This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

It’s A Secret – Don’t Tell Anyone!

This Unique Property Bulletin finds some properties coming up for sale that even the owner’s estate agent doesn’t know about yet!


Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses Will Be Coming Up For Sale During 2016 

Photograph Courtesy of Ron Ireland

Our feature article for this Bulletin advocates one of the main principles behind what we do here: whenever possible we like to give readers as much advance notice as practicable for truly unusual properties that are soon to be placed for sale. Extra time gives folk the grace to sort out due diligence, finance, visits to the area to establish suitability etc. In essence, a vital edge for buyers. A potent thing when you want to ensure your chances of a successful purchase are maximised. 

It shouldn’t surprise us, but when we revisit the methods in our handy Unique Property Manual goodies still appear. If proof were needed, we present one of several lighthouse buildings that have been decommissioned and will be coming up for sale. This news is so fresh, even the estate agent handling the sale does not yet know about it. How can this be so? Check out the feature article at the lower part of this edition of the Unique Property Bulletin. It is also worth noting that the techniques in our Manual cover the A to Z of unusual property styles. Not just lighthouse buildings, but air control towers, barns, castles distilleries, fire stations, islands, railways stations – the whole spectrum right to the end of the unique alphabet – zoos!

The full feature appears later in this edition…


Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow


Big Church – Little Money

Other-Than-Ordinary In Oldham


Church of Saint Luke, Buckley Street, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9HU.

We start the listings element of this Bulletin featuring a large detached, former church with approximately 6,367 square feet of internal area. Around £19.64 per square foot it represents a lot of building for the price. Also guided as “offers in the region of” – four favourite words as, of course, they mean there might wriggle room on negotiation. The external masonry is mostly stone, under a traditional slate roof. Internal headroom is an exceptional 50 foot to the nave.

Located in an established residential area, the former church of Saint Luke may be suitable for residential conversion, subject of course to planning permission. Originally built around 1883 this impressive structure has remained relatively unaltered since it construction.

Location: Church of Saint Luke, Buckley Street, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9HU.

Guide: Offers in the region of £125,000.

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Dunlop Heywood Tel: 0161 817 4840. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Unique Challenge

£30,000 & Sea View Please

Dreaming of A Country Pile? How About A Neat Pile of Bricks With Much Potential?

In the email box leading up to this edition of the Bulletin we had a challenge from an astute reader:

“Can you find me an interesting house, by the sea, with a beach for £30,000 or less please? I have saved that much and don’t want a mortgage? Just a house to renovate and a place where I can see the sea. A beach and boat would be nice.”

A challenge we could not resist. So after a good old search using as many of our property sleuthing protocols as possible we have a candidate. Well what might best be described as a neatly stacked pile of bricks with some slate tiles added into the bargain.

Still, we managed to tick several boxes. Under £30,000? Yes. By the sea? Yes. A beach? Certainly. Boat included? Not so sure you will have time to go onto the water as there is quite a lot to do to renovate this beach home.

An idea for temporary accommodation might be to add something like this camping pod – subject to planning – onto the half acre of land that is included in this property sale. It might make for an decent piece of accommodation until the beach house is restored. Then it could be used as a source of income for letting out as holiday accommodation for visitors once you move to the main house. These types of pod seem very popular for this type of recreational use.

Pod House Not Included But Worth Adding Until Main House Renovation Complete.

Atlantic Pods: Click Here & Scroll Through Selection of Photographs

Before you dismiss this as on an island and remote, it is worth mentioning that there is a very civilised, and none too crowded airport just two miles and 6 minutes drive: click here.

In fact once you take off, you can see how truly beautiful this place is….

Flight over The Island of Sanday

Click on picture above to enjoy a flight around picturesque Sanday Island

Hopefully we have answered the challenge put to us by one of our readers? Or at least provided some food for thought.

