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For Sale

4 x  Lighthouse Properties

From: £15,000 To £149,000

Due to changing circumstances, we are selling off FOUR parts of our Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Either way, you will be securing something good. A genuinely unique property or halving your fuel bills. Maybe both!

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Main Estate Gate

Four Parts Are Now For Sale

Please note, the tower is not for sale. 

Neither is the house we sold to our neighbour.

Since buying this wonderful lighthouse station on 23rd May 2017 it has been the home of Unique Property Bulletin HQ. To be frank, given our first home 35 years ago on Davaar Island (here & here), the custodianship of Noss Head has pretty much been the Crown Jewels of our organisation.

=> A few days ago on 31st July 2022 we celebrated around 5 years since buying the Noss Head Lighthouse Station and it being our HQ. After major overhauls of 5 from the 8 buildings we now require to take a decision on whether to sell, or not-sell what we have there? 

=> Sadly, due to an accident and injuries sustained by one of our directors resulting in a stroke, we have had to change plans and locate our new HQ in Arbroath due to healthcare access. Fortunately this is also close to the new fuel-bill-crisis-cure project charity.

=> As a result of the director injury and especially because we are able to volunteer our resources< aiming to halve the national fuel bill crisis headed towards folk, after a lot of soul-searching, we are putting FOUR parts of the Noss Head Lighthouse Station up for sale.

This page covers all FOUR lighthouse properties for sale. Plus an insight for you on how we intend to halve the current fuel bill nightmare. For newer readers unfamiliar with Unique Property Bulletin, when you write about unusual properties for 35 years, it is only natural that your main office ends up like this amazing place…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

Recent health events have proven frustrating, but we are working the best way forward for that. Part of the result is whether you, our readers, would like to enjoy ownership of some of our Unique Property Bulletin assets at the Noss Head Lighthouse location.

Allied to that and on the very positive side, the fact we now have 11 of the 12 jigsaw pieces in place to cure the looming energy–fuel-bill-crisis and remedy some of the worry lurking about social media…

Unique Property Bulletin Selling Surplus Assets

To Fund A Nationwide

Urban-Turbine Fuel-Bill Halving Initiative.

We Aim To Solve Nightmares Such As This

There Can Be No Doubt:

Fuel Bills Are Going Sky High.

^^ These Social Media Posts Are Increasing ^^

Speaking to family and friends,

many folk are becoming seriously

concerned about fuel bill increases.

It would be plain wrong of us not to make best efforts to help sort out this mess with the volunteer time we have left.

We still have time to edit and run the fleet of websites, including the most popular two: Unique Property Bulletin and Lighthouses For Sale. After three decades publishing Unique Property Bulletin, we are keeping going. There may be some hiccups along the way of our 2022 relaunch, but we already own the new offices that have been renovated by several of our crew near to Dundee. It is not as magnificent as Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Though the Abbey across the road is pretty impressive…

^^ Across The Road ^^

From our Abbey Studios Office.

United States Senator Trent Lott says

this is the birthplace of the

American Constitution.

None too shabby. 

The new premises lack a lighthouse, but they do have the luxury of 18 newly renovated offices…

^^ New Unique Property Bulletin Offices ^^

Contact: Click

The viable solution we have to help reduce and extinguish the worrying energy price crisis is purchase a brownfield “proof of concept” site near to two turbines already located in the fourth biggest city in Scotland (here). Then build our own wind-turbine of sufficient capacity to supply 500 to 1,000 homes at 40% wind function. We are helped by the huge surplus of wind turbines flooding the market following their 25 year initial lifespan We already have an infrastructure required to make this community-based energy-crisis-solution work.

^^ The Abbey Studios Offices ^^

18 In Total. Ample For The Next Phase.

The founder of this very publication you are reading worked as harbourmaster close to a major wind turbine manufacturer and was involved in the logistics of moving these massive structures. Plus he is lucky enough to have a diary with friends and colleagues who have amassed the skillset spectrum to make this work. From commissioning engineers to architects and town planners through to electricity network specialists (wholesale and retail). Topped off with facilities to re-manufacture these large pieces of kit. Turbines are now becoming more and more readily available at very competitive prices (wind turbine brokerage example: here).

