  Fortunately, our not-for-profit organisation has a decent level of reserves, and crucially buildings without mortgages, so we can, in 2020, now afford to add paid freelance journalists to the five volunteers here at Unique Property Bulletin will still be contributing articles. Over time, we shall also be increasing the content on this website as we first secure freelance writers and eventually bring staff writers onboard. All to help us help you find that unique home. More details… click here.

Part-Time Freelance Telecommute Journalist Contract Available Now.

Please TEXT your NAME + Your EMAIL address to us: 0749 5975 784.

Please do NOT telephone. We are massively overloaded and still interviewing admin., staff.

TEXT only. We will then email you within 24 hours to provide the next step. Many thanks.

Since 1993, here at Unique Property Bulletin, we have been banging on about how telecommuting is the enabler of the need to work and/or earn a living if you wanted to live on a private island…


Or a secluded lighthouse station…


Even at a vacant monastery building…


This electronic connection (originally by fax machine) was the eureka solution for all of us here and our 3,500 readers who wanted to leave the cities and live where the quality of life is at a gentler pace. A place that you can spend time with your family and secure a livelihood.


In 2011 we transferred our modest 3,500 circulation publication onto the internet. Within 8 years we had anywhere between 20,000 to 186,000 readers (eg: here). This publication is currently run by five volunteers. In 2017 when the 100,000 readership numbers hit us, we had to decide whether to close (due to volunteer burnout) or find a way where we could seek some freelance journalists on contract and eventually grow the publication revenue streams to enable the best of our new team to become staff writers.

So we did what most websites would do in this position: we bought a lighthouse station.

 onto the .

Never in the subsequent 27 years did we imagine that tour telephones would be ringing off of the hook because of a dystopian nightmare scenario where folk are in quarantinewas .

There are an estimated 27,800,000 households in the UK (source: here)

a solve the problem of Never in a quarterTo help folk get through their 14 days and the months ahead to when Coronavirus is gone.

Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 20/3/2020.

Isolation Station

A new theme at Unique Property Bulletin: Telecommuter homes…

To help folk get through their 14 days and the months ahead to when Coronavirus is gone.

We are featuring some isolation stations that might be worth considering as a style of life for when the next pandemic comes along.

Stack Rock Fort For Sale.

Reduced from £400,000 (here) to £295,000 (here). Now Guided At £150,000 (here).

Floorplans: here

Island properties for sale tend to fire the imagination. Not ideal for everyone, but I can attest from personal experience having been lucky enough to have lived on small islands most of my life that they are an amazing place to experience. Though I would very much recommend (once the Coronavirus clears) that…

You go and rent an island for a few weeks before buying one. To see if you like it and it likes you.


PHOTO or VIDEO Spitbank Fort

My first island cost a remarkable £5 per year. Fact.

Davaar Island. Cost £5 Per Year For This.

When completed it was a great sanctuary. But once the island bug gets you, it is often in your DNA for life.

Though in the circumstances a small island is better than a Covid19 bug.




ive on at offers over £150,000 it may suit those who don’t fancy another stint stuck indoor, in a ouse that is driving you nuts and at a job that you are either none too keen on, or has just been P45d, or maybe you would simply like a better quality of life than before, during and after this Coronavirus has come and gone.

Just now? Thinking of taking a break for the weekend? Here is your map…

Where do you fancy going to? A trip away to the Utility Room might be nice!

In all seriousness, there are other options. The 14 days that many of us will have to self-isolate become a little bit…


cabin fever.





Latest Lighthouse For Sale Or Rent Update: December 2019…

Here is an extra article on this website aimed at helping you get you off to a good start in 2020. The main lighthouses for sale section commences further down this page.

This website is brought to you as we enter 2020 from Noss Head Lighthouse Station (here)…

This Could Be Your Office & View

This Is Your Commute To Work: 60 Seconds of Splendid Scenery

Picture: Maciej Winiarczyk

Our aim is to help fellow lighthouse friends and colleagues to realise their dreams. Don’t doubt your ability on this. If you would like to live at a lighthouse station, keep working on that wish. The photographs below are evidence to help you on that journey. 

The Lookout, Davaar Island, Argyll “As Was” In 1984

It wasn’t much to look at! But it only cost £5 per year. That is US$6.50 and just 5.85 Euros per annum in 1984 (

The agreement with the island owner was to but windows back in and make the building safe.

The owner was not too keen on selling, but he did want to lease this building that needed “a bit of work to make it habitable”. The proximity to the lighthouse station and views were and are sublime. For three years this old wartime lookout became a much-needed sanctuary from a fairly robust and demanding job as a police officer on the mainland. The commute was a pleasure. Either by boat, or terrain vehicle across the tidal causeway. The owner even lent his hovercraft but that is a whole other adventure.

The Lookout is At The Left Corner of The Island

Davaar Island is a genuinely unique place to stay. You can perhaps see from these pictures how it was an inspiration in what became a labour of love on this old shell of a place…

The five pounds a year rental fund was topped up a fair bit with the building materials and TLC on this building. The old structure soon got back into ship shape as this next photograph, 25 years later illustrates…

The interior of the old Lookout is now very comfortable…

The design of this structure has a sitting room on the first floor with 360 degree views. There is a door to an outside balcony area, which is sheltered from the north and has delightful views toward Davaar Lighthouse Tower and the place of my upbringing, the Island of Arran…

The sea views are a major element to this old wartime lookout at the entrance to Campbeltown Loch. There is always something interesting to see. The talented photographer Andrew Macpherson captures just what a delight living at, in, on or by a lighthouse can be…

The Barquentine MV Thalassa Passes Davaar Lighthouse

Photo Credit: Mr Andrew Macherson

Back in 1984, when I first leased the old Lookout from Mr Turner Senior, the building progressed back to a habitable condition.

Interior of The Lookout on Davaar Island

The owner was happy with this and subsequently offered what was to become a life-changing experience: the lease on the main lighthouse station which he had just bought on reversion from the Northern Lighthouse Board.

Davaar Lighthouse Station & Neighbour: The Old Lookout To The Right.

Location: Here.

So the original lease on the old Lookout was vacated as the move was made to the next door former lighthouse keeper’s dwelling. Incidentally although I no longer stay at Davar, you can rent the old Lookout from the current owners Mr Turner Jnr., & Mrs Turner: Click here.

Davaar Island is ideal for a holiday break. To experience and discover whether you like lighthouse life and to see if it likes you.

Back in the 1980s when I received the magnificent set of Victorian lighthouse keeper’s cottage keys for the main Davaar Lighthouse Station and moved from the old Lookout to the former lighthouse keeper’s home, it was a memorable and personally profound. A little daunting as these were truly historic buildings.

Davar Island Lighthouse Station: Busy In The 1800s.

But the wish had come true. That is the point of this reminiscence at the start of the year 2020. I know not what five pounds will buy you 35 years later in present day terms…

But for those years on Davaar Island at the old Lookout it cost just pennies for the start of a lifelong love of lighthouses living.

This website is testimony to that; as is the fact the free facility on these pages has brought lighthouse ownership to many friends. There is no charge and we are a not-for-profit; we just enjoy fellow lighthouse folk realising their dreams too. 

Davar Island Lighthouse Station

The lease of the main lighthouse buildings at Davaar Island back in the 1980s led to many happy times. When it was a little rough to take the boat to work, driving a Landrover to work across a tidal causeway was always a thrill.

Russ McLean & Lucy The Landy. A Very Old Picture.

But leasing a lighthouse station wasn’t and isn’t quite the same as owning one. So when Strathy Point Lighthouse Compound came up for sale in 1998 direct from the Northern Lighthouse Board, it was all hands to the pump. Location: here. On the 25th of August 1999 for the princely sum of £60,000 a whole lighthouse station was purchased. Our friend, Les Armishaw made a recent drone video of Strathy Pont. It is an awesome location…


Strathy Point Lighthouse Station.

Next Stop Iceland. The Country Not The Supermarket.

Video Compliments To Our Friend, Mr Les Armishaw.

This new purchase in the far north had and still has three main buildings up there and I didn’t need all of them. Some friends joined in and we ended up with bargain buys at less than £20,000 for a lighthouse home each. So along similar financial lines to the old Lookout at Davaar Lighthouse Station, the arithmetic in buying a lighthouse building was very kind. This is mentioned as you may be reading this from somewhere that has a view of a brick wall or the terraced house across from your living room and perhaps wishing for something different. A  former lighthouse keeper’s cottage perchance?

Strathy Point Lighthouse Station

Photo Courtesy of Mr Peter Moore

It isn’t that expensive to change things so you actually live at a place where you want to be. £20,000 in 1999 for a slice of Strathy Point Lighthouse Station is not that difficult. Even now, the lighthouse buildings at Strathy and indeed all over the UK come up for sale. Just check back to this website once a month to make sure you don’t miss a lighthouse building for sale.

Strathy Point Lighthouse Station

Be careful in summer. Arctic proximity can lead to sunstroke.

Better still, for 2020, perhaps you might have a think about renting a lighthouse keeper’s house for a holiday? Here at this website, we bang on about this a lot because lighthouse living is not for everyone. Though it can be beguiling as the locations are not what many expect. Sun sea and sand! Here. You can test the water on whether you would take the plunge and buy a lighthouse building by first renting one for your lighthouse holiday. There are many locations. Strathy is one. Holiday at the Principal Keeper’s Cottage: Click Here.