Location: Ayre Cottage, Isle of Sanday, KW17 2AY

Guide: £25,000

Further Details & Interesting Interior Pictures: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Lows Estate Agent Tel: 01856 873 151 – Mr Andrew Bonner. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Monthly Editions

We are tweaking the new monthly format of Unique Property Bulletin so that readers instinctively know when a new edition is scheduled. Starting from now, each individual Bulletin will be on the first Sunday of each month at 9pm. This edition will cover 24th January 2016 to the end of February 2016. The next one shall be on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Please remember this new monthly format runs alongside our new effort to add a unique property for sale every day onto our new Facebook (here) and Twitter (here) accounts. 


Take A Lock At Colne

Laid Back In Lancashire


Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancashire

Not too sure why, but canalside buildings are incredibly popular with our friends and readers. Here is a Grade II listed former Lock Keeper’s cottage, located at the heart of the Barrowford Lock interchange. Situated by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The house has beautiful views towards Pendle. Originally built around 1815 at the construction of the canal to service the picturesque lock gates…


Original Purpose: The Lock Gates and Canal Traffic.

The property has been modernised throughout. A nice set of interior photographs can be studied via the estate agency links below. A previous owner had an income producing lifestyle by selling books and ice cream to folk walking or canal boating along this beautiful stretch of country. I know from personal experience living at the Davaar Island lighthouse keeper’s house that lifelong friendships can be forged this way. It may seem a simple thing, but many an interesting person passes by your door. At the sedate speeds of walkers going by, you have the grace of time to spend a while with folk. So the delights of this style of life can be very enjoyable and sociable.  

Location: Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Colne Road, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6JQ

Guide: £275,000

Further Detail: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Petty & Co., Estate Agents Tel: 01282 615900. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Mid-Edition Update & News

Sykehouse Water Tower Photo Glyn Drury

This Water Tower For Auction. Guide Just £4,000

Hot off the press and just in – as of today 3rd February 2016 – we have news of this amazing water tower for sale. This illustrates the importance of our readers keeping an eye on the regular near-daily updates via social media newsfeeds between the regular monthly Bulletins:-

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To The Bat Cave

Shropshire Style

Seriously – A Terraced House With A Cave Included

Terrace Home and Ornate Cave: Railway Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

A rare find, thanks to one of our most intrepid readers who shares so many of her discoveries with the rest of us. This is a truly unique home. It comes with a cave. This property would do Batman justice. Anyone for a Bridgenorth Batman perhaps? Here is a summary of the details:-

2 Bedrooms
Galley Kitchen
Dracups Cave
Utility/Garden Room
Roof Garden
Attic Room
Landscaped Gardens
Spectacular Views

Below this ordinary looking terraced house is an extraordinary cave…

Terrace Home and Ornate Cave: Railway Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Railway Street is situated close to the centre of the historic town of Bridgnorth. A short way up this road is the innocuous looking Dracup’s Cottage. Seemingly an ordinary home, it contains something so unusual that has captured national media attention. In fact it was one of the Bulletin’s American readers who emailed this in to share. Previous owners of the cottage have lovingly embraced the work of former owner and local artist Mr Anthony Dracup and have kept alive the unique character and features integral to his art work. The key element is the wonderful cave which forms a stunning lounge/ living space with ornate vaulted pillars.

Terrace Home and Ornate Cave: Railway Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Additional ground floor accommodation comprises front reception room, family bathroom/ WC, kitchen area and a dining room. To the first floor there are two bedrooms, one of which provides access to the loft room. Leading off the landing is a terraced roof garden with spiral stairs rising up to a landscaped garden enjoying spectacular views across Oldbury Wells. There is parking on Railway Street.

Terrace Home and Ornate Cave: Railway Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

The ancient market town of Bridgnorth is geographically divided into High Town and Low Town, linked by several sets of historic steps, the famous cliff railway and by Cartway, a meandering street steeped in history. The local area enjoys excellent amenities including high street shopping, supermarkets, a wide range of leisure facilities, doctors and dentists.