If we can prove our cure for the fuel-bill-crisis works at brownfield sites in our local city, then the initiative…



^^ Dundee Has Been Chosen ^^

^^ For Proof-of-Concept ^^

As it already had TWO major

wind turbines fully operational in the city.

The Urban-Turbine solution is being tested in Dundee.

If it works, we intend rolling this out right across the UK.

Details at the foot of this page.


Back to the FOUR lighthouse properties in this edition: so what is for sale?

Keeper’s Cabin

Completely Renovated

Offers over: £119,000.

This is a diminutive gem of the Noss Head Lighthouse Station. Keeper’s Cabin is ready for you to move into. Or if you are increasing your holiday-letting portfolio, it is a very popular go-to destination. Also worth noting that if this one-bedroom house is not big enough for your needs, then perhaps buy the larger Engine House nearby. That has full planning permission and building warrants for a substantial 3 bedroom house (details further down this page). For now, we feature Keeper’s Cabin and some important background information…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Located Left of The Left Hand Building

Here is an internal virtual-viewing of the Keeper’s Cabin…



^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Completely renovated. Professionally rewired and connected to mains electricity. Mains water and connected to septic tank. Landline also connected. As is high-speed broadband. Indeed this and our other websites were easily operated from this beautiful location…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Was an office. Now a kitchen as this format is far more use for residential or holiday letting. Plenty of computer space/access at the dining area desk or by the lounge chairs.

This next photo gives an aerial view from the north looking south. It shows the Keeper’s Cabin on the right hand side of the set of buildings…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

An important point is that during summer, due to the northerly latitude, there are two hours more daylight here than in London. It may seem odd, but you have to be careful and avoid sunstroke. Not a problem many folk associate with the northern parts of the country.

The converse is true in the winter: less daylight. Though a wonderful feature is the amount of Aurora Borealis treats in the winter months…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Across Loch Mor during the solar flare season.

Photo Attribution: G. Mackie. 

This leads us to an important element that is unseen. During the picturesque winter months, the refit specification included a huge amount of insulation to ensure this building was easy and economical to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

During the winter months.

What we had not expected were the horrendous increases in electricity bills from £800 to Martin Lewis MSE website forcast of over £3,000 per annum for the end of this year (2022).

Fortunately we were very lucky….

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Now Very Well Insulated.

This Ensures LOW Heating Bills.

Below Is The Pictorial Proof of Insulation.

It is not possible to see this in the completed renovation, but it is important to know that the vital insulation work has been completed. So here are some photographs of the process. Just one room has been featured in this example series to keep this page from becoming a 1,225 page Tolstoy novel. Here are the photos of the insulation work on Keeper’s Cabin bedroom…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

^^ Floorplan Layout Showing Bedroom Location^^

The Old Bothy as it was known housed visiting and/or relief lighthouse keepers. The accommodation tended to be very, very basic…

^^  Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Before Renovation.

Basic, Very Cold & Horribly Damp.

The main problem was lack of any insulation. This caused condensation and a poor cycle of refrigeration of the occupants.

As can be seen by this series of photographs, the insulation was attended to, along with damp proofing, proper venting. Fortunately, for planning permissions,  this building already had double glazed units. Though these were at the end of their useful life so all were replaced with brand new bespoke units.

Crucially, all walls and ceilings were insulated to a high specification and we are fortunately able to illustrate this process with some of the relevant photographs…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

The Old Bedroom: Detritus Removed.

After the roof + ceilings + walls + floors were all made good and fit for purpose, the interior renovations started with increasing the thermal insulation qualities…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Interior Walls With An External Counterpart

All Lined With Celotex Thermal Insulation.

It is relevant to show measures we can ALL take to reduce fuel bills. In this circumstance ironic. Much though we love Noss Head Lighthouse Station, the buildings are not getting used enough and the funds from here and other unique property from our portfolio can and will be going towards the initiative to cure the energy fuel bill crisis (remedy: here).

