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These earlier archived pages can be excellent for research purposes. Also the unique buildings here that either failed to sell at auction or were initially priced at an “ambitious” level might be ready to come down by a handsome chunk of cash.

This Mill Was Still For Sale Last Time We Looked.

It is lurking in the back copies of Unique Property Bulletin.

We do a lot of the research work. You will need to do a little

Sherlock Holmes rummaging around as well ūüôā¬†

So save yourself a small fortune: have a rummage around the older pages here. You could grab yourself a ¬£500,000 bargain for ¬£350,000. We know as we’ve done exactly that: saved 30% by keeping an eye on the unique property that stays unsold for long periods of time. Also you may pick up some free hints. Our website is run by volunteers and is free for all of our friends and colleagues (you) to utilise…

Earlier Update: 24th July 2020

Unique Property Bulletin


A nuclear bunker in Norfolk is being listed on this website for auction during September 2020.

This was listed from details on our website. We are lucky enough to have several excellent journalists help.

This Bunker was for sale at £17,000 sale: Click Here and here.

It sold for the owner, a retired widow achieving £54,000.

We were delighted to assist and have a heartfelt thanks for the very generous donation this lady made to our not-for-profit website.

Artists picture courtesy of the very talented Gregg Smith

Please check back regularly for full details. We are having photos taken right now and these will be uploaded here in a matter of days.


Earlier Update: 10th June 2020.

For Sale…

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

One of our favourite expressions certainly applies to this…

“A neatly arranged pile of bricks that represent a modest challenge for the property renovation enthusiast”.

Aye right. You will needed an advanced degree in architecture and a post-graduate Ph.D in listed buildings. Plus a bank balance in the neighbourhood of Richard Branson. Well in his ballpark before Karma got a hold of Branson’s penchant for threatening the NHS with legal action (here). Anyways, herewith today’s offering for you to consider as your prospective new home.¬†

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Incidentally, we believe that this Church Lodge will sell quickly. Why? It is on an island.

Bizarrely, we have received FOUR times the number of enquires for island based homes since the start of Coviod-19.

We are not totally sur why this should be. Apart from the obvious reason that folk on islands feel safer. I come from a small island and can attest to that. It is like having a great big moat around the place you stay. Though that kind of applies to small private islands with between 5 and 25 folk living on them. Not so much the large islands with 140,000 folk (here) and regular ferries to the mainland! 

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA


Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, we have a fondness for the Isle of Wight. Enhanced by the fact our eccentric property club members actually ended up buying the isle of Wight ferry for preservation. A fine old looking thing with beautiful nautical lines (the ferry not the editor)…

The Isle of Wight Ferry: MV Southsea.

(c) McLean & Jones Collection. 

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Back In The Day ~ Church Old Lodge.

The Victorians loved to throw open the windows for fresh air.

With good reason, it kept damp and mold at bay as all the overnight (1 litre of water from the lungs) from everyone sleeping in the building was expelled and replaced with dry air. Those Victorian folk knew a thing or two. We just spent well over a hundred thousand pounds renovating a huge building with major damp problems that would not have happened if the habit of opening the windows for 15 to 30 minutes every morning was maintained.

The Old Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Modern day transport has improved since the old MV Southsea + MV Brading and MV Shanklin. Safe distancing needs to be observed aboard al of the isle of Wight ferries in this year of the Coronavirus. We can’t wait for the vaccine and/or (HIV/AIDS style) medicine regimen to take the lethality of the nasty pandemic and get us all to a better place. Soon, you could be sailing on one of these types of ferry to your new home on the Isle of Wight…

Though we still think the old classic we here at Unique Property Bulletin were lucky enough to buy has the best lines. It looks like a proper ship…

Isle of Wight Ferry MV Southsea. A Denny Built Ship.

This Was A Remarkable Shipyard & Had Many Amazing Vessels To Its Name: Click Here. and Here.

Photo Attribution, Mr Pete Robbins

If you are looking to live on an island, ships will soon make their way into your DNA.

