In addition to the regular weekly 9pm Sunday night free Unique Property Bulletin, we shall be introducing an additional feature…

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These will be written and presented on the SPART page at a frequency of one each month. This is to be on a pay-per-view basis of between £1.50 and £2.50 for each Special Article feature.

The reason for adding a modest pay-per-view element is to help with the costs of running the website – webhosting, IT, third party assistance with the internet administration etc.

We had considered a “Donate” button as this is popular with some websites. However, we feel that there should be a two way street element. To give a little extra back as way of appreciation to readers who help keep this website alive and running – especially with the IT and webhosting costs. That we can provide via a little bit extra above and beyond the regular FREE Unique Property Bulletin each week. This little extra being in the form of monthly Special Articles.

A good way of ensuring the long term viability of the Unique Property Bulletin is to have some form of boost to the current, very modest income derived from our Manual and the small advertising sale spots.

Our volunteers don’t mind contributing their time, but we are currently sitting on a bit of an annual defecit, and it is judicious to do something to reduce this. Rather than have the volunteers research, write, and produce a weekly Bulletin and have to pay the webhosting costs we are hoping readers will who find the free weekly Bulletin of interest, will also help keep the free Bulletin online by a very modest pay-per-view assistance when certain extra content within our Special Articles catch the eye.

Readers who are generous enough to help in this way are owed a debt of gratitude by the contributors and all those who visit this website.