Screwfix Nightmare

We are renovating three sets of buildings and cannot get through to Screwfix to place much needed building material orders. Have you had a similar problem with this company? If yes, then please let us know? Thanks.

This year we have 31 new jobs due to be created at a time during the Covid19 pandemic when employment will be much needed.

Screwfix are risking these jobs.

Because the hitherto GOOD builder’s merchant, Screwfix (here) appear to have had a systemic COLLAPSE in being able to deal with customers/accept orders etc., our project and the jobs, plus many other Screwfix customers have been left in a nightmare situation. Thousands of us are abandoned without the building materials that are needed to complete buildings that then create more jobs.

After the three hours this morning (5th August 2020) wasted in trying to place our latest order with Screwfix, one of our team posted this summary on the Screwfix social media page…

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Or if you aren’t so keen on social media and you have had a problem with Screwfix, please send us a text…

0757 2768 795

We would normally have one of our team call in at the local Screwfix branch, but…

> One of our directors has had to “shield” and can not attend the local Screwfix branch.

> The project manager and main team are working on an island building and cannot get to the mainland Screwfix branch

The Screwfix main order telephone line has an overly long message and NO HUMAN BEING picks up the telephone to accept a Screwfix order: 0330 112 112.

The “press 1 for this and 2 for that” buttons do NOT work on this system. The call just dies.

Screwfix were bought by Kingfisher plc and have made a LOT of money out of customers. So treating these customers in such a shoddy way at a time when Screwfix and Kingfisher plc recorded eye wateringly high profits last year is bad. Screwfiix and Kingfisher plc should be capable of providing a basic service of supplying building materials is not too much to ask.

Last year, Screwfix Direct Ltd., made a profit of £137,275,000, yet they now FAIL to provide the most basic of services when the majority of other SME sized companies ARE making a decent effort to KEEP JOBS ALIVE during the Covid19 pandemic.

The critical problem here is that the failure of Screwfix to provide a basic service in their business is actually risking the jobs of other businesses.

Without building materials, the whole economy will come to a grinding and ugly halt.

As for the overly used Screwfix excuse: “Covid19 is causing us difficulties, please be sympathetic” trotted out on the longwinded Screwfix orderline answering machine, WE ARE ALL TRYING OUR BEST to get through Covid19. Many of us need to work for a living.

But without tools and building materials WE WOULD SUMMARISE THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS AS:-



A bit harsh, but until Screwfix managing director Jonathan Mewett (here) , and the other directors get their finger out and sort the current mess, perhaps they should surrender the extraordinarily high pay of £2,848,000 plus share options each year. At least voluntarily NOT accept any pay until they get this ultimately PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY back on its feet. Mr Mewett and his Board have a legal responsibility, penultimately to the shareholders of Kingfisher plc.

The shareholders of Screwfix Direct Ltd (here) as owned by  and Kingfisher plc (here) are NOT likely to be happy at their dividends collapsing because senior management have failed to do the very basics of making it possible that customers can place an order and pay money to their business.

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