Includes Mooring & Free Street Parking

Guide Price £298,500

Location: Edam, The Netherlands (22 km from Amsterdam)

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Splendid holiday-home, ready-made investment property. The rental listing details can be seen “live” on the HomeAway website. Or instead of renting this out, you could utilise the houseboat as a European bolt-home. Even a European business address for your UK company (post-Brexit). Or a combination of all three!

Houseboat For Sale At Edam, The Netherlands.

It is fairly rare that we feature houseboats in the Unique Property Bulletin. The last one was in London and had the advantage of securing affordable accommodation in the capital in a spectacular location.

Our latest offering is even rarer to the Unique Property Bulletin. A European location. It may seem counter-intuitive in these Brexit times, but Unique Property Bulletin can guarantee you that the Channel Tunnel will still work, and the car ferries will still cross the English Channel. We are fairly certain that folk from the UK will still wish to holiday, visit, live and work in Europe.

At the end of this listing Unique Property Bulletin provides a link to a legal beagle article that may be of interest to those UK Citizens wishing to preserve their rights to holiday and live in Europe after Brexit.

But first we feature an unusual home which we believe will cure your British Brexit access to Europe blues…

For us, based at the far north of Britain, the allure of Europe is increasing. The thought of a waterfront property that is so close to Amsterdam, yet sits on the water has us excited.

Maybe have a look yourself.

Houseboat For Sale At Edam, The Netherlands.

Summary of Accommodation:

The houseboat has accommodation for 2 people:-

· 1 Bedroom.

· 1 Bathroom

· Free street parking right outside

· Outside Patio Area

· Easy-maintenance garden area (rented from council)

The houseboat is located on a wide section of the Edam estuary, close to the Ijsselmeer lake and a few minutes’ walk to the ‘living museum’ that is historic Edam. This location is just 30 minutes’ drive from Amsterdam. You will often see historic wooden barges, pleasure craft and all sorts of small boats and water activities passing close to your window! Also, the ducks, grebes, moor-hens and coots that frequent this location, often passing right under your window or nesting in the nearby reeds. Indeed, this is also a nature-lover’s paradise.

Got a boat? Moor it right alongside, and use it to explore the beautiful ancient canal-ways of the Noord-Holland countryside, or go sailing on the Ijsselmeer ‘lake’ that once formed part of the north sea.

Houseboat For Sale At Edam, The Netherlands.

The boat is currently furnished as a holiday rental and decorated with a collection of artwork (some by the owner).

Interior of The Houseboat For Sale At Edam, The Netherlands.

Modern Amenities:

There is a living/dining room, fully equipped kitchenette with gas hob, electric oven and washing machine, a bath-room with bath and shower, and a cosy bedroom with double bed.

The houseboat is equipped with WIFI and connected to mains water, gas and electricity and sewerage.

There is a new combi boiler (2018) and Central Heating throughout!

All furnishings, artwork, bed linens, towels and extras for the guests’ enjoyment are included in the sale.

Outside on the water side you can sit and enjoy the garden wildlife (an abundance of birds, frogs and dragon -flies).

There is also a useful shed included in the outside area.

Free parking is available on the road-side.

Close by the mooring is a famous landmark: Fort Edam. The setting is amazing. We would mention that the houseboat mooring is included in this sale.

Local Points of Interest:
  • Historic ‘living museum’ of Edam. A few minutes’ walk to town centre.

  • Wide section of canal which runs to the IJsselmeer lake.

The ‘city’ of Edam (actually a small town) is bursting with historic painted wooden houses, quiet waterways, flower-filled gardens, independent small shops, old churches and many other places to wander around and admire. It is beautiful in summer…

and in winter…

Accommodation in detail…

The Houseboat Kitchen


  • Fridge
  • Gas Hob
  • Electric Oven
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishes & utensils
  • Kettle
  • Mini Freezer

The Houseboat Living Room

Living Room

  • Comfortable Leather Couch and Sofabed
  • Television
  • WIFI
  • Ample storage behind the window blinds 

The Houseboat Dining Area


  • Dining area by the window

The Houseboat Bedroom


  • Romantic bedroom for 2 with inset, pull-across doors.

