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This could be the start of your escape from being a wage slave and indentured city commuter!

Freelance Authors Wanted

This Sort of Home Is Perfect For Telecommuting & Is Also For Sale At £99,500 – Click Here.

Telecommuting is the solution to decades of frustration at the long distance commute which has often blocked ideal unique home life.

25 years ago when we first started the old paper version of Unique Property Bulletin, one of the regular topics that cropped up for readers’ looking to live in their dream house was how to earn a living if you took the plunge and relocated to somewhere exotic. Often a fairly remote place (by city dweller and town folk standards). For example our own personal favourite, a lighthouse. Many unusual homes are in places where long distance commuting presents a problem. It isn’t just the 200+ mile journey from home to work which some folk manage by having a main home in the sticks and a crash pad pied-à-terre where they reside 4 nights out of 7 to work in the city. Millions more suffer the fume filled drudgery of the daily 1/2 hour to 1 hour commute between home and work. They dutifully repeat this for the return work-to-home leg with more blood pressure rocketing traffic dodging lottery that modern day road journeys have become. Around 18,200 hours (2 years solid) are spent in a 35 year working life wasted with traffic jam infested journeys that hasten ones own fume laden, infernal combustion engine entombed premature rigor mortis demise…

Remove Nightmare Traffic Chaos From Your Day

Telecommuting is a great answer to recovering hundreds of hours of your life each year going to and from work.

Photograph courtesy of Sam Kelly.

For this edition we feature an article that brings us right up to date, and paint a realisable picture that Tomorrow’s World TV presenter Raymond Baxter might well approve of.

In 2017, it is eminently possible for you to work in the furthest corners of the UK – own a very nice 3 to 4 bedroom former lighthouse keeper’s home for example. Enjoy gorgeous sea views, plus large garden and an acre of amenity land, plus have that all important element: a job. Working from home Telecommuting. Even if you don’t need to work, then a vocation with an honorarium will keep you busy – and sane.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Living Room. Possibly Your New Home Office/Study?

With 3 to 4 bedrooms and an extra reception room, there is plenty of space to have a proper home office with broadband and all the IT communications you need to work and live as a telecommuter.

In the second half of this year we shall actually helping some readers to start a telecommuting way of life – if they would like to consider this an option for more relaxed and enjoyable way to live. Commencing with…

A modest honorarium of £1,500 p.a for 1/2 day each week as a new, part-time associate editor of the Unique Property Bulletin. We aim to increase this to £3,000 per annum and eventually £6,000 per annum during the next 3 to 5 years. For ONE day per week, pro rata. The first stage is to commission a few articles from folk looking to fill this new role on a test run. Initial single trial article remuneration £100.

The Noss Head Lighthouses. This Would Be Your View From The Home Office.

It might not seem a lot but that is just 20% of your week. Also it is flexitime. As and when you want. Multiply that by 5 days a week for a selection of revenue streams and with some imagination, plus a dab of innovation into the mix and you should see how a 5 day telecommute can become very much a viable way to work and live – anywhere in the UK.

Also you will have the variety that a 5 revenue stream lifestyle provides. I would thoroughly recommend this. You could be on the computer one day, a retained firefighter another day, a harbourmaster as and when needed, and round the end of the week off back at the computer.

It may well be a good exercise for you to study exactly what you want, and how your ideal home and preferred spectrum of micro-jobbing might work to your benefit and that of your family’s quality of life.

If you fill all five days of your week with new revenue streams such as the one-day-a-week associate editor of Unique Property Bulletin, then you could well reach a comfortable £30,000 per annum.

With the low cost of house prices in the more rural areas and even some select coastal parts – perhaps you might be able to sell up and go mortgage free. If you can reduce the principle housing cost towards zero, that takes a great strain off of family finances.

Then the dream that has so long eluded many of us starts to become a reality. Curious?

More details in our main article below.


Regular Listings Follow Here…


Partly Converted Church

Guided at £100,000. – Interesting interior photographs: click here

Inside is interesting…


Tiny House Potential

Old Bog house plot may have new plans. Site for sale. Offers over £33,000. Demolish the old toilet block and build your amazing new home. For basic details of this lot: click here

Newbuild Idea 1 – Too Skinny! What Do You Reckon?

