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Tower & Building Plot

Since Covid took root, the number of enquiries received by Unique Property Bulletin for remote and especially island-based properties has QUADRUPLED. In respect of that request, we present an island ruin with a water tower at a very affordable price. Here is a a neatly arranged pile of bricks that shall, with some thought and a good architect, make a wonderful home. Also included is an old tower for your imagination to have fun with…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

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This editorial is written by and islander and as a recommendation, I would suggest certain things are often very much appreciated by an island community when folk move across from the mainland. One of those can be summed up by a mantra: Bring New Jobs.

But first, here is the nearby Luskentyre Beach to literally whet your appetite. Please note this is NOT the view from Tower House. Folk travel from as far as Australia to see these beaches. Tower House is surrounded by such magnificent beauty from it’s own loch to a 10 minute cycle ride and you have some of the finest beaches in the world. If you live at Leverburgh on the island of Harris, it is pretty much your local walk…

Nearby Luskentyre Beach

In This Video, Ross Mackay Has

Made A Film That Should Win Awards.

Be warned: If you visit, this place may get into your DNA. It can capture your soul. In addition to an internet business that may help you to create some local jobs, there is that unique property on this 0.67 acre site…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Photo Attribution: John Ferguson

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For Photos of What Your Visitors Will See.

This relatively modern water tower is Grade B listed. However, tourism is very important top the islands and the Council planners are often amenable to small scale developments. We think it worthwhile to have a local planning consultant contact the Council on your behalf to establish if this tower structure could be turned into a unique holiday experience. This is something you would be wise to get the neighbours onside with before submitting a planning application to build. Given the existing tower onsite is Grade B listed, you may need to build a hybrid unique property at that spot in your new seaview, island-based garden paradise…

Possible Big Brother To The Existing Tower

This would make a very popular

holiday income revenue addition.

That brings us onto some wise counsel. It is a very good idea to consider making subtle, discreet enquiries to see if there are any jobs or skills you might bring to the islands. This is not mandatory in any way. It’s just that coming from an island there is a definite community spirit. Yes you are left in peace, quiet and privacy if that’s your thing. But it is important to understand, especially for the remoter islands: sometimes a more profound degree of self and community reliance is required. There are occasions when the ferry is off or when the doctor is unavailable and you may experience what “remote” can sometimes mean. So it can be a good idea to tread gently and look at ways that you can perhaps help your fellow islanders. Above all, our mantra here at Unique Property Bulletin is, please…

Be kind.

That can cure a lot of ills in the world.

If you fancy a little more information and maybe ways we can help, here is a little more received wisdom (albeit with the grammar mangled a tad)… 

When we started this publication from a small island called Davaar in 1987…

^^^ Birthplace of Unique Property Bulletin ^^^

Born: 1987

If computer dinosaur, Russ McLean make a website work, then if you are younger than 59 years and 14 months, you stand  much better chance. When we started working remotely it was not at all fashionable and there was no internet. Our circulation was a meagre 3,300 and the publication was paper format.  The postbox was a one hour boat journey away.

We recommended remote working long before it was fashionable.

Some of us still have flared trousers.

The 70s and 80s were cool.

But back then it was all managed by via fax machine.

Who would have believed we could all have a go at remote working.

The good thing is that this frees folk to live

wherever their heart and soul takes them…

You Will Be Living Near To What Has Been

Voted: Britain’s Best Beach”. Click Here.

Our thing is living at lighthouses. But as 95% of the keepers were retired off by the Northern Lighthouse Board, you had to bring your own job! It was called “remote working” back then.

All of this it is relevant, because, in all likelihood, you will need to find work that can be done via “remote working” at your new home in Leverburgh on the island of Harris. The bountiful part is you can buy a house for very little money. Even less if you want to put some sweat-equity into it and aim for mortgage-freedom.

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Offers Over: £25,000.

Text The Owner, Lara on: TEXT: 07977 481 856

When we transferred the old paper-format Unique Property Bulletin to a free online facility in 2012 this publication took off. One particular article (here) by our very good friend, Jon Stock, resulted in over 10,000 people visiting this website in just one hour. It broke our website. We discovered at that instant how  powerful the internet can be and as a force for good. Very quickly our bandwidth pack was increased twenty times the original size. We even have an identical backup website (here) so that we are always accessible online. Just change the suffix from .co.uk to .org. We absolutely recommend you have a safety back-up website as it is horrible when the relatively rare event of the website going offline occurs.

Even now when we end up with 186,000 views (here) were it not for our IT wizard we would not believe the numbers.

The blame bit!

