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Our Next Hotel Purchase: A Baronial Castle!

By Popular Demand

We haven’t done this in a while, but given Unique Property Bulletin is lucky enough to have between 50,000 and 150,000 readers a month and occasionally exceeding 185,000 (June: click here), we are going to ask our magnificent readership ~ you guys ~ to please help us with your excellent unique property sleuthing and finding skills…

=> This competition is to find a Baronial Castle Hotel For Sale. The prize is £100 for finding and texting us a link to the candidate hotel that we end up selecting to study for purchase (from your entries).

=> This next baronial building will be the sixth hotel* we shall be buying is as a result of Unique Property Bulletin mischief. The reason right now? We are expanding our efforts to: (a) Make buying buildings an a place to stay, more affordable for our readers and our 585 shareholders: (b) Establish whether it is possible to gain an extra 140 to 280 hours of daylight each year through our “Two-Summers-&-No-Winters” project, and: (c) Help create even more jobs by re-opening closed-down unique properties.

=> In this case our Hotel-Room-Ownership (100% “Full-Share” not “Time-Share”) means all of our crew, including you, can own a hotel bedroom with en-suite facilities for between £39,000 and £69,000. Freehold (click here).

=> There is an additional prize of £1,000 (finders fee for you) IF we go on to buy the candidate castle.

The previous 6 hotels * are… (i) Keil Hotel + (ii) Sutherland Arms Hotel + (iii) Hunting Lodge Hotel + (iv) Lighthouse Hotel + (vi) Sannox Hotel on the Island of Arran. In actual fact, the editor was brought up in Blackrock House Hotel, Corrie, Isle of Arran. So technically a castle hotel will be our seventh. Crucially this means we can contribute a lifetime of experience to these Hotel-Room-Ownership style of projects.

=> To renovate and re-open hotels that closed (many from the Covid collapse in visitor numbers). The passion here is to bring hotels back to life and ensure they are financially viable so that the staff have secure jobs and the local community do not lose any more vital local facilities.

Fingers crossed one of our readers will do the honours and propose hotel number 6 => A Castle Hotel.

Maybe not quite as big or baronial as Balmoral Castle, but there are a lot of these styles of building throughout Scotland and we need one within 40 to 50 miles of our regional HQ at Dundee…

^^ A Wee Version of Balmoral Please ^^

This month’s £100 competition

To help us find a Baronial Castle Hotel

*** Near To Our Dundee HQ Please ***

Our editor is recovering from his accident

but cannot drive more than

40 to 50 miles even now.

With significant good fortune, Unique Property Bulletin’s mischief makers are having a fair amount of success with our TWO-SUMMERS-NO-WINTERS project after buying the Sannox Hotel on the Island of Arran (our collegiate group’s sixth hotel purchase). The individual Sannox Hotel Rooms are priced at £39,000 to £69,000….

^^ Sannox Hotel ^^

Island of Arran

Hotel-Room-Ownership From:

£39,000 to £69,000.

It is a pity so many folk missed the previous Lighthouse Tower Hotel project. Rooms were just £30,000. Even though an offer for the whole hotel turned our happy 5 Hotel-Room-Owners into sellers! But turning £30,000 into £49,800 is a difficult thing to say NO to….

Our Tower Hotel At Noss Head Lighthouse

Now Sold. But We Are Buying Another

Lighthouse Hotel If You Fancy Owning A Room?

^^ Tower Hotel ^^

& Clan Sinclair Study Centre.

£30,000 To Own A Hotel Room:

Full-Share NOT Time-Share

100% Ownership.

All of our Hotel-Room-Owners managed to have a free holiday at this beguilingly beautiful location.

All VOTED to say YES to the offer that meant each room-owner could grow their nest-egg.

=> An accidental success!

Here is what the bedrooms look like (after renovation)…

^^ Tower Hotel ^^

& Clan Sinclair Study Centre.

These All Sold For £30,000 Each.

To clarify, “Full-Share” is 100% Freehold/feuhold ownership of each room + en-suite (we do not like “Time-Share”) as one of our friends had 18,000 Euros taken off of her by a dodgy Time-Share company in Spain). So we invented a better + safer + more secure way of owning a hotel (and BANNED bank mortgages).

=> “Full-Share” means 100% ownership of the hotel and your own hotel bedroom by our participating members.

Plus the auld yin (our group MD) is into owning a hotel room in the north and another in the south ~Gibraltar or France so as to have warmer winters. All for  a very affordable £29,000 to £60,000 per hotel room. Free accommodation when you need it and a very useful income from paying guests when you are away from the hotel rooms you own!.

=> Keep your eyes open for “Digital Nomads”. It is the next big thing. We have accidentally stumbled into doing that as at least 36 of our shareholders remote work and are into the hotel-room-ownership variation on “Digital Nomads.” We only hear of “Digital Nomads” at the begining of June this year!

The new asset-backed “Full-Share” is for the asset; all 52 weeks a year. Not some random short week stuck in the middle of October at a ridiculous £9,000 for 7 days! Time-Share sucks!