The Comfort of Holidaying At Strathy Point Lighthouse: Click Here

You meet many wonderful and eccentric characters when you live in a lighthouse…

Julian & Jarno Recently Made A Lighthouse Marathon. At Starthy Point.

Then they called into our Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Julian & Jarno’s website blog has many adventures: Click here.

On my lighthouse odyssey across three decades, the journey from southern Kintyre where I was stationed was too long a commute to Strathy Point. So with a degree of sadness that lighthouse building was sold. Though our friends up there still keep in touch.

Just across the water in line of sight from Davaar Island is Ailsa Craig island. There is a major lighthouse station there. In the 1990s it was owned by another police officer. Seems to be a theme as we have several on our books here at Lighthouses For Sale! In 1999 the Ailsa Craig lighthouse compound owner put his lighthouse buildings up for sale. They were in reasonable condition at that time and quite a lot of remedial work had been commenced. 

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station

The alure of Ailsa Craig was instant. So too was the price. At the turn of this century, it hovered around the £99,000 for the whole lighthouse compound, including a light railway, a pier and several outbuildings. A lot of work lay ahead but both myself and a growing band of lighthouse friends were used to that. The eventual purchase price was discounted to a bit less. 

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Compound: A Lot For £99,000. Location: Here.

Photo Courtesy of Google.

We bought the lighthouse station and pier etc., on Ailsa Craig and even though it was “only” 18 miles from the “point of mainland departure” pier, where I had been working as harbourmaster in Campbeltown at that time, meant that it was incredibly difficult to land building materials in meaningful quantities onto the island. We even considered helicopter charter for building supplies as there is a Helipad included. But the costs were prohibitive. After about a year of struggling to keep the properties wind and watertight, it dawned on us that the best way forward was via Girvan which is half the distance.

In 2001, we sold Ailsa Craig Lighthouses to a gentleman on the east side mainland (Girvan port access). He is described as a property tycoon (here) and we were assured the buildings would be in safe hands. Fast forward a decade and a half. It was with great sadness that our friend, Jim Phanco shared a video showing what 17 years of exposure to winter, gales have done to these once fine structures…

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station By Drone. Well Worth Watching.

Courtesy of our friend: Jim Phanco.

Here we take a slight digression from what has been a 95% positive 35 years relationship with lighthouse buidings. This segment is because I am passionate about these structures and loathe very well paid managing directors that are to be frank, in the wrong occupation.

The deterioration of the Ailsa Craig lighthouse station shocked us. After being advised of the ruinous state the Ailsa Craig buildings had deteriorated into, efforts were made to buy the Aisla Craig buildings back from the current owner. Progress had been made with our friends at Clarenco and the Solent Forts on a way to make it possible for landing building materials at exposed island locations. The lift systems are described on our sister website: here.

Former Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages, Ailsa Craig Island, KA26 9DF.

Picture courtesy (c) 2018 of Ian Johnston

When considering the purchase of a Grade B set of Listed Buiding such as Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station (here), it is vital to have copies of the original architect drawings. In the past, the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) have been brilliant in assisting these efforts.

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station In 2001.

Please Note Our Buildings Still In Good Condition.

The general long term staff at the NLB are dedicated, professional and determined to see these historic buildings maintained to a high standard.  99% of the NLB staff are folk we hold in high standing. But the current CEO incumbent has proven to be an ungracious guest at one of our lighthouse stations and a bad corporate neighbour. We extended a great deal of time, effort and patience with the NLB CEO. No thanks for those overtures. We have photographs of various instances of ignorance. Our lighthouse station at Noss Head was blocked solid several times without so much as a by-your-leave from the NLB hierarchy…

If 10 vans and trucks drove into your private driveway unannounced and blocked your family in would you be happy? Worse, our own builders were also held to ransom by the NLB senior management idiocy.

The Northern Lighthouse Board’s current CEO in Edinburgh appears very miserable with the wallet when it comes to remunerating losses his stewardship of a once reputable organisation causes to its neighbours. As for the subsequent £2,000 damage to the 1/2 mile driveway from a full year of NLB HGVs and NLB/Contractor work vans? Forget about voluntarily coughing up their fair share in repairing the damage they caused. We are already racking up legal bills because of the current CEO with more likely to come to repair the damage. The Northern Lighthouse Board’s senior management do not behave like good neighbours at this time, nor frankly for the past 2 years. 

Luxurious NLB Offices in Edinburgh. Why The Expense? 

The land we own at Noss Head Lighthouse Station was used by the NLB for free and way beyond any legal wayleave on the deeds. That would have been fine and well had they reciprocated a miniscule amount of appreciation at their rudeness and imposition with over a year of serious disruption. A miserly £20 on photocopies of plans to help with our next project at Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station would have gone a long way to repairing the tattered relationship. Ironically the NLB would be helping themselves as the £20 plans would trigger a renovation that would likely save the NLB getting taken to court again. Our bewilderment is the fact that before the current CEO was appointed, the Northern Lighthouse Board was a very helpful and thoughtful organisation.

The current outfit at the head of the NLB take. They take a lot. The disruption would normally have cost an organisation taking over large tracts of your property and land, several thousand pounds per annum. But when it comes to saying thank you with anything like good grace, either with a simple card, polite telephone call, or a few sheets of A2 paper with photocopy plans? No chance. All take but little give. The current NLB CEO behaved in a way that we found disrespectful rude and ignorant. By any definition we know, the NLB are now bad neighbours.

Months Turned Into A Year of Obstruction.

These barriers blew down in one of many gales and damaging property and causing injury.

We didn’t expect to be remunerated by the Northern Lighthouse Board at all. But a “thank you” card would have been nice. What wasn’t appreciated is a policy change where the NLB high-command move from being a friendly and helpful entity that are commendable in assisting those private owners of former NLB property keep their buildings up to a high standard, to one where we want nothing to do with their current CEO. We will only accept communications from this person via our solicitors.

The resultant fallout means our efforts to locate the NLB plans for the Grade B listed lighthouse buildings on Ailsa Craig are currently thwarted. So the Ailsa Craig Lighthouse structures are in this dreadful state and getting worse by each passing winter gale.

The Northern Lighthouse Board commissioners should hang their heads in shame

…at failing to get a grip of a CEO that has junked 30 years of hitherto good relations, let alone risk the ruination of listed buildings on Ailsa Craig island.

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse Station. Going To Rack & Ruin 

The current CEO at the Northern Lighthouse Board is not a person we like. His CV is stellar and appears impeccable. We can understand why an MBE and a long naval career would appeal to the NLB executive appointments committee. But in real life? We have had to do the unthinkable and ask that the person who currently holds the CEO position at the NLB not to enter onto any of our lighthouse premises. An unfathomable deterioration in the aforementioned 30 years of a good relationship with the Northern Lighthouse Board.

If you wonder why our frustration has reached this impasse, please take another look at the appalling state of the Ailsa Craig keeper’s houses outlined in red on the photo above. That ruinous deterioration should and could be halted. The current owner is amenable to selling. He is reported as wanting £250,000. Given the dramatic deterioration in condition, we would reckon £99,000 is a fair price as the pier will require at least £50,000 in repairs – more likely £150,000 in a rebuild. Unless you have some serious naval architect plus maritime/civil engineering expertise in your bid structure. Possibly stretch to £125,000 (not the quarter-million quoted here). We wish you luck.

Without the NLB plans you will likely have listed building headaches.

The saga on Ailsa Craig island is not yet over.

If you would like to take a shot at buying the Ailsa Craig lighthouse buildings (tower not included) they are definitely for sale. You will need plan drawings and you should research and take good advice as the pier would be your liability with a contribution from the NLB for upkeep. The NLB escaped serious legal liability for something not a million miles away: Click Here. The last advice we had from staff is the NLB senior management are still instructing their employees and contractors to use this dangerous structure to land on Ailsa Craig island. We would caution the new owner, indeed the current owner, to get the pier repaired and made safe. Or better still, rebuilt in a similar way to the Solent Forts so that building materials can be safely landed onto the island. Otherwise a similar event such as this is just waiting to happen on this dangerous pier… 

The NLB lost in court, but got their money back by the skin of its senior managers’ teeth. Given the fact that the NLB commissioners contain some of the best educated legal minds in the country, for the CEO and NLB to let this get to court and put the poor victim through the further trauma is something we are aghast at. But no longer that surprised.

Meanwhile, the buildings on Ailsa Craig island continue to rot and travel towards ruination…

In this narrative, Ailsa Craig and the abandoned lighthouse buildings on the island are currently the saddest part of an otherwise wonderful journey that for this particular station spanned a couple of years. An amazing place and it deserves better than the current state of affairs.

Ailsa Craig: Potentially Lethal Landing Area.

Please take heed of the Rosemary Cairns case.

This pier on Ailsa Craig is a Health & Safety issue.

Moving On Past NLB CEO Problems…

After we sold the Ailsa Craig lighthouse station in 2001, there were a few years without a lighthouse building to live in. Other projects were undertaken. Indeed several building renovations have come about with good results. Over 100 new jobs created along the way too.

