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We aim to add a new unique property to the social media newsfeeds every couple of days or so. It is also a worthwhile idea to check out earlier editions of Unique Property Bulletin for a whole range of unusual properties and helpful feature articles. You can find many previous Bulletins to read, via click-links on the lower right hand side of this page. Though if you are viewing our website via a mobile and some types of tablet devices, you may need to go to a ‘full screen’ format to access these archived copies. It is worth studying these archived Bulletins, as several readers have located tasty bargains at nice ripe prices that way.

Examples of Earlier Editions…

Douglas Head Lighthouse Station

Douglas Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages For Sale: Price Reduction To £349,000

This Beautifully Taken, Atmospheric Photograph Courtesy: Isle of Man Film

Click Here For April 2016 Unique Property Bulletin


1 Haile Sands Fort Photo Steve Fareham

Haile Sand Fort For Sale £350,000

Photograph Courtesy of Steve Fareham

Click Here For February 2016 Unique Property Bulletin



The Old Tower, Stede Hill, Maidstone, Kent

Click Here For January 2016 Unique Property Bulletin


Pole House - The Pole 1

Unique Architecture: Hillside Seaview Pole House

Click Here For December 2015 Unique Property Bulletin


Hint: At the bottom of each Unique Property Bulletin, there is a click-link website connection to the previous edition so that you can trace back properties for as far back as you like.


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