^^ Wall Mounted Television Panels ^^

Plus Plenty of Insulation

Celotex insulation was utilised in the walls that had an exterior elevation open to the elements on the other side. RWA45 specification insulation was deployed in all other wall insulation areas and especially the ceiling spaces to maximise eco-credentials and reducing the heating bills. This was remedied well before the scary fuel direct debits being used by fuel companies have started to land eco credentials. 

^^ Specialist Fire Resistant Plasterboard ^^

It costs a little more that ordinary, but provides peace of mind

We also double sheet to ensure maximum thermal quality.

^^ Strange Contraption ^^

It may look odd, but this piece of kit is

great at helping install ceiling plasterboard.

^^ Progress Completed But Unseen ^^

A lot of hard work and especially the insulation that

now protects this building eventually goes unseen!

Well at least until the LOWER electricity bills arrive.

^^ Strange Contraption ^^

After the plasterer has done their work, a first coat of

paint is applied in case wallpaper is used.

This ensures that when removing the wallpaper,

large chunks of plaster sticking/bonding

to the wallpaper can be avoided.

^^ Second & Third Coats of Paint ^^

In this building, we avoided wallpaper

and chose neutral coloured paint.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

New floor + underlay + new carpets.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Some new furniture and pictures help make this space useable.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

We deployed a single bed to see how this worked out..

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Being test driven.

Very warm. Quick to heat. Very economic.

Here’s the thing: without your having seen the insulation work photos, you would have no idea what was behind the walls. Indeed whether there was any insulation at all. Now you know because the photographs were taken. There is a combination of Celotex/Exotherm type insulation (here) and RWA45 Rockwool Batts (here). This may seem a dry topic for anoraks and building nerds, but you would be shocked if you knew how much money you waste over your lifetime if you have no insulation or poor quality grade product.

Keeper’s Cabin has top quality insulation throughout and that will mean even larger savings and more ecologically sound heat use during these times of rocketing fuel bills.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

A double bed was also tested in this bedroom and it worked well. The storage spaces are precious, but as a renovated property, the whole building has been transformed to a very useful home or if the new owner prefers, as a holiday letting property.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin Bedroom ^^

To the left side is the fresh WC and new fittings.

To the right is the brand new en-suite shower.

^^ Lounge ^^

Fairly diminutive, but cozy and easy to heat.

Also can be deployed as a secondary bedroom for

visitors with children needing an extra bed-space at night.

It is worth emphasising at this point how thorough the INSULATION phase of the Keeper’s Cabin renovation was. The photos above are not the most exotic, but they do help to substantially reduce the cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer. It is an unusual phenomenon that Noss Head has two hours more daylight than Londion in the summer months and therefore it is wise to understand the power of sunshine. The writer of these words has been badly sunburnt twice and suffered sunstroke one at this place. It was not a brilliant experience. So please be aware that it can get quite hot and the power of the sun should never be taken for granted.

^^ Coffee Counter ^^

This was part of the old kitchenette.

A more suitable purpose would be for book shelves.

Mew owners will have their own preferred layout and decor.

^^ New Kitchen Facility ^^

It should be remembered that

these old relief lighthouse keeper buildings

had minimal facilities.

This is still a diminutive building, but now has

FIVE proper rooms as can be seen on the floorplan above.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Now fully restored and a very useful property.

It may be helpful to also see what was completed on the exterior of these buildings. We have bee fortunately in securing a trade account with the specific paint suppliers to the Northern Lighthouse Board. The quality of this paint system and longevity of the paint on buildings near to the sea is particularly impressive. Here are a couple of “before” and “after” photos. Please note, the TOWER is still fully functional and NOT for sale…

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

Before being prepped and painted.

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

During preparation and painting.

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^

After prep and painting is completed.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

During prep, and painting.

Well worth remembering that, courtesy of the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB), the owners of this website have been fortunate in securing a trade account for the exact same paint system that is applied to the actual lighthouse towers. It is better paint made to exacting standards by industry professionals. This NLB paint  and lasts much longer that general DIY retail products.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Photographed From The Loch.

If you have any questions about this first of opur four lighthouse properties for sale, please click onto the Rightmove link that follows and ask the agent. Thank you.

Keeper’s Cabin

Rightmove Agency Details

Click Here



Lighthouse Engine House

Full Planning Permission Granted

To Convert Into A 2 Bed House.