We have an old WC building close to a very famous golf course. The plot is small, but your imagination + a good architect might make a remarkable newbuild home. Subject to planning permission. By way of inspiration we feature some precedent setting tiny homes.

Newbuild Idea 2 – Too Expensive! This Tiny House Just Sold For £700,000

Our Building Plot Is Positively Grand Manor Compared To This

This Is Probably The Ideal Design For Our Old Bog Plot. The Locations Is Green With Trees & Grass

Okay, our London example may have a very expensive location (here), but our old WC building at Carnoustie has the sea and a very famous golf club at the end of the road (here). If you fancy a £33,000 building project, please get in touch with us: here.


Unique Property Bulletin Changes

The next edition is now scheduled for 2nd July 2017

We will be adding mid-edition extras during May & June so well worth checking back to this page.

We are having to skip the June Bulletin edition. The Unique Property Syndicate has taken off in a big way and we are at information-overload with all of the websites just now. The rebooted unique property syndicates are a good thing because they will put the Bulletin on a much surer financial footing. The volunteers here will still contribute articles. But since migrating the Bulletin from paper version to an online presence in 2011/2012 our readership can hit the 40,000 a month level. From that flows hundreds of unique property related emails. All good. But we are well past the point where 3 to 5 volunteers can cope.

Full time staff are now needed here. So whilst we will miss the June edition, the work we are putting into property syndicate number 24 will provide an “Angels’ Share” for the Bulletin. This shall fund staff wages for three part-time members: editorial + IT + admin. Likely to become full-time in a couple of years time. Plus a very real set of UPB and UPS adventures. Quite a few of our readers are getting into a mighty dose of unique property mischief. Check back here soon.

Meanwhile We Are Quick Linking

An Example of This Editions Quick-Link Approach: Click Here £95,000 Guide

Due to a hectic April and May with several thousand page views on one single property (here) which in turn required us to travel 6 hours north, then 6 hours south, then 6 hours north like some wonderful lighthouse ping-pong, this edition of Unique Property Bulletin was at risk of being postponed. The property in question is our Unique Property Club’s Noss Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage for sale at £99,500 on the Bulletin’s sister website: click here.

However, we have managed to place a “quick-link” edition online. Less narrative below photos – just a direct ling to the owner or their estate agent’s website.

If you are one of the tens of thousands of new readers that browse Unique Property Bulletin for a first time each year – we are going through some changes just now. Our regular readers know this, but we need our new readers to understand that the growth experienced at our end of the computer keyboard now requires some professional help. This is, thankfully on it’s way as a result of some good fortune at our property club number 24 and beyond.

Meanwhile, the cause of this current Bulletin writer’s quasi meltdown? Have a look at what a little bit of ‘viral’ on social media can do. Very good, yet also contains the seeds of our problem. Overloaded volunteers! Try fielding the level of enquiries that thousands of readers can generate. We love this, but now need to put the Unique Property Bulletin on a more solid footing so it can cope with these high numbers…


Facebook Had Our Tally For ONE Property at 84,734.

Not sure what a Facebook “reach” means, but inbound our emails had a huge surge!

The Facebook number of 84,734 is not something we can measure in pounds and ounces or widgets or gallons etc. However, we are able to work out a definitive number for the actual visitors to the dedicated page on our sister “Lighthouses For Sale” webpage that this link leads to…

If you look closely – that is 1,819 views in just one day. This is our Lighthouse For Sale website stats page

That is just for one single property: here.

As a consequence, we have been just about managing as the new j.a.m., buzzword acronym would name it. The Facebook 84,734 and our own 1,819 (for one day) asides, the avalanche of enquiries and workload that flows from these significantly large numbers of folk are demonstrative of a problem here at Bulletin HQ we have been looking to resolve.

For this edition we have a temporary solution: to publish a decent starter, and work on completing the Bulletin as soon as we can during the month. Ideally if you check back during mid May, you should see some interesting additions which, with the best will in the world we wouldn’t get onsite for our publication deadline of 9pm 7th May 2017.

Longer term, we are delighted to advise that our sister organisation – the Unique Property Syndicate, is ready to donate an Angels’ Share to the Bulletin which will resolve the current volunteer burnout risk we are all under at this end of the keyboard.