A little know fact: The owners of Unique Property Bulletin only stepped in and bought MV Southsea so as to save the vessel from the scrapyard and give the island-based ship preservation society the time and breathing space to sort out their own rescue bid. We managed to keep the vessel away from the scrapyard for the time we owned it and a few years after. Sadly this old faithful ferry ended up being turned into Heinz Beans cans.

But the Isle of Wight ferry rescue experience from our perspective was to prove amazingly helpful when in 2012, another Denny built ship, the TS Queen Mary was faced with the scrapyard. This time we took the lead. An unusual triumvirate: a solicitor, a master mariner and a harbourmaster. Iain Sim, Calum Bryce and Russ McLean established the “Friends of TS Queen Mary Charity”…

So now you know. The Isle of Wight has a direct link in saving the TS Queen Mary. An unusual connection. Had we not gained a great deal of insight into the MV Southsea, then it is likely the grand old ship, TS Queen Mary would have been scrapped.

Thank you Isle of Wight. Thank you M.V. Southsea.

Trustees: Aidan O’Donnell, Russ McLean and Iain Sim.

TS Queen Mary Safe Back On The Clyde In Drydock.

Iain Sim has gone on to raise almost a million pounds and mastermind the ship restoration.

However, we digress. You can, perhaps see how the isle of Wight is close to the hearts of those here at Unique Property Bulletin. If you do by the Church Lodge in Cowes on the island, please consider getting in touch with us.

We have a television company that has asked for candidate properties and the eccentric folk who renovate them to be introduced. Don’t look at any of us here at the Bulletin. We have faces fit only for the radio.

No, you are the next generation and the television companies would love to have a chat. Especially with those who buy neatly arranged piles of bricks for reassembly.

Location of Church Lodge, Church Road, Cowes, Isle Of Wight, PO31 8HA

Further details…

Click Here

Please mention you found this old lodge for renovation in Unique Property Bulletin. Many thanks.


Earlier Update: 8th June 2020.

Please have a read of our petition and hopefully sign it…

Click Here

If the doctors, nurses and ALL who place themselves in harm’s way to help save us from Covid-19 had not stepped up and done their bit, we know for sure at least one of us at this website would no longer be here.

Seriously, one of our lot would not be here if it wasn’t for the NHS and the kind, decent people who turn up day-in, day-out to care for those who are ill.

Our job is to help you find your unique home. This website is free. We do not charge a penny. All we do is volunteer a bit of our time to help you find an unusual home. The NHS and ALL who help do a LOT more. Please help us help them in a small, but hopefully decent way. They do deserve a medal.

Please help make it so.

Click Here

Here at Unique Property Bulletin we don’t ask for money in helping you find your ideal home. But sometimes a couple of minutes and a signature on a petition would mean so much to us. it is one of the few ways we can think of saying thank you in a solid way. Some properties we feature here have up to 186,000 views (here). If just a fraction of those sign our petition to award a medal to those who have placed themselves in harm’s way to save others, then we know this will work. This original petition was established four years ago in respect of the Ebola virus. So many folk got involved that HM Government issued a medal for that pandemic. Surely this Covid-19 is as worthy of the same respect for those who serve.

Thank you.

P.S. PLEASE can you share the petition on you Facebook + Twitter + Instagram pages. That would be hugely appreciated.

Earlier Update: All of May & 30% of June 2020 Lost.

Apologies For An Empty Unique Property Bulletin During The Month of May

Our Computer Imploded

Old Faithful Has Expired.

The Main Unique Property Bulletin Hard-Drive Drove Into The Sunset.

With no access at our main office here at UPB-HQ in Angus, and the backup PC’s on the island of Arran in the west and Noss Head Lighthouse Station in the north inaccessible due to Covid-19 lockdown, it has been a struggle to get back online and update Unique Property Bulletin. Apologies for this.