“As Is”: Offers Over £149,000

Crucially this includes the wayleave rights to a new septic tank location (here). This is important as it purifies oa planning condition that was hitherto a problem, but now via this piece of lateral thinking, it is solved. The result is this detached building, pictured to the right of the lighthouse tower, now had full planning permission and building warrants for conversion into a very comfortable 2 bedroom home with unique views to all four compass points, north, south, east and west…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The Detached Building To The

Right of The Lighthouse Tower.

A definitive view of the detached Lighthouse Engine House can be seen here…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

This fairly ordinary building is one of our all-time favourites because of its location. 

All four sides of the Lighthouse Engine House have sublime views.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking North Towards Orkney

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking South Towards The Lighthouse Tower

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Showing The Eastern Views

Towards Castle Girnigoe & Sinclair

As owners of the Noss Head Lighthouse Station since 23rd May 2017, we have been in the fortunate position of deciding which are our favourite buildings. Without doubt, and to our own surprise, these are Keeper’s  Cabin and the Lighthouse Engine House. Hopefully the views from these buildings can give our readers the insight on why these two main buildings are our favourites. 

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

This Photo Is From The Top of The Lighthouse

It Shows The Eastern Views Across The

33 Acre Lighthouse Compound & Peninsula.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking West. Perspective From

Castles Girnigoe and Sinclair.

As of 20 May 2020, the FULL planning Permission allows for conversion to a 2 bed residential dwelling. There is ONE part of this we would RECOMMEND buyers consider CHANGING.

=> We strongly suggest that buyers of the Lighthouse Engine House consider RAISING the internal floor level around 2 feet 10 inches.

During our ownership, the Northern Lighthouse Board asked for and were granted a temporary “welfare unit” which we gave them rent free in our Lighthouse Engine House. For many years this building had lain under-used as its original function, generating electricity for the lighthouse tower beam had ended. In recent years this building had been used as a dumping ground for all sorts of detritus…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Previous Use As An Old Storage Unit

What became obvious during the temporary use by the Northern Lighthouse Board is this building could be configured to have a very useful life and was redolent with beautiful views from every window…

^^ All Rooms With A View ^^

^^ Windows At Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Looking North Across Sinclair Bay

There was only one problem! The windows had been built at a height which reflected the semi-industrial nature of the building. As requested the Northern Lighthouse Board were given permission to raise the floors so that the kitchen and dining room where shelter was given during less sunny days, could be arranged so the window views made sense.

In other words toy could sit on a normal sized chair to have lunch and be able to look out of any and all windows in this building to the most glorious of views…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Temporary Permission NLB Kitchen/Diner

(now removed)

The remedy to ensure good views from these highly located windows was a raised floor…

^^ A Relatively Simple Solution ^^

Ensuring Excellent Views From Windows.

Plus the reduced volume and underfloor insulation

made this space very efficient to heat.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

We provided the Northern Lighthouse Board

work crew with the requested “welfare unit”.

Even though this was a temporary permission, we did arrange for it to be properly insulated…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Temporary Use By Northern Lighthouse Board


Gold Dust & Magic

The Book of Good Electricians + Plumbers

+ Roofers + Joiners + Glaziers + Builders

It is very important to note that we have two very good project managers and a full team of trades near to the Noss Head Lighthouse Station site.

=> This is very important IF you do not intend to project manage the conversion work yourself.

In 2017, it took us several painful weeks to find the right team to help with the renovation of Noss Head Lighthouse Station. But we persevered and are delighted to advise whoever buys the Lighthouse Engine House that IF they need some assistance in the conversion of the property, there is a local team headed by our Guardian Angel up in the far north…

^^ Steve Williams ^^

Has Saved Our Bacon Many Times

Any buyer who is looking at the Lighthouse Engine House may require some reassurance that they have a good team onsite. Steve will be able to show you three Grade A listed buildings and three properies within the environs of Grade A listed buildings. All of which have benefitted from Steve and various other team members and all of whom are keen to see the last building finished so that the WHOLE lighthouse station looks as it did many years ago when the original lighthouse keepers’ kept the place: Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

Just get in touch with Unique Property Bulletin and we can introduce you to a whole range of folk, from architects to project managers, electricians, and the whole spectrum you will need to transform the Lighthouse Engine House into your new 2-bedroom home.