The Terrace House With A Batcave – The Video

Click on picture above to enjoy a journey to the centre of the earth – or so it might seem

Location: Dracup House, 30 Railway Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4AT

Guide: Around £199,950

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D 360 Degree Interactive Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Nock Deighton Estate Agents Tel: 01746 767 767. Please can folk mention to the estate agent that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Unique Property Syndicate 19

The Bulletin has always extolled the unusual. Normally this means just writing about buildings and homes that are interesting. However, it can be irresistible when narrating details of these amazing properties – then just stand idly by. The deep felt desire to join in can be compelling beyond words. So that is what several of is did in 1998 and have been enjoying the process ever since. The first phase of syndicates between 1998 and 2001 was outwith anything we could have possibly imagined. Also, we just wouldn’t have managed some of the genuinely exceptional acquisitions further down the line – such as at Ailsa Craig island – were it not for the collegiate group profits generated by this strange sounding phenomenon of unique property syndicates.


Ailsa Craig Island-Lighthouse-Buildings (c) T. Burner

Made possible by virtue of profits from earlier Unique Property Syndicates

The undernoted numbers are actually the figures from what is essentially a hobby on steroids. A fascinating one, but nonetheless not really what any of us here would describe as an occupation. Yet if you mine-down into the detail, over 100 jobs have been created from just one spin-off (now entirely separate from Unique Property Syndicates). Not too shoddy considering the Bulletin is a fairly obscure publication that would fit neatly into the guest publication slot on an episode on Have I Got News For You. In fact, our sister website is almost on their list at number 5…

Lighthouses For Sale & Rent

Previous syndicates results that include the genre proposed for the next Unique Property Syndicate

Total Value of Property Purchased:


Cumulative Gross Profit:


The net profit from this £258,672 was distributed directly from the syndicate solicitors to each syndicate member on a strict pro rata amount, depending on how much each participant had sent the solicitor in the first instance. 

Evidence and background information…

Click Here For Evidence & Solicitors Statements

Plus there has been a great deal of fun along the way.

Our current candidate property has members minded to join at the running total of…


of the


…needed to go ahead. That is after just 10 days.

If you would like to receive email alerts about syndicate news please let us know…

Click here to receive syndicate news (and password)

Meanwhile, the current syndicate proposal can be viewed – just…

Click Here For Proposed Unique Property Syndicate 19

(a password for access will be sent to all syndicate email alert members)


Just A Quickie


Our Lady’s Church – A Lot of Space To Play With

Just a quick Bulletin note to let folk know, one of our regular readers owns this church and he has entered it into auction for a guide price of…


Further details: Click Here.

Click Here – For Background and More Pictures


Safety Backup Website

Safety Backup
Safety Backup (c) 2016 Geeky Edge

If you ever find our main Unique Property Bulletin website is offline, please note we have a safety backup located at an entirely separate webserver to ensure you can always get the details from the Bulletin.

Unique Property Bulletin MAIN website: Click Here

Our safety backup facility…

Unique Property Bulletin BACKUP website: Click Here

Spot the difference? In assembling this current edition of the Unique Property Bulletin our IT friend advised that after 5 years loading many Bulletins and featuring thousands of properties on the main Hostgator webserver, our VPS facility is literally groaning under the weight of what space we have leased there. Due to the amount of data and the volume of visitors, which is ever increasing (a good thing). He showed a statistic that caused a sharp intake of breath and feelings of incredulity. Over 20 million individual photograph downloads from our main website to date. Cutting a long story short, we are working to upgrade the IT webhosting side of things to avoid any more groaning from the computer/IT systems. Fortunately, so far we have had very little downtime – where the website is offline for an hour or so per year. As a precaution we run two near-identical versions of Unique Property Bulletin. One at hosted at Hostgator and the other at 1984.IS which means you should always be able to find one of the sites working (98% of the time bost domains are fully functional). The difference? One web domain ends with .org and the other with

Hopefully this makes sense? It may be old fashioned, but we always like to have the safety of a backup plan. Best regards, the Unique Property Bulletin team.


Ark At You

Soaking It Up In Shropshire


Architects Impression: The Ark, Bourton, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Thank you to an alert reader, who emailed this property into us so we can share it with you. This is the Ark ever featured in the Unique Property Bulletin. Currently utilised as a barn, there is planning permission for an inspirational conversion of this large detached barn structure. Plans include five bedrooms and ample residential accommodation. All set in around 5.83 acres of picturesque Shropshire countryside.

