Keeper’s Cabin For Rent &

Walled Garden Building For Sale.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station,

Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station & Keepers’ Houses

Below, we have just received a video of the completely renovated Keeper’s Cabin at Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Optimal rent in tourist season is £600 per week. Could be yours for £99 per week. Would you like to live at an amazing lighthouse station for £14 a day. £7 each if you are a couple!

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

The Front Door Is The Green Door

To The Left of The Photo Above.

Instead of the usual £600 per week during holiday/staycation season, the owners are happy to lease Keeper’s Cabin for 6 months to 18 months and indeed longer term at £99 per week to whoever buys the Walled Garden and Walled Garden Building (here). The Walled Garden Building is very likely to achieve use as a “remote working” office. It has been used as a workshop for decades already.

That “remote office” working via the internet was the plan of our managing director here at Unique Property Bulletin Ltd. Long before Covid which made “remote working” almost mandatory at times, many folk working from home have embraced this rural life-work-style to a fashionable degree. Fortunately for a new tenant/owner and unfortunately for our managing director, due to health matters, our plans have changed. We are selling the Walled Garden Building and it would be ideal for use as a 1 bedroom house. It will need a small extension at the back. Whilst this is being done, you can rent nearby Keeper’s Cabin for £99 per week. So this Keeper’s Cabin is where you may be calling your new home until the Walled garden Building is transformed…




This Is Keeper’s Cabin 21 June 21

Narrated by Mr Steve Williams

Steve is the brilliant builder who project-managed the transformation of this old building into a new, properly insulated, fully damp-proofed, completely rewired and replumbed, fully decorated Keeper’s Cabin.

The old coal bunker + store room and redundant hallway next door were moved from our Principal Keeper’s House ownership title (semi-detached adjacent property) to the full ownership via HM Land Registry so as to double the floorspace at the completely renovated the Keeper’s Cabin.

The the old bedsit bothy was just rooms 6 and 7 (5 was a coal bunker). Now, following a major renovation, the new Keeper’s Cabin has 6 rooms and is a proper one-bedroom house with separate lounge + kitchen + shower-room and wc-washroom…

The New Keeper’s Cabin

Rooms 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 Have Doubled The Floorspace

The old bedsit bothy had rooms 6 and 7 (5 was a coal bunker).

It used to look like this…

The Old Bothy.

Cold & Damp.

It now looks like this, having had a very thorough renovation and restoration…

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Plus the floor-area has been doubled meaning a proper, separate WC and shower rooms…

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Along with new lounge and separate kitchen.

Keeper’s Cabin, Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

The icing on the cake is the outside. This is our happiest location, location, location…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Sinclair Castle in The Middle Ground

Ackergill Tower in The Foreground




Renovating the last building

We have completely renovated the major buildings at what used to be a near-derelict lighthouse station. There is one last building to attend to. It is the old Walled Garden Building.

Steve Williams Is Conquering His Vertigo

Steve is also pointing to the last building at Noss Head that requires to be brought back up to a decent standard. He is also able to project-manage that job for you. Including his little blue book containing the VIP list of local electricians + plumbers + roofers + joiners + builders etc. So do you fancy escaping the rodent-race. Here is the makings of a wonderful sanctuary for you with all the ingredients ready…

The Walled Garden Building + Garden + Land

Offers Over £79,000 “As Is”

Or £125,000 With Planning Permission

Click Here

For Walled Garden Sale Details


To help the new owner of the Walled Garden Building and Land., we are happy to rent the nearby Keeper’s Cabin at £99 per week  for as long as the Walled Garden new-buyer needs to complete the project.

The Walled Garden site is marked “2” on this draft title plan. It will be one of the largest areas of ground owed by a person on this lighthouse station…

The Walled Garden area for sale and new ownership can be visualised with the assistance of the following drone photo. You would be buying the buildings and land marked “2”. This includes direct road access and parking, plus a secondary road access (see the spur road and) for emptying a new septic tank to be situated in the lower right field… 

^^^ The Walled Garden Building ^^^

& Land Is Marked “2” In The Photo Above

The other site (now sold) where Planning Permission was GRANTED is at the Engine House…

The Engine House

Secured Planning Permission For Use As A Home

Now the last property requiring renovation

onsite is the Walled Garden Building.

Ironically, this is the first lighthouse station in 35 years where the private (former keepers houses) and the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) retained TOWER have been renovated at the same time.

The NLB and many local folk including local dignitaries are pleased that the WHOLE lighthouse station is back to it’s former glory.

Unfortunately the managing director of the company which owns the private property at this site was injured aboard a CalMac ferry and suffered a stroke. As a result, Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., is looking to sell the Walled Garden Building, along with ample land for septic tank and recreational use etc.

There is good water-mains pressure water onsite. Plus national-grid electricity and quality broadband connection.

So the Walled Garden Building could and should become a useful property in order to complete the set of renovated buildings on this local landmark site….

The Walled Garden Building

It is crucial to the planning process that this building, albeit in a sorry looking state, already “exists” at our Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

If you want to see what a transformation of these former lighthouse utility properties can look like, just go back to the top of this page and view the video of Keeper’s Cabin. Part of that used to be an old coal bunker!

The Walled Garden Building already has workshop use and this establishes a  PRECEDENT.

Local council planners GRANTED permission to change the nearby ENGINE ROOM into a residential dwelling.

The Walled Garden Building has MUCH MORE LAND that the Engine Room. We have spent a lot of time and effort on all of the other buildings, making them ship shape. As too have the Northern Lighthouse Board with the main tower that they still retain…

^^^ Noss Lighthouse Tower ^^^

You can just see the Walled Garden Building

peeking out from behind the tower.

The actual garden you would own feels a bit like Narnia and is a lot bigger than any normal garden. Back when lighthouse keepers’ were resident, this large walled garden area helped to feed FOUR families with freshly grown produce…

The Walled Garden Entrance

In Needs of A New Door!

The owners of this website are the owners of Noss Head Lighthouse Station and are happy to consider offers for the Walled Garden “as is” at £79,000.

Were there time and a fit/well managing director, we would apply for planning permission to convert the Walled Garden Building into a 1 bedroom house ourselves and that would add a significant amount onto the selling price.

But after a lot of consideration, we have decided to sell the Walled Garden Building (here).

You might just fancy renting Keeper’s Cabin at £99 indefinitely and utilising the Walled Garden Building as your “remote-working-office” and install Skype/Zoom to telecommute. It is safe and well away from the madding covid crowd.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Walled Garden Building

& Lighthouse Station Land

For Sale


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Any enquiries, please text: 0757 2768 795.