The Unique Property Club will be helping out with a sustainable honorarium. It is a virtuous circle…

Without Unique Property Bulletin, the property syndicates would not exists and vice versa.

This very welcome support to the Bulletin will ensure we can locate some assistance with the triumvirate of editorial + admin., + IT and computer ops. More news on Angels’ Share in the coming months.

Last but not least for this element, if you fancy a go at writing an edition of the Bulletin, we are looking to ensure future copies are written and produced on an independent freelance (and paid) basis for alternate months, with our volunteer crew keeping the rest of the editions coming down the line. We shall continue to have volunteers, but the time has come for us to seek some professional help!

To start with, we are inviting would be paid article contributors to enter our first round with sample feature articles. The ones that are published in the next few months will attract a modest £100 freelance payment.

Writers Wanted: Unique Property Bulletin Feature Article Authors Are Invited.

Click Here For Entry Details


Rosehearty Tower For Sale

Guide: £350,000

This Bulletin Has Quick Links In Place of Fuller Narrative: Click Here.

We shall return to normal formatting after we get back to normal following the high volume of readers, enquiries and property viewings over the past few weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Rosehearty Tower For Sale

Rosehearty Tower For Sale

Rosehearty Tower For Sale


Unique Interiors

Boutique Hotel: Click Here


Eco House For Auction: 5th July 2017. Guide: £160,000

Detached Cottage Three / 4 Bedroom. Approximately 0.25 Acre Site.

For Further Details : Click Here

PDF Brochure: Click Here

Or telephone: John Francis Estate Agents on: 01348 873070.  



Overseas Unique

Cave Home With Class

Unassuming Entrance. Understanes A Vast Amount of House + Cave Home

When we studied the sale details and especially mined down into the photographs and detail, this cave house in Spain is a definite candidate for our all time top ten unique homes.

Cave Dwelling Can Be Sophisticated. In The Hot Sun It Is Also Refreshingly Cool

Indeed our medium term plan for the Unique Property Clubs is to end up with some of us who seek the two-summers-no-winters lifestyle achieving that goal. In other words to have somewhere in the north UK where there is an extra 2 hours of daylight in the summer – such as  Noss Head Lighthouses. As opposed to the south coast such as Plymouth for example which gets 2 hours less daylight than the far north! Sshhh, don’t tell anyone the extra hours daylight and hot sunny weather in far north is a secret. That is the summer.

The shoulder months for the top of the UK are in equilibrium with London and the south. In the winter the converse is true. It is darker at the northern parts.

So like the birds, our aim is to eventually secure a permanent unique place close to the Med. Either the south of France, Spain or Italy.

Cave Dwelling Does Not Mean Lack of Fine Facilities

Having looked at Casa Calleja the Unique Property Club is likely to be put on alert and consider if this should be a candidate for the next property syndicate adventure.

Meanwhile, perhaps the Casa Calleja cave home is something that piques your own interest? The online details are well worth 5 or 10 minutes of your time. Go on, put the kettle on, have a cup of tea and take a gander at how totally civilised living in a cave can be.

Fabulous Cave Culture – Who Would Have Thought It!

Casa Calleja is none too shabby. Quite the opposite. A genuine unique property.

More than that, it is much larger than you might imagine. Neanderthal Cave meets Dr Who’s Tardis. Logical when you think about it. Just look at what is in the cave network…

Not The Normal Estate agency Floorplan. But Illustrates A Significant Property

It isn’t all about cave dwelling, there is much out in the open too. In fact there is a great deal of house to see. The owners have an exquisite presentation with a plentiful supply of photographs. The details do have a lovely line that you will seldom get in the cynical estate agency blurb. It refers to cave number 1 for dining! Then when you see how sophisticated cave number 1 looks when the table is dressed for dinner, it is definitely a special place.

Well Worth Studying This Cave Home In The Sun: Here. Indeed It Has A Lovely Study.

Location: Casa Calleja, La Cueva de las Calaveras, Carretera de Pedreguer, Benidoleig 03759, Alicante, Spain.

