Unique Property Bulletin

September 2017 Edition

We Are Changing The Format

Unique Property Bulletin Is Regenerating In Dr Who Style

Having actually featured real Tardis (Tardi?) for sale and how to find them (here), we kind of get how the actors in Dr Who feel. Sometime you need to transmogrify things a little to keep up with modern technology.

A couple of things have nudged is in this direction. Our unique property club was selling off part of the surplus element to the recent Noss Head Lighthouse Station adventure…

New Offices + New Style Bulletin

Photograph Courtesy of Derek Bremner

In the 1998-2008 run of property club projects we would normally have placed our surplus Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s into one of the main London auction houses. However, since our wonderful friend Louise Ware dragged us kicking and screaming onto Facebook (we really didn’t want to join social media), the results have been very interesting. A steady increase in folk being referred to our website from Facebook (and Twitter) was looking healthy. Lots of new friends made. Several more folk helped into mischief and buying unusual property.

But the big shock was when we put our club’s Principal Keeper’s Cottage (here) for sale on Facebook.

We still struggle with the numbers when something goes a bit viral on social media. If we didn’t see it with our own eyes it would be a case of disbelief. But here are the numbers…

A Bit Of Viral Goes A Long Way. 186,399 Facebook Reaches = 30,000+ Pageviews = Over 2,800 Emails

Would you believe it?

Several things flow from this. Not least it may affect you directly. For 25 years ago a huge problem for our readers and friends seeking a unique home was being able to work remotely. Now it can be done as long as you have broadband. For those who are studying this page, it is food for thought? If a small and obscure publication can manage 186,399 “reaches” for just one post, then whatever line of business you are in, or would like to work at, the internet effectively gives you the key to living wherever you want and improving your quality of life.

A bit of a digression there. Back to the update.







n January, we celebrated our 25th year of Unique Property Bulletin (here). From an old paper effort produced on a printing machine that Johannes Guttenberg would be pleased with.

Unique Property Bulletin Printing Machine – Not Quite But Almost

Printing as we know it started in 1454 (here). Some of our lot can remember the first pages off of the press!

When we first cranked up the printing machine a circulation of 500 was considered good. Especially as a group of friends borrowed the bosses work office for an evening to stuff a lot of envelopes, trying not to get wine spilt on any of them. Alcohol, cofee and food were required to persuade friends that stamp licking could be considered a party activity!



dupli .


At the beginning of the year, we celebrated