Detecting The Next Lighthouse Sale?

This page can link you to our DIY Guide to help you gain the edge in discovering the next lighthouse building coming up for sale, and the one after that and….

Our DIY Guide For Discovering Which Lighthouses Are Coming Up For Sale

You can go proactive.

Proven techniques we have used to find lighthouse buildings that are coming up for sale in the future.

You can go DIY and we give you actual examples of  lighthouse buildings, including towers that have been confirmed as coming up for sale.

Would you like a head start finding your ideal lighthouse home?

Then just…

Click Here For The DIY Lighthouse Finding Article

As well as showing former lighthouse keepers’ homes and lighthouse engine buildings etc., our DIY guide INCLUDES some lighthouse TOWERS that have been declared surplus to requirements but are not YET on the for sale list. Might that interest you?

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Then for your DIY guide…

Click Here For The Lighthouse Finding Article


This is a ten minute tutorial webpage that might change your life. No exaggeration, this unique property location technique has made a profound difference to many of our readers. It is compiled from over 25 years experience locating unusual properties for sale especially lighthouse buildings.

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