Whereas the newly invented “Full-Share” ownership of hotel-rooms is at a competitive price with ownership audit-trailed to the HM Land Registry title deeds and is proving very popular. We only have 3 hotel rooms left at our Sannox Hotel project on the Isleand of Arran. Hence this competition for a castle hotel on the east coast.

=> The improved 100% “Full-Share” ownership gives each “Full-Share” owner free holidays + a useful income + helps hotels be more viable and stay open (also helped because we ban bank mortgages). All of this helps keep a decent amount of jobs alive.

The baronial castle hotel we seek should look a bit like this next picture. Ironically this £100 note is your prize if you win…

*^^ Our Editor’s Lucky £100 Note ^^

This Is The First Prize.

Plus a £1,000 bonus if we eventually buy the baronial castle hotel that one of our wonderful readers locates.

To add some important context to those who are new to Unique Property Bulletin where we go on real-life property adventures as well as just write about unique buildings, the “FULL-SHARE” (not “Time-Share”) bedrooms are selling at our Sannox Hotel (click here). It seems the price of between £39,000 and £69,000 is a sweet spot for folk wishing to stay at a their own hotel room for between 1 week and 6 months. We require to set the other 6 months to 11 months aside for paying-guests to stay in the room. This is to maintain the C/7 planning class-use as a hotel ~ here.

=> A very useful, rental income (net of hotel running costs) is paid to each hotel-room-owner.

=> This is proving a very popular and affordable way to get onto the property ladder.

In case you are unsure about what “Two-Summers-No-Winters” is about, we are updating that page and will be posting the fresh content on our website in the next few weeks. Two of the core reason are:-

=> (a) To establish that the: “Two Summers & No Winters” philosophy actually works in the real world.

=> (b). To provide affordable accommodation for the new and fast increasing “Digital Nomads” (click here). It is entirely possible to own 4 x hotel-rooms in different countries for less than the price of a traditional apartment or semi-detached house. This enables the “Digital Nomad” style of life to grow into a very real and viable option.

Spending time at locations all over the world as you want and when you want ~ in very beautiful locations is an attractive work/lifestyle option. Add into that equation the fact that the hotel-rooms you own, but are not staying in at any given time, are producing you a tidy rental income.

To Enter, please TEXT…

Unique Property Bulletin HQ…

0757 2768 795

(a) Add The Hotel For Sale Name

(b) Add Your Name (For The £100 Prize).

Good luck,

The Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., Team.


More Than Just a Competition

For Context We Add Some Latest News

For the first time ever, we can reveal the plan of where and how we aim to achieve our “TWO-SUMMERS-&-NO-WINTERS” project. We have already started by buying hotels in the following far-north to far-south (or at best equatorial) part of the planet…

^^ Main Map of Unique Hotels ^^

To Enable…

(a) Affordable Building Ownership (here)

(b) The New “Digital Nomad” Phenomenon (here)

(c) Brits Being Able To Live For Periods In The EU (here

Whether you remote~work via your laptop or portable PC, if you own a £49,000 hotel-room in Europe, possibly southern Spain, you can spend up to 90 days on a hassle-free EU Visa Waiver exemption writing your book or running your website in the winter warmth. EU Exemptions: here. Indeed we understand that UK citizens can spend LONGER in the EU with a special DIGITAL-NOMAD type Visa. This is likely to be a big thing in the coming years, especially as UK and the EU are working on these classes of “remote-working” visas right now…

^^ New Visa Waiver For Folk Who Work Via Computer ^^

But Can Do So Remotely

This Means UK Citizens Can Work In Europe

With Special Visas.


How To Enter The Competition

Please TEXT…

0757 2768 795

(Unique Property Bulletin HQ)

(a) Add the hotel-for-sale name that you found.

(b) Add your name for the £100 prize.

Good luck,

The Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., Team.


In Case You Did Not Know

Regular readers may be aware that our editor got hit on the head by a 5,000 ton ferry and suffered a stroke.

He is very, very lucky as the doctors say the recovery process is now around 90% back to some form of normality. If we resurrect the PLC (public limited company) way we used to run things (Argyll Group plc), then full disclosure regulations require our noggin-clunked director provide information that may affect the SHARE PRICE: here + here + here).

Even with this deeply personal information, there are still MRI scans and a plethora of regular tests required. So in order to ensure the next hotel purchase goes smoothly and accessibly to the disabled director in question, Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., is initially looking for Baronial Castle Hotel style building within 40 to 50 miles of Unique Property Bulletin HQ and our editor’s home + Ninewells Hospital in Dundee…

^^ Candidate Baronial Castle Hotel ^^

Within 40 Miles Radius

Of Our Editor and MD Please

As well as the £100 prize for helping find a Baronial Castle, we have FIVE runner’s up prizes too. They are a very modest 10 shilling note. More of a Baronial era souvenir.