Back To The

Lighthouse Engine House Narrative

Now in 2022, this area and indeed the entire Lighthouse Engine House has been cleared and emptied, ready for the planning permission and building warrant works to commence.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

The Engine House car park was very busy.

Worthwhile as the end result is a cleared building

ready for the next stage of the planning permission….

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Cleared of all detritus.

In some ways we are saddened that the Lighthouse Engine House is not to be our Unique Property Bulletin headquarters…

^^ Unique Property Bulletin HQ Plaque ^^

A New Plaque Adorns The New Office…


^^ Unique Property Bulletin New HQ Plaque ^^

A Small Price To Pay To Halve Electricity Bills Across The Country!

At first, we did NOT want to sell. But fate and one of our directors being hit on the head by a 5,000 ship changed the main plans.

=> Then the electricity fuel price crisis crying out for a solution has sealed the fate.

You or one of our readers may be about to secure a wonderful place to live at this lighthouse station.

The plans for the Lighthouse Engine House have been APPROVED. Though in truth, it is up to the buyer to decide whether this GRANTED Planning Permission layout is for them. The floorplan does seem very good. It is just the full door height (non-opening) window elevations that add a lot of hassle of bumped noses, banged head and wind issues.

=> We would recommend keeping the current windows which are perfectly good.

Outside, the installation of a more stable concrete ramp, enabling disability access can be installed. That way an interior raising of the floor by 2 feet 8 inches so the windows work as shown above would be excellent...

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Planning Permission


This building is currently in shell format. The other point that is important to clarify here and now is that there were concerns, raised by ourselves, that the proposed septic tank was too close to the cliff edge. Our professor of geology was quite clear when he visited in 2017… “The cliffs will last for millennia, just do not go drilling or digging new foundations within 20 feet of the edges!”.

So the solution has been to GRANT A WAYLEAVE TO THE NEW OWNER OF THE ENGINE HOUSE to site a new septic tank much farter away from the main buildings.

Here is the draft plan for HM Land Registry/RoS…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

New Septic Tank Location Wayleave Permission

Full Planning Permission: 2 Bed Home.

For Sale: “As Is”. Ready To Renovate.

Offers Over £149,000.

The site has full mains electricity + mains water + landline telephones and full broadband access.

Here is a ground level view of the Lighthouse Engine House…

^^ Lighthouse Engine House ^^

Pictured right of centre in the photo above

Full Planning Permission

& Building Warrant Detail

Click Here


Rightmove Agency Details

Click Here

Offers Over £149,000



Pirates Cove

Possible Cliff House

This Project Has No Planning Permission: Yet

Offers Over £15,000.

^^ The Pirates Cove ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

At worst, this is a very large piece of garden. It is priced accordingly at £15,000.

=> We believe the most likely outcome is for the buyer of the Engine House to purchase this extra piece of land.

The extra Pirates Cove land fits in very well with the current Engine House building plot…

^^ The Pirates Cove ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

The original sale of the Engine House was as a light industrial unit with NO planning permission. It has subsequently changed hands since we used to own it. But in order to help complete the renovation of all the buildings at the Noss Head Lighthouse Station, we are adding these extra parts at the requests of the owners.

This is mentioned as we had been approached by an earlier owner of the Engine House to buy our land at the Pirates Cove. But she decided not to pursue the matter. That threw up a lot of discomfort surrounding the (original) location of the new septic tank. It was felt to be too close to the buildings and the cliff-edge. All of which are very solid. But you don’t go boring big holes 10 to 20 feet away from a cliff edge without some thoughts of what might happen if you accidentally hit a fault-line in the rock geology.

This is why we have added a WAYLEAVE to the new owner of the Lighthouse Engine House to build the new septic tank several HUNDRED feet away (click here).

One of our Unique Property Crew did pursue the idea of building a small Puffin Observatory with maybe a bunk bed and kitchenette into the cliff. 

^^ Magnificent Though Grumpy ^^

The Puffin Not The Photographer.

