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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 6th November 2018


We love it when a reader writes in to say things went well.

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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 5th November 2018.

Unique Property Adventures

Apologies everyone at the slow updates: our volunteers have been up on the Island of Skye studying a candidate property for our next unique property club project.

Shhh, please can members keep this to themselves ūüôā

Unique Property Club – Candidate Property Review

Yes? No? Members can get in touch via the usual channels.

Excitement Is Growing At Unique Property Club HQ


Unique Property Bulletin РEarlier Addition: 3rd November 2018.

Bishop Auckland Church

Price Reduction: Now £245,000.

Was: £295,000.

Previously there have been plans approved to convert the church into a six bedroomed, residential dwelling.

St Peters Church, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB.

St Peters Church, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB

A great amount of building for £245,000

St Peters Church, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB.

This Grade II Listed Church has some fascinating history and has an interesting future going forward with the local authority planning department supportive of conversion to residential use. 

St Peters Church, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB

St Peter’s Church in Bishop Auckland is in the central part of the UK. The fresh price reduction makes it particularly tempting…

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For details of St Peters Church РMain Building РBishop Auckland, DL14 7BB Р£245,000. 


Church Hall, Bishop Auckland

Price Reduction: Now £95,000.

Was: £110,000

The Church Hall, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB

Previous planning permission existed to convert this church hall into two three bedroomed dwellings. A unique property building with the ingredients to create character filled homes for two families.

The Church Hall, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB

For copies of the detailed plans, please contact the estate agent:-

Hunters: 01388 311582

Please can you  let the estate agent know you found this church building in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this website free for you to use. Thanks.

The Church Hall, Princes Street, Bishop Auckland, DL14 7BB

To see the full online details + narrative + photographs…

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The Church Hall, Bishop Auckland details: £95,000.


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 26th October 2018.

Kings Hall, Dover, Kent Auction

Guide: £100,000 to £150,000. Now Sold: £120,000.

Elegant Building. New Future?

Possibly mixed use? A restaurant style venue, plus some new, private home accommodation: subject to planning permissions being granted: Yes or No?

Kings Hall, 287 London Road, Dover, Kent. CT17 0SY

This handsome building was previously operated as a dance hall and wedding venue…

Kings Hall, 287 London Road, Dover, Kent. CT17 0SY

Details of the earlier incarnation can be studied: here.

Kings Hall, 287 London Road, Dover, Kent. CT17 0SY

There is an impressive amount of space in the main hall. Whether this lends itself to mixed use: commercial plus residential, or even just a conversion to an amazing home is up for debate.

In 2017 an application to convert this building into EIGHT homes was rejected by the council.

If you live in this area, it may well be worth having a word with the local planning department as to what they would accept. 

We have rustled up some information o help, so you can have an idea of the council’s general view…

Planning Excerpt: Kings Hall, 287 London Road – LIVE Details: Click Here

The planning authority are none too keen on what appears to be an over-development. Squashing 8 flats into this property does seem a tad sardine style. But, in our experience, you might like to keep on going – past the initial rejection…

If you submit a planning application that creates some jobs, retains a social amenity element AND also has a part that is used for residential accommodation, then this does help favour a PERMISSION GRANTED result.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, we call this the Ronnie Barker, “Living Above The Shop” protocol to achieve a planning permission YES!

Though whatever you may do, please be quick, the auction is quite soon.

Also, please note we can NOT guarantee you will get a planning permission success: but it is always worth consulting with the local authority – including local councillors. In the austere times, many restoration projects that give the council a revenue stream (residential council tax/uniform business rates) is looked at with more positivity than in the bad old days of…

Amy Winehouse Knows It…

Planning Permission Application Bad Old Days: No, No, No.

But for this Kings Hall building, if you try a lateral approach, the council might say, Yes, Yes, Yes.

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Archive: Here

Or Telephone Jon Rimmer/Kevin Gilbert: 01622 608400.

For The Kings Hall Auction Sale Details


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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 23rd October 2018.

Sea Cliff Concert Hall For Auction

Guide: £100,000. Now Sold: £225,000.

When will auction houses manage to “guess” the guide with a better degree of accuracy? This chronic undervaluation prior to auction wastes the time and resources of many prospective buyers..

Fascinating project. Possibly a home plus s venue such as a seaview restaurant.

Subject to planning permissions.

Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade, Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9JX

When the place was in good condition

Large interior accommodation back in the day…

Even now, there is a large area to develop some imaginative ideas and re-open the place…



This wonderful concert hall in Ramsgate had a registered charity formed to rescue it and restore the place to its former glory. That was in 2015. Details…

Click Here For Background Information

Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade, Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9JX

How solid are those cliffs? 100 years left. Maybe 200 years? Even 500 year?

Sadly, due to the fact this fascinating cliff edge concert building is for sale at auction seems to indicate the valiant effort came to nought. However, the old structure does have some worth. Located at the very south east of the country…

Location of West Cliff Hall in Ramsgate, Kent

Map Courtesy of Google

On a fairly decent sized plot of land…

Title Plan Area Bounded in Red Ink

Unique Property: Ordnance Survey Licence: 100052015.

HMSO (c) Crown Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved

There is just something special about this old concert hall that caught our attention. At offers around £100,000, does it capture your imagination?

Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade, Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9JX

Our own view is that this once magnificent concert hall, still has some life left. The question might be asked: how long?

Reverse engineer that question: How long are you going to live? Would a refurbished Westcliff Cocert Hall make you an amazing home that would outlast your lifetime?

One scenario would be to utilise part of the building as your unique home, with the spectacular sea view and refurbish the other half for local amenity use such as a restaurant.

Food for thought? Music to your ears?

Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade, Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9JX

As it looks now, and as it might appear after some TLC…

Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade, Paragon, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9JX

If you are curious – better still, if you stick your paw in the air at the auction and buy this wonderful building, please let us know. We have a certain television presenter wanting to meet you – the good looking t.v., chap, not the craggy one!

Sea Views From Westcliff Hall, West Cliff Promenade

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Or Telephone: 01622 608400.

For The Concert Hall Auction Sale Details


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 20th October 2018.

Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse

For Sale. Guide: £600,000.

Also Known As East Bank Lighthouse

East Bank Lighthouse: Also Known As Sir Peter Scott’s Lighthouse

It is one of the delights running this eccentric Unique Property Bulletin website that sometimes the telephone will ring, and the owner of magnificent home is calling in with details of a very special place to sell. This happened today: here is that offering for you to consider…

East Bank Lighthouse, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, PE12 9QJ

Lighthouse towers¬†for sale are very rare. In 25 years of editing Unique Property Bulletin I have only seen three. As if the tower isn’t rare enough, this one comes with an incredible pedigree. It’s former owner,¬†Sir Peter Scott¬†was the son of famous Antarctic explorer, Commander¬†Robert Falcon Scott. This resonates with our publication as on some days in midwinter, when no other visitors are on the RRS Discovery, I will quietly take the website laptop and spend an afternoon a few miles along the road from my home and go aboard Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ship…

RRS Discovery. Forever Linked With Captain Scott

Please note, this ship is NOT for sale. Just included as part of lighthouse for sale narrative.

I mention the depths of winter for two reasons. Firstly, it is apposite to spend time aboard the RSS Discovery on a brisk, beautiful Baltic cold winter’s day given her voyages to the Antarctic. Secondly, in December or January you can enjoy this whole ship as a quiet sanctuary. Sometimes there isn’t another living soul aboard.

On those extra special treat days, some of the editions of this website were researched and composed here…

 RRS Discovery At Dundee. Some Editions of This Website Written In This Room

This is an awesome space in an amazing place.

To consider where the occupants of this room have travelled and what they would have experienced inspires and fires the imagination from the freezing echos of this special ship’s past…

RRS Discovery At The Antarctic. Locked In The Ice For 2 Years: 1902-1904. Brrrr???.

But I digress. This segment is about Commander Scott’s son, and his home at a very special lighthouse tower, located in East Anglia…

Is This Lighthouse In An Area Where You Would Like To Live?

Map Courtesy of Google Inc.

The majority of lighthouse buildings are in Ireland and Scotland where much of the coastline can be exceedingly hazardous to shipping.

It is a rare treat that we can offer up such a beautiful lighthouse to folk who have a need to be near to the south east of the UK.

East Bank Lighthouse & Sir Peter With Friends

Genealogy asides, Sir Peter was a notable person in his own right. Described by the World Wildlife Fund For Nature as one of their founders. To have a very brief appreciation of his life’s work: click here.¬†

To get a feel of the inspiration that Sir Peter drew from his time living at¬†East Bank Lighthouse, here are a few photographs of the internal accommodation – both the light keeper’s cottage, and the actual lighthouse tower…

Returning back to the ground floor accommodation, as an example, we have the living room…

¬†Inside The Adjacent Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Is Very Nice

Estate Agent Narrative: East Bank Lighthouse, or, more familiarly known as Sir Peter Scott¬īs Lighthouse, stands on the eastern bank at the mouth of the River Nene to the south of The Wash, a marine area which is one of the country¬īs last great wildernesses.

