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New Project

Unique Property Bulletin

Unique Property Bulletin was founded in the 1980s on Davaar Island by Russ McLean. In 1021 the paper version was transferred online and since then has become reasonably successful. The friends and shareholders of the website purchased the Noss Head Lighthouse Station on 23rd May 2017. The lighthouse buildings were formerly owned by the Clan Sinclair Trust. Sadly it’s main trustee, Mr Ian Sinclair died in 2014 and despite best efforts of the remaining volunteers, the significant of the estate meant the privately owned buildings were deterioratig fast. Back in the 1990s before Ian’s time, the lighthouse station had become derelict. Excepting the tower which was and is still owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board.

Immediately upon the purchase organised by Unique Prperty Bulletin (here), a significant renovation programme commenced. Fortunaately the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) embarked upn the renovation of the tower at the same time. After 18 months the whole lighthouse station was ship shape and Bristol  fashion.

Newbuild For New Jobs


There is, hwever, one orphaned building and it is this last part that Unique Property Bulletin Ltf., wish to seek planng permission to turn the old Walled Garden Store/Office into a residential unit plus two offices from which to base the northern office of our orgaiisation. It is relevany to note that a direct spin-off from UniqueProperty Bulletin is ~ tasked with renovating many empty buildings and creating new jobs.

During the past 20 years Unique property Bulletin and Scotslion’s shareholders and directors have created 131 new jobs and renovated 33 empty/closed shops/hotels/light industrial units.

We have a main and much larger office HQ in Arbroath, but the founder of Unique Property Bulletin has recently turned 60 years of age and expressed a desire to retire to Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Following service in uniform with Strathclyde Police during his 20s (here), Russ McLean sustained severe injuries and required spinal surgery (here). So in order to continue working part-time during retirement, and given the Unique property Bulletin ad sister company is still creating jobs, there is a wish to convert the derelict looking Old Walled Garden Building into a one bedroom residential unit and add two offices within the confines of the WalledGarden.

The second office is included so that two new jobs ca be created onsite. An Admin staff member and an editorial staff members.

They will require some training in working with disabled folk as Russ is awaiting a second round of spinal surgery plus two of our shareholders have disabilities which mean the bnewbuild will require to be disability compliant and the staff members shall need certain additional skillsets to ensure the organisation is able to have staff and office-holders with a disability and continue their working life as best as can be managed.

The planning application within the curtilage of a listed building has a precedent in the fact that Dumfries & Gallwoway Council permitted newbuild properties within the environs of the Corsewall Lighthouse Tower (here).

The propsal at Noss Head Lighthouse Station is far mre modest and of very low impact visually. The aesthetic and vernacular can be adjusted to fit in with current Historic Scotland guidelines.

There is one element that the owners of the property wish to pay homage to: the fact that the addition to the existing building will have a “unique” element. After all, the ownershave had the word “unique” in their organisation’s name for the past 30 years.

The unique element would consist of a single storey, flat roof building housing two offices and a small kstaff kitchenette along with a staff washroom.

The unique aspect is a toughened plate glass window to form a unique cliff top element.