Not just buildings but part of living in a lighthouse brings ships that pass your window pretty mucvh every day. So it is of little surprise we have a nautical detour in this narrative. An adventure with a magnificent thousand ton lump of metal…

A Frequent Visitor Past Ailsa Craig.

TS Queen Mary being towed through a London landmark.

Seven years ago, the TS Queen Mary charity was formed. There is a bespoke model of this ship sitting at Noss Head Lighthouse Station ready to go aboard the actual vessel as an exhibit in due course. How this started is hopefully being written in book manuscript form by my friend Iain Sim. The three amigos are all guilty for this pleasure and have a passion for the TS Queen Mary. Some memories persist. Even the most unusual – such as hobbling on crutches into the Dundee OSCR charity commissioner for Scotland clutching this precious Friends of TS Queen Mary constitution plus the charity registration documents…

The Original TS Queen Mary Charity Constitution From 2012.

An honour that Russ McLean still treasures was to draft the constitution and hand it into OSCR (here). The official birth date of the FOTSQM charity is 4th December 2012. Following months of work by the three founders, Captain Calum Bryce, solicitor Iain Sim and former harbourmaster and ship owner Russ McLean the commissioner gave assent and charity number SC043623 was formally established.

It took 4 years, but the following film shows what can happen when a lot of awesome people join the charity and help out. On the quayside at Dales Marine that day I saw many former crew, shipyard workers and passengers, a fair number of whom were big burly welder types in tears as the old girl made her way home. How a big lump of metal can do that to folk is a unique phenomenon...

TS Queen Mary Arriving Home After 35 Years Away In London.

Vidoe courtesy of our good friend: Jim Phanco.

Myself + Iain Sim and Calum Bryce (and several new trustees) were also in tears. Though these were more from relief and happiness that the TS Queen Mary had been successfully and safely brought home after being towed halfway around the UK. The state of the old ship was a shock (déjà vu with Ailsa Craig lighthouses).

This next photograph is the ship, still in a very sorry state, but after a significant amount of work and cost had been undertaken by the chief engineer and master mariner plus the crew at Tilbury Dock near London prior to the long tow…

TS Queen Mary Arriving Home To Glasgow In 2016.

A more daunting task lay ahead.

The ship went straight into drydock and a great deal of intense work commenced. This was May 2016. The TS Queen Mary had not been out of the water since the last century. But in 1933 they knew how to build fine, strong and robust vessels. The condition of the hull and plate thicknesses were remarkably good.

TS Queen Mary: The Summer of 2016. Lots of Work Under Way

It is pretty much to the maximum credit of my friend Iain Sim that such a great fundraising campaign was launched. This has been vital for the whole recovery and renovation project.

Iain Sim At TS Queen Mary Restoration.

To date, as we enter 2020, over a million pounds has been raised so far by Iain and the FOTSQM charity. The ship has also been through a second dry docking…

TS Queen Mary At Dry Dock In Greenock

A unique photo angle of an iconic ship

The old lump of metal that was towed back to the Clyde in 2016 has now been majorly transformed from an ugly duckling, back into the beautiful swan. 83 years old, but still with beautiful nautical lines…

TS Queen Mary Freshly Out of Second Dry Dock: 2019.

Even the eccentrics that started this charity back in 2012 had worried the chances of seeing this photograph and the ship well on its way to restoration were remote.

Fortunately, three years after the ship was bought, and brought back to the Clyde during May 2016 all is now a lot clearer and the future much more secure.

The next photo was taken by one of the unsung heroes: Gordon Stewart of a well-regarded shipping website. This was the first time Gordon had met the Friends of TS Queen Mary (FOTSQM) charity founders…

TS Queen Mary, Trustees Aiden O’Donnell, Russ McLean & Iain Sim.

(from left to right)

It was during 2011 that Gordon Stewart had tuned into the general maritime scuttlebutt from many folk expressing concern about the future, or lack of it in relation to TS Queen Mary. It is thanks to Gordon and the good offices of his own website (here) that events took a turn that would help in the formation of the FOTSQM charity. Around 2011 Gordon suggested Iain Sim telephone Russ McLean because the latter had already owned a Denny built ship MV Southsea…

The Isle of Wight Ferry: MV Southsea.

Accidentally bought by the author of this article in 1998.

Gordon’s idea was that Russ might be able to help with the logistics and dynamics in a rescue the TS Queen Mary which was also built at the Denny Shipyard.

So Gordon Stewart pretty much deserves a medal for his thoughtfulness.

Now, as 2020 dawns, the future of TS Queen Mary is assured. The ship is well on its way to being fit for hosting visits from former crew and passengers as well as those from the much wider community interested in the history of a bygone era on the Clyde. Indeed it is a hallmark desired by the FOTSQM founders that a great number of volunteers and friends of the vessel are now literally onboard in the restoration. The original triumvirate’s wish was that a new and vibrant community would gather together, with many dedicated folk working to bring this amazing ship back to concours condition so that future generations cand see first hand what is now the sole survivor of a class of ship that are all gone bar one.

The TS Queen Mary Safe & With An Assured Future.

As the TS Queen Mary returns to her former glory, this has helped secure an excellent berth. I have nudged Iain into writing a book about the journey to get to this stage. Especially the fundraising he has managed and tireless efforts put into the love of restoring this iconic vessel.

UK nautical heritage is often overlooked and given the history of Britain as a maritime island nation, any experience in rescuing and preserving its naval heritage is surely welcome.

This is some digression from the regular lighthouse buildings for sale here on this website, but perhaps worthy of note if you are looking to live next to the sea. Particularly if you are looking to live in a lighthouse building. Your views of the sea contain many interesting things: whales, dolphins, puffins, the Aurora Borealis to name just a few. But there is no gainsaying the fact that ships go past your windows. There will be many that you see on the sea. A fair few maybe went by several decades ago. Some of these old vessels might still exist and be in need of a rescue. If have a favourite old ship of a bygone era that you have a notion to restore and need a hand with, just get in touch with this website and we shall make best efforts to help.

So as far as lighthouse buildings go, what next?

Following a family funeral in the Highlands during 2016, I was travelling back from the far north with my brother. On the road we saw a lighthouse but I couldn’t remember which one it was. Curiosity ignited, I got onto the internet back at home and discovered it to be Noss head Lighthouse Station…

Just A Glimpse From Afar. Next Thing You Know…

“Here are the keys and good luck” says The Earl of Caithness.

The name came back as Noss Head Lighthouse Station. A beguiling place and from that moment to the 23rd May 2017 when our group of friends clubbed together to rescue the place, we were all smitten.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

A magnificent and dramatic location. 

But the buildings were not in their best condition…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station: 2017

Can you spot the difference between the tired looking privately owned part on the left and the fresh and neat Northern Lighthouse Board Tower at the right?

The first few words of this article quoted for the old Lookout at Davaar island Lighthouse Station were: “a bit of work to make it habitable”. Well, the same applied to Noss Head Lighthouse Station. After 18 months of hard work inside and out, the difference between the photographs above and below illustrate the transformation…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station: 2019

Sadly the previous owner had died in 2014 and lighthouse buildings were empty for around three years. These buildings are sturdy, with sandstone walls sometimes four feet thick, but they do not like to be left unoccupied. In fact, Noss Head Lighthouses had become utterly derelict once already in the 1990s. Mr Ian Sinclair had already rescued them during his tenure. Ian’s health started to decline in 2012 and he was spending more and more time away from Noss Head with family members’ hundreds of miles south. So there was a period of unfortunate decline that even predated the 2014 vacancy. There were valiant efforts though the Sinclair Trust and Viscount Thurso + the Earl of Caithness and the Duke of Rothesay endeavouring to keep the lighthouse buildings secure. But the weather in the far northeast can be ferocious.

Contrast The Poor Condition With The Neat NLB Tower Behind.

This photo gifted to us by the Sinclair Trust.

In the 1990s the place had been gutted by vandals and 100mph gales. The 1998 renovation was very good work. But a significant amount of that effort had gone into reverse from 2012 to 2017.

So with renewed vigour and new owners, a major renovation was launched at Noss Head. Here is one small example of the “before” and “after” elements…

Noss Head External Masonry Protection Looking Grim.

Some of the exterior lighting was from the M62 motorway surplus sale department, circa 1982! Not quite in tune with Grade A listed buildings from 1849…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station Looking Very Tired

These photographs taken in 2017

By 2018 and 2019 it was a different story. The old lighthouse station at Noss Head was getting back to its former glory…

The local Northern Lighthouse Board team were very helpful (we are still not a fan of the NLB CEO). For example, the local NLB personnel assisted in directing us to the specialist pain manufacturer so that we could ensure the same paint system was applied to the privately-owned buildings as was being applied to the NLB Tower. For any of our friends who own former NLB lighthouse buildings elsewhere in the country we would VERY MUCH recommend Spencer Coatings in Aberdeen (here – tel: 01224 288780). They are professional and extremely helpful. Their key customers are North Sea oil rig owners. But Spencer Coatings have also worked on a specific formula for the Northern Lighthouse Board. 

Professional Paint & Painter In The Foreground

&  At The Main Building In The Background

It makes a lot of sense to paint the privately-owned buildings with the same high-quality, bespoke coatings that the NLB use. Not least but it lasts longer and you can avoid the dissonance of having the tower look very good whilst the rest of the buildings are tatty or worse.

