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Exclusively For Sale

Former RAF Balado Satellite Station

Whole Site: £950,000.

This page is for BANK owners to purchase a


Typical cost £3 million. This EMP Safety Centre: £950,000

^^ Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^

Photo Courtesy of Owner: Mr R Ferguson

If You Have Your Money In A Bank, We Strongly Advise You To:

Write To Your Bank About EMP Risk In Losing Your Money.

This page features the former RAF Balado military base and the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) protection building within a dual fence, high security compound.

=> If nothing else, please spend 10 minutes on this page studying the risks of EMP pulses (solar and nuclear) in destroying the electronic data that is your money in your bank.

=> The ability of EMP pulses to destroy bank balances and wreck national economies freaked us out.

=> Yet there is a cure! See if your bank has a back-up data centre that is EMP protected?

This former RAF Balado base has been closed for many years and is overdue to be redevelopment as the local economy suffers through the 12 to 24 new jobs that will come to life here. Plus protect very valuable banking data.

The Ministry of Defence and in recent years, the current (private) owner have spent a small fortune on maintenance + empty business rates + insurance.

 So this site is overdue for some new and viable use.

=> As seller’s of this unique property, we believe this whole site at Balado will either be sold for £950,000 to a bank for use as a very secure EMP Data Centre.


=> Balado will be sold in separate parts for local home-owners and small business owners (details of residential use with building plots starting at £92,000 on a separate page).

This page is focussing on…


Bank Use

At £950,000

As Secure Repository For High-Value Bank Data.

This site has consumed several million pounds to build the specialist EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) protective main building.

=> The first half of this page hosts photographs of the entire (former) RAF Balado Base.

=> The second half of this page contains statistics + narrative + video presentations of what EMP pulses are and EMPs matter!

We are overdue a Solar EMP event from the regular emissions from the Sun (the bright thing in the sky, not the newspaper). Add the tensions emanating from the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and tensions are becoming taught.



^^ Radome Adjacent To The main EMP Building ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

© Copyright Dr Duncan Pepper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Consequently, it is wise to sturdy these matters and locate banks that have taken the appropriate precautions. Many of the financial institutions will be blissfully unaware of world matters ion this subject…

United States of America Military Readiness Protocol

Would you care to hazard a guess

where the world is at with respect to the USA?

DefCon Status

Click Here


Former RAF Balado Bridge

Photographs: Continued…

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

All of the following buildings and land on this site as per the

HM Land Registry Title are included in the £950,000 price…

The Gatehouse.

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Inside The Gatehouse ^^

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.


Nuclear Pulse Protected

EMP Building

Here is the main EMP nuclear pulse shielded building. Ideal for securing computer hardware and data. There are thousands of  internet web-farms, all of which are integral to making the internet work.

But there are very few with military-grade “EMP Pulse Protection” such as at Balado…

^^ Administration & Staff Catering Facility Building ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Administration & Staff Catering Facility Building ^^

^^ Same Building: Different Elevation ^^

^^ Administration & Staff Catering Facility Building ^^

^^ Same Building: Different Elevation ^^

^^ Administration & Staff Catering Facility Building ^^

^^ Same Building: Different Elevation ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Main EMP Building To The Right of The Radome (Golf Ball) ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Main EMP Building: The Long Corridor ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Main EMP Building: One of the EMP Protected Rooms ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Main EMP Building: One of the EMP Protected Rooms ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Main EMP Building: One of the EMP Protected Rooms ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Then via a short connecting corridor we

have access to the iconic local landmark building…

^^ The Radome “Golf Ball” Structure Adjacent ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

^^ Inside The Radome Structure Adjacent ^^

At The Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

Back outside. If you look closely, you can see

high security double fence protection.

The guard dogs used to patrol these

areas from their kennels onsite…

^^ The Former RAF Balado Bridge ^^

^^ Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^


^^ The Former RAF Balado Bridge ^^

^^ Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^

^^ The Former RAF Balado Bridge ^^

^^ Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^

^^ The Site Can Be Powered Off-Grid ^^

Old-school were diesel generators. However, such are the efficiencies of modern ecological producers of electricity, that wind-turbine + solar-farm energy can be harvested to levels that would power a significant amount of require supply.

This former Ministry of Defence base – RAF Balado Bridge, has some interesting life in it yet (click here for several excellent photographs).

AAA RAF Balado MAIN Aerial

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross

The most notable part is the Radome. Colloquially known as a big golf ball for obvious reasons.  RAF Balado Bridge is now an iconic Perthshire landmark close to the villages of Kinross and Milnathort. The ideal location for commuting throughout east central Scotland with the M90 a five minute drive away…

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross

The high visibility of the Golf Ball Radome comes into perspective when motor vehicles are in the photograph.