Guide: Offers over €300,000

Further Details: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Wider Google Map View – With Sea Proximity: Click Here

Trip Advisor: Click Here

Contact – Tel: (0034) 651480816 / 966404609. Or email the Bulletin (click here) and we will make the introduction to the owners. We don’t place email addresses on the internet as those who do soon find out their spam folder s full to the brim with all manner of blue pill offers and fake handbag sellers!

Please can folk let the owner know that you found this cave home for sale in the Unique Property Bulletin.


Former Lighthouse Keeper’s House For Sale

3 to 4 Bedroom Home: £99,500

Just to be clear, this lighthouse keeper’s cottage is for sale – £99,500. Ideal as a home, or holiday cottage for personal enjoyment and a holiday letting income. The building is double glazed with oil fired central heating. On 4th May 2017 the writer of this edition of the Bulletin stayed in this property and was snug, warm and very happy here. This property is just about ready to live in. Sale details: click here


Try Before You Buy

Isle of Wight Flight?


The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in a particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering here is:-


Martyn and Louise Steedman’s Helicopter Upcycling Adventure

A reader from the Isle of Wight contacted us looking for a retired helicopter to convert into a ground based unique home-office fro her garden. We are on the lookout for suitable retired airframe for our friend on the Isle of Wight, and if readers know of any, please get in touch with news (here). Thanks.

Meanwhile for our reader on the Isle of Wight, we spotted a lovely story from Martyn Steedman who watched the final flight of a heroically flown Sea King Helicopter, and went out to buy a retired airframe. All 56ft long. The Royal Navy sold the fuselage to Martyn for just £7,000.


Martyn and Louise Steedman’s Sea King Helicopter – Now A Unique Home From Home


New Life For The Retired Sea King Helicopter – A Very Nice Place To Stay

Click Here

If you would like to visit..

Contact Helicopter Glamping:

Click Here


Humber Fort Price Reduction

Now Guided At Offers Over £250,000. Details: Click Here.

Plus An Excellent “Boys Own” Style Adventure at Haile Sand Fort…

Contains semi-naked men.

Viewer discretion may be advised!!!

Click on the picture above to enjoy the video presentation.

Not too sure what our friends, the owner of Haile Sand Fort would say about the film above. It is certainly entertaining and interesting. More than that – for anyone contemplating the purchase of Haile Sands Fort, the Bulletin would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch the Conquering Haile Sand Fort video above. Though PLEASE do NOT climb up the sides of the fort, Please contact the owner (here) and we can arrange for you to have access through a ‘normal’ front door. 

Haile Sands Fort 4 38

Haile Sands Fort At Low Tide

Check out how shallow the water can get by looking at the sand-to-fort access ladder heights.

You can see how low the water can get towards ebb-tide. A very easy false sense of security that can happen on tidal islands. Hence the video clip at 4 minutes 38 seconds into brilliant video on Youtube by Nik Powis, and the scary bit that Barmy Ben encountered: Click here.


Haile Sand Fort At Low Tide: Further Details: Click Here

Photo courtesy of Mr Steve Fareham


Pretty Church – Guide: £60,000

This Bulletin Has Quick Links For The Current Edition: Click Here


Lots of Points For This Unique Property

AAA Point Farm House 1RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

This is pretty much a text book way of how to sell your home by utilising the best of new technology and online life.

Apart from ticking many unique property boxes – interesting buildings, lovely waterside location, extra outbuildings with planning permission (click here), the owners have gone to the trouble of providing a couple of excellent features which in our humble opinion is the way to go in selling a property online. The first is to commission an aerial video with dynamic flyover perspective covering the central farm buildings plus 9 acres of farmland and waterside access…

Click on the picture above to watch the aerial film footage of Point Sands Farm & Fields

The second top mark initiative is to give an interactive map of photographs taken around the property…

Click here for working photo-map

AAA Point Farm House Interactive MapRSZ

Point Farm – Interactive Photo Map

Click here for working photo-map

A summary description follows, but the Bulletin commends this property on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words, and there are lots of lovely pictures to study in the online website the owners have dedicated for the sale of this wonderful homestead.

AAA Point Farm House 4RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

Waterfront on the banks of the Cleddau, the tidal Milford Haven waterway. On the edge of the National Park with 20 miles of river sailing and 10 miles from the open Irish Sea. An unspoilt unmodernised 18th century farmhouse and curtilage.