The Walled Garden Workshop is indicative of what the Noss Head Lighthouse Station used to look like before a great deal of time, effort and money were spent in 2017/2018. 

Now, with the properties at this latest lighthouse station looking a great deal better, three friends ended up buying the spare buildings on the lighthouse station and this website would like to end this article with two points.

Firstly, you can realise your lighthouse dreams. We sold one of the prime buildings, the Old Engine House for around £80,000.

The Engine House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station

This is a very low price for a detached lighthouse property that will become a wonderful lighthouse station residential dwelling with 360 degree views across the sea + Sinclair Bay + Orkney and with a magnificent lighthouse tower just a few feet away.

The Engine House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station

This £80,000 is an amount that is within reach of a lot of folk seeking a lighthouse home. We would proffer a collegiate view, based on 35 years around these wonderful places, and having seen millions of pounds of lighthouse buildings sold via this website (we don’t get a commission, that is the domain of hard working estate agents). Our advice would be…

If you would like to live in a lighthouse building, the advent of modern broadband means it is possible to keep working (telecommuting) and also live in one of these amazing spaces far from the madding crowd.

Even if your current job is not telecommutable, there are new jobs with internet websites that can secure you and your family a good living at fairly remote locations. One where the work-life balance means you can be there for your kids growing up.

I didn’t start out running websites. My CV is quite different – almost allergic to computers. Advancing age means that my internet skillset would be outranked by a brontosaurus. Check it out: click here. So whatever your current job, if I can work out how to get a set of websites up to a combined 77,000 readership, then you should stand a good chance too.

The second point is that we get a buzz from whenever someone takes that lighthouse decision and goes for it.

You just need to make that choice and take your chance.

Life goes by very quickly. Too many folk are handcuffed to a dead-end job in a place without a soul.

This is your New Year. Perhaps you can set aside some time for yourself to reflect?

In April 2019 I had a nasty accident. This is not mentioned for a “pity me” moment. It is added because life: mine, yours, a beloved family members can change in a heartbeat. During a year that has been full of too many hospital appointments after the accident and which has resulted in many changes, one thing I am personally thankful for is 35 years ago is when Mr Turner Snr., offered me an old Lookout station and then a lighthouse to lease on Davaar Island and I happily said yes. That changed my life: totally and for the better.

If you have read this far, perhaps it is an indication that you too have a choice of which path to follow? 

In April this year things got very bad remarkably fast. What seemed like a simple knock on the head during a ferry crossing from the island of Arran deteriorated into a brain injury and rapid hospitalisation. When the doctor asks you to name the prime minister (in 2019) and you answer Tony Blair, even in my addled state I could see from the medics look on her face and my family that something might have happened to Tony too.

MV Caledonian Isles. 19 April 19. The Day of The Accident.

Flat calm weather. A beautiful day.

The April accident was the daftest of incidents. Someone had parked Henry Bloody Hoover in a thoughtless manner on the public deck space of MV Caledonian Isles…

The hoover should not be stored on an open passenger deck by CalMac Ferries. Especially as it became apparent the steering flat and vibrations from the aft port section below vibrate on departure from the pier so much so, that the long metal tube from Henry Hoover regularly falls over and wedges in between the coffee counter and condiment stand. I had just bought a coffee and stepped back at an angle away from the coffee counter. The trip hazard caught my foot and Henry had me cracking the old noggin against the ship hull. When I came too there was mortification at so many passengers gathered around. It used to be me helping old geezers stand up. Now the tables were turned.

See what I mean? A stupid accident.

A few hours later, a family member insisted I was a little eccentric. The reply was that it had been that way for 40 years.

But a visit to Ninewells Hospital was insisted upon. The Tony Blair thing opened up a wole new world of hospital visits. Henry Bloody Hoover. Evil wee bas7**d even looks at you mockingly with those funny eyes!

Family Members Initially Saw Humour & Sent Police “Line Up” Photos.

Sadly this funny side did not last long.

First and foremost, family gets you through an accident like this. But during CAT scans + MRI scans, lumbar punctures and all the getting dart boarded with syringes + canulas and ECGs + tests with overly much time spent in hospital beds, there were a couple of places in my mind’s eye that kept things sane. This is one of them. It is the loch at Noss Head Lighthouse Station…

Winter At Noss Head. Not Bad. Not Bad At All.

Without a doubt, living at a lighthouse is food for the soul. Sounds a bit corny I know. But it is also very, very true. Things are getting better slowly, and lighthouses are good medicine.

Accidents and recovery aside, there are other aspects of being in the lighthouse club.

For example, at Noss Head, we have three new friends. One bought and is transforming the Engine House to her dream home. A wonderful lady who fundraised for charity by piping the world: here.

In another part of the lighthouse compound are a couple who purchased the Principal Keeper’s House.

Noss Head Lighthouse Cottage.

Now owned by our friends as a holiday cottage: Here.

They live elsewhere onsite and now let the holiday cottage. We are keen to help them promote it. This is quite easy as they have an amazing 3D interactive photograph thingy that enables you to have a virtual tour through the entire keeper’s house to see it for yourself and decide whether you would like to holiday there…

To explore Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage…

Click Here For Virtual 3D Tour

On a personal level, I would recommend any of our readers that are considering the purchase of a lighthouse home to spend at least one week in the summer and one week in the winter to see if you like the style of life.

Though please be careful, living in a lighthouse building can be addictive.

I hope you have found this seasonal article of interest and we now return to the regular LIGHTHOUSES FOR SALE LISTINGS in the next section below.

Kindest wishes,


Russ McLean at Noss Head Lighthouse Station

A couple of short films to show where we ended up…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station Before The Renovations of 2017/2018

These cost a tad more than the £5 that, way back in 1984 paid the annual lease for this beautiful old Lookout…

A Visit To The Old Lookout & Lighthouse Buildings on Davaar Island

This old Lookout is where the Unique Property Bulletin was invented (here) and some years later that publication went online, followed shortly by this Lighthouses For Sale & Rent website.

Please feel free to text or telephone if you need help finding your ideal lighthouse to buy or rent…

Text/Tel: 0757-2768-795.

Please remember this website is a not-for-profit entity run by volunteers. We will make best efforts to help, but we are not an estate agency.





Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 4/3/2020.

London Calling

Former Brigade Fire Station – Completely Renovated & Transformed.

Several of 20 Apartments For Sale…

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

This can be very controversial and it bothers us. A lot. We have fire crew, literally on the Board here at Unique Property Bulletin. So when a fire station is closed, there needs to be sensitivity shown. When we can help, we do. But for this former fire station inside the M25 Orbital, it gave 100 years of service and the powers-that-be closed the station. There is little that can be done now to remedy the strong community feeling when the station was earmarked for closure.

One of 20 Apartments: Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

One of our unique property club members, who is helping keep this free website alive and as a resource for folk seeking an unusual place to live, has been searching for a home in the Capital himself. We promised to keep an eye out, but the prices are making our eyes water more than the fire hose is splashing H20 onto the training tower.

For the price of the cheapest leasehold flat at Belsize Park Fire Station, we could have bought THREE of these 39 acre lighthouse station estates, including 5 former keepers’ houses! Just ONE flat equals three lighthouse stations!

You Could Buy THREE Lighthouse Stations For One London Flat!

However, that would require a 900 mile return commute to your job in London. Also when this Unique Property Bulletin bought the lighthouse station pictured above for £200,000 it took almost the same again in money spent, to bring the Grade A listed buildings back from near dereliction to high-quality habitable condition. So perhaps the old fire station flat in London is not too expensive. It is all relative in the world of property. 

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

We wonder what the previous firefighters who lived and worked here might make of the current incarnation at Belsize.

The fire brigade training tower is now a piece of prime London real estate.

The Capital property market continues to defy gravity.

Floorplan For Guidance Only – Belsize Park Firehouse, London, NW3 4PB

Estate agency narrative:-

Flat 12 – A fine two bedroom apartment (approx 588 sqft/ 55 sqm) forming part of the recently renovated Belsize Park Firehouse. A distinctive collection of exclusive new homes crafted from an outstanding Grade II* Listed former fire station at the heart of sought-after Belsize Park. This unique range of 20 one, two and four bedroom luxury apartments extends the rich heritage of this fine building with its Arts and Crafts period architecture, preserved with meticulous attention to detail throughout to create thoughtful and luxuriously contemporary designed homes.

^^^ UK Map: Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB ^^^

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Zooming in to the specific NW3 area of London gives a location…

London Location Map: Belsize Park Firehouse, NW3 4PB

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Please don’t shout at us for featuring this IF you find out one of the apartments you were looking at has sold. This is precisely why we struggle to feature London property: it sells very quickly. But with this former fire station, there are TWENTY apartments, so like the proverbial London bus, if the one you saw has sold, another fire station apartment at Belsize Park is likely to come along the road for sale anytime now.

Belsize Fire Station.

Prices from £715,000 (Leasehold)…

Click Here For Further Information

Archive: Here

Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit website. We are currently overhauling our organisation and shall be employing staff to reboot the service provided here during the course of 2020. More information about the new jobs: Click Here.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 22/2/2020.

Water Tower For Sale

Completely Renovated & Transformed

Location: Suffolk.

