Facebook Suck


We have spent over £2,000 in the previous 18 months with Facebook.

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Facebook Suck

The Gory Details

Facebook routinely lock people out of their account for “verification and security purposes”. Fair enough. Well, it would be okay if Facebook had a system that allowed legitimate customers back into their accounts.

Now, after several hours of mind-numbing endless computer loops we cannot access the Unique Property Bulletin Facebook webpage to add new buildings. At least we will now save £180+ per month at peak times.

Thank goodness we “only” have 7,580 folk to try and rescue from this knackered Facebook social media account…

We would worry for one of our favourite sites on Facebook as they have over 30 million followers and employ several folk in their social media department who could lose their jobs, Heaven forbid the Facebook lockout gremlin struck them…

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook giant is too big and his organisation has a horrendous, malfunctioning “account recovery” system. Well Mark, we are just a small account holder with random payments to your company, but you can wave goodbye to your monthly payments from us…

We were on the cusp of employing a new member of staff. Part of their duties would be social media account management. The income derived from the Google side of this equation was to form an element of their salary. The equation we refer to is this: the more Facebook followers and visitors your website has, the hogher the resultant Google Adsense income.

Google AdSense is linked to social media reach. However, when Facebook CANNOT BE TRUSTED to allow clients to access or properly recover their accounts, they are stuffed.

We are just relieved we had not yet employed someone for that job as Facebook would have compromised their employment.

Facebook Suck




Endless Ruddy Loop of Facebook Excremental and Defective IT Coding.

Little wonder Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is facing mounting criticism: here.

Pray, You Don’t Get Caught In A Facebook Death Loop. To Paraphrase What Facebook Says…

Log On. Bu66er Off. Log On. Bu66er Off. Log On, Bu66er Off.

The solution? Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world with some of the finest minds on the planet. But they have little common sense given the fact that their “account recovery” systems do NOT work very well. There are numerous examples of this Facebook problem narrated all over the internet.

Newspaper Source: Here

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, we would suggest Facebook have a dedicated telephone line and some form of fail-safe so that legitimate organisations that pay money to Facebook for a service that Facebook are FAILING TO HONOUR.

If you have a business such as Architecture Today that employs over 10 people on social media, PLEASE do NOT rely on Facebook. They will LOCK you out of your account and ruin your ability to provide social media jobs in your business or not-for-profit social group in an instant.

We must end this narrative at this point as next week, the company solicitors will be asked to seek the appropriate order at Forfar Sheriff Court inviting Mr Zuckerberg and his representatives to remedy this situation. Facebook have accepted a significant amount of money and we shall be alleging that Facebook have failed in their statutory duties in the UK.

As for our readers, we apologise profusely. We are unlikely to be utilising social media so much as the likes of Facebook are simply incompetent.

Please, can our readers just access our website directly and not bother with Facebook alerts.

Thank you.


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Our readers are great. A heartfelt thanks for your efforts at trying to fix this Facebook account access nightmare for Unique Property Bulletin on Facebook.

When we ran some of your suggestions, such as search the relevant Facebook “help” pages with phrases such as “Facebook Account Recovery”, here is what the Genius Zuckerberg spent millions of dollars programming his website to do – basically advertise Instagram. What that has to do with helping PAYING customers of FACEBOOK access what they have paid for is beyond us. Proof that Facebook will be reaching its zenith soon and the shares/stock will plummet…

Facebook is becoming a sad and frustrating joke.


Karma is catching up with

Facebook controlling shareholder,

Mark Zuckerberg…

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