A part converted former barn, milking parlour, and calf sheds making a 2nd dwelling with its curtilage.

Click Here For Interactive Photo Map At Main Buildings

AAA Point Farm House Interactive Plan

Point Farm – Building Plan Layout

Click Here For interactive photo map at main buildings

There are about 9 acres of farm land, with the whole site being approximately 10 acres in all. A river frontage pasture ensuring privacy and 3/4 acre paddock/growing ground, south facing with good soil untouched by chemicals. There is a workshop and other outbuildings.

The favoured village of Cosheston with a good primary school and pub is 3/4 mile away up an unmade-up farm track.

AAA Point Farm House 3RSZ

Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed

The present owners lease a deep water and a drying mooring and there is a 50 foot floating jetty.

Possibly not for the faint-hearted and with work to be done. Own water supply and off grid, the complex comprising the whole Cosheston Point is a rare opportunity for one or more purchasers to pursue an interest in self sufficiency, sailing, fishing and alternative living or whatever else is their dream.

Address: Point Farm, Cosheston, Pembroke Dock, Dyfed, SA72 4UN

Guide: TBA – Please click on link for update: here.

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Google Map Location: Click Here

Telephone: 07729 863 272.

Contact: Click Here . Please can folk mention they found this property via Unique Property Bulletin. By helping us this way, we can continue to help you. A virtuous circle.


Regular Updates On Social Media

Please remember that every few days we add an extra unique property to our main social media newsfeeds. So you don’t need to worry about missing out on your ideal home falling off of your radar….

Unique Property Bulletin on Facebook: Click Here

Unique Property Bulletin on Twitter: Click Here


 Unique Property Competition

Sponsored By Our Sponsors: The Real Dragons’ DenClick Here


If you can email the correct name of this cavernous building space at one of the most famous iconic structures in the world – by 30th June 2017,  you will win one of three copies of Unique Property Manual. Trebling your chances of a prize from previous competitions. What is the name of this unusual building…

Hint: This may be a unique home for very thin, or extremely short people. If you were not either of these before visiting hre, you could well be after leaving!


The first three correct answer drawn from our competition box after midnight on 30th June 2017 will win.


Architecturally Unique

Please note, in each edition of the Bulletin we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are NOT usually for sale, but are included to help inspire readers. Great projects can evolve when the mind of a good architect meets the imagination of a unique property person. Something that little bit special is often created by the synergy. Also please don’t worry if the architect is a long distance away from your building site – modern technology has systems expressly designed to bridge what were once significant obstacles to remote design. With broadband, you can acquire international flavour in the blink of an Ipad. Enhanced by Skype and CAD, most things are now possible.

 A smaller version of this fine design might make for a very interesting home.

So our

Commended Architect

For this Unique Property Bulletin is:-

Oscar Niemeyer


Click Here To View Some of This Architect’s Portfolio


Feature Article…


Fancy A Go?

This could be the start of your escape from being a wage slave and indentured city commuter!

Freelance Authors Wanted

Gold Standard of Unique Property: London Underground Station

If you were an assistant editor at the Bulletin, would you be able to find an underground station for sale as an example for a candidate feature article? Would writing about this journey be your thing?

This treatise is a bit of a journey. The destination and way we travel are important on many levels. Come join me for a few minutes.

On the recent drives to the current Unique Property Club Noss Head Lighthouses the commute is amongst some of the most beautiful road view in the country. By the very nature of that northerly A9 drive, there is a lot of good thinking time.

One of The Best Commutes In The Country

This is a photo I snapped on the way up to John O’Groats. Sublime scenery. One of the UK’s finest journeys.

You might have that thinking-time process on long car journeys too. Working out how to resolve a series of problems as the miles dissolve in front of you and the spectacular scenery soothes the senses. Either that of the lack of oxygen at certain heights along the way does some odd things to the old brain cells…

The Slochd Summit

So where are we in this Bulletin? What is the topic?

Several topics in fact. Some have been on the “to do” list for a while. Here s a sample of what popped into my head on the trip to those magnificent lighthouses. Random issues, but important ones:-

1] How do we cope with thousands of extra emails each week with just 3 to 5 part-time volunteers?

