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Here are some unique properties for sale that we listed previously at Unique Property Bulletin. Please note we are a not-for-profit entity run by volunteers and not an estate agency. Thanks.


Earlier Addition

3rd October 2017

Mill on The Hill

Price Crash & Planning Permission (Lapsed)

Reduced From £160,000 To Just £44,000?

Mill on the Hill, Skippers, Langholm, DG13 0LH

Not totally sure what the story is with this detached building. It appears to have lapsed planning permission to convert into two semi detached 3 bedroom houses.

Also Known As: Units 4 & 5 Mill on the Hill

A cemetery next to a former hospital isn’t too reassuring!

Formerly an isolation hospital, it appears to have been for sale at around £160,000 for a while (here). Maybe we have the wrong end of the stick – please let us know if you read it any differently? Auction house has this up for sale on 5th October 2017 at £44,000, yet it did seem to be for guided at £160,000 not so long ago. Old page archived here.

Lapsed Planning Permission To Convert Into Two x 3 bedroom Houses

There is very little time to get a bid in, and we are featuring this mainly in case it fails to sell at auction later in the week. We’ve bought several bargains and saved tens of thousands of pounds with post-auction purchases with FTSAA (failed-to-sell-at-auction buildings). So this may be one for you to keep an eye on.

Was Guided At £160,000

Now: £44,000 

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Archive Page: Here


Earlier Addition

2nd October 2017

Suffolk Chapel For Auction

The Old Chapel, Poulton Hall, Trinity Street, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1EQ

This former Wesleyan chapel and school was originally built in 1836. Subsequently altered in 1900, and then again in 1940.

77 years later and a refurbishment is possibly overdue.

Use class will need to be changed – presuming the new owner wishes to convert this Bungay building into a home.

Lots of Lovely Space To Let Your Creative Imagination Loose Upon

It is worth bearing in mind this was a school as well as a place of worship, when dealing with the local planning authority. A little lateral thought with perhaps continued mixed use as say a home in part and some form of creative business in the other. For example an art school.

Floorplan For Guidance – Please Do Not Scale

There are a full range of school rooms in the basement with a main hall for worship situated on the ground floor. In addition there are kitchen facilities, offices and a cloakroom. The building has private off-street parking facilities.

The Old Chapel, Bungay, Suffolk

Until recently the property was used as an auction room for goods and chattels.

Bungay is well served by a comprehensive range of shops and community facilities. Regular bus services are available to all major local centres including Beccles, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

The Doors Give An Idea of The Height of This Place

Auction Guide: £190,000.

Auction Date 26th October 2017 – unless sold prior. Please CHECK WITH THE AUCTION HOUSE before going to the trouble travelling to bid that the property is still for sale. Better still, if you are fairly relaxed about whether or not to buy this, we would wait until after the auction. If the old chapel fails to sell on the day, then the opportunity exists to save several tens of thousands of pounds, with a post-auction sale. Less pressure and more time to sort out due diligence too.

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Archive Page: Here


Earlier Addition

30th September 2017

Old Barn With Lapsed Planning

Toddlehills Steading, Ellon, AB41 8YY

The site extends to around 1.15 acres. It had plans approved (now lapsed) under application APP/2006/0289 for three dwellings, including one with an office. The current owner has decided not to pursue the development further and, as such, this most recent planning application was withdrawn.

Toddlehills Steading, Ellon, AB41 8YY

Please be advised there is a sting in the tail in that the auction house selling this old barn charge a hefty and unwelcome “buyers premium” (aka admin charge). In this case £2,000 +VAT.

The Location Has Nice Rural Views

You may need to be quick to bid as the auction is scheduled for 4th October 2017. Though from our own experience buying through this auction house, this lot may fail to sell on the day. If that happens then the prospective buyers are in a very good position. Well worth checking out whether this actually did sell on 4th October 2017? Bargain time!

Toddlehills Steading, Ellon, AB41 8YY

Guided at £69,000 by the auctioneer, we would bid no more than £50,000 on this. At the 50k level, and for 2 to 3 houses on this site, it may be quite an interesting project to study further. But £71,000 including that annoying double charge on the buyer – as well as a large fee to the auctioneer from the seller is just too much for this neatly arranged pile of old stones.

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Archive Page: Click Here


Earlier Addition

28th September 2017

What Awaits A Water Works

Bottesford Distribution Service Reservoir

Auction Guide: £20,000.

Barkestone Lane, Bottesford, Nottingham, Leicestershire, NG13 0DH

Nottingham project coming up for auction…

You will need to be quick as bidding starts on 4th October 2017 and ends at 2pm on 5th October 2017.

Lots of space inside to start with.