AAA RAF Balado Bridge by Keith Boardman

Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross

Photo Courtesy of Mr Keith Boardman

A major “T in The Park” concert going on in the photo

But can you spot the Balado Radome?


Site Plan

(please do not scale)

^^ The Former RAF Balado Bridge ^^

^^ Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^

(please do not scale)

If you would like to discuss or view the RAF Balado site, please feel free to get in touch with Unique Property Bulletin…

TEXT or Telephone: 0757 2768 795


EMP Section

This Second Half is Aimed At

Helping Our Readers & Data Storage Centres

Have An  Appreciation of Electro Magnetic Pulse Hazards.

^^ The Former RAF Balado Bridge ^^

^^ Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ ^^




Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse

Microprocessor Wipeout

^^ 2025 Scheduled For Maximum ^^

^^ Coronal Mass Ejection ^^

Several Satellites Fall Out of The Sky At Each Event

High-altitude nuclear detonations and electromagnetic bombs can generate EMP that has the potential to damage or destroy electronic devices over widespread areas. Electric power systems would also be at risk from surges produced by such weapons.

There is aslo another similar rik that needs to be safely managed by housing your DATA CENTRE in an EMP protected building such as the large one at Balado.

Solar EMP Microprocessor Wipeout

^^ Whether Nuclear or Solar, An EMP Pulse ^^

^^ Causes A Lot of Damage ^^

Mass Microprocessor and/or Data Burnout.

Computers + Phones + Cameras

2.6 Trillion Dollars and 4 to 10 Tears Recovery if

Another Carrington Event Occurs (here).

Transformers & Power Station Infrastructure

As Happened in 1989 at Quebec (here).

The Russian president has already wrought havoc on the electricity and gas energy supply markets, plunging half the world into fuel distress and a significant amount of innocent civilians into fuel poverty.

=> Indeed worse: more than 400 people commit deb-suicide each year in the UK according to our website’s sister charity: click here.

=> This is why Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., are selling off spare buildings: to reduce the price of electricity by 50%. Thereby making best efforts to reduce the horrendous misery that excessive fuel-prices are currently causing (Springtime 2023).

Apologies at bringing up another distressing matter. But here at Unique Property Bulletin we have been asked a lot more often than normal to feature UKWMO underground bunkers for sale. This would appear to worry some folk. When running the Money Advice Charity we found the best policy was to face problems front-on and directly.

Given a lot more folk are worrying about the war in Ukraine and the carnage that the president of Russia is causing to fuel prices and every-day household budgets in the West, we are selling several of our spare buildings to build “proof-of-concept- eco-power stations in order to show definitively that community owned electricity generator stations with a capacity to supply between 50 and 500 houses (or businesses of a similar size).

=> Unfortunately, if the current president of Russia is manoeuvring his major energy reserves to inflict havoc on the West, then Putin’s repeated threats to deploy “tactical” nuclear weapons must be taken seriously.

=>To be clear, these are low-yield devices that are NOT intended to be lethal as their primary function.

=> Experts in the field of Russian geo-politics have indicated a view, based on the havoc he is causing to the electricity and gas supplies in the West (especially Germany), that Putin is looking to cause havoc with EMP rather than mass casualties.

Though with Putin he does not seem to care that much if thousands of innocent people die through what he regards as colateral-damage.




Why should a bank be interested in buying this site as an EMP ~ Etc?

=> Banks need EMP bases as this is vital in safely storing and/or archiving backed-up data from billions of pounds on their customer balances now stored digitally (fore example Bitcoin and even just bank ledger balances: in other words your account balances).

Balado has a very rare and exceedingly expensive EMP shielded building.

Source: Click Here




So, our evaluation is this site is genuinely ideal for a bank to buy as they have the funds and the need to have large, safety back-up computer data centres that are distant and mainframe computer data centres near to their HQ buildings.

=> A dunderheid did remark that the EMP shielding would cost a fortune to remove.

We owe that Amadan a bottle of finest malt whisky. For they brought to mind the adage “waste-not-want-not”. In essence, why remove a massive amount of EMP shielding that cost the MoD (UK Ministry of Defence) millions of pounds to install, when there are around 10,000 customers for this very type of EMP protective structure?

^^ Cambridge Computer Data Centre, U.K. ^^

If you are using your computer, or laptop of iPad or Android phone and it is connected to the internet, you are connected to an awesome, but often invisible resource. So vast, that the internet currently uses a significant amount of the world’s electricity supply.

The photo above is the Cambridge Data centre.

