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Here are some unique properties for sale that we listed previously at Unique Property Bulletin. Please note we are a not-for-profit entity run by volunteers and not an estate agency. Thanks.


Earlier Additions…

The Maltings

Converted Brewery Building For Sale

Please note this photograph is of the old brewery in it’s entirity, not the specific building conversion being sold.

The Old Fordham’s Ashwell Brewery – Interesting Buildings.

The architecture was utilitarian, though elegant and undertaken with fine craftsmanship.

Many years ago, Unique Property Bulletin bought an old cooperage building for use as our offices. The aroma in that property was wonderful. Originating from whisky barrels being made and also repaired. In fact there is a serious group of connoisseurs who specialise in the study of what previous vintage used to inhabit a cask (here). So when an old friend of the Bulletin decided to put his former brewery building up for sale, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The aroma of an abode can be a compelling thing. Some less scrupulous estate agents recommend baking bread and having fresh coffee brewed when the prospective buyers are on their way. So when we asked our friend to send us some photographs, what arrived on our desk were pictures of this impressive building literally distilled out of the old brewery site. So many floors and so much space. Beautifully converted into a family home.

Transformed To A Unique Home: One of The Old Fordham Buildings.

This particular brewery complex  has some fascinating history (here) and we just love the thought of clinking bottles from 100 years ago, making merry on their way to the local hostelries.

If the buildings on this old brewery site could speak, there would be tales to tell. Some characters just jump off of the pages from the history of this place in Hertfordshire.

Mr George Chalkley (1872-1928) At Fordham’s Brewery Buildings

The original Mill Street brewery was opened in 1836 – 180 years ago. The range of buildings dated back even earlier with some rickety old stables (now demolished). The finer elements have stood the test of time. Rarely do they come up for sale, but when one hits the market, there is a great deal of local interest.

Fordham’s Ashwell Brewery – Expansive Site

The offering in this element of Unique Property Bulletin is of a former brewery building from within the Fordham’s site. It has been carefully restored and refurbished. The selection of interior pictures show this to be a fine home, and large place to live.

Wide Open Spaces

Modern Contemporary Fittings

Luxury Bathrooms

We can’t help wonder what the old brewery foreman Mr George Chalkley would have made of this luxury – over four spacious floors, that now form part of modern day use here in the old buildings where he once – 100 years ago – he saw thousands of bottles loaded onto horse and cart.

Location: The Maltings, Mill St, Ashwell, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 5LU.

Further Details…

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Earlier Addition

14th October 2017

Lock Keeper’s Cottage For Sale

Lock Keepers Cottage, Castlecary – Canalside Elevation

An interesting single storey facade to the lock side, whilst the sloped banking allows for a much larger two floor height elevation on the other. This presents a very interesting property dynamic. Far from the Barratt box!

Lock Keepers Cottage – Gardenside Elevation

This former lock keeper’s cottage is a detached 4 bedroom property, ideal for home or holiday lettings. The master bedroom is en-suite; there is gas central heating, double glazing, a garden and garage.

The only problem we can see is you may need to budget for a canal boat…

Not Included – But You Might Consider Budgeting For One

For example: here

Seriously! We could not envisage quietly watching the boats sail by. That is of course a wonderful feature to have around your views. Lots of interesting vessels and people. But who could resist actually sailing along the leisurely 4mph relaxing waterway leading right from your front door? If you are in a rush, maybe open the engines up to warp factor 6mph.

Lock Keepers Cottage, Castlecary – Contemporary Interior

Lock Keepers Cottage: Ideal For Home, Holidays or Lettings

Lock Keepers Cottage, Castlecary FK4 2HW

If you love water and like boats, there is a very nice outlook with this beautifully located little gem.

Lock Keepers Cottage. Floorplan: First Floor

For guidance, given in good faith. Please do not scale.

Lock Keepers Cottage. Floorplan: Ground Floor

For guidance, given in good faith. Please do not scale.

Lock keeper’s cottage sits alongside the Forth and Clyde Canal allowing immediate access to the walking, cycling, fishing along the length of this scenic waterway.

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Archived Details: Here


Earlier Addition

8th October 2017

UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale

UKWMO Bunker At Brundall Coming Up For Sale: October/November 2017

On 3rd October 2017 the owner of UKWMO Brundall in Norfolk advised us he will be selling his ROC Nuclear Bunker during late October/November 2017. More details to come including guide price and bid process will appear on our Unique property Bulletin Facebook page very soon.

UKWMO Bunker At Brundall Coming Up For Sale: October/November 2017

The most efficiently way to keep up to date with UKWMO Brundall sale news is to “follow” our Unique Property Bulletin Facebook page as we will be uploading the precise details of sale once the owner of UKWMO Brundall clarifies these with us.

Sorry Bruce, You Are Topside With The Zombies & Vampires!

Liv Tyler Is Our Choice For The Spare Bunk In The Bunker! 

For some reason, your guess is as good as ours, the subject of nuclear bunkers for sale has become so very topical, the number of folk clicking onto our website has nearly crashed it when the national newspapers mention these strange underground abodes. The Daily Mail asked us to provide our candidate bunkers to help their feature article (here), and was over 10,000 visits in just 2 hours. A similar thing happened when the Sun enquired of our folk selling off their underground sanctuaries (here).

UKWMO Bunker At Brundall Coming Up For Sale: October/November 2017

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Job done.

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Pending sale guide amount and bid process..


Earlier Addition

5th October 2017

3 Lighthouse Buildings For Sale

The Stoer Head Lighthouse Compound

Stoer Head Lighthouses, Lochinver, Lairg, Sutherland, IV27 4JH.

Please Note: The Lighthouse Tower Is NOT Included

Stoer Head Lighthouse Station.

There are relatively few lighthouse buildings for sale at the moment. That can change at anytime – and wise would-be lighthouse buyers register for updates/email alerts of new lighthouse sales via our sister website: click here.

Stoer Head Lighthouse Station – Chopper Not Included!

Stoer Head Lighthouse buildings are available at either £367,500 for the whole compound, or individually at…

Ground floor: Former lighthouse keeper’s flat (2 bedroom): £175,000.

First floor: Former lighthouse keeper’s flat (2 bedroom): £170,000.

Detached Occasional/Relief lighthouse keeper’s bothy: £22,500.

Stoer Head Lighthouses, Lochinver, Lairg, Sutherland, IV27 4JH.

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Earlier Addition

4th October 2017


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