The Digital Pound

This is a real pound.

Behind it is £500 in “Digital Currency”


^^  Real £1 Coin.

Behind it is £500 of “Digital Money!

Have you ever had a problem with your computer or internet connection?

Many have had the infamous “error 404”. 

A lot of folk have had the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death

Try buying a cup of coffee with this visual graffiti…

Blue Screen of Death

A Fatal Computer Problem

Screenshot Courtesy of: Miguel Carrasco

Source of Blue Screen of Death Topic: Here


In 1984 William Gibson wrote a novel in which the following narration was included…

Case and Molly discover Armitage’s former identity as Colonel Willis Corto. Corto was a member of “Operation Screaming Fist,” meant to disrupt Soviet computer systems. As his team attacked a Soviet computer center, EMP weapons shut down their flight systems. He and a few survivors escaped over the Finnish border, but their helicopter was shot down, killing everyone except for Corto. After months in a hospital, Corto was visited by a US government official, who returned him to the United States to receive psychotherapy and reconstructive surgery.

Source: Here.

EMP Weapons were well known about in 1984.

Indeed, for decades the respected U.S. Naval Institute Ahave been keeping a watchful eye on the dangers of EMP and the progression/adaptation of this technology to do massive har, 

The most recent publication from the esteemed U.S. Naval Institute is here..


We would urge our readers to study the report by Gunnery Sergeant Owen. He is a U.S. Marine with a remarkable, almost encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject.

U.S. Naval Institute

Direct Link To EMP Blackout Wrfare

Click Here


Why Should We Be So Concerned

Because An Ambassodor Gave Us A Very Broad Hint

No Nuclear War

There Wil Be An EMP Device Tested On Russian Soil

This Is Designed To “Spook” The Western Money Markets

and Colapsed Cryptocurrency

Nikita Khrushchev

We were advised that president Putin wishes a good soviet (USSR) legacy and that he admires Holywood hardmen such as Arnie Schwarzenegger and Steven Seagal. We found that difficult to believe, right up to the point our friend said to Google the name “Putin” and “Seagal. To our shock, the two dissonant characters are friends. Exhibit “A” Sky News Video: Click Here.

More by dumb luck that intelligence something unusual happened, even by our standards.

One of our readers was looking for a private and secure lighthouse station to buy. Mostly because she wanted privacy. Because of certain privacy protocols when a person wants to sell their property off market and privately, we had to ask the buyer her name and for some basic credentials. The private and secure lighthouse station has now come onto the sale market several years later and in public (as predicted) – Click Here.


, we were . 

Coincidentally, due to the nature of our publication: Unique Property Bulletin, we happen to help owners of underground nuclear bunkers reach a sale with a buyer. We are NOT an estate agent nor realtor. Just a group of like-minded friends who enjoy living in unusual buildings.

A couple of years ago a national newspaper ran an article featuring our editor, Russ McLean. They misquoted certain things, such as getting the wrong navy (Russ’ father and grandfather were Royal Navy, he was Merchant). Also the worst MISQUOTE was about Bris being “panicked”. We don’t do panic!

The word that was used is “concerned” and rightly so when you hear President Putin and the former, president Dmitry Medvedev so frequently threaten NUCLEAR WAR against the West.wnjoy living in nusul buildings.




Source: Here