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Grand Design – Stillwater

Iconic Floating Feature Photo – Kevin McCleod’s Grand Design – Stillwater

Also in this week’s edition – Liquidated Lodges & The Eden Project…

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 Harry Potter’s Birthplace

The Billion Pound Door ? Read More ? (c) 2012 Mr Tony Ranzetta.

28 October 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Classic Castle – Community Comforts

Bath Lodge Castle, Somerset (c) 2012 Savills

Also in this edition: what can you buy for £12,000.

4 November 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Remote Rocks 

It is Britain, but only just (c) 2012 Knight Frank 

Also in this edition: Are we featuring what you like, or have you other favourite styles?

11 November 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Around A Temple

Craigiehall Temple Tower House (c) 2012 Strutt & Parker

30 September 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Plockton Parishioner Paradise

Hamish MacBeth’s Loch Dubh – But What is For Sale? (c) 2012 Anne Burgess.

23 September 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Lots of Lighthouse Life

Splendid Lighthouse Location Location Location (c) 2012 Cooke & Arkwright

16 September 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Utilities & The Nil-Bill

The Old Pump House – BEFORE Renovation (c) 2012 BBC Television (L002126)

9 September 2012 Archived Link For Research …..



Spanner In The Works

The Old Watermill – Cogs (c) 2012 Fine Agencies

Bulletin Archive 26 August 2012


Exotic Engine House

Cornish Engine House Conversion (c) 2012 Jackson-Stops & Staff.

Bulletin Archive 19 August 2012


Earlier editions of Unique Property Bulletin including Nuclear Bunkers, Watermills, Dr Who Tardis, Islands, Waterworks, Windmills and much more …

Old Lifeboat Station (c) 2012 Leslie Barrie

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