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Derek Mathewson ~ National Treasure

Our unique property folk may wonder why we have focussed on the patriarch gentleman from the vintage car auction house Mathewsons. The one that features in that gem of a television programme, “Bangers & Cash”. We hope to manage what Derek Mathewson succeeds in: helping folk enjoy life. We are lucky to share several things in common already. Such as eccentricity. Even the mundane: start dates (here). We started getting ourselves into property adventures in the 1970s from the island of Arran. Then this publication started getting YOU into unique property mischief from 1987. Unusual homes such an island lookout station for £5 a year rent…

^^ Davaar Island: The Lookout Station ^^

In 1987 Unique Property Was Born Here

Well, a lot of the planet have had a horrible two years with this pandemic. Hundreds of thousands are working from home.

^^ Davaar Island: The Lookout Station Fully Restored ^^

@ Far Right of Photo in 2020

Photo Service: Alamy Attribution: Allan Wright

It was a happy accident that the programme research staff from the television production company phoned Unique Property Bulletin looking for unusual buildings to present to their commissioning editor. All the lady said was “have you seen “Bangers & Cash” that is one of ours.

The difference is that Derek and his family bring happiness via family nostalgia with cars “that have led a life”. Those vintage vehicles are unique. Whereas modern cars are very, very similar and to be blunt, they are bland.

We started to notice that there are several strange crossovers…

Derek does with cars and helps folk in  a way we seek to do with unusual homes.

Getting through this past 2 years, and having to work from home, there has been daytime television on in the background. A lot of it is dire. But there are golden nuggets, such as the James Bond Aston Martin’s featured in the first part of this article (here).

^^^ Derek Mathewson: Centre of Left Photo with Sons. Plus Two Gentleman &  A Beautiful Car on The Right ^^^

Though by the end of this second part of our special feature article…

We hope to have something that might genuinely change your life.

All of this, we might add, from just one of our readers asking to by the James Bond 007 Skyfall house…

^^ Derek Mathewson finds you the car. We help you achieve the house purchase!^^

To something we think may be a lot more rewarding in enjoyment and fun…

National Treasure

Yours + Mine

Thank You Derek

The magic formula is not just nostalgic cars or an island sanctuary or a unique home. It is you, your family, your friends. All of us in fact. Here is classic car auctioneer and our nomination for National Treasure because he has made many folk happy during these horrible two years of the dreaded lurgy. A well deserved humongous cake award to Mr Derek Mathewson…

A Cake For Classic Car Auctioneer, Mr Derek Matthewson

Not one we baked, but many folk are obliged to the happiness this gentleman gices.

He’s a Yorkshireman too.

Aren’t they supposed to be a grumpy lot!

What Derek and his wonderful family, plus the incredibly talented producers of the hidden gem of a programme “Bagers & Cash” do is very gently, and in the case of Derek, very kindly, nudge out nostalgia for real people.

We know, because our main (day job here) site contractor on the Sannox Hotel renovation on the island of Arran several hundred miles away from Mathewsons Vintage Car Sales  comes from just along the road to Mathewson’s Auction Thonton Le Dale. When we spoke a few days ago, Keith had some old car signs he had dropped off at Mathewsons on his last visit to that part of the country. As a an apprentice mischief maker, Keith offered to drive any classic car the writer of these words dreamt of locating, back from Mathewsons auction house to the far north.

The nostalgia buttons were pressed again and again…

Russ McLean Was Glued To His Jeep!

Did You Start With One of These?

Surely you have some nostalgia of this type?

You will if you start watching Derek’s television series.

Mine nostalgic wander down memory lane started with that old jeep from the 1960s. A trusted jeep. It was a different time. I was born 14 years after the end of World War 2 and we drew Spitfire planes on paper at school. Our heroes were those who had served. There were a lot of these fine men and women to look up to.

Sadly one of the few of that great and remarkable generation passed away a few days ago, but he came to the close of his life in grace and style.

Harry Billinge M.B.E. LdH.,

Normandy Beach Landing Veteran.

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Harry Billinge is part of this. He is part of our memories of the best.

At this publication we like to make sure folk can find their sanctuary. Our friend Derek has a similar job, but with the our affection to old lumps of metal shaped in beautiful ways made real. Similarly, Unique Property Bulletin strives to make your unique home dream come true: which is why we give you a special barn find building later in this feature article and just a few miles from classic caar motor auction Nirvana…

^^ Mathewsons Classic Car Auction HQ ^^

Here is your nostalgia-fest…

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We have an idea to help you with a vintage car and a unique home.