Plus there is a drone video. It takes 30 seconds into this footage to get properly warmed up, but well worth watching if this wetless wonder works for you…

Click here to watch the aerial stills + video footage.

Current auction site and details of the former reservoir building…

Click Here For Auction Site

Archive details: here.



Completed Reservoir Conversion Example

What other brave unique property souls have managed with their water work wonders…

Ratcliffe Road Reservoir Residence, Cossington, Leicestershire.

Was for sale: here.

Grand Entrance

Worth noting that when these buildings are refurbished, the resale range can be eye wateringly high. Ratcliffe Road Reservoir house had a guide price of £725,000.

Entrance Hall Is None Too Shaby

The plot, location and structures are different. Also there are planning permission hurdles to navigate, but you may agree with us that these old reservoir buildings can be transformed into something quite remarkable…

Nicely Landscaped Back Garden

Of course there has to be a themed room,  featuring a nod to the previous incarnation…

Water Water Not Quite Everywhere.

But enough for a nice splash.

Old Utility Buildings Can Become Very Cosy

More recently, Ratcliffe Road reservoir house was for rent: here.

Hint, rentals are generally 6 to 12 month Assured Shortholds. So if you fancy renting Ratcliffe Road Reservoir house, keep an eye on the listing page. Better still, invest in a first class stamp and write to the owner asking for an alert when next the building comes up for sale.

Hopefully the example of Ratcliffe Road will give our readers something to contemplate when considering whether to bid on the Bottesford Reservoir building and land. Please let us know if you end up buying this one – we have some researchers from fairly well known property-porn television programme production companies looking for candidate buildings and people to feature in future episodes. Just text us on 0793 557 2803 for details if you fancy a bit of fame!


Earlier Addition

24th September 2017

Flour Mill For Sale

Planning Permission For Conversion – Including…
25 Apartments plus 10 workshop units plus 59 parking spaces set in 4 acres.

Auction – Barnard Marcus: 10th October 2017.

The Old Flour Mill, 32 Upper Horsebridge Rd, Hailsham BN27 3BD

This is a project for those with fairly deep pockets. Currently it is derelict old flour mill and blot on the landscape. The inside looks dire…

Though some parts of the old flour mill are not beyond redemption…

The main redeeming feature might need some work from a local blacksmith or wheelright with a sub-skillset in old mill bits!

But whoever buys and takes on this mammoth project, bringing the thing to completion will have a helluva brilliant addition to their CV. Once finished, this will be a signature development and achieve it’s rightful position as a local landmark place to live and/or work – don’t forget about the 10 work units as well as 25 residential apartments…

Artists Impression of the Completed Restoration & Development

This old mill buildings was placed for sale “as is” with a very ambitious price tag of £1,950,000 (here). Then withdrawn from the market temporarily. Now re-entered via Barnard Marcus Auction in London. Our friend Chris Glenn at Barnard Marcus often pulls a rabbit out of the hat with good results – he did a brilliant job for our unique property club 17 years ago at Strathy Point Lighthouses. But we have trouble seeing how this ruinous old mill in Hailsham can justify a seven figure price tag – even with that very lucrative A4 sheet of paper from the local planning department with the incredibly valuable verb: “approved” thereon.

The guide for Barnard Marcus auction is £1,200,000. A reduction in price from £1,950,000. That is quite a wedge of noted in the buyer’s favour!

However, own view is that an £850,000 sale price is a more realistic sale price. Unique Property Bulletin readers who like this style of project would be well advised to check with the auctioneer the day after the sale – 11th October 2017. We would place a £50 wager that this will be an FTSAA (Failed To Sell At Auction). If that happens, then prospective buyers, possibly even you, reading this, are in a strong position.

Given the current £750,000 that has already been shaved off of the guide, the owner may be amenable to going sub-mill. By that we mean under a million pounds, not a submarine mill building. That would just be daft play on words. Even with the recent massive interest in subterranean bunkers whilst POTUS 45 and Kim Jong Un1 go head to head, this old mill is best kept above ground. Especially with so much water featured in the development!

Back to flour power. Current details of the Mill…

Click Here

Barnard Marcus Auction Telephone: Telephone: 020 8741 9990

The Old Flour Mill, 32 Upper Horsebridge Rd, Hailsham, BN27 3BD

Auction Date: 10th October 2017 – unless sold prior (please check with auctioneer before attending the auction).

Excellent set of photographs and video: Click Here.

Archived details: Click Here.


Earlier Addition

23rd September 2017

The Grand Designs television production company have asked for candidate properties and those brave enough to transform their ideal home into reality, to get in touch. Here at Unique Property Bulletin we would be delighted to introduce you to the series researchers. Just text us your email address and the word “GRAND” to 0793 557 2803 and we will do the rest.


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