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April 2017 – Nuclear Bunker For Sale, Doncaster

Nuclear Bunkers

UPDATE: Here on 18th March 2022, three years after the Doncaster bunker sold, we have the latest bunker FOR SALE…

Around 900 of the original 3,000 UKWMO Bunker

ROC Posts Still Exist

Photo Courtesy of Bob Marshall

It is a LONG way away from Doncaster and may not be perfect for you, but we regularly update our DAILY Facebook page with unique property and a couple of times each year, a FRESHLY listed bunker will appear.

So it is a good idea if you keep an eye on this website and our regular  daily updates in case the next underground bunker is perfect for you.

Today, the newly offered bunker it is located in Tightwalletshire…

Latest Bunker For Sale.

This One Is Up North!

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Below this line are OLD ARCHIIVED details of the UKWMO Nuclear Bunker, former ROC Post in Doncaster. It is included for your reference and also these sometimes come back up for sale.

Nuclear Bunker For SaleSOLD

Deep In Doncaster

Former RAF Nuclear Bunker & Land At Moor Dike Road, Doncaster

Photograph by kind permission of Mr Paul Jacobs (click here).

You will need to be quick as this former nuclear bunker is going up for auction on 5th April 2017. That having been said, it is ALWAYS worth enquiring after the auction if the lot actually sold. We’ve picked up a fair share of post-auction bargains that way.

Former RAF Nuclear, Moor Dike Road, Doncaster

Photograph by kind permission of Mr Paul Jacobs (click here).

First off – if you do end up buying this old nuclear bunker, please do the honours and send a thank you card (plus perhaps a nice bottle or malt whiskey) to Mr Paul Jacobs (here). Why? Well it was Paul who kindly brought this nuclear bunker to our attention, and if you are reading this, as several thousand will be, and you do stick your paw up into the air and wave at the auctioneer – then end up buying this subterranean sanctuary, it would be comforting to know that someone, somewhere said a thoughtful thank you to Paul for sharing this. Let alone getting you into a whole heap of unique property mischief.


Auctioneer’s Narrative:

Flat grazing lane
Securely fenced and fully enclosed
Semi-rural location
Ideal for equestrian use

Former RAF Nuclear, Moor Dike Road, Doncaster

Photograph by kind permission of Mr Paul Jacobs (click here).

AVAILABLE UNDER AUCTION CONDITIONS: A parcel of flat grazing land totalling approx. 0.58 Acres which is accessed off Moor Dike Road. The site is secure with recently installed fencing and galvanised steel gates. The site would be ideal for immediate equestrian use and has direct access to Bawtry Road. The site also features a Former RAF Nuclear Bunker and neighbouring underground bunker which comprises of three rooms and a bathroom.

Former RAF Nuclear, Moor Dike Road, Doncaster

No guarantees can be give for current planning permission nor use conditions. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves that the intended use is permissible. That having been said, you might be surprised at what legal exemptions the planning rules apply to nuclear bunkers!

An interesting feature has also appeared in the national media: click here(archive: here).

Location: Former RAF Nuclear Bunker & Land At Moor Dike Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6DU.

Guide: £25,000

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here (streetview doesn’t go this far – the bunker is several hundred yards further along this track)

Google Map Location: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Also Via: Click Here

Archived: Click Here

Contact Regional Property Auctions: Click Here

Telephone Regional Property Auctions: 0844 967 0604 (up to 7p per minute). Please can folk let the owner/agent know you found this former nuclear bunker for sale in the Unique Property Bulletin.

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