The Houseboat Bathroom


  • Bath plus shower over
  • Wash Hand Basin
  • W.C.



Views From The Houseboat


  • Television
  • Books
  • Internet/WIFI
  • Canal walks
  • Local visitor attractions
  • The iconic city of Amsterdam is a readily accessible 22km from this houseboat  location

The Houseboat – Outside


  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Several seating areas
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Useful shed, especially for cycles which are very popular in Holland.

The Houseboat – Location

The Canal takes you through to wonderful places in the typical Dutch landscape of this region…

Gorgeous in every season. In Winter, the landscape can be transformed into a Winter Wonderland! 

During a freeze, ice-skating tracks open up and go on for many kilometres!

The Houseboat – Accessibility & Connectivity

If travelling from the UK, Amsterdam is closer than you might think. Then you have a great place to base your new European adventure. Whether you are buying a place in Holland for residence,  for holidays, for investment, or in the case of Brexit, to ensure you have an effective EU locus to base your business. With large companies, many have made the required arrangements in the case of Brexit. However, the majority of smaller businesses that trade from the UK with Europe have no base, no bridge-head. This houseboat may just help you remedy that matter.

There are three primary ways to commute from the UK to Holland and the EU and of course, the international hub airport at Schiphol is Holland’s jewel in the air travel crown…

Schiphol International Airport: Click Here

The Edam Houseboat is just 36 minutes from the world…

The Edam Houseboat is far enough away from Schiphol International Airport so as to avoid any aircraft noise, yet just a half an hour public transport trip from boat to plane and the world is your oyster. Also, Schiphol is very useful if you wish to commute back and forth from London or the UK regional airports.

Schiphol International Airport: Click Here

If air travel is not quite your favourite mode of transport, you have the Channel Tunnel and four ferry routes to get from Britain to Europe. If you needed some visual appreciation of how central Holland is to UK connectivity to Europe and the ideal nature of Edam as a unique and pleasant base, here is a travel map with the ferry routes illustrated in blue…

The various travel options can be studied via the following links…

Many Travel Options From The UK To The Houseboat, Edam, Holland

Travelling from the UK to Holland Is More Popular & Better Served Than You Might Think

Then you have a great place to base your new European adventure. Whether by ship, train or plane,  this unique solution to having a foot in both the UK and the EU might just be a solution to your own personal and/or business Brexit woes.

  • Possible good Brexit news? Now that is something we don’t hear of very often!

There has been a rush to the passport office in Ireland for anyone from the UK who has an Irish granny (here).

  • Unique Property Bulletin cannot guarantee your ease of Euro travel and EU access will be solved by owning a residence in both the UK and the EU if/when Brexit happens. But the political noises are that “grandfather rights” will be respected for those in this position.

So you might like to study that as part of your potential purchase process in buying this Edam based Houseboat.

Concluding this Unique Property section, we have a fondness for the train. So here is the Channel Tunnel route that takes you from the centre of London to the Houseboat in Edam without getting your feet wet…

The Houseboat – As A Rental Facility

Operated As  Holiday Letting Business For 10 Years

Example of Many Positive Reviews…

Wonderful houseboat, great location, charming little town

Laura L.

At the end of May we spent a long weekend on the houseboat in Edam. On the way back home it was clear, we will be back! This time for a week in July. The houseboat is lovingly furnished, everywhere there is something to discover and equipped with everything you need. The location is perfect, you are fast in the historic center of Edam and just as fast on the sea. Edam itself is a wonderful little town and absolutely worth a visit. There is everything you would want as a tourist, and the place is still not overcrowded touristy. If you want to relax here is just right. The gentle rocking of the houseboat with passing boats and ships is very calming. Every day, the duck family greets you, who greets you aloud at the window or on your own jetty. We even looked forward to the rainy days, because watching the raindrops on the water is wonderful. If you need a bit more action, it’s half an hour by bus in Amsterdam. All in all a perfect holiday with a very friendly and attentive hostess. We will definitely come back!

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The Houseboat – Further Information & Contact

If you would like more information, or to arrange a viewing, please email:

We Think You Can Access Europe With A Little Legal Understanding After Brexit

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