Keeper’s Cabin

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Reviewing options for our Keeper’s Cabin property at Noss Head Lighthouse Station by Wick in Caithness. One option is to rent the recently renovated property…



^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station, KW1 4QT.

Here is the video of the interior after the renovation work.

This is so folk can have see what this place used to look like back in the utilitarian days of very basic accommodation for visiting lighthouse keepers.

Keeper’s Cabin is now  fully renovated and a very comfortable lighthouse building.

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

This is what it used to look like…

Following the renovation of Keeper’s Cabin, it is bliss not to have to climb over the old toilet to get into the mouldy Bothy shower. Let alone end up with medical Glasgow scale concussion from actually using this weirdly placed w.c. and banging your head off of the wall (all now removed with a properly positioned, brand new set of w.c. washroom facilities that are separate from the brand new shower room)

^^^ Gone ^^^

Replaced By Two Separate Rooms.

One for showering and one a brand new washroom and w.c.

If you just spend 50 seconds watching the video at the top of this page ~ the fully renovated Keeper’s Cabin, you may begin to appreciate the transformation from coal bunker and damp dingy dump of a space. Heaven help the visiting lighthouse keeper’s of the olden days.

After a major renovation the main buildings and the lighthouse tower are looking significantly improved…

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin On The Left ^^^

Here is an earlier photograph from several years ago.

It’s amazing what some TLC can do for a  place…

Noss Head Lighthouse Station in The 1990s

Some Photos of Keeper’s Cabin

& The Lighthouse Station

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

The entrance to our building is to the left of the photograph

^^^ Noss Head Loch + Island + Pier ^^^


^^^ Walled Garden Building ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Loch + Island + Pier ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station In The Distance ^^^

^^^ Sinclair Girnigoe Castle in The Middle Ground ^^^

^^^ Ackergill Tower in The Foreground ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^


Video of Noss Head Lighthouse Station

This was filmed before the 2018/2019 renovations

^^^ Video Film ^^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station & Keepers’ Houses

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