2] What can be done to broaden the style and range of writing? Keeping the Unique Property Bulletin fresh. We need coverage in all areas of the UK; all price ranges; all genres of unique – the full A to Z from Air Control Towers, Barns, Castles right through to Zoos.

3] When can we start doing television and radio interviews again? We stopped these a year ago because each time tens of thousands of people heard or read something from the Bulletin, our website would crash under the overload of instant hits. The first time this happened was a 3 page article in a national newspaper. Over 9,000 people clicked onto the Bulletin within a few hours. At that time our webhosting was very basic. The site melted for several, deeply unpleasant hours. It was very uncomfortable learning curve. The IT is much better now, but all of the above is leading to an issue we really need to address, and sooner rather than later…

4] Volunteer Burnout – this is now an acute risk – what is the solution? The current Unique Property Bulletin plus Unique Property Syndicates clubs are dialled up past 11 on the gauge, when our max is 10.

5] Ho do we maintain a good quality of service to Bulletin readers? Buyers and sellers of unusual homes have serious and often life changing needs. The key in that sentence being that this can be a very important matter to each and every reader. Even though we are not – and don’t aspire to be estate agents, there are important standards to navigate towards.

This Month’s Destination: Unique Property Club Number 24

After the miles of glorious countryside flowed by on the journey ever northwards to John O’Groats, the answers percolated through the gray matter.

The volunteers here want to continue volunteering. The answer to the issues narrated above are fairly straightforward.

We need to take on some staff. Three to start – administration + editorial + computer IT. Gently at first. Very careful. A little bit of freelance subbing, then part-time and ideally full-time.

We know the numbers are there to support this – tens of thousands of readers. 25 years of running this obscure publication and the internet have built up a decent level of regular visitors, not just who look, but genuine buyers and sellers. Several million pounds of property in transactional value have been progressed via these very pages. You could be one of the folk to benefit from this – maybe you already have.

The new Angels’ Share from our Unique Property Clubs (for example the lighthouses at Noss Head) will now help ensure the long term viability of this Unique Property Bulletin through financial support in this direction.

How might that affect you? Well you could be one of the three new staff members. Telecommuting to work. It is an interesting topic in and of itself…

Telecommuting Can Help Provide Quality of Life

One of the many themes we have covered over the years – in addition to unique homes, is how to fund them and also how to work from some fairly remote locations. The Noss Head Lighthouse for example is remote: you can see Duncansby Head from the bedroom and kitchen windows. Duncansby Head is the true north east end of UK mainland (John O’Groats is just the pretender). But here’s the rub, Noss head feels remote. It is private and off of the beaten track. Yet Wick Airport is just 15 minutes drive away and there is the main town with shops, big stores, Tescos, schools, hospital etc. So it has the best of both words. Remote splendour. Truly unique buildings, fabulous views; sublime setting – yet also has connectivity if and when you need it from nearby community to long distance relatives.

Also telecommuting is getting a very good reputation…

Telecommuting Is A subject Well Worth Studying: Here For Example

The sheer enjoyment at Noss Head Lighthouses is almost beyond words. This is one of the biggest projects our Unique Property Clubs have taken on. Indeed with 8 buildings and over 30 acres of land, it is the biggest by a country mile. The driveway which forms part of the estate is almost a quarter of a mile! We will of course cover the adventures of Noss Head Lighthouses, and the next stages of locating a project in the south of France so as to secure that long awaited two-summers-no-winters desire and make it real.

Next Adveture: France For Winters

For this Bulletin we shall just crystalise thoughts on the recent north and southbound drive from the Noss Head Lighthouses. Unfortunately, I have had back surgery and am shortly to enjoy another bout. Years of vocational bodily abuse. Sadly I had to give up the best job in the world. Pulling 2,000 ton ship ropes whilst working as a harbourmaster is not conducive to remaining vertical. Discs in the old spine have been complaining for years.

Even Having To Stop Every 50 to 100 Miles Is A Pleasure

The laybys on this commute pretty much all have beautiful views

This means that on bad days I have to stop every 50 miles for rest breaks. Reframing the mind on this, so it takes a little longer to get from A to B. The upside is there are some spectacular places to rest up whilst driving along the A9. When not looking at the spectacular scenery, there are lovely pit stops that are becoming firm favourites like the Ralia Cafe.

