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Finding Out About A Property’s

Planning History

Otherwise known as "Dynamic Land Title Registry Link"!

This information can prove very valuable for your purposes. We’ll put aside the fact we’ve gone quarters on this sort of building before and renovated at £250,000 each. For less than the cost of a semi-detached home in Salford, Manchester or a one bedroom flat in London you could have an entire floor in this castle! Plus a huge amount of fun + work + mischief. This page is specifically to help YOU know how the ONLINE PLANNING system can help YOU when considering one of these or similar. This is an EXAMPLE of just one building. The process narrated on this page applies to any property in the UK.

Carbisdale Castle, Ardgay, Sutherland, IV24 3DP

Guided Between £900,000 & £1,500,000 (June 2022).

There are two parts to this feature: (a) Planning Details and: (b) HM Land Registry Titles. Both are crucial and highly likely to assist you. On this page we cover just the planning aspect as it is a fairly deep process.

From negotiating hundreds of thousands off of the price in your dealings here to the full spectrum of due diligence, there is a wealth of information available that can be very helpful. You just need to know which buttons to press.

If you Google “Plymouth Council Planning Applications” or whichever council area is responsible for the candidate property you are looking into, the internet is likely to gift you a direct link to the search page. In this instance with Carbisdale Castle lurking around the £900,000 mark, we are looking to find the planning history in the northern parts of the country, So we Googled: “Highland Council Planning Applications.” That yielded a direct link and after 5 minutes, we had free access to over 100 important documents across several planning applications for this one castle. We show you what, why and how below…

Carbisdale Castle, Ardgay, Sutherland, IV24 3DP

Vital to do some homework.

Or you could end up with a massive repair bill.

This page is specifically for PLANNING PERMISSIONS. It is in answer to one of our social media readers as intimated below. But as some folk tend to speed-read and given how important the PLANNING matters may be, we will get straight into the way of locating what you need to know in respect to planning matters. It is purely by chance we utilise Carbisdale Castle as a worked-example to see what details are available. Here is an initial starting point; an excerpt from the main Carbisdale Castle page….

This excerpt does not have a click-link facility. So we save you the bother. Click the next web-link and you can see if there are any adverse matters such as whether you have bats in your castle belfry, or good indicators such as live and valuable planning permissions.


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In case this is your FIRST TIME, we include a tutorial of screenshots to assist…

After clicking the link above (or Googling the local authority name plus two words: “planning applications”, you should locate a page similar to this…

The next page can be like opening a small treasure chest. In this instance there is an extensive menu of planning applications.. Your choice to have a rummage around this public domain and free information. These applications will have cost tens of thousands of pounds to the owner and may prove very valuable to your own endeavours. For this tutorial we will pick an interesting permission…

We are going deeper now and have an important array of information from which to choose. Please remember, you can do this for ANY local authority in the UK. It is just this tasty castle at a bargain price that has landed us here…

When you click the DOCUMENTS link that really can be a lottery win as far as information is concerned…

Just ONE piece of paper has an immense value. Some websites such as Rightmove do put floorplans on their sites as a matter of routine.

But quite a lot of sites do NOT.

So the fact you have a full set of drawings AND a set of contact details for the architect with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the building and wise counsel for you on what the local planners may or may not permit is something we cannot over emphasise. Not just on an academic level. We have frequently contacted the architect on a given project and saved a great deal of time, money and stress…

So for £900,000 or maybe £995,000 (to stay under a horrendously high stamp duty burden), maybe split four ways (we already have two friends game-on at £250,000 each), you could get into a fair amount of mischief for £250,000. Here is a bold piece of aerial drone footage (don’t know what the range is, but that must be controlled from over a mile away ~ we use the word “bold” as there could have been a kerplunk splash as £500 of drone went into the river).

This kind person has gone to the trouble of uploading this video and it gives some great perspective views…

^^ Click To Watch Drone Video ^^

Carbisdale Castle, Ardgay, Sutherland, IV24 3DP

This is the essence of PLANNING PERMISSION research, This is what you can find with a bit of Endeavour Morse about you.

One last thing. A bit personal. This was written in June 2022 after 2 years in heavy lockdown. A heartfelt than you to Shaun Evans, Roger Allam who worked through the Covid pandemic, putting themselves in harm’s way to keep many of us sane.

^^ Making Television Programmes During Covid ^^

The show really did have to go on.

^^ Making Television Programmes During Covid ^^

We have all had to adjust to this crappyvirus.

Bizarrely, our Unique Property Bulletin

readership levels shot up by 25%

Folk bored at home during lockdown.

Many looking for a new style of life.

This is a favourite: John Thaw meant and still means a lot to old plods such as your editor here.

Many folk ask why we’ve volunteered to keep this Unique Property Bulletin website going for three decades. Mainly for the enjoyment and camaraderie.

A little bit because readers tell us the information has been helpful, sometimes the properties are entertaining.

So in reciprocation, we thank there guys for working and doing what they have done, filming right in the middle of Covid, to add to the collective entertainment, whether that be eccentric websites or classic sleuthing…

 ^^ These Guys Kept Us Sane ^^

The last few seconds still send a shiver down the old spine.

Hopefully We Can Help You Keep Sane Too.

Maybe A Unique Property Adventure As Well.


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This page was the result of an excellent question. We are strictly non-political, but had to watch a mind-numbing parliamentary debate on television about business regeneration. The parliamentary committee spent about twenty minutes trying to work our what to call “business regeneration”. They had called it something akin to…

“Societal financial enterprise review and statistical interpretation”

…or some suchlike!

That put is into an odd mindset and resulted in this page (here) being referenced alongside our “dynamic land title registry link”.

What we meant to say was “a page with live links to important planning and land registry information”. An astute reader gently nudged us…


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That Resulted In This Paged

Dedicated To Planning Research

Carbisdale Castle, Ardgay, Sutherland, IV24 3DP

Anywhere In The UK

It does not matter where in the UK you live. There is OFTEN a HUGE amount of helpful information, such as plan drawings, general layout drawings and even specific and often lucrative planning permissions (or refusals). There can also be significantly negative information that is not immediately obvious. Unless you get into the the Endeavour Morse mindset and start researching. The example we have studied here for this article is a magnificent and huge Carbisdale Castle…


Carbisdale Castle, Ardgay, Sutherland, IV24 3DP


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