In fact this is a note of great appreciation to you, our readers. Since starting Unique Property Bulletin, there have been 151 new jobs created. A further 20 are due when this renovated building we bought to house staff is opened in the next few weeks…

The New Unique Property Bulletin Headquarters Adjacent To Arbroath Abbey

If we can grow 151 new jobs from an obscure internet website…

You should be able to too.

That would likely be well received on the islands as Covid starts

to cost peoples’ jobs and livelihoods.

We mention this for three reasons:-

1]. It is eminently possible to earn a decent living via the internet and in a remote place (providing there is broadband).

2]. Yes it does feel a lot safer living remotely. No coviddy-cramped-city. Plenty of open land and fresh air. 

3]. If you can manage life without a mortgage, the feeling of safety is vastly increased.

The last point is because we needed to register a charity (here, here and here) after a friend took his life in 1996. The banks disgraced themselves by throwing women and children out of the Titanic’s financial lifeboats during the banking crisis of 2007: click here.

We have witnessed a growing movement of friends and readers looking to live a better quality of life and ditching the mortgage is a great feeling. Even better when these are some of the views you will be living amongst…

Loch Steisbhat

Phot Attribution: Angus MacLeod

Tower House at Leverburgh has all the hallmarks of being able to achieve that. You ware likely to use a lot of sweat-equity, but the average £100,000 mortgage costs £200,000 to repay over 25 years. Do you really like giving a greedy, rapacious bank £100,000 as a present?

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Offers Over: £25,000.

Text The Owner, Lara on: TEXT: 07977 481 856

Photo Attribution: Google & Adsence.

The tower at this Isle of Harris building plot is Grade B listed. We don’t see that much merit, especially as it can be fairly harsh to earn a living in a remote community and Historic Scotland have many buildings of this example listed already. Our own experience is the Highland Council are very helpful when it comes to applying for planning permission. They do have staff shortages, but there seems to be a decent position that welcomes what is, in effect inward investment. Hence our mentioning the fact that if you are from the mainland, and bring new , viable jobs with you, then that is as often appreciated to a significant degree. The internet means for the first time since the Highland Clearances, it is now becoming possible for young islanders to stay and live at the place of their birth and not leave for the mainland and further afield just to find work. Especially when all many younger islanders want is to live their life in the place of their birth.

When you see the islands for the first time, they can be very beguiling.

Whatever your job, when you look up from work and sea the beauty of the place and decency of the people, you may wonder why you didn’t make such a move many years earlier.

Above Is What Has Been Voted The Country’s

Best Beach.

To be clear, this is a short drive from Tower House…

From Tower House To The Magnificent

Luskentyre Beach

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Nipping Across From Your ew Home To North Uist…

This beats smog-ridden city traffic jams. Life to a different beat of the drum. This is the smaller inter-island ferry just a short walk from your front door, or at least the new door you will need to install on the neatly arranged pile of bricks you may be about to buy for £25,000…

From Your Front Door

Here is an islander’s equivalent of the number 10 bus!

Then there is the big boys and girls boat. This is for getting across from the Outer Hebrides, where your Tower House is, back and forth to the mainland…

The Main Ferry To Your New Home

Ferry fares are now subsidised through

government funded Road Equivalent Tariff

Now for the estate agent’s particulars. We are advised the owner of Tower House is looking for “offers over” £25,000…

.For Sale

Guide: £25,000

Tower & Building Plot,

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

We can see electricity and/or telephone cables on telegraph poles nearby to this site, and you will see from this aerial view the shadow of the water tower and the ruin located either side of the red circular marker spot. It is clearly in a local community so water and utilities should be nearby. But q=we RECOMMEND you TEXT the owner (07977 481 856) to establish what they will likely know about the crucial water + electricity + telephone + broadband (septic tanks are not normally an insurmountable problem). Also worth noting that you have sea views given the proximity of the water…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Photo Courtesy of Google.

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If you pan out on the image, it gives a very good idea of the wonderful seaview and beach settings your new house and unique tower (holiday rental income pod) is located…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Photo Courtesy of Google.

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Before we finish this page, we leave you with a very well presented travelogue

Returning to the main topic on this page: offers over £25,000 for this ruinous house/building plot (subject to planning) and former water tower…

Tower & Building Plot For Sale Isle of Harris HS5 3TX

Offers Over £25,000

Further Details Including 

Whether internet broadband is available

& Cost of connecting water + electricity + septic tank etc

Please contact the owner…


TEXT: 07977 481 856

If you can’t get hold of the owner, Unique Property Bulletin are always delighted to help: click here.

Please mention you found these details of this tower for sale in Unique Property Bulletin to the owner. This helps us keep this internet site free for you to use. Many thanks.