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Lighthouse Keeper’s Cabin

Now Fully Renovated

Broadband connected for remote-working.

Freehold: Offers Over £119,000.

It is genuinely rare for these lighthouse buildings to come up for sale. Let alone one that has been insulated, and renovated to a high standard. A former lighthouse keeper’s house that is ready to move into…

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

There are amazing views from three sides of the building. This lighthouse station is particularly picturesque…

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

Photo With Compliments To: Maciej Winiarczyk

Inside the Keeper’s Cabin is a fresh and cosy place to stay…

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

Particular emphasis was placed on high standard of wall and ceiling insulation during the renovation work. In fact, a  few years ago, the current owner got sunstroke at this lighthouse station. You don’t expect that in the far north, but with 2 hours more daylight than London in the summer months, keeping cool can be as important as staying warm.

Especially when winters here can be a tad chilly, even when scenic with snow and the loch frozen over…

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

So it is important to have decent insulation in the Christmas months too. Check out the interior layout with this short video…




^^^ Interior Video: Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

Offers Over £119,000.

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Also available…

Walled Garden Building & Land

Conversion to 2 Bed House

(subject to planning)

Offers Over £79,000. “As Is”.

Ideal for conversion to a home similar in size and layout as with the fully renovated Keeper’s Cabin nearby, or even use as a tea-room or coffee shop, subject to planning permission. We have certainly been asked by many tourists to  provide such a facility from where you can have a seat inside with a breakfast, lunch or an evening meal and some of the finest views in Caithness from this rare lighthouse building…

^^^ The Walled Garden Building ^^^

& Land + Parking at

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

Just opposite but NOT including is this magnificent lighthouse tower…

^^^ This Is Your View ^^^

^^^ From The Walled Garden Building ^^^

It is important to note that there is a significant amount of land that comes with the Walled Garden Building, including an actual walled garden. There is also ample parking that you will own for use with this building.


Full Disclosure

There is already PLANNING PERMISSION PRECEDENT FOR APPROVAL at the other side of this lighthouse station when the old Engine House received permission…

Engine House Conditional Planning Permission

A LOT of work has gone into this design

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A shame the owner of the Engine House did NOT

consult with the neighbour about septic tank location.

Unfortunately, the Engine House has a problem with the  required in order for the Engine House permission to be purified. The owner of the Engine House has declined offers to help her move the PROPOSED position of that tank to safeguard any risk of causing cliff-edge damage or subsidence to the Lighthouse Tower and Stevenson Cottage. In essence the current Engine House owner is proposing to jack-hammer a septic tank sized hole NEXT to the cliff-edge and risk hitting a hard-rock fault line which may well have catastrophic results…

The owner of the bulk of the site at Noss Head has had professional advice that indicates the cliffs and land upon which these buildings are cited will last for millennia…

Providing NO idiotic Amadan in neighbouring buildings start jack-hammering at the cliff-edges.

Hence the problem at the Engine House…

^^^ A Salutory Lesson ^^^

The Engine House Owner Failed To Talk To Their Neighbours

Result? A worthless Planning Permission at the ENGINE HOUSE

Click Here For Conditional Engine House Permission 



Whereas the Walled Garden Building and Land has has AMPLE Land INCLUDED for septic tank to be safely installed in “Field 2” (bottom field)…

^^^ The Walled Garden Has A Lot of Land (Lot 2) ^^^

& Ample for safely locating a septic tank.

There is plenty of room at the back of the Walled Garden property to construct an extension for home or a tea-room and make life much better for the folk who like to come and photograph the lighthouse tower and the flora and fauna nearby. Especially the puffins for some reason.

Walled Garden Building & Land

Offers Over £79,000.

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Also available…

Loch + 6 Acres of Lighthouse Station

Offers Over £39,000.

A beautiful part of this lighthouse station. There are even some small islands on this lighthouse loch…

The whole lighthouse station is located in a particularly beautiful place…

Lighthouse Loch & 6 Acres of Land

Offers Over £39,000.

Ideas, subject to planning…

A Subterranean Home Would Mean Minimal Visual Disturbance.

Here is one suggested site (outlined in blue) on this area of land which extends to approximately 6 acres with a loch…

A Subterranean Home Footprint Outlined in Blue

Map Courtesy of Google.

This newbuild would, of course, be subject to planning permission approval. There are specific permission approval routes for designs of exceptional quality and merit. This is known as

Paragraph 80 Exemptions

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Probably the most helpful is (formerly Para 79) planning rules. This next example is one, where, if you remove the “above ground” part of the dwelling, it is entirely possible to visualise what a low-impact unique design subterranean home might look like…

Underground Home Planning Guidance

Para 80 Details: Click Here

Some amazing build photos from Seymour-Smith Architects

Build Photos: Click Here

P.S. This house appeared on the television series Grand Designs.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we are frequently asked

to nominate future Grand Design projects by Kevin McLeod’s team.

So if you fancied inviting  a National Treasure to visit,

we would be delighted to make the introduction.

The full estate agency details for this building plot site and loch can be found on Rightmove….. 

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