From 2010 and for several years after, an owner of this former water tower spent £500,000 buying and converting it to a contemporary home (here)…

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

On 19th July 2019 Culford Water Tower was placed for sale onto Rightmove. The asking price was a cool £1,000,000. We initially reckoned there may be a margin for negotiation given the newspaper article that quoted the costs to buy and convert at £500,000. If this tower whets your appetite, maybe give the estate agent a call: Contact David Burr on 01284 725525 or email and ask whether there is any flexibility on price?

A Beautiful Conversion

The proximity to London and the A12 corridor often nudges what the owner seeks upwards, but who knows, you may bag yourself a genuinely unique home.

Rightmove Indicate This Tower Has Been For Sale 7 Months

Perhaps time for a price “nudge” in favour of the buyer?

However, we routinely check the house price history to get an idea of margins that may be shaved off. Often the first impression (the newspaper article linked above at £500,000) may not be spot on. There was a more recent transfer at £990,000…

Source: Rightmove

Not sure about some readers, but when we have a serious interest in buying a property, the first port of call is the gold-standard source: HM Land Registry…

Unique Property Bulletin does have a licence to reproduce some information from HMLR. But for this water tower, your curiosity will require £3 to £9 to be coughed up. Click here for the excellent HM Land Registry portal in England & Wales. Scotland has a different registry: here.

We Very Much Like Bathroom Design

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

It could be the sale was an internal transfer, and the margins to negotiate down still exist. Hence the HMLR advisory and links. The latest sale may have been triggered by the current owner just changing their mind. Known as “buyer’s regret”. That is why at Unique Property Bulletin we recommend our readers holiday in the unusual genre of property they are focussing on. Try before you buy. Not necessarily in the actual candidate purchase, but at least something similar.

To see if it suits you and you suit it.

There is a lifestyle to these styles of building and it is wise to test whether you like that way of life before spending a million pounds and possibly regretting it. 

We Love A Good Spiral Staircase.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB


The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Torture Room – As If All The Stairs Aren’t Enough Exercise!

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Onwards and upwards

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

A well-deserved cup of tea after all of those stairs and the dungeon gym workout…

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Here are the plans for this water tower. Please do NOT scale. They are provided in good faith as a guide so that potential buyers may orientate themselves to the building layout…


The location of this water tower is 82 miles from London (here). Several of our readers have bought a small flat in London where they stay for four nights each week, whilst working in the Capital city and counterbalance this with a commute of 1.5 hours to 2 hours at the end of each week and obtain a massive and amazing piece of property for the other three nights. For all of the beguiling allure that London has to offer, the views from atop of your own water tower, and the space to relax, free from the unrelenting noise has a quality of life value well worth considering.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB .

Whereas if all the eggs were put into a London house, it would stretch to just a 2 bed flat at most.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Some history on this water tower and earlier pricing: click here.

Suffolk Water Tower…

Click Here For Further Information

Archived Details: Here

Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit website. We are currently overhauling our organisation and shall be employing staff to reboot the service provided here during the course of 2020. More information about the new jobs: Click Here.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 10th Feb 2020.

Windmill For Sale

Planning Permission To Convert This Old Chapel Into A Home

Guide: £399,995

Groes Onen Windmill, Pen y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7BB

This is a delightful renovation of a windmill. Though the owner has chosen a naff estate agent. The “NewHome4U” house sellers have put their distracting graffiti all over the interior photographs. Also, it is illiterate and double naff to use the number 4 and letter U in this manner. The biggest problem with GotHouses4U is the fact they use WIDE ANGLE lenses to make the rooms seem bigger than they actually are. This is the only photo from the estate agents we were willing to feature. The rest are from reputable sources such as Geograph.

Groes Onen Windmill, Pen y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7BB

We will park our Victor Meldrew grumble at this mediocre estate agency for now (we had trouble finding this windmill on the internet after spotting it several days ago). The actual building has had a great deal of work and TLC by the owners. 

Groes Onen Windmill, Pen y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7BB

It has come from this roofless ruin to a serviceable property…

Groes Onen Windmill, Pen y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7BB

Then had a lot of effort to restore it…

Groes Onen Windmill, Pen y Maes Road, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7BB

Photo Courtesy of Phil Williams.

Location of Groes Onen Windmill

Courtesy of Google Inc.

For further details telephone the estate agent 4U: 01352 385030.

Click Here For Further Information

Archived Details: Here

Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit website. We are currently overhauling our organisation and shall be employing staff to reboot the service provided here during the course of 2020. More information about the new jobs: Click Here.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 24 Jan 20.

Old Chapel For Sale

Planning Permission To Convert This Old Chapel Into A Home

Guide: £120,000

Mount Gilead Chapel, Greenfield, Holywell, CH8 7QF

Details on this are a little scant. But it does have an interesting planning history. Flintshire Council Planning files: Click Here (ref: 057451).

Mount Gilead Chapel, Greenfield, Holywell, CH8 7QF

Mount Gilead Chapel, Greenfield, Holywell, CH8 7QF

Location of Mount Gilead Chapel, Greenfield, Holywell, CH8 7QF

Courtesy of Google Inc.

For further details telephone Hunters Estate Agents: 0151 339 2465.

Click Here For Further Information

Please mention you found this building in Unique Property Bulletin. We are a not-for-profit website and rely on the occasional donation from house sellers and estate agents to keep the unusual properties online. Thanks.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 20 Jan 20.

Island Barn For Sale

Planning Permission To Convert The Barn Into A Dwelling.

Guide: £85,000

St Johns Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EL. 

The Old Barn, St Johns Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EL.

The Old Barn, St Johns Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EL.

Getting to the Isle of Wight often has that exotic feel about it: when you need a ferry home…

Isle of Wight Ferry

You will be sailing to your new home here…

Location: The Old Barn, St Johns Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EL.

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.

The view from this piece of land with the prospective barn conversion…

The Old Barn, St Johns Road, Wroxall, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 3EL.

PLANNING CONSENT granted under Prior Approval (19/00043/3QPA) for change of use and alterations of two barns to form two residential dwellings. Conditions will need to be discharged by the purchaser. Further details available from the sales agents.

For further details telephone BCM Estate Agents: 01983 828 800.

Click Here For Full Detail

Please mention you found this building in Unique Property Bulletin. We are a not-for-profit website and rely on the occasional donation from house sellers and estate agents to keep the unusual properties online. Thanks.

Happy New Year

All the best for 2020 

Unique Property Bulletin is looking for a freelance journalist…

The Photo Above Is Noss Head Lighthouse Station. UPB Central.

Only a few hours into the new decade and already we are looking forward to helping you find your unique home. The volunteers here at Unique Property Bulletin will still be contributing articles. Over time, we shall also be increasing the content on this website as we first secure freelance writers and eventually bring staff writers onboard. All to help us help you find that unique home. More details… click here.


Big Things Happening Offsite

We will be sparse on postings for the next few weeks. After 25 years of keeping this publication going, we are at a particularly sensitive phase.

December 2019 and most of January 2020 will be quiet hereabouts. Then we will be starting back afresh. Gently at first, but as we start contracting freelance journalist assistance and then part-time staff, with full-time the goal, this publication will be getting back to its old self. It’s your fault. We were okay with 2,000 to 3,000 readers, but when the numbers get above £70,000 with 150,000 peaks, the email traffic becomes challenging. Good, but the volume…

Click Here

For more news on the adventure of how we are going to make the Unique Property Bulletin free for you forever.

A great thanks to our new home at Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 26th November 2019

Freedom To Holiday & Work In Europe?

This website is non political,

But as Brits, we would still like to holiday and work in Europe after Brexit.

We may have a solution for us and you too:-

Are You British & Wanting To Travel Freely On This Map After Brexit?

If you are a UK citizen/passport holder and worry a little about holidaying and/or working in Europe after Brexit, we may have a solution for you. First, you will need to secure a place to own in Europe. We have a unique spot picked out especially for you…

Owning A Residence In Europe Before Brexit Will Give UK Citizens Certain Extra Rights.

This little piece of Europe is unique + picturesque…

This Could Be Your View.

Unique Property Bulletin rarely feature homes outside the UK, but we have had several emails from readers worried about Brexit and whether this impacts on their EU home. We do get the occasional Spanish cave for sale, or French chateau being flogged and this adds to the flavour of our website. So in answer to one of our readers we had our resident law specialist dig deep into some of the rules governing Brits wishing to travel freely between the UK and Europe after Brexit.

To be clear, this website is non-political. But we are aware there is some anxiety and in an effort to ameliorate this we have compiled a dedicated feature article for those affected by Brexit to digest. The information may well help you to secure grandfather or grandmother rights for accessing the EU painlessly. It will certainly save you having to check whether you have far-flung relatives in the Republic of Ireland who may bestow an Eire + EU passport to you…

Life Will Go On After Brexit

Prior to Brexit day, if and/or when it arrives, it makes sense to see if there is anything you can do now to ensure your access to live + work + holiday in Europe and travel there from the UK that makes it easier for you before the Border Posts go back up.

First, we present a home for sale on the Dutch Canals and then work at ensuring you can travel there and back to Old Blighty with minimal hassle…

Click Here Two Part Details

Home in Europe & Easing The Travel

All the best from Unique Property Bulletin.


Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 18th November 2019

Failed To Sell At Auction

Former Lock Keeper’s Cottage For Sale, Buckinghamshire

Guide: £160,000. But PLEASE Check The Legal Pack.

