Build Your Own Lighthouse

Do you fancy building one of these…

 ^^^ An Example of A Newbuild Project ^^^

As promised, we have a rejoinder to the earlier Horning Windmill sale price-v-newbuild cost, Unique Property Bulletin illustrates a way in which you can…

Build Your Own Lighthouse.

This narrative is a brief demonstration how it is entirely possible to create your own unique home, whatever genre you prefer.

Our sister website: Lighthouses For Sale & Rent (here) has noted a rarity in lighthouse buildings coming up for sale over the past few years.

One solution is buy a suitable plot of land and building your own. That way you are also guaranteed to own the TOWER which is often missed out or excluded from traditional lighthouse station sales. Often times it is just the former lighthouse keepers’ houses that are sold off.

The genres between windmill and lighthouse on this page are quite different. The reason being, if you build a windmill on the windy north coast, the thing will take off like a helicopter and end up in Norway!

Here is our solution to the £525,000 price tag on what is a very small windmill in Norfolk.

Seaview Building Plot

For sale. Offers over…


Fully serviced building plot with enduring Planning Permission. 

^^^ Serviced Building Plot For Sale ^^^

^^^ This Is The Actual View From The Site ^^^

Offers over…



Ideal for “remote working”

For the past three years there has been a scarcity of LIGHTHOUSE BUILDINGS FOR SALE and our sister website that lists lighthouses has struggled to locate fresh buildings of this genre. There are a few but these can be rare: Click here.

So we thought it might be an idea to consider an alternate solution…

Build Your Own Lighthouse Tower & Home

Example Newbuild Design…

^^^ American Style of Lighthouse ^^^

For Sale In 2020 For $1,300,000.

The Seaview Building Plot is for sale in the UK at offers over £44,500 (here) for the freehold site WITH enduring planning permission to build this relatively normal detached house (described as “luxury” by the former owners)…



^^^ Existing Planning Permission ^^^

For This Newbuild


Seaview Building PLOT For Sale: £44,500 (here).

To build the house will cost an additional amount

to the £44,500 for the building plot.

The planning permission already has the benefit of a “meaningful start” which means it is an “enduring” planning permission. The roads and water + electricity + telephone lines etc., have been commenced well within the three years of the original permission as can be clearly evidenced…

^^^ The Final Tarmac Top Is Not Laid Yet ^^^

Rather than lay this new final tarmac, then dig it up and

relay etc., to put various services in,

the hardcore is currently utilised by

works vehicles to the Seabreezes building site.

So the worst case scenario is you get to build a very nice detached house (here) with magnificent seaviews.

The best case scenario? We are suggesting asking the planning authorities for something a little bit special. A variation on the permission and to include a tower within a revised planning permission.

There is a lot of good will in re-populating rural areas just now. So if the new owner of this very competitively priced, fully serviced building plot were to seek a new design such as the example we feature, you may well be a pleasant surprise in store for a genuinely unique newbuild home on this site…

^^^ Proposed Newbuild Example ^^^

The Seabreezes building site is

much higher up and

further back from the sea.

If you are fed up with the daily Covid television and newspaper news and just want a new life where you can breathe freely and walk on the sandy beach; live without the information overload of the pandemic, then maybe this remote piece of land with full and enduring planning permission is the answer.

Especially if you applied to change the existing planning permission so that you could build your own design, perhaps along these lines…



^^^ Example of A Newbuild Design ^^^

To be built on a building plot in the UK at £44,500

(you will need to ADD the cost of the newbuild house).

This site already has planning permission. Surely a

variation to your preferred design is worth seeking?

Would you enjoy living here?

The American estate agency details are still online…

For Inspiration: Click Here.

Or are you still playing Russian Roulette with Covid “D” and waiting for the next variant Covid “E” and whatever wretched wonders that brings with it?

London and all the major UK cities have great merit and vibrant life. But it is looking like this will be the state of city life for 5 to 10 years…

^^^ London Underground During Covid ^^^


Photo Reproduced Courtesy of Alamy (Fee paid)

Coronavirus is forecast to be with us much longer than the 1918 pandemic (here). Why? We have 7.8 billion people on the planet in 2020 (here) as opposed to the estimated 1.8 billion in 1918.

It is a matter of basic arithmetic. Lethal pandemic variants happen when there is a large population.

Adding an extra 6 billion covid human hosts onto the planet for the virus to mutate in is seriously unfavourable arithmetic.

We are not epidemiologists here at Unique Property Bulletin. But we can count.

It is a mathematical certainty that there will be a Covid “E” variant. We don’t wish to get into the regular Covid conversation that plagues us all nowadays. But our own enquiry level from our readers seeking to leave covid-cities and lockdown-towns has increased FOURFOLD.

So something odd is going on.

Hence this segment with a remote and very affordable building plot.

Whilst your newbuld unique home is being constructed, we would recommend that you look at buying something half decent to live in as temporary accommodation.

For example, one of these nifty units would be far better than the typical site caravan that many self-builders buy and endure for several months. This looks faster, warmer, cleaner, bigger and better in all ways than the old caravan solution…


^^^ Fast Built Home ^^^

An Interesting Option Whilst You Build Your Dream House

At this point, you might be saying, that the price for this building plot and a sanctuary away from the madding crowd is very good.

The view is relatively “unique.”

But the house on the planning permission is fairly modern.

Our rejoinder is this: We would seek a different planning permission for a lighthouse style of dwelling to maximise the sea views and give the house a decent, properly unique character.

Your site and views: offers over…


So you have a decent budget to

build your style of unique home.

The first step to your new life?

Buy that bargain building site…

Click Here


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