Though Les Armishaw is pretty magnificent.

At first the team at Unique Property were dreaming of something pretty substantial to view these amazing birds that come in serious numbers to visit us every year. Possibly a cliff building like this…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Photo Rendition: Alex Hogrefe

Then it became apparent a few wusses lurk amonst us. Wusses that are afraif of heights. This kind of thing…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Back To The Drawing Board…

^^ Cliff House ^^

Still A Bit “Out There”

Thin air between

the occupant and the rocks below.

^^ Och, Don’t Be Daft ^^

Seriously, would you live here?

It is not often you own a cliff and there is a huge temptation to build something interesting. Especially when you can see all this wildlife. On some days we have to drag poor, cold, wet whale-watching souls into the lighthouses to give them hot tea and warm them up. Those tend to be the dedicated whale-watchers. They get themselves all hypothermic just waiting. Why wait in such discomfort. So we kind of settled on a minimalist approach that we could share…

^^ Maralah, Calgary ^^

Pirates Cove: Possible Cliff House Site

Click Here

Offers Over £15,000.


Walled Garden

Possible Off Grid Home

Offers Over £24,000

This is an interesting parcel of land…

^^ The Walled Garden ^^

A place where lighthouse keepers’ used to

actually grow their food nearby!

Even though precedent has been established at other lighthouse stations such as Corsewall to newbuild houses near to Grade A listed lighthouse buildings, there is just something in our heads that with all the uncertainty nowadays, the best use for this Walled Garden is the actual one for which it was designed…

=> To grow food.

Better still, as well as cultivating you lunch and dinner in this fresh clean place, maybe include a few discreet, low impact solar panels to help ameliorate the painful electricity bills.

^^ The Walled Garden ^^

Visible through the lighthouse tower’s lamp room.

^^ The Walled Garden ^^

A place where food and heat can be grown side by side.

Now there is a novel concept.

Offers over £24,000

TEXT: 0779 134 2742

The best outcome would be for someone at the lighthouse station to acquire this piece of remaining land and plant a good crop of vegetables and fruit alongside some solar panels. That brings us neatly to where we started. The sale of several Unique Property Bulletin assets so that we can purchase some brown-field land in Dundee and apply for planning permission to build an urban-turbine similar to the two that already exist onsite in the city.

=> But in a way where we can HALVE the costs of electricity for those living nearby.

Before we end this article, here is an aerial video filmed just before we started the renovation work in 2017 and before the beuildings were painted and landscaping undertaken…

^^ Video Film ^^

^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^

^^ Before Renovations ^^


Why Sell

Unique Property Bulletin Assets?

To Halve Your Fuel Bills

To give you and your community back control on fuel costs

It may be helpful to conclude the reason why Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., and our former Unique Property plc shareholders have decided to sell off a large amount of our property portfolio built up from 35 years of mischief and job creation.

=> On the matter of bona fides, from these pages have emanated two registered charities. Both of which have produced helpful results.

With the fast approaching fuel poverty crisis about to hit some of the most vulnerable in society and that being an entirely avoidable situationRelatively

^^ Dundee Urban Turbines Already Exist ^^

We intend building more.

Please TEXT: 0757 2768 795

For further information

We are running a proof-of-concept wind turbine affordable electricity project to see if it works. If yes, then your bills could halve. All bills across the UK are capable of major reductions. Hopefully you can see our dilemma? It would be wrong not to at least try and make this happen. The directors of this website are registering the “Energy Crisis Cure” charity to ensure we an run both variants of the solution: (a) community-owned and an alternative format: (b) privately requested…

Helping Cure The Energy Price Crisis

Click Here


Any Questions?

Please feel free to telephone, text or write

these and address them to our

Unique Property Bulletin crew.

Contact details:-

Click Here 

Last but not least, please check back with us soon as we shall be selling off several other buildings within our portfolio to ensure this fuel-crisis-solution works. So please check back to this website from time to time so you do not miss out on a tasty morsel at source.

Or better still, “follow” us on the social media of your choice…

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That way we should manage to let you know of new and interesting unique property for sale AND the progress towards halving electricity bills.