Lock Cottage, Ship Lane, Marsworth, Tring, Buckinghamshire, HP23 4NA

Photo Courtesy of Shaun Ferguson 

One of this website’s favourite sources of unusual properties to buy with very good prices are those that have “Failed To Sell At Auction” (FTSAA). However, caution must be applied when buying as there are often very good reasons that a particular lot has been left on the shelf like a misbehaved seasonal elf.

Lock Cottage, Ship Lane, Marsworth, Tring, Buckinghamshire, HP23 4NA 

This interesting old lock keeper’s cottage is one such auction failure to sell. Will it be a great find or a money pit bind?

Just for starters, the invidious buyers premium will cost you over a grand. But that is small potatoes compared to the warning caveat alarm bells that sound with the description.

There is no access by the buyer nor auctioneer.

There are no interior photographs.

The property is leasehold.

There is a tenant in situ.

The guide price is remarkably low.

Even so, this is a solid-looking building and it cannot be denied, the location, with traffic passing at a sedate 4 miles per hour in picture-postcard style is beguiling.

Lock Cottage, Ship Lane, Marsworth, Tring, Buckinghamshire, HP23 4NA 

Please do your homework on the legal pack. Even better, have your solicitor purchase a tooth comb that is fine enough to cover the small print. After conducting thorough due diligence, you should have the grace to submit a bid in your good time and not under any auction house pressure.

You may well end up with a genuinely brilliant buy. But please tread cautiously.

Location Plan

Courtesy of Google Inc

Location Address…

122 Canal Street, Lock Cottage, Lock 38, Ship Lane, Marsworth, Tring, HP23 4NA

For further details and the full estate agent narrative

Click Here For Full Detail

All the best from Unique Property Bulletin.


Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 31st October 2019

Police Station With Planning Permission

From Police Cells To 10 Homes.    Joint Custody Purchase Venture Possible.

Currently Guided At: £300,000. Bought in 2016 For £84,000.

We detect an offer around £200,000 may well be courting some interest.

Effectively just £30,000 for each house building plot.

Former Police Station For Sale, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

First of all, Russ McLean apologises sincerely for the pun-fest in today’s mangling of the English language…

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we love these old buildings. They are solid and built at a time when there were no power tools. Maybe think about that. The solid structure you see in the photographs are of a major mass and built by craftsmen and women from the Victorian era. By hand. A great amount of work and effort was expended in designing and constructing this old police station.

Former Police Station For Sale, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

So now we must do our part. Your host here at 3am is up because of a dose of PTSD inherited from a time of service in these very buildings. Would not change that earlier career for the world, but I do turn to this keyboard to get through some of the long, challenging nights.

Former Police Station For Sale, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

The unseen cost that anyone who worked in this police station and other places emergency service can be profound. The dark nights can be assuaged by the most unusual things. A couple of hours tapping away at the computer with this publication for the past couple of decades really does help. Hearing accounts from folk who have become friends after finding and renovating one of these handsome buildings is a great bonus. In the fathomless low depths of skyward moonlit life it is possible to make the blue serge demons fade into powerless ghosts. There are many ways to cope. Even just a favourite video sung by an immeasurable talent…

David Draiman + Police + Sound of Silence. Helping With The PTSD For Years Now.

Still writing and checking this an hour later: sunrise is happening and the birds are out! Another PTSD blues spent with this old Unique Property Bulletin friend and a keyboard + mouse for company. It works. Gets old cops through some pretty difficult nights.

Maybe a bit personal, but this Unique Property Bulletin has always endeavoured to be a two way street. The help and encouragement works both ways.

Onwards to today’s listing…

Former Police Station with approved OUTLINE PLANNING for conversion to ten homes. Please be aware that one or more may require to be affordable units.

5 x 1 Bedroom Apartments, 2 x 2 Bedroom Apartments, 1 x Bungalow, 2 x Two Bedroom Houses Ref 2/2018/0096 Allerdale Borough Council

A while back, this was very ambitiously advertised at £395,000: here.

Sold in April 2016 at Roy Pugh auctions : here

Reported sale price in the local Times & Star newspaper: £84,000: here.

Bumped down to £200,000: here.

Seems to have settled at £300,000 for the time being (November 2019): here.

Before considering any offer or even an inspection, please remember to start your homework and see what other development sites in the Mayport locality are guided at: here.

There appears to be a growing nostalgia for buildings that have character. A generation of us are buying classic cars as a way to hang onto a time when things seemed… more comforting. Looking at the old Dixon of Dock Green and Heartbeat style of buildings can help the empty-nesters with this. The viewing figures of these types of programmes show there is an appetite for the past. Our own Unique Property Bulletin stats., page has many peaks and boosts in the readership/page-view numbers when we list a building such as Maryport Police Station. This part of the country is also very popular. With fine buildings and great locations this candidate property might be a double win.

Police Buildings In The North of England Have A Certain Nastalgia

Some enjoy the television drama. Others may not be so fond. The cells can be guy cold some nights!

Summarising the Old Bill themed vernacular…

We were able to detect by plodding around that in 2016 this magnificent 150 year old police station was sold, post-auction at £84,000. Circumstantial evidence: here.

A post-auction sale indicates the buyer got a bargain. The £80,000 “guide” (here) would have been somewhat higher and outwith Roy Pugh auctioneer’s “discretion” as they had to sell the police station “post-auction”.

As with any experienced property sleuth, we would reasonably deduce the “reserve” had to be above £90,000 to £100,000 in 2016.

The cost of having this substantial building insured and secured from 2016 to present-day are substantial. In our experience we estimate would be professional survey + conveyancing + auctioneer + architect fees and especially empty business rates (a killer and does local authorities no good because it puts off developers costing lost jobs and lost rates) and other bills would easily crack £15,000. Maybe reach £20,000. Then there are the local council planning fees. With respect to Allerdale Borough Council: this looks painful!

It Isn’t Just Tight Handcuffs That Can Make Your Eyes Water. Look At These Fees.

Planning Document: Here.

We leave this maze of planning fees to our astute readers so they have a guest role in this Sherlock Holmes endeavour. With TEN newbuild homes on this old police station conversion, you are playing in a bigger league than the average single newbuild house. Our old rozzer hunch is between £492 and £20,000 on planning costs. Crucially, the permission in place is outline. You or whoever buys this glorious former Cumbrian constabulary money pit will undoubtedly have to budget in the tens of thousands of pounds to progress past full detailed planning + building warrant and related fees.

But then again, you will end up by creating ten unique homes. The value of a planning permission can be exceptional.

At This Point, You Are Possibly Looking At Nick Berry or Niamh Cusack

Russ here at UPB is looking at the stonework on this actual Heartbeat building (here) to see if it matches Maryport.

If you have read this far into the current Unique Property Bulletin listing, we would advise you pop across onto Rightmove and see what other properties in the area have SOLD for. Not the price guides of houses for sale: you should study the actual sale numbers for what RICS call “comparables”. You don’t have to do this, but anything you say may be taken down in evidence and your wife or husband might utilise a former police implement…

…to gently nudge your ears if you wander in and say: darling I got the numbers wrong. We are holidaying in the tent this year!

A good job our astute buyer got a bargain. There are some pretty impressive plans too…

Proposed Plans: Former Police Station, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

Proposed Plans: Former Police Station, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

Proposed Plans: Former Police Station, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

Proposed Plans: Former Police Station, Eaglesfield Street, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6HG

We had actually featured this Maryport police station in Unique Property Bulletin at £80,000 guide in one of the 2016 editions. Indeed the reason you are reading this is because we often run a “Back To The Future” review of old Bulletins to see if any unique property comes back up for sale and this police station has.

If you are a dedicated unique property aficionado we thoroughly recommend looking through back copies of Unique Property Bulletin. Online these go back to 2011. If you want a look through the old paper version archive, these date back 27 years! Plenty of unusual buildings from the past coming back round for sale.

We are also wondering if the 2016 buyer was a Bulletin reader as we have a live request from one of the television property renovation companies seeking to cover this type of project. If you are, please get in touch…

George Clarke Could Well Accompany You To Your Police Station In Maryport.

To read about George Clarke’s new television series, please: Click Here

Your joining the new TV series is a serious offer by the way. Even if you aren’t in the market to buy Maryport’s old police station, but you are buying something unique and would like to have this documented by a professional architect and high-quality production standard film crew, please get in touch (here).

Returning to your prospective purchase of a Cumbrian police station…

So what offer price would we recommend to our readers on this former police station, close to the sea and in a nice Cumbrian town?

The buyer needs a reasonable return on what they have invested. £84,000 in 2016 (here). Plus, no one should underestimate the time and stress dealing with local planning departments. Planners are crucial and save us from horrendous carbuncles on the town and country landscape. But the process, even with new streamlined planning application process can be fraught.

It is not always possible to estimate what the seller would accept. But from this end, and we would declare an interest if Maryport Police Station remains unsold as this is exactly the sort of project that our 365 Unique Property Club members enjoy (we have more than enough with and island hotel + a far north lighthouse station on the club books at this time). Though if any of our Unique Property Club members, or even Unique Property Bulletin readers live near to Maryport in Cumbria, please could you get in touch with the Bulletin as we would like to run the numbers and get an idea if this could be project number 34. Many thanks.