But how did we get to this point of logic? Combining classic cars and unique homes?

It’s Derek’s fault!

In a good way.

With the Bangers & Cash” programme quietly on in the background, the old memories started to stir.

My Dad’s first car, well the first one I remember (including my parents arguing about nine pounds and ten shillings for sun visor)…

^^ An Ford Zodiac ^^

This next segment is something we hope you can empathise with. Just think back to your childhood. The brain seems to do this thing where is extinguishes or supresses the less happy stuff, and keeps the nicer, nostalgia yearning things to the top. Well to the front of your mind if something triggers off a pleasant thought process.

Do you remember your favourite car from your childhood days?

This also applies to horses and carriages (not an ageist thing, just that some fof our readers prfer horses and instead of cars and we make best efforts to be as inclusive as possible ~ apologies for what will come in a few paragraphs).

From this end of this keyboard the photos above and below are nostalgic example of one of my Dad’s first cars. He was in the Royal Navy like my grandfather. Neither were in the police. Though my mother’s first boyfriend was a Canadian Mounted police trooper, which might explain what happened in the old career path.

Sadly both parents are now passed away, so without a ouiji board, it’s kind of difficult to find out the missing answers to long lost family questions.

Back to that Ford Zodiac and the memories it evoked and house you may end up buying that would allow sufficient spare cash to buy an old classic car to fill that yearning for years gone by.

Me and my brothers used to happily slide from door to door on the old car’s back bench seat.

Heaven knows how none of us flew out of a half-open door when going round corners!

A few years later, the ultra modern and gas-guzzling Ford Granada was all the rage. But the Old Man could only afford a high mileage one from an auction and we spent a week trying to get the ruddy orange stripe off of the thing.

^^ A Second Hand Jam Sandwich ^^

It’s All Our Dad Could Afford.

The Stripes Were A Swine To Get Off.

This is probably a psychologists holiday fund in analysis here, but I am beginning to wonder how a promising career as an electrician ended up with a drill serge Dixon of Dock Green tunic and matching handcuffs!

A few years later, here is your writer and it ain’t fancy dress…

^^ Russ McLean & Sheena McGillivray on Islay ^^

The Plodmobile Was Not A Classic Car Collectible

Though these cars may have been part of a subconscious yearning for days-of-old to return.

During Covid lockdown, the current boxset tv series of Endeavour Morse is taking a pasting…

^^ Sergeant Morse By Shaun Evans ^^

& Trusty Police Vehicle

Endeavour: Here

Thank goodness there will be a series 10!

At this time in the 1970s and 80s, many of us were going to old fashioned cinemas as handheld television-phones had not been invented then…

Sean Connery Helped Make

This Already Beautiful Car A True Icon.

So much so, that in the 2020s, when one of these Aston Martin’s emerges from an old barn, there is a long queue of restoration aficionados wishing to take on such a restoration project. Derek Mathewson is likely the world’s leading authority on where and when these may come up for sale..

^^ A Magnificent Dilapidation ^^

How much will one of these sell for at

the country’s leading classic car auction house…

So my dear friends and readers, with a steady feast of vintage cars coming up for auction, the thoughts turned to a “wish list”. The Connery Aston Martin is a lot of money. We couldn’t justify that sort of money as £10,000 is all we need to create a job (we are addicted to getting High Street shops re-opened: here). So we have a moral dilemma.

This old Jaguar class is on the menu with a fraction of the price tag of a Bond-mobile…

The original John Thaw red Jaguar is a lot of money, whereas the one driven by Shaun Evans in his carnation of Endeavour Morse is definitely on our radar.

So if you hear that Jaguar registration “KAN 169” or whatever the current registration is, is FOR SALE, then PLEASE can you leet us kknow..


0757 2768 795

A bottle of 25 Year Old Malt Awaits

As Your Finder & Successful Buyer Remuneration


One last thing for this article. It is hopefully helpful to you…

Reverse Engineering

Many Folk Know The Term “Barn Find”…

Well, here at Unique Property Bulletin we know from decades of doing this, that finding your perfect home is a lot easier if you spend some time in the location where you wish to live.

Joining that up with the fact we live several hundred miles away from the best classic car auction house in the country and that got us thinking.

A very good way of finding the perfect vintage car is (providing you are not tied to a specific location due to children/grandchildren) to buy a home near to Mathewsons car auction.

So here goes…

Former Barn Conversion

Very Near To Mathewson’s Auction House

Former Barn Conversion

Very Near To Mathewson’s Auction House














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Post Script

Meet The Man Himself

Mr Derek Matthewson