Fed Up With Covid?

One Possible Option: NormalTown: Covid-Free Life

During the past few weeks the founder of Unique Property Bulletin has been approached by and in discussions with the Commissioning Dept., of a well known television production company for a working title format called “NormalTown” Covid-Free-Life. It is to be a television series social experiment.

The main principle is to locate and buy 20 to 50 houses is a pleasant village style setting where they can be cordoned off. Including a village shop, a cafe and a small school. Entry is restricted to those who have been through a strict 21 day isolation and tested negative to Coronavirus three times. Then each person/family is provided with a home and a job. Access is strictly limited o the three week isolation/3-negative-test protocol.

The producers believe that it may be better for a whole village to fully self-isolate than a single person.

Remote operated cameras similar to various fly-on-the-wall documentaries such as the 111 camera fixed rig system that makes 24 Hours In A&E possible (here). The proposed NormalTown ~ CovidFree Life series will be significantly larger scale than this (here) will be located throughout the 30 to 40 acre site.




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Example of  Mini Fixed Rig Systems: Here.

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Answers and candidate properties to UPS-HQ at our head office, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF, and or the usual TEXT number.

The producer just telephoned and asked/refined their request: for us to find a PORTMEIRION type estate for sale that we would be willing to purchase. For clarification, the PORTMEIRION village is NOT currently for sale. In fact the iconic location of the cult 1960s TV series still gives me the heebeegeebees. As a kid sneaking downstairs from bed to watch “The Prisoner” which was filmed at the Portmeirion estate, with the Mum & Dad when I was 7 years old is as vivid now as it was 50 years ago. Even the ruddy theme-tune sends tingles up the spine. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ygLg-7G0Xp0

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paI your timeline to help me help the TV company. Thanks….. Unique Property Bulletin and UPS members are being asked to vote on their TOP THREE unique properties since we started the www.uniquepropertybulletin.co.uk

(paper format) publication in 1987.

Especially that sodding ballon that chased you and ate you up! The stuff of many nightmares ?.
So this posting on my Facebook thread is to ask Unique Property Bulletin members to keep a eye out for a – PORTMEIRION STYLE of estate. Possibly former MOD, where it is viable to secure 20 to 50 houses in a pleasant village type setting with a secure BOUNDARY-FENCE and CRUCIALLY access would ONLY be possible after 21 days quarantine (to eliminate Covid from those living in the deliberately isolated village). A primary thesis is it is better to be an ISOLATED VILLAGE than a single ISOLATED HUMAN. That, in theory means life WITHIN the courdoned -off village would carry on as normal. No face masks needed. No social distancing. Grandparents can visit with grandkids. Back to some form of pre-Covid normality. This fits in neatly with our TOP THREE UNIQUE PROPERTIES OF ALL TIME? If PORTMEIRION WAS for sale, we would buy it. But for this post, something SIMILAR to Portmeirion is sought. So PLEASE keep your eyes peeled.