The brand new Lenovo computer we bought to replace Old Faithful is a piece of carp. The painfully slow data-scavenging Microsoft operating system pre-installed on it should have Bill Gates ashamed of himself. We also pay Bill’s computer geniuses almost ¬£200 every year for three dedicated Microsoft Outlook email addresses. Yet the Microsoft software on this Lenovo craputer BANS use of these as Cortana the robotic troll says the email addresses we pay Mr Gates for are commercial and this computer is domestic. The pre-installed nagging voice robot called Cretin-a didn’t help. Neither was “commercial” and/or “personal” use demarcated on Bill Gates sales literature.¬†

Our Unique Property Bulletin website is a not-for-profit entity run by volunteers. Microsoft have no box to tick for such an entity.

Therefore we need to also apologise if it takes a few days to answer our emails as Bill has locked us out of them. Why we pay him ¬£200 a year for email addresses is a mystery. Does anyone have a clue about Bill’s business model? Charge customers for something that doesn’t work!

I am not a violent man, but Bill Gatews has a smug face you could happily do this to…


Bill Gates has done some pretty amazing things in his life. But the way that his company is going, many of us will swear-off computers for life and go back to telephones and fax machines. Even better, a lot of folk seem to becoming utterly sick of computers and we can suggest several stress-free locations to live where Bill Gates and his internet circus is banned. A lighthouse station for sale is one such candidate (here).

Our apologies for the lack of content on this website  for the entire month of May 2020.

Goodness knows we have tried to get back online. Unless you are living in one of the nuclear bunkers or on one of the islands we sell, you will have heard there is a global pandemic. So the lockdown is hampering a new hard-drive being installed into “old faithful”. An Apple operating system. Steve Jobs was not much better than Old Bill, but we could cope with the temperamental idiosyncrasies of an Apple computer.

Microsoft sucks.

Welcome back readers. We shall do our best to help improve an utterly appalling year where we have already lost two friends to that barsteward crappyvirus disease. Perhaps the second half will be a bit better than the first. We certainly hope so.

Keep yourself safe and wash your hands. A lot. In fact, with so many of our readersasking to buy underground bunkers and/or small private islands to get away from the Zombies and Covidiots, maybe we will run a special feature in June with some islands for sale.

Very best wishes,

Russ McLean.

Editor, Unique Property Bulletin.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 22/4/2020.


The Oasthouse, The Street, Plaxtol, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0QG.

The ‚ÄúListing History‚ÄĚ box with the date on it could
save you hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This delightful conversion of a twin oast house located close to London is for sale.

For Full Listing…

Click Here


Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 1/4/2020.

#AfterCovid ~ There Will Be A Demand For Remote Homes!

This Old Mill Ruin Has Planning Permission

It May Suit Going Off-Grid

Watermill features could be incorporated to generate electricity.

Ruin With Planning

Pitscottie Mill, Pitscottie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5UN

Planning permission for a 4 bedroom detached home. Appears to have lapsed, though there may be an “enduring permission” if building works have been commenced within the (usually) 3 to 5 years from the date permission was granted.

Artists Impression of Rebuild

Pitscottie Mill, Pitscottie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5UN

Plans can be seen: Here.

Unique Property Bulletin would strongly recommend you look to retaining the company that secured the planning permission as they will have extensive research files and footwork already completed. An astute move would be to contact E. Dalton first. There may be confidentiality issues to start, but the owner should be amenable to providing a letter of comfort to his design company for them to talk with you. If not, then that would set alarm bells off in our book 

This site includes approximately 2.96 acres of land.

Architect/Designer’s Drawings…

Newbuild of Pitscottie Mill, Pitscottie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5UN

Full Planning File Details Online: Here

A couple of observations. Firstly, given the propensity for waterside property to flood with increasing regularity, we would strongly recommend the buyer gets their architect to redesign this rebuild so that all the accommodation is on the first floor and there is simply a garage or some fairly benign empty space on the ground floor in case of flood.

Water Feature At Pitscottie Mill, Pitscottie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5UN

Second observation: We would highly recommend the new owners look at some form of water generation system so that you can look at going off-grid. Not necessarily the old mill wheel. Though they can be handsome industrial features. More likely a modern micro-generation plant that has a low impact on the building and surrounds. But can generate more than enough for this house and a backup battery system.