The Ark is based upon a traditional brick barn – thought to date from around 1880. Although not listed, the building is considered to have historic merit with its attractive air vent pattern, bow string roof trusses and unusual curved roof. 


Current Structure: Bourton, Much Wenlock, Shropshire

The proposed plans provide for the building to incorporate an independent steel frame with a new roof spanning over the existing trusses enveloping the current structure. There is further extension of the building with a sun room and garaging under the curved beams.

Outside the 5.83 acres of land include about 3.88 acres that have consent for equestrian use and ideally suited for paddocks.

Planning consent was granted by Shropshire Council on 21st October 2015 under reference 14/04441/FUL for the conversion of agricultural building to one residential dwelling and change of use of adjoining land to provide for equine paddock. Associated drawings and documents are available on the Shropshire Council’s planning website or by request from the agent.

Local towns and cities: Much Wenlock 3 ½ miles; Bridgnorth 11 miles; Shrewsbury 15 miles; Ludlow 18 miles; Birmingham 40 miles; M54 Junction 6 11 ½ miles; (all distances approximate and given in good faith).

Location: The Ark, Bourton, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, TF13 6QQ

Guide: £280,000 – For the land and existing building. Newbuild/conversion costs NOT included.

Further Details: Click Here.

PDF Brochure: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Carter Jonas Tel: 01939 393112. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Funding Unique Property

Bless This Barratt Box


Working In London – This Was The Home of Unique Property Bulletin For A While

Bless this Barratt Box – It made real unique adventures possible

One of our promises is to help readers work out ways to fund their unique property.

An example of how: In the late 1990s it became apparent that banks and building societies often made it very difficult to fund the purchase of homes that were unusual. Financial institutions are geared up to lend on the bog standard Barratt Box. I shouldn’t knock these. Indeed when working in London for a while, I owned the very one that appears in the photograph above. It was nice and comfortable. This particular exhibit was not quite in London, but commutable. Though with another 143 near identical ones nearby it felt the epitome of un-unique (a newly invented word). Even so, this actual building was very good to me and the Bulletin. In an obscure way, good to you too if you think about it. You wouldn’t be reading this Bulletin if it wasn’t for the funds released from the old Barratt Box that keep this publication modestly subsidised and shared free at the point of reading. After the house above was sold, there was enough cash from the equity growth left over to buy a very large part – over 50% – of this early unique property syndicate…


Putechan Lodge Hotel, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland

Quite a shift from a small house in the south east near London to this large, former lodge owned by the Duke of Argyll and converted into a 14 bedrooms hotel, owner’s accommodation plus 6 separate holiday chalets in the ample grounds and the magnificent Ocean views. It even had it’s own beach.

The view from this hotel was of the Atlantic Ocean (to the left of the picture)…


Putechan Lodge Hotel, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland

Bulletin readers can be forgiven at suggesting a hotel, even with an actual beach included is not that unique. Though it would be fair to say it was unusual to have a hotel as a home. The amazing summer spent living at – and looking after this place was very memorable. Not least but the resale of the Putechan a few months later grew the old cash reserves of all concerned in this syndicate by a whacking…

44% profit on resale

So in this example – on a personal level – it took just two house moves from the most standard of bulk-buy Barratt buildings to reach a beautiful lighthouse keeper’s home. From the most mundane brick-box design to the exquisitely unique. A private island home…

Ailsa Craig Lighthouse

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Compound

It is worth contemplating those two steps to the sublime. Who could have imagined it? How many house moves are you away from that dream? Maybe spend an hour or so studying how this can happen. Not just at an eccentric publication such as Unique Property Bulletin and these odd syndicate adventures, but perhaps that can translate to your own circumstance. We would surely like to think so. There is a huge buzz here when a reader – a friend – eventually gets the keys to their own particular haven.