For now though, we defer and stand aside to commend this former cop shop to our readers.

What about suggesting that offer price McLean – C’mon get a move on!

You might well ask this. So without further ado…

With a purchase price of £84,000 + professional fees, insurances empty business rates: ballpark £25,000. Council planning fees £10,000 to £25,000. Ouch, officer, that hurts. Well, this is a TEN house development. Unfortunately, the planning fees go up faster than Inspector Morse’s Jaguar.

Maryport Police Station Sale. Morse Not Included.

Photo (C) 2019 ITV Productions.

Personally and professionally?

Well, as a property project manager (credentials here), I would centre on the £200,000 that the seller has already guided this property for: here.

We have made “routine inquiries” into the purchase price. That is evidenced at £84,000. With all the fees + costs the seller has already paid out, plus interest or opportunity-cost on their £84,000+ along with their own time securing that substantial planning permission to convert this police station into 10 homes along with comparables in the area for other building sites…

The offer I would start with would be £150,000.

You may hear the estate agent cough and splutter a bit, especially as someone in the estate agent’s office owns this police puppy and has been working some hard labour to get it moved on.

If AFTER you have viewed Maryport Police Station and COMPLETED the DUE DILIGENCE you should process with ALL property projects, you then proceed to make an offer of £150,000, the seller will understand you have done your homework; you have taken cognisance of the price they paid for this building in 2016 and also you have allowed for their costs etc.

The crux in reaching a price that both seller and buyer are happy with at this instance will depend largely upon how much profit the seller needs to extract.

If it is your lucky day, the seller being a property professional might realise they have exhausted many sale avenues and just “take a view”. By that, I mean they may accept the value of what this place sits at, on their books/balance sheet.

You might just cop a bargain.

Please remember, here at Unique Property Bulletin we have a property club that may be interested in helping a buyer. More details at the foot of this listing.

Your next step will soon be to arrang a viewing. Before that, we would recommend…

You utilise the excellent Google 3d system and electronically walk at the regulation 2.5 mile an hours the perambulating plod is proscribed to limit his or her beat cop speed. A virtual wander around what looks to be a very nice neighbourhood. None of us at Unique Property Bulletin have ever been to Maryport in Cumbria, but that may be soon be remedied.

Google 3D Streetview

Click Here

In all seriousness, the virtual tour is something you should do yourself as it gives a reasonable idea of the neighbourhood prior to making what might be a fairly long journey to inspect the actual buildings. What we enjoyed is the fact the sea is just a 5 minute walk over the brow of the hill in Eaglesfield Street. Turns out Maryport is actually a town with a name that reflects the fact it has a very nice port – and a marina…

Former Police Station For Sale. Located In The Nice Cumbrian Town of Maryport

Five Minutes From The Old Police Station & You Have This Beautiful Harbour

Oh bu66er. We have virtually sold ourselves this former police station. It is 203 miles from our Unique Property Bulletin HQ. That is really spooky because my uniform shoulder number was L203. Folk with service numbers of any variety tend not to forget them (epaulette ID is much easier though).


Maryport Police Station Sale.

Current Price Guide…



Unique Property Bulletin believes this police station may change hands for a figure between..

£175,000 to £200,000

Joint Venture Possible: Unique Property Club members would consider joining a local developer with the bona fides, CV, track-record and skillset required to project manage this police station conversion to completion. We have sufficient cash reserves to cover purchase and development costs with no need for bank support.

We believe the earlier £200,000 is closer to the eventual resale price (evidenced here). The £395,000 sought (here) was a non-starter. If you have the track record and are based in Cumbria, please consider contacting Unique Property Bulletin to explore a joint venture, both with the purchase funds and the project renovation budget.

In short, we have £100,000 towards the £200,000 purchase price.

Plus sufficient reserves to fund the renovation stages.

If you have £100,000 and crucially have the CV + experience to project-manage the Maryport Police Station conversion, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Either as a joint-venture project or one funded exclusively by one of our team: click here. 

For further details and the full estate agent narrative and more photos appear on their website…

Click Here For Full Detail

All the best from Unique Property Bulletin.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 29th October 2019

Water Tower Home For Sale

Former Water Tower Converted Into A 4 Bedroom Detached Home.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

View From The Top of Melton Park Water Tower.

Melton Park Water Tower: Floor Plan. For Guidance Only

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.

Location of…

Melton Park Water Tower, Clements Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1SZ.

Price Guide…


Unique Property Bulletin has adopted a new policy of uploading more properties. But we are run by a small group of 4 volunteers where free time is limited. So we have minimal text and emphasise the photographs as these replace a thousand words.

For the full estate agent narrative and more photos appear on their website…

Click Here For Full Details

Archive: Click here    here

Please consider mentioning that you found this converted water tower for sale Unique Property Bulletin.

Many thanks.


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Learn how to find unique buildings such as this water tower: guided at just…

£4,000 Freehold.

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This is just one of many unusual buildings we find.

Now you can use some of our techniques to find your favourite flavour of amazing building AND for sale in  our location NEAR TO YOU.

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Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 25th October 2019

Choice of TWO Island Forts For Sale

You can buy the “before renovation” Horse Sand Fort for £750,000. A Magnificent Maritime Money Pit.


You could buy the “after renovation” Spitbank Fort for £8,000,000. Now A Brilliant 23 Bedroom Hotel.

*********** *********** ***********

First we feature the £750,000 Horse Sand Fort

Horse Sand Fort is situated in the Solent, between Southsea and the Isle of Wight, and is one of three similar sea forts constructed between 1865 and 1880 to head off the threat of a sea invasion from France. The reputed original construction cost was £425,000 back in 1865. Now this monumental structure, is available for £750,000 which is a fraction of the newbuild price.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, having just renovated a set of lighthouse buildings from 1849 is the fact these monumental works were created by hand brain and muscle. There were no electric drill nor power equipment 154 years ago.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £750,000.

A bit of a confession from Unique Property Bulletin. Regular readers will know the island fort we sold last November 2018 was with the help of some semi-naked British Army guys who put together a Youtube film titled: Conquering Haile Sands Fort…

Click Here For “That” Video of The Last Fort We Sold

However, our friend, the owner of the North Sea fort at Haile Sands was a little uncomfortable with the Army boys accessing the old island fortress. Mainly for fear in case they hurt themselves. Also we have a key and the boys didn’t need to scale the walls in the way they did as they could have just unlocked the front door of the fort!

But all the folk we spoke with enjoyed the Conquering Haile Sands Fort film so much, especially the high production values, great adventure and humour at the end of the video, that it actually helped sell the island fort and everyone was happy (our dedicated webpage fro that fort sale: click here.

Our confession with these next two Solent Forts? We have one of our favourite websites…

…doing something similar. Okay we don’t have the video production and no naked hot sweaty army blokes, but the 28 Days Later team have managed a GREAT report for this Solent Channel Fort at Horse Sands with lots of stills and narrative.

Here are the 28 Days Later crew on their similar conquering mission – and they had the mandatory pirate flag too…

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

The 28 Days Later pirates then had a picturesque feast once the completed their photographs…

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

The 28 Days Later Pirate Dinner – In Style (please don’t tell the boss of Clarenco!!!)

Click Here

For The Excellent 28 Days Later Report 

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

For further details, there is a detailed narrative on Wikipedia: here

The estate agency details are: here.

There is a current auction scheduled for 1st November 2019. However, Unique Property Bulletin experience on the massive renovation projects indicates that the sale route on an auction date is remote. If Horse Sand Island Fort sells, that would be an excellent result. However, we are of the view that a significant amount of preparatory due diligence and work on contract costs and listed building issues mean a deal is likely to be negotiated after the auction. So…

Please text Unique Property Bulletin with your enquiries in the first instance…

Text: 0757 2768 795.

We are keen to assist our readers. 

*********** *********** ***********

Even by our Unique Property Bulletin standards, having just one of these island forts for sale is unusual. Listing two is unique.

Our readers have a great opportunity to see what they would have if the Horse Sand Fort was renovated to the high specification and labour of love applied to Spitbanks Fort. Just nip across the water and see what the owners did with the special renovation on the sister fort.

*********** *********** ***********

Next We Feature The £8,000,000 Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

A whole different fort to its sister. There is an ingenious RIB boat hoist system. When the seller’s of Spitbank Fort shoed our editor, Russ Mclean the design and then the functioning system, he wanted to install one on Ailsa Craig Island. That was one of the reasons Unique Property Bulletin sold their island base back in 2001. Ailsa Craig Island is incredibly difficult to access as the tidal swell is too dangerous to moor vessels alongside for any duration.

Vitally Important Boat Hoist For Simplifying Access To Spitbank Fort

This boat hoist is not just an essential feature of Spitbank Fort – if you are interested in buying the sister Horse Sand Fort at £750,000, we would advise the very first thing you need to do is install a substantial boat hoist system (along with seriously robust lifting structure points on each boat you intend hoisting out of the sea).

Unique Property Bulletin Cannot Over Emphasise How Crucial This Hoist Is

Pragmatic access to these forts is solved by this impressive engineering process. Whether you are renovating Horse Sands nearby, or running the completed Spitbank Fort, this boat lift makes either process work very well.

There is an alternative mode of transport to the forts…

Helicopter Pad Is Included. But A Chopper Can Be Expensive.