Floorplans – In Good Faith But Please Do Not Scale

There is an interesting anomaly with respect to the asking price. Offers around” implies a certain amount of flexibility where the seller may accept below the ¬£110,000 guige.

What intrigues us here at Unique Property Bulletin is that a quick online search reveals the title number to come back at ¬£500,000 (click here). Most likely some plots have already been distilled from the head title and you are buying the rump. From the title plan the seller refers to, that “rump” is quite a nice lump of land…

Title Deed Excerpt: Pitscottie Mill, Pitscottie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5UN

Interesting one in the circumstances and with many fold just experiencing what quarantine/lock-down feels like, we reckon there will be a significant number of folk looking to move away from the 80 terraced houses and find a sanctuary in a remote area where they can at least wander around the several acres they own.

#AfterCovid will likely become a growing feature once this nasty bug has run its course.

In other words, houses that are remote and where you can telecommute whilst enjoying a good quality lifestyle and some enhanced comforts if/when there is another pandemic will figure in the emotional and psychological scars most of us will have from Covid-19.

Guide: Offers “Around” ¬£110,000. Get Your Haggling-Hat On.

Further details for Pitscottie Mill Building Plot, please…

Click Here

A Friend Emerges From Coronavirus

It is reassuring to see folk you know to survive this vile virus.

Stuart even has his sense of humour intact…

The Editor of This Website Is Often Called “Nail” By His Friends.

It goes back to the 1980s when the term “Russ T. Nail” got shortened!

Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 31/3/2020.


Has self-isolating driven you up the walls yet…

 There are far nicer ways to self-isolate AND work from home.

Also earn some cash whilst you are stuck in the house (click here)

Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 30/3/2020.

Should Rightmove plc Donate £5,000,000 of Their Profits

To A LIVELIHOOD Protecting Charity?

A serious question. We would be happy to donate, but would Rightmove plc?

I just lost the plot a bit with Rightmove plc on social media with their poor timing and frankly ill-judged estate agency efforts to flog off overpriced real-estate in a time when doctors and emergency workers are fighting the worst pandemic in 101 years trying their best to save everyone (including estate agents). Rightmove plc are punting this admittedly nice looking home (here) for an abominable £4,750,000 and it got me thinking. Life after Covid-19 will be different. It is likely that over 95% of folk will survive. But over 31% will lose their jobs or take a serious drop in income.

After the LIVES have been saved, there will need to be a concerted effort to save LIVELIHOODS. So if you agree with me on this, please let me know how you feel?

Even if you send just a simple text. If I get a decent level of interest that I can then show to our MP., I WILL register a charity to help protect LIVELIHOODS and our group of six volunteers here at Unique Property Bulletin shall be knocking on the door of Rightmove plc.

A simple text, probably no cost if you are on the usual texting contract. This is my mobile number, nothing fancy and NO premium rates. This website is a not-for-profit blog and we don’t work that way. We help friends find interesting places to live. We do NOT charge commission and we are NOT an estate agency.

If you agree with me that there SHOULD be a registered charity established to protect LIVELIHOODS then please…

TEXT the simple message: “YESJOBS” & Your “NAME” to me at 0749-597-5784

A heartfelt thank you to those Unique Property Bulletin readers ~ and our new visitors, for considering this.


Russ McLean

Russ McLean. Editor of Unique Property Bulletin.

With lady friends to the right of the photo.

Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 25/3/2020.

House & Houseboat Home

Waterside house and bespoke mooring with easy access to the canal network.

Here and Here.

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN


  • Interesting waterside residence
  • Good decorative order
  • Private mooring dock measuring approximately: 48ft x 12ft
  • Approximate 190ft long south facing rear garden
  • Walking distance to the centre of Wroxham
  • Garage and ample off road parking
  • Conservatory
  • Gas central heating

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Full description:-

A pleasant waterside residence set within walking distance of the centre of Wroxham offering generous and flexible accommodation, a 190ft long south facing rear garden and a private 48ft long mooring dyke with access out onto the entire Norfolk Broads network.