Offering a Reception Room Overlooking the Estuary, Dining Room, Kitchen, Plus Basement.

Three Bedrooms, Bathroom and Shower Room Plus Attached Artist Studio Accommodation.

Previously Granted Planning Permission for a Detached Visitor Centre & Parking.

East Bank Lighthouse Plan For Guidance.

Please do not scale.

The lighthouse has had extensive and sympathetic restoration work over recent years…

East Bank Lighthouse During Renovations

Quite A Contrast From Sir Peter’s Tome At East Bank Lighthouse

Estate Agent Narrative Continued: The Wash National Nature Reserve is the biggest reserve in England, covering nearly 9,000 hectares, and is dedicated to the memory of Sir Peter Scott, a great conservationist and son of ¬īScott of the Antarctic¬ī who lived at East Bank Lighthouse, a Grade II* Listed Building from 1933 to the start of World War 2.”

Snowgoose Wildlife Trust Background: Click Here

There is a huge amount of history to this truly unique home. The place also had planning permission granted for a detached visitor centre. This opens up possibilities for proper pharologists and also conservation minded wildlife devotees to enjoy an amazing new life here at this sublime part of the country.

East Bank Lighthouse, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, PE12 9QJ

To speak to one of the estate agents, you can telephone either Jan von Draczek or Indre Vaitekunaite.

Please let them know that Russ McLean from Unique Property Bulletin recommended you call…

Lighthouse Details: 01205 311404


East Bank Lighthouse, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, PE12 9QJ

To see the online brochure and lots of photographs of Sir Peter Scott’s lighthouse, including a wonderful virtual tour…

Click Here


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 17th October 2018.

Haile Sand Fort – Auction Date…

1st November 2018

For The Auction Website…

Click Here

Haile Sand Fort. Unique Property Bulletin Review & Video: Click Here

This fort structure was for sale a couple of years at¬†¬£250,000¬†but a change in family circumstances mean the owner has decided to sell at a very competitive price…



and include either your email or home address in that….

TEXT TO: 0737 833 8685

Click Here For The Auction Page

Unique Property Bulletin readers who have specific questions are recommended to get in touch with Lucy at Blundells Auctioneers, telephone: 0114 254 1185.

Guide: £100,000 to £150,000.

Click Here For Haile Sands Fort Page At Unique Property Bulletin


Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 16th October 2018.

McTardis For Auction

These former police boxes were the Genesis for one of the most popular television series. Ever.

Auction Date: 29th November 2018

Guide: £10,000

533, Former Police Box, Lanark Road, Juniper Green, City Of Edinburgh, EH14 5DE

Take a look inside. There really is quite a lot packed into such a small space…

533, Former Police Box, Lanark Road, Juniper Green, City Of Edinburgh, EH14 5DE

Former Police Box For Auction. Guide: £10,000.

Guide: ¬£10,000. Please be careful about the auction house additional fees, they are ‘handsome’. You might need a different sort of Dr Who – one with smelling salts to help you recover. Please read the fine print of the auction agency…

Auction House Doube Fee Structure. They Charge Seller & Buyer. A Lot.

We believe auction houses that charge the seller AND buyer what are considerable amounts of extra fees + commissions and effectively take two bites of the cherry are being greedy. Several of our readers have decided not to use these types of auction house. Maybe something the auctioneers that do this double charging of buyer and seller might think about? They are losing business as sellers and buyers go elsewhere.

Further Details of This Dr Who Style Structure…

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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 11th October 2018.

Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre?

We are looking at buying some land and building a new holiday destination.

What do our readers reckon. Yes? No? Thoughts?

PLEASE TEXT: 0757 276 8795

Mirror Tree House: A Go To Destination For Unique Property Experiences In Sweden (Here)

Many years ago, our friends Kent and Britta Lindvall in Sweden trail-blazed an amazing set of unique holiday pods, some examples of which are illustrated in this current article.

Unique Property Bulletin have been looking to continue this idea on the island of Arran. Recently, we have been offered a site with several acres and live planning permission for holiday structures of an unusual nature.

This may well suite our Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre project: a go-to destination modelled on the highly successful Swedish concept from Kent and Britta. Here are just a few of their TreeHotel holiday structures in Sweden to get you thinking of what we might build on Arran…

Each holiday unit has been designed by an architect with the instruction to inspire the imagination of visitors.