Ralia Cafe – A Firm Favourite For Pit Stops To Noss Head Lighthouses

Ralia Cafe – Tea & The Best Sandwiches of Any Roadside Rest Station

You might ask – what has this to do with me? Good question. During these longer than would otherwise be normal drives to Noss Head Lighthouses from Carnoustie, the problem solving part of the brain still works – even if the physical side of the body is racing toward decrepitude.

The Angels’ Share was one solution to a problem we have that was born from these journeys. So even with some discomfort and a several hour drive, there is always an element of goo to percolate from these ventures.

Solutions flowed with the miles. Not just the Angels’ Share, but the whole telecommuting thing too.

When we began the Unique Property Bulletin in 1992, it was with an old Amstrad wordprocessors. The top end of technology at the time. But NO telecommuting of any note to be seen let alone employed by.

^  Amstrad PC 9512  ^

^  Old Fax Machine  ^

Okay, ours was old, but possibly not as ancient and collectible as this antique 

Back in the 1990s many firms were yet to embrace telecommuting.

Printing off manual A4 sheets of paper and stuffing them into a fax machine was not encouraging for many of our long term readers who crave a coastal home, far from the madding crowd and with a good quality of life.

Unique Property Clubs Are Looking To The Lake District For A Next Adventure

Would you like to telecommute from a place like the old boathouse pictured above? We just missed it. When we responded to the “for sale” board attached to this gem,  the estate agent said it had just completed. Now the building wins prizes because it is so photogenic. But there are more. There are always other unusual properties.

Right up until the most recent drive to and from Noss Head Lighthouses in early May 2017, telecommuting has seemed a vague abstract thing. Far too capricious a risk leaving a good solid job in the city, or towns and make that decisive jump to your ultimate home and lifestyle.’

The Old Harbour Office: Views of A Unique Island & Bulletin Birthplace

Many years ago, after I had to give up the job working at the harbour, we set about a couple of other projects: one was the reinstatement of the main ferry to help boost the local economy (that took a long time but eventually happened: here). The other was refurbishing closed business premises and helping folk get started with their new business: click here.

So with our Real Dragons’ Den projects elsewhere, I know when we are approaching something that is viable as a source of new jobs – even if only at a modest level to start with.

This edition of the Bulletin we can see the answer to the telecommuting problem. At least in our eyes – and more relevantly in our deeds…

We are now inviting would be authors and writers to submit articles for review. The best will be included as a forthcoming feature in the Unique Property Bulletin. Remuneration will be the modest £100 mentioned.

Over time we shall be seeking to formalise the working relationship to £1,500 per annum for ½ day per week. Then 1 day per week at £3,000 and increasing to 1.5 days per week at £4,500 p.a., etc. At the £4,500 p.a. point for 1.5 days per week pro rata, the increased responsibilities will determine the enhanced remuneration, with other likely telecommute contracts then on offer.

From here on forwards, we will be looking to invite folk to submit freelance editorial work with a view to commissioning future Unique Property Bulletins on a freelance basis. This should help several of our readers currently considering “the jump” to a unique lifestyle and telecommuting that there is work out there. In fact you just need to spend an hour on the internet to see there is a lot more telecommuting work than we saw, last time we looked.

Beautiful Commutes Help With Thinking Time & Problem Solving

Photograph courtesy of Mr George McIver

So in conclusion, next time you are on a long drive, enjoy the process. Of course keep your eyes on the road, but let your mind problem solve for you. The results may come as a pleasant surprise. Especially if they help you realise that hitherto unattainable dream.

Lighthouses may not be your thing, but for the majority of the UK population, the coast is. So whether you are looking for a castle overlooking the sea…

Or an old lifeboat station with a slip into the sea….

The chances of your doing this just got that little bit better.

Your ideal unique home may well be waiting for you. With telecommuting and our modest nudge in that direction, you can start to look in more exotic and beautiful locations.

Before you know it, you have waived good bye to the life limiting pollution pit of the city and have somehow discovered that for relatively little money you can buy a house and an acre of land. All in at £99,500.

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