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Located in a quiet, private position, the property would be equally suited to being used as a comfortable and convenient permanent residence or as a low maintenance second home.

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

The accommodation consists of an entrance hall, dining room, semi-open plan to the sitting room, conservatory, fully fitted and well finished kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, study area, ground floor double bedroom and a contemporary shower room. On the first floor there are two further double bedrooms and a family bathroom.

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Features include full gas fired central heating, sealed unit double glazing, ample off road parking with a detached garage, enclosed and private gardens and personal mooring dock measuring 48ft x 12ft.

Home Offices Are Becoming Increasingly Important In These Regular Pandemic Times

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

The centre of Wroxham is less than half a mile away with a comprehensive range of facilities. Tenure: Freehold

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Your wet road to freedom: The River Bure

Floorplan For Guidance: Please Do Not Scale

Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Location Plan: Meadow Drive, Hoveton, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8UN

Courtesy of Google Inc

This waterside house ~guide: ¬£675,000. For further details…

Click Here and Here.

Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit website. We are currently overhauling our organisation and shall be employing staff to reboot the service provided here during the course of 2020. More information about the new jobs: Click Here.

Unique Property Bulletin – Latest Update: 4/3/2020.

London Calling

Former Brigade Fire Station – Completely Renovated & Transformed.

Several of 20 Apartments For Sale…

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

This can be very controversial and it bothers us. A lot. We have fire crew, literally on the Board here at Unique Property Bulletin. So when a fire station is closed, there needs to be sensitivity shown. When we can help, we do. But for this former fire station inside the M25 Orbital, it gave 100 years of service and the powers-that-be closed the station. There is little that can be done now to remedy the strong community feeling when the station was earmarked for closure.

One of 20 Apartments: Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

One of our unique property club members, who is helping keep this free website alive and as a resource for folk seeking an unusual place to live, has been searching for a home in the Capital himself. We promised to keep an eye out, but the prices are making our eyes water more than the fire hose is splashing H20 onto the training tower.

For the price of the cheapest leasehold flat at Belsize Park Fire Station, we could have bought THREE of these 39 acre lighthouse station estates, including 5 former keepers’ houses! Just ONE flat equals three lighthouse stations!

You Could Buy THREE Lighthouse Stations For One London Flat!

However, that would require a 900 mile return commute to your job in London. Also when this Unique Property Bulletin bought the lighthouse station pictured above for £200,000 it took almost the same again in money spent, to bring the Grade A listed buildings back from near dereliction to high-quality habitable condition. So perhaps the old fire station flat in London is not too expensive. It is all relative in the world of property. 

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB

We wonder what the previous firefighters who lived and worked here might make of the current incarnation at Belsize.

The fire brigade training tower is now a piece of prime London real estate.

The Capital property market continues to defy gravity.

Floorplan For Guidance Only – Belsize Park Firehouse, London, NW3 4PB

Estate agency narrative:-

Flat 12 – A fine two bedroom apartment (approx 588 sqft/ 55 sqm) forming part of the recently renovated Belsize Park Firehouse. A distinctive collection of exclusive new homes crafted from an outstanding Grade II* Listed former fire station at the heart of sought-after Belsize Park. This unique range of 20 one, two and four bedroom luxury apartments extends the rich heritage of this fine building with its Arts and Crafts period architecture, preserved with meticulous attention to detail throughout to create thoughtful and luxuriously contemporary designed homes.

^^^ UK Map: Belsize Park Firehouse, 36 Lancaster Grove, London, NW3 4PB ^^^

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Zooming in to the specific NW3 area of London gives a location…

London Location Map: Belsize Park Firehouse, NW3 4PB

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Please don’t shout at us for featuring this IF you find out one of the apartments you were looking at has sold. This is precisely why we struggle to feature London property: it sells very quickly. But with this former fire station, there are TWENTY apartments, so like the proverbial London bus, if the one you saw has sold, another fire station apartment at Belsize Park is likely to come along the road for sale anytime now.

Belsize Fire Station.

