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For Lighthouse Paint

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Our regular painter is unavailable at this time for the relatively urgent work to paint the front and southside elevation of Sannox Hotel. Here are the Data Sheets for the high specification Lighthouse paint we use from our Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

General advice about applying Stormcote and Plicote can be summarised here…

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(from our specialist painter)

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Here are the two elevations that need to be painted as soon as practicable. This is due to the Rightmove estate agent coming to Sannox Hotel to photograph the property for the sales and updated aerial drone pictures…


September 2021

The Sannox Hotel

Island of Arran, KA27 8JD.

First Phase: Front & South Side Elevations Only (By Parked Van)

^^^ Sannox Hotel ^^^

First Phase Requires Exterior Masonry

Paint Prep & Application.

As outlined in red line…

^^^ Sannox Hotel: North & West Elevations ^^^

The newbuild “Bay Cottage” additional building does NOT need painting. The “Cedral” exterior panelling is designed so that it does not require paint.

Here are the actual DATA SHEETS for the high specification masonry paint…






Onsite At Sannox Hotel As of September 2021…

^^^ Onsite At Sannox Hotel ^^^



Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795


When painting the south gable-end, access can be made via egress through bedroom 6.

But PLEASE take care to safeguard the brand new flat roof…

^^^ Flat Roof BEFORE Renewal ^^^

South-end gable-end.

^^^ Flat Roof AFTER Renewal ^^^

South-end gable-end.

Ideally protect with hazard/stone/grit free carpet turned updise down and then with a sheet of 1mmm plyboard on top to ensure the new flat roof is NOT accidentally torn/pierced/damaged. THANKYOU.



October 2021

The second part of the paint is less urgent than the first.

Back & North Side of The Hotel…

^^^ Sannox Hotel: South & East Elevations ^^^

White Masonry Paint

Exterior White Masonry: Specialist white colour paint as supplied by us (it is specialist paint as supplied for our lighthouse buildings in Wick as formulated specifically for the Northern Lighthouse Board at their paint manufacturer).

Exterior Black Gloss: Traditional black gloss paint on the woodwork and trims in the vernacular of other local village houses and buildings.

The joiner will be making up the backboard and hotel front sign lettering of “Sannox Hotel” during September 2021.



^^^ Specialist Masonry Paint ^^^

As deployed on our Noss Head Lighthouse buildings






Main Keeper’s House At Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Before prep/paint and after photos.

Earlier work at this site…

Main Keeper’s House & Tower At Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Before prep/paint and after photos.

Work to successfully remedy leaks at chimneys…

^^^ Before ^^^

and after…

^^^ This Specialist Paint Cured The Problem ^^^

The other parts of Noss Head Lighthouse Station

benefited from Northern Lighthouse Board

quality paint and materials…

^^^ Before ^^^

and after…

Professional preparation is vital

It is good policy to contract qualified painters

to complete this specialist work…

^^^ Before ^^^

and after…

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

Ordinary Masonry Paint

Is Adequate

But not as good as the specialist

Northern Lighthouse Board product.

We noticed this in earlier projects…

Indeed, we wish we had this high specification

Northern Lighthouse Board

paint many years ago.

It is world class for buildings in coastal; location.

Whereas lower quality paint is just not up to the job.

^^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^^

Davaar Island, Argyll.

1986: This is one of our first restoration projects…

^^^ The Old Lookout Station ^^^

Now painted: can be seen at top right of photo.

Any Questions?

Please contact Russ McLean…

Tel/Text: 0757 2768 795