At Unique Property Bulletin we have featured several of these on our website for owners, Kent and Britta Lindvall over many years and we are very keen to collaborate with our friends to continue the unique building visitor experience. Our preferred location is somewhere on the island of Arran. We are currently canvassing views of our Unique Property Bulletin readers as to the merits/demerits of such a project for Arran. 


Tree House Hotel In Sweden Has Several Different Designs. Architect Imagination Let Loose

Click Here¬†To Study Kent & Britta’s Website

Here are some of their other unique holiday pods…

The interiors of Kent and Britta’s unique holiday designs are remarkably comfortable and contemporary…

Above shows an interior of an easy to access unique holiday unit, below shows one from the classic mirror-cube-tree house pod that captured the imagination of the Amazing Spaces television production company research team. You will need to be fairly fit and mobile to get into the mirror-cube-tree-house accommodation…

The interior shown above is a favourite of ours: the mirror tree house…

The selection pictured above this paragraph are from the TreeHotel estate in Sweden created by Kent and Britta Lindvall (here).

At Unique Property Bulletin, we were delighted to help Kent and Britta’s by introducing Amazing Spaces research team. Ultimately architect/presenter George Clarke travelled to Sweden and featured the unique Swedish holiday structures on his television programme, Amazing Spaces.

We are now approaching the time to locate a suitable site for our own unique property visitor centre, and a most exciting part – to consider styles, ideas and genres of unusual structures to build on that site. Here is a brief selection of some candidate holiday pods we have been looking at and might include on the proposed Arran site…

The Island of Arran. Possible Location For A Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre.

Featuring an amazing collection of 12 to 36 unusual holiday properties to inspire our readers. Real buildings to stimulate you and help realise your dream home; whatever form that unique structure might grow from….

Would you like to visit a Unique Property Bulletin visitor centre and stay in one of these types of unusual structures? Please text us your views, and ideas. If you have a candidate property to suggest for inclusion, text us the weblink and we shall make best efforts to add it to our website. It may very well make it onto the short-list for construction.

Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre: Yes or No? Plus your views…


Our own candidate examples continue with these unique properties…¬†




Some of Our Own Preferred Styles of Visitor Experience

Of course there would have to be a little bit of Hobbit about the place…

Outside and Inside – Hobbit House Flavour

Another aspect is finding amazing ways to exit the unique buildings. This is a totally left-of-field lateral thinking process. We feature some interesting ways that rank above the relatively normal method of getting in and out of your holiday accommodation…


Getting in and out of a unique holiday property can be fun. It should be inspirational and ignite thoughts of future architects, transport designers and people who create buildings to consider ways to get to them…


A personal favourite of this website’s owner and one that would fit well at our proposed Arran site is the cyclists mono-rail way of getting about…

Click Here To Watch A Video of The Cyclist Monorail

Here on Arran, we would be building a series of unique holiday structures to inspire and give enjoyment. Do our readers think this would be a good idea? Please feel free to let us know what you think…


Capturing An Iconic Futuro Pod For Our Unique Arran Island Visitror Centre Is A Must (Here)

This idea of a Unique Property Visitor Centre has been at the back of our minds since we started the Unique Property Bulletin 25 years ago. It is only now that we are in a financial position to make it a reality.

We have a decision to make on whether to create facility of this nature, and your input – our readers’ opinions and views mean a lot to us.

Unique Property Bulletin Visitor Centre: Yes or No?



Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 9th October 2018.


Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Canal Bank, Loughborough, LE11 1QA

Reduced From £375,000 to £350,000.

Please Call: 0121 721 9601

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Canal Bank, Loughborough, LE11 1QA

This is a picturesque, detached, two bedroom cottage by the canal in Loughborough. It has just had £25,000 shaved off of the original price. Now for sale at £350,000.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, as we are NOT an estate agency, we have no skin in the game, and therefore happy to add some editorial comment to help nudge things in a direction that may be of help to our readers.

These genres of canal-side home are popular amongst our readers. This one is very reasonably priced, especially compared to more and more million pound plus properties doing the rounds!

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Loughborough. Central Location In The UK

Our own website credentials for offering a wee bit of commentary are based on the fact that the unique property club regularly buys these styles of buildings. So we reckon if you made a really cheeky offer at £295,000 this might wake up the estate agent! Whilst you may end up getting a brilliant new home with a lot of fascinating passing traffic and folk to see. 

