Engine House

Dolcoath Mine House, Cornwall, TR14 8RA.

Guide: £30,000 to £35,000

Engine Houses

Are The Key To Halving The UK Energy Bills.

There is an irony with this £30,000 Engine House. Unique Property Bulletin started in 1985 and was an accidental success. In the late 1990s we became Unique Property plc (public limited company) and the passion of restoring dilapidated unique castles and lighthouses, plus underground bunkers etc., set us off on a journey that we still enjoy.

But we soon added old shops as our town centre was dying! High Streets and creating jobs became more than just a dream: our collegiate unique home funds had grown and grown.

All to the point where our group of friends could make interesting things happen.

=> We did not set out to re-open closed-shops and renovate/bring back to life hotels that had been shut-down for years! Nor create new jobs. But after the first few, we got a huge buzz when things went right and real jobs came about.

We just could not resist actually buying some of the unique homes that feature in our publication. The Unique Property Bulletin volunteers all had nest-eggs that grew and grew. 15 years later, here we are now and able to start a new style of property renovation…

=> Building community owned, ecologically compliant electricity generator stations and HALF the local electricity bills for those around the series of these Engine Houses!

That is relevant now, as this year, 2023 we are selling off a lot of our “spare” bits of unique property that we have accumulated along the way and starting a major new project with those spare funds.

This also includes actively deploying those funds and bidding on dual-purpose unique homes. By that we mean very unusual places to live, that also generate power within their structure. For example…

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^^ Have Been Bidding on Reservoirs ^^

^^ & Hydro Electric Buildings Already ^^

But we digress. This segment is about the engine house in Cornwall. So let us finish the detour about halving your electricity bills and then present the £30,000 engine house for sale.

For our readers minded to see where things are at regarding the community-owned electricity generator stations, here is a link…

=> Community-Owned Ecological Generator Stations. Introduction: Click Here.

Why does this matter? Sadly in the 1990s we discovered that more than 400 people in the UK take their own lives through debt problems (evidence: click here).

Having run the Debt Advice Charity for 10 years, we are absolutely certain that a major solution to this awful number of debt-suicides is to…

^^ We Are Building ^^

Ecological  Power Generator Stations

To Halve Community Electricity Bills.

If you have any doubt about either our ability or indeed your local community’s ability to come together and generate sufficient electricity from each power station to supply between 50 and 500 house (or shops etc). then make a cup of coffee or tea and spend a spare 10 minute reading about how, why, when and where.

Crucially we would point you to the tail end of the page link: here.

If our crew of unique property eccentrics can do this, then you should find it easy…

To Read About

Halving Your Electricity Bills


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You Could Just Convert This Cornish Building

To Your New Unique Home

Guide: £30,000

Dolcoath Mine House, Dolcoath Road,

Cambourne, Cornwall, TR14 8RA.

Guide: £30,000.

The irony with this Cornish Engine House is this has the planning permission needed for these modest scale, community owned power generator stations.

Also, Unique Property Bulletin is based at the other end of the country. We will be opening an office on the south coast at some point. But for now, we are keeping the proof-of-concept project local (near to Dundee). That way we keep any post-pandemic hangovers to a minimum.

Today’s Unique Property For Your Consideration…

Dolcoath Mine House, Dolcoath Road,

Cambourne, Cornwall, TR14 8RA.

Guide: £30,000.

Dolcoath Mine House, Dolcoath Road,

Cambourne, Cornwall, TR14 8RA.

Guide: £30,000.

^^ Dolcoath Mine House ^^

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(June 2023)

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