Ford Escort RS Turbo

At North Sannox, Isle of Arran 1992

Last RS Turbo Series 1. Registration: C322HSD.

At the Devil’s Punchbowl, Isle of Arran – 1992.

On The Way To Argyll – 1992.


Last RS Turbo Series 1 ~ Registration: C322HSD.

At Lochranza Ferry Terminal, Isle of Arran.

On The Way To Argyll – 1992.


Second RS Turbo Series 1. Registration: C737PSB.

On The Way By The Harbour Master’s Office



First RS Turbo Series 1. Registration: C447PRB.

At Davaar Island. 1989.

The Photo Is For Reassurance

That Buyback Has Matching Reg Numbers

In Case Any Come Back Up For Sale.

Try and Photoshop the ugly editor out of this last photo as he looks like chewing-a-wasp facial expressions has come back into fashion, as well as 1980s suits!


Andy, this is what he was on about…

If you see any of these RS Turbos for sale, please can you give Russ McLean a call or TEXT on: 0757 2768 795. Ta.


Old Davaar Island Landrover

Buyback Effort

^^ Was This Registration VUP933L ^^

We will soon see….

^^ Registration VUP933L in 2022 ^^

Derek and nostalgia are the author of a lot of mischief.


MV Lochmor Ferry

Buyback Effort

MV Lochmor in 2001

CalMac Ferries Asked

For A Vessel Name Change at RSS

The UK Registrar of Shipping & Seamen Agreed to

MV Loch Awe.

Carving & Marking Certificate (Engine Room).

Here is MV Lochmor after the major 2003 refit…

MV Sailor at Akranes-Reykjavík Iceland 2022le

Buyback Now Possible

For Sannox Tours Back on The Clyde.

Russ McLean

Helm at Flying Bridge Starboard

MV Lochmor.


Biggest Mischief Yet…