Lock Keeper’s Cottage. Modern Kitchen Diner

This canal side cottage looks to be in turn-key condition. Of course new owners will wish to imprint their own style, but with a comfortable and fully functional house, this can be done at a gentle pace. The analogy with the speed of your passing traffic on the doorstep is apt. We like a 4 miles per hour speed, as it tends to reduce stress levels. Care to join a more sedate pace and enjoy life a bit more? 

Lock Keeper’s Cottage. Very Nicely Renovated Bathroom.

As for the inside of this old lock keeper’s cottage? Okay, some purists still prefer the outside toilet and a tin bath. But for many folk, a little bit of luxury goes a long way. Some scented candles to set the mood, and a long hot bath at the end of a stressful day with all of the canal boats whizzing by at bradycarida velocity; this quieter style of life might be just what the good doctor ordered.

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Canal Bank, Loughborough, LE11 1QA

There are two very comfortable bedrooms in this detached canal side cottage…¬†


Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Floorplan Layout. Please Do Not Scale

Fortunately the estate agency profession are realising how genuinely helpful these floorplan guides are, and including them in their sale schedules.

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Canal Bank, Loughborough, LE11 1QA

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Conservatory At Garden¬† & Side Elevation

Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Canal Bank, Loughborough, LE11 1QA

All in all there is a decent amount of land with this former lock keeper’s cottage. The price is attractive, and were it nearer to our own office, we would consider going to view. Ideal if you work from home on the internet.

For some real social interaction, just pop out of your front door with a spare cup of tea for one of the passing canal boat folk and have a good old chat.

We do this up at the lighthouse. There is always someone wandering by the front door that has a wonderful story to tell. Sometimes you need to leave the computer, put down the Ipad and go chat with a real person.

This little gem of a keeper’s cottage by the canal might be the tonic you need.

If you buy this keeper’s cottage, please consider letting us know as we have a television production company researcher really keep for folk buying unique properties to appear on their next series. Thanks.


For Lock Keeper’s Cottage Details


Thank You Readers

In addition to our 35,000 to 73,000 regular Unique Property Bulletin website readers, we just reached…

7,000 Facebookers Now Follow Unique Property Bulletin

May We Welcome The Growing Number of Facebook “Followers” From Social Media

Click Here For Facebook Unique Property Bulletin.

Unique Property Bulletin is currently run by four volunteers. The online version is a free publication. We started in 1992 with a paper format…

The Original 1992 Paper Version of Unique Property Bulletin

By 2011 we had transferred the Bulletin to this website platform. The readership went from 3,500 for Unique Property Bulletin’s paper version, to an amazing 35,000 folk fairly quickly that read our online offering. There are occasions when we reach the dizzying heights of 73,000 folk if a particular property on these pages goes “viral”. The highest number was 186,399 with help from our friends at Facebook (here). That level of engagement is hard for us to comprehend. Though the resultant avalanche of email enquiries took all 4 volunteers here around 12 days to work through. It is old fashioned but we make best endeavour to reply individually to everyone who takes the time to text or email us (contact page here).

We normally publish a magazine format Unique Property Bulletin online. However, as this website has become so busy with a huge number of emails and telephone calls – and just part-time volunteers at this end of the keyboard to answer, we decided the best thing to do is employ some staff. To do that we need to create an income stream that is reliable enough to pay wages. To remedy the conundrum, we went on an adventure: the first set of buildings bought to provide that income stream, and provide new offices for this publication, we found these beauties…

Unique Property Bulletin Headquarters. Photo Courtesy: Mr Derek Bremner.

If you are new to this website and like the styles of building we feature, please consider subscribing for Unique Property Bulletin online…

We would love to get you into mischief and your next home might just, magically appear on these pages.

For more information about Unique Property Bulletin and how it can help you, please…

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Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Addition: 4th October 2018.


Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN

For Price Please Call: 01437: 762516

CLICK HERE For Estate Agent Details

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN

Lots of pictures and details of this 2 house (3 bedrooms in each) leading light house…

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN. 

Leading Light, Great Castle Head, St Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, SA62 3DN. 

Leading Light – Guide Floorplen. Please Do NOT Scale


If you would like to have a 3D VIRTUAL TOUR of Leading Light, please…


Location of these amazing buildings…

Latest Lighthouses For Sale – Location – Courtesy of Google Maps

Leading light has some wonderful aerial video…


For The Leading Light Estate Agency Details


or telephone the estate agency…

01437 762516

…for further information and to arrange viewings of Leading Light



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