Once aboard the fortress island, especially Spitbank, the place is a feast for your eyes. The owners have made one of the best ever unique renovations we have seen in the 27 years we have been publishing Unique Property Bulletin…

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

This portal leads to a 23 bedroom island hotel and includes staff +_ owners accommodation. This is much more than a niche hotel, there is a great amount to do, whether exploring an amazing, historic structure, or sunbathing, or having a barbeque. There is a hot tub and many amenities designed into this structure without losing the history. In fact, if you take another look at the photographs of the derelict Horse Sand Fort, it is very apparent these structures will eventually be lost: reclaimed by the sea and utterly ruinous.

A balance is needed and the current owner of Spitbank Fort has done that with style. The renovated fort is able to “earn its keep”. We had the same problem when our Unique Property Bulletin renovated the Noss Head Lighthouse Station. These historic buildings need to be lived in. They require money spent on them. Managing that balance is as much an art form as sheer force of nature that the renovation specialist must possess to take on one of these Leviathans.


Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.


Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. PO4 9UQ

Guide Price: £8,000,000.

To Consider Visiting The Excellent Spitbank Fort Hotel… 

Click Here


Please Text Unique Property Bulletin with your enquiries in the first instance…

Text: 0757 2768 795.

We are keen to assist our readers. If none buy Horse Sand Fort then our 365 members of Unique Property Club are on alert + standby. They will be looking closely into purchasing one or both of these amazing places if the auction and efforts to sell on 1st November 2019 come to nought. We often provide a safety net for friends and colleagues. Especially those such as the owners of Solent Forts who happen to be neighbours at Ackergill Tower House next door to our Noss Head Lighthouse Unique Property Bulletin HQ. 

Solent Forts Are Located Between The Isle of Wight & Mainland UK

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.


Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 20th October 2019

Unique Property Bulletin Says:


Sorry Readers, We Have Been Locked Out of Our Facebook Page (here)

We had 2 hours to sort out the latest update for addition to Unique Property Bulletin, but this valuable time from our volunteers has been used up and wasted by Facebook. Their “account recovery” systems suck. We have spent over £2,000 with Facebook since opening a page which now has over 7,000 “followers”. Sadly with no way back into our account, that page seems dead.


Click Here

For Facebook Suck

Let this be a warning to others.

P.S. We are working hard to restore the Facebook facility, but this situation has reduced our respect from Facebook as they take thousands of pounds in advertising on their platform and have NO means of contact when customers get locked out of their accounts and the Facebook automated systems have dastardly, defective coding that STOPS paying customers getting back into their Facebook accounts.

No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to split his company into two sections and he struggles with $5 billion dollar fines and appalling reputational damage.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 16th October 2019

Apocalypse Abode For Sale

Northamptonshire, NN6 9YE

Guide Price: Offers Over £25,000.

UKWMO Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9YE

Photo By Sync Below

This is the sixth underground bunker from the former Royal Ordnance Corps (ROC) United Kingdom Warning & Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO) featured for sale on this website. Our founder actually bid on one of these when the MoD were selling them off in the 1990s. The long tube you need to descend down into the bowels of the earth give a dark foreboding feeling.

Not just because it is dark underground, but the realisation that…

The men and women who served in the ROC faced the very real threat of never seeing their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and grandchildren ever again. Grim. Distressing.

The Apocalypse Sword of Damocles that ROC corps members lived through was not the cheery kind where even Bruce Willis gets a good ending and Liv Tyler lives happily ever after. No this is real Botticelli stuff. Poor old astrologer Russell Grant gets ring 8 with dodgy politicians and MPs going in at number 9, down Dante’s Inferno (here). Crikey, the end of the world looks far worse than just getting a little bit dead!

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse: Death, Famine, War and Conquest.

Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887.

So what is it that brings such huge amounts of media interest with our fairly obscure website here receiving 10,000, 20,000 and up to 50,000 visitors to the dedicated “sale” page (here)?

UKWMO Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9YE – Constructed To This Standard Design

Artist Illustration: C. Greg Smith

There are the massed ranks of “preppers” as detailed further down this page for the previous sale of UKWMO Brundall (now sold).

We also had a long chat with one of our bunker owning friends and their story was wonderful and charming. Quite a dichotomy. Here is their account of many years ownership of an apocalypse abode…

This Unique Property Bulletin reader loved to go camping in the family tent, but the kids were none too keen. Too wet and cold. So when he bought one of these underground UKWO bunkers, the holiday dynamc and enthusiasm changed. When he and his wife got caught in the rain, rather than have the children miserable, they got to go below ground to a real-life adventure place and play video games in the relatively warm and dry bunker. Parents, please resist the temptation to close and lock the bomb -proof hatch if your kids misbehave. Camping is supposed to be fun, not an open invite for social services!

From this end of the Unique Property Bulletin keyboard, good luck if you are looking to buy this underground bunker in Northamptonshire, and maybe invest in an old submarine periscope for the kids to keep them entertained below decks whilst you and/or your partner get rained on in the chilly, windy tent!

UKWMO Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9YE. This Could Be You.

Wet and windy up top. The wife and kids warm and dry, cosy below.

UKWMO Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9YE

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.

Price Guide…


For further details and viewing arrangements for this underground bunker for sale, please...

Click Here

Please consider mentioning that you found this building in Unique Property Bulletin.

Many thanks.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 15th October 2019

For Sale By Auction

Methodist Chapel & Coach House In Cornwall

Guide: £250,000

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

This classic Methodist Church and Sunday School plus detached Coach House has been closed and is now for sale at auction. The owner has a supportive Pre-app Planning response for conversion to residential use.

Coach House Building Is Included In The Auction.


Please phone the auctioneer BEFORE attending. Tel: 01566-777-777. This is to make sure the property has NOT been SOLD PRIOR and also to be certain of the auction date and venue.

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Crackington Haven has a good food public house, two excellent cafés, a small beach shop, a pair of cliff top tennis courts and surf club.

A Pre-application Planning submission and decision was lodged for Brockhill Chapel with Cornwall Council Planning Department under reference PA18/03368/Pre-App dated 21st February 2019. A copy can be viewed online via online-planning-register. The conclusion of the Pre-app states:-

“Subject to Policies 4 of the Local Plan being satisfied, the residential re-use of this building is supported in principle under Policy 7. However, it is a constrained site and issues of future safe parking provision and external amenity space will require careful consideration. Given its historic role, HIA will be required to inform any future conversion to a dwelling. Any future extension will require careful consideration to ensure an acceptable impact upon the character of the Chapel and the wider AONB/Heritage Coast landscape. Favourable ecological assessment will also be required”.

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Crackington Haven Methodist Church, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0PB

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.

Price Guide…


For further details and viewing arrangements for this methodist chapel and coach house for sale, please...

Click Here

Archive: Here

Auction Date: 6th November 2019. Unless Sold Prior.

Telephone Kivells Auctioneers: 01566-777-777.

Please consider mentioning that you found this building in Unique Property Bulletin.

Many thanks.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 7th October 2019

Latest Article

Can Unique Property Bulletin Help To Cure Your Brexit Headaches?

A solution for UK residents wanting to live and/or work in Europe. Unhindered.

We are none too keen on touching one of the most toxic debates in 50 years. But several of our readers have asked for help. It just so happens that our sister organisation: Unique Property Club has been looking at a European gem to buy. These unusual projects that our small band of 365 members have been buying + renovating + having great fun with has been active in the UK since 1997. The members have been actively looking at amazing places such as this to buy for our project number 31…

Unique Property Club Adventure For 2020. Moated Chateau in France

As a result, our website founder and general legal beagle has been scouring UK + EU law to see if need to search whether for grannies were born in Ireland so we could claim dual nationality like 11,000 other UK citizens have done this past year.

An Old Photo of Russ McLean, During Service on the Island of Islay.

As around 20 to 30 of our 365 core of Unique Property Club (UPC) members partake in each project and we have three on the go just now, that would mean 60 to 90 of our UPC crew chasing Davina McCall and Long Lost Relatives (here) to help find their Granny McGinty from County Donegall.

Rest easy Davina. Russ has this. Long before he hung up his handcuffs, Strathclyde Police trained this young plod well. Anyone who works in law will likely advise you that it is not a case of knowing every law, but being able to find the relevant passages of statute and precedent. This publication’s editor may well have found a solution for those who live and work in the UK to be able to also live + work + holiday, relatively unhindered in the EU once the B-word fades into history…

Click Here

Learn about solving your Brexit dilemma.

What works for the Netherlands is likely to apply to the other 26 EU countries.

In deference to both Brexit supporters and Remainers, here at Unique Property Bulletin, we are none too keen on politicians of any flavour. The charity we helped to register has been treated dreadfully by politicians. So we are profoundly apolitical. The article above is given in good faith. Readers will by necessity need to educate themselves as to their position living abroad in the EU. If in doubt, please can you obtain professional advice to satisfy yourself as to the veracity of details and sources above when combined with your own situation. Thanks.

So that you don’t miss any unusual buildings for sale, please consider subscribing to our regular updates…

We would love to get you into mischief and your next home might just, magically appear on these pages. For more information about the background to Unique Property Bulletin and how it can help you, please Click Here

Best wishes.

The Unique Property Bulletin Team.


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