Prices from ¬£715,000 (Leasehold)…

Click Here For Further Information

Archive: Here

Unique Property Bulletin is a not-for-profit website. We are currently overhauling our organisation and shall be employing staff to reboot the service provided here during the course of 2020. More information about the new jobs: Click Here.

Unique Property Bulletin – Earlier Update: 22/2/2020.

Water Tower For Sale

Completely Renovated & Transformed

Location: Suffolk.

From 2010 and for several years after, an owner of this former water tower spent ¬£500,000 buying and converting it to a contemporary home (here)…

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

On 19th July 2019 Culford Water Tower was placed for sale onto Rightmove. The asking price was a cool £1,000,000. We initially reckoned there may be a margin for negotiation given the newspaper article that quoted the costs to buy and convert at £500,000. If this tower whets your appetite, maybe give the estate agent a call: Contact David Burr on 01284 725525 or email bury@davidburr.co.uk and ask whether there is any flexibility on price?

A Beautiful Conversion

The proximity to London and the A12 corridor often nudges what the owner seeks upwards, but who knows, you may bag yourself a genuinely unique home.

Rightmove Indicate This Tower Has Been For Sale 7 Months

Perhaps time for a price “nudge” in favour of the buyer?

However, we routinely check the house price history to get an idea of margins that may be shaved off. Often the first impression (the newspaper article linked above at ¬£500,000) may not be spot on. There was a more recent transfer at ¬£990,000…

Source: Rightmove

Not sure about some readers, but when we have a serious interest in buying a property, the first port of call is the gold-standard source: HM Land Registry…

Unique Property Bulletin does have a licence to reproduce some information from HMLR. But for this water tower, your curiosity will require £3 to £9 to be coughed up. Click here for the excellent HM Land Registry portal in England & Wales. Scotland has a different registry: here.

We Very Much Like Bathroom Design

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

It could be the sale was an internal transfer, and the margins to negotiate down still exist. Hence the HMLR advisory and links. The latest sale may have been triggered by the current owner just changing their mind. Known as “buyer’s regret”. That is why at Unique Property Bulletin we recommend our readers holiday in the unusual genre of property they are focussing on. Try before you buy. Not necessarily in the actual candidate purchase, but at least something similar.

To see if it suits you and you suit it.

There is a lifestyle to these styles of building and it is wise to test whether you like that way of life before spending a million pounds and possibly regretting it. 

We Love A Good Spiral Staircase.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB


The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Torture Room – As If All The Stairs Aren’t Enough Exercise!

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Onwards and upwards

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

A well-deserved cup of tea after all of those stairs and the dungeon gym workout…

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Here are the plans for this water tower. Please do NOT scale. They are provided in good faith as a guide so that potential buyers may orientate themselves to the building layout…


The location of this water tower is 82 miles from London (here). Several of our readers have bought a small flat in London where they stay for four nights each week, whilst working in the Capital city and counterbalance this with a commute of 1.5 hours to 2 hours at the end of each week and obtain a massive and amazing piece of property for the other three nights. For all of the beguiling allure that London has to offer, the views from atop of your own water tower, and the space to relax, free from the unrelenting noise has a quality of life value well worth considering.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB .

Whereas if all the eggs were put into a London house, it would stretch to just a 2 bed flat at most.

The Water Tower, Culford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6UB

Courtesy of Google Inc.

Some history on this water tower and earlier pricing: click here.

Suffolk Water Tower…

Click Here For Further Information

Archived Details: Here

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Perhaps spend a few minutes with the former Top Gear presenter as he drives the very same road you will be taking if you decide to buy our building plot and construct your new home with sublime sea views…


Jeremy Clarkson Driving The Journey You Would Make

If You Buy Seabreezes Building Plot.


Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg is a prat. Our UPB backup site is now removed by Facebook rogue systems: (here).  

Latest News: 31st August 2020

TWO Nuclear Bunkers For Sale

One in East Anglia & One in Aberdeenshire

Both bunkers will be advertised on this website during the next couple of weeks. If mole-homes or underground sanctuaries are your thing, then please check back to this Unique Property Bulletin homepage regularly.