The photo below is what is in there. Vast arrays of computing power.

^^ A Typical Computer Data Centre ^^

The study of where the internet lives and how it works is fascinating. Ironically you could spend hours researching the why, what, where and how of the computer data centre components of the internet pictured in the photograph above this paragraph by actually having your phone or intntrenet device connected to one of those computer centres!

As one example to get the brain cells working along the lines of storing bank data (which is understandably secretive), and EMP shielding, we can illustrte an excerpt about Google…

Source: Click Here

It is no big secret that when something spooks the banking system there is a massive data-drop of their bank account and “electronic money” audit trail + balances to either a leased secure data centre rack of computers, or for the larger banks, their own site.

=> An inviolate rule is the back-up data site must be far away from the main site and very secure.

The former UK ministry of defence site is both. In addition to the EMP shielding, it has two security fences and a patrol space between these fences for the Alsatian or Doberman guard dogs to access. Along with a proper kennels and the facilities for their welfare. That is a useful addition to substantial concrete and thick steel EMP shielding. Plus CTV and “other” security systems.



Solar: Is There Danger?

At this point, you might contemplate whether EMP is dangerous? Here is a two minute picture review (and a video at the foot of this page)…

There are two types of EMP: Nuclear and Solar.

The Sun produces regular

Electro Magnetic Pulses in the form of  flares…

The Sun & Earth To Scale:

Source ~ NASA ~ Click Here

Spot The Bank?

& Google + Amazon + Facebook + Twitter Data Centres

^^ Source ~ NASA ^^

Click Here

Or, Heaven forbid the EMP is sourced from a nuclear explosion.

There is a video presentation at the foot of this page that clarifies EMP threats.

=> In short, banks require secure, EMP protected data archives to deploy their data to in the event that a solar flare of nuclear threat is detected or some nation is at DEFCON2. Without this backup data centre, a bank will lose vast mounts of money in corrupted data. Bitcoin balances and tetrabytes 


electrical data tranches will be wiped out. This may be good if you have a stonking big overdraft, but not so nice if yu have your life savings stored on a banks electronic system.

=> A serious question: pop a letter or email to your bank and ask them wat happens to your savings and pension funds if their electronic balances are wiped out?

Please be in no doubt, even ordinary customer bank balances will be extinguished from bank data sets. If you doubt this, pop into your local High Street bank branch to check on your money. Ooops, they closed the physical bank building and all your money is o a computer. Has yur computer ever gone wonky? Many have, so it really is reasonable to ask your bank about solar flare protection of their electronic money – your money!

=> Which makes this relatively remote and military grade double-fence with Alsatian guard dogs in the middle patrol area, quite a valuable place to store important computer back-up information.

As of February 2021, there are 4,236 FDIC-insured commercial banking institutions in the U.S. as of 2021 but 72,166 commercial bank branches (source: here).

 As of July 2022, there was a total of 5,171 banks operating in the European Union.

Monetary Financial Institutions (MFI) include all banks and building societies that have permission to accept deposits in the United Kingdom. As of the 31st of May 2022, there where a total of 357 MFI’s operating in the United Kingdom, 130 of which were UK headquartered (parent company). Source: (Click Here).


Why Do 9,764 Banking Institutions

& Over 100,000 Bank Branches

In The USA + UK + EU Matter?

Plus the vast number of banks in Canada + the South Americas + Africa + Asia and all across the world also matter in respect of what we are narrating here?

They all need to back-up their digital data. As a random illustration, just think of the billions of dollars in bitcoin of peoples’ life savings?

Bitcoin does NOT exist in the real world. You cannot spend a physical Bitcoin! The Bitcoin is purely an electronic “virtual” currency!

Much is also true about electronic money. That includes YOUR bank balance.

Digital money (stuck in computers) all started when Nixon got off the gold-standard…

^^ President Nixon Left The Gold-Standard ^^

The rot set in.

Paper money is now just “virtual” numbers in a computer.

Computer coding is NOT real money.

A bad EMP event and the money gets vapourised!

Source: Deutsche Bank

Click Here

Bitcoin is virtually the same as YOUR bank balance:

Electronic data on a bank computer.


Electro Magnetic Pulse: Video

^^ EMP: Electro Magnetic Pulse Video ^^

This video is provided for information in good faith.

Though Unique Property Bulletin recommend prospective buyers research this topic in more detail before visiting the site and making an inspection/offer.


Growth & Need For More Data Centres

^^ Source: Click Here ^^ 



Suitably remote from major banking head quarters. Yet very easily accessible by airplane via Edinburgh International Airport


Former RAF Balado Bridge, Balado, Kinross, KY13 0NJ.

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