^^ 5 Runner’s Up Will Each Receive ^^

A 10 Shilling Note As Souvenir Prize

To take part in this competition, just TEXT your candidate hotel and preferably a link to the estate agent (plus your name in the text in case you win the prize).

The Unique Property Bulletin

Text Number Is…

Text: 0757 2768 795


What Next?

We already bought the Hunting Lodge Hotel in Argyll + The Hunting Lodge in Sutherland + Lighthouse Hotel in Wick + Sannox Hotel on the Island of Arran.

Though the next hotel we are buying is approximately 40 to 50 miles radius of Dundee on the East Coast We are currently in negotiations for the Spitbank Fort on the Solent by the Isle of Wight…

^^ Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, PO5 3PA ^^

Luxury Hotel

All going well, this will be our

most southerly UK hotel.

^^ Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, PO5 3PA ^^

Remarkably Large Ensuite Bedrooms

^^ Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, PO5 3PA ^^

This is a particularly awesome structure. It has been completely renovated and has, until recently, been operated as a luxury hotel. Sadly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Spitbank Fort Hotel is temporarily closed.

After extensive discussions with the owners, things are looking good in our acquiring one of the most Southerly latitude Hotels that is still in UK waters as far as is possible….

^^ Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth, PO5 3PA ^^

Location At The Solent &

Egress To The English Channel

This is a particularly awesome structure. It has been completely renovated and has, until recently, been operated as a luxury hotel. Sadly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Spitbank Fort Hotel is temporarily closed.

For A Treasure Trove Of


Click Here

You will need to manually SCROLL

through the 1,198 Pictures.


Spitbank Fort Sale Details

Click Here


Then it is one more moated chateau in France and a unique hotel in the south of France for winter use by members to secure the extra 240 hours of daylight every year.

Here is a likely 100 Euro competition to find something like this on the southern parts of France…

^^ Moated French Chateau ^^

In the southern part of France.


For the sake of good form and in case you may have missed what our 585 Unique Property Club (formerly Unique Property plc) mischief makers have been up to, here is the fifth hotel we have been lucky enough to buy (thankfully totally clear and clean of any mortgage).

The Sannox Hotel has been a “back-to-bricks” renovation. But this has been a pleasure, indeed an honour, Not many folk would know when driving past, but the Sannox Hotel is where the SBS was invented. The Sannox Hotel used to be called the “Ingledene Hotel”. Just check out the credentials of the “Ingledene Hotel” at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Click Here

Not all of the young men who trained at Sannox in the Folbot section made it back home during and after Wold War 2. They used to visit. More recently as that great of generations pass away, we have had many visits from their children and grand-children. This is one of the reasons we want to keep Sannox Hotel open so visitors with a military bearing whose families gave so much as armed force personnel of the SBS (here), can come and stay in the hotel (rather than us just to turn it into holiday homes).

Also there are 12 jobs here when the Sannox Hotel opens back up.

For a very competitive sum, you get to own a very nice part of Arran and can come across at many times to stay in your own mini-sanctuary…


The Sannox Hotel

Part of Our

Hotel-Room-Ownership Endeavour 

^^ Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^


Full-Share NOT Time-Share

Click Here

^^ Sannox Hotel, Isle of Arran ^^

Full-Share Hotel Rooms For Sale…

^^ Remaining Rooms For Sale ^^

All Bedrooms Have An

Ensuite Bathroom & WC Included.

Click Here

The Sannox Hotel is not quite as far north as the Lighthouse Hotel, but it is on the most popular island on the west coast.

So much so, that we are looking to top-up the number of “Full-Share” en-suite bedrooms available by 10 to 20 more.

=> Full-Share is the gold-standard of hotel-room-ownership. It is far safer and much more secure than dubious “Time-Share.” Whereas “Time-Share” has a random week in the middle of October and we have a friend who lost £18,000 over one of these rogue rooms sellers in Spain, the “Full-Share” is a gold-standard: fully insured, guaranteed never to have a mortgage so you own it 100%. Crucially “Full-Share” has your name on the government CS01 ownership document that connects directly to HM Land Registry.

=> For probity, the original funds to buy a hotel are sent directly to the conveyancing solicitor with an irrevocable mandate. Either the solicitor uses the funds to buy the next hotel, or the funds are returned, 100% intact to yourself.

=> With “Full-Share” the whole bedroom (and ensuite bathroom) is fully asset-backed and insured ownership. All 52 weeks. Crucially the 100% ownership is tied into the HM Land Registry deeds.

This helps to make “Full-Share” the best quality of title available in these scenarios.

Hence the Competition to find a suitable Baronial Castle Hotel in the North East of the UK.


Next Purchase

Baronial Castle Hotel

Within 40 to 50 Miles of Dundee

Something Similar To

Carbisdale Castle Hotel Will Be Good

(Carbisdale is SOLD and too far away)

P.S. To take part in this competition, just TEXT your candidate hotel and preferably a link to the estate agent (plus your name in the text in case you win the prize).

The Unique Property Bulletin

Text Number Is…

Text: 0757 2768 795