The fact that hotels seem to figure prominently in our syndicates (4 out of the 18 unique property syndicates to date) is testimony to the potency of this vernacular. The resultant increase in unique property purchase funds for all participants has been clearly evidenced by the solicitor statements. Between 30% and 300% uplift in capital value on the hotels bought and sold. Fact. The syndicates produce a well tested and proven path that unlocked the funding issues which have previously plague so many of our readers. If the banks won’t lend on a unique property that you fancy, then just grow the funds until you can buy your ultimate style of home with cash. If that means a Barratt Box house, or possibly joining in with the occasional hotel bought and sold along the way, then all good and well. When you reach the point where no mortgage is required for your penultimate purchase, it can be VERY satisfying. It also makes this dream home on this sort of island go from being just a wishful dream, and start becoming a factual reality…


Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Compound

Including 95% of All The Usable Island Land + Pier + Railway + Railway Building + Gaswork Building + Four Lighthouse Keepers’ Homes

How To Fund Island Properties? Read About Unique Property Syndicates

So what about your eventual unique property purchase? It does not have to be an island. Indeed everyone has a different type of unique home that they are aiming to buy. A literal A to Z of unusual dwellings. From air control tower conversions, through barns, castles, fire stations, martello towers, railways stations, signal boxes watermills, windmills, all the though to zoos.

The full story about funds, including how 4 hotels have helped make unique property adventures like this real, can be read here:-

Unique Property Syndicates – Click Here To Study These

Go on, take an hour out of your day just to read how you might emulate this sort of adventure to fashion your own ultimate outcome of a unique home that you can eventually live in. 


Secrets Behind Funding Unique Properties

Instead of just having a dream – consider making it a reality. Whatever kind of unusual home you aspire to, the funding element can be a key hurdle. If we can do it, surely you can too? Indeed around 111 folk are already ready on our email alert list to receive news of the next syndicate.

If you would like to receive email alerts about our Unique Property Syndicate 19 (and also the page password) then just…

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Towering Seaview

Fresh From Folkestone

Ullyett Cottage, Old School Mews, Sandgate, Folkestone

Ullyett Cottage & Tower are part of a converted Victorian school building. Within the property is the landmark Old School Tower, which is split over four levels. The property has a wealth of period features including a church style door opening into the entrance hall (base of the tower) which continues through to the open plan dining/study area. The well fitted kitchen sits neatly off the dining area; the utility room is accessed off the study area. Steps lead up to the wonderfully light sitting room.


Ullyett Cottage, Old School Mews, Sandgate, Folkestone

Stairs from the study area lead up to the 1st floor accommodation where there are two bedrooms (1 ensuite) and a further family bathroom. The tower is split over 4 levels. Each level provides a unique space.


The Tower, Ullyett Cottage, Old School Mews, Sandgate, Folkestone

The top of the tower provides fabulous views out to sea and over Sandgate. Ullyett Cottage has tall ceilings throughout, wonderful gothic-style windows and thick ragstone walls.


The Tower, Ullyett Cottage, Old School Mews, Sandgate, Folkestone

The current owner is open to selling the majority of the fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

Location: Ullyett Cottage, Old School Mews, Sandgate Hill, Sandgate, Folkestone, CT20 3ST

Guide: £425,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Strutt & Parker Tel: 01227 808744 – Pippa Cracknell. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Goddington Manor

Grade II Class In Kent


Goddington Manor, Orpington Kent

Originally constructed in 1893, this visually commanding grade II listed building has an abundance of original features. Hidden, like a rare gem, behind private gates. Within the apartment features include hand carved ceilings, lime stone fire place and even the old bells for the butler. A very nice website has been created to show each individual room within this fine apartment (click here).

The property is accessed via the impressive communal hallway leading to the magnificent wooden doors which give you direct access to the apartment. Internally the property comprises the spacious lounge with grand limestone fire place and superb bay window overlooking the grounds. The modern fitted kitchen includes integrated appliances, a door onto the communal grounds and the current owners also have a small breakfast table. The bathroom is equipped with a bath and separate double shower an boasts a marble finish. The impressive master bedroom boasts herringbone parquet flooring, a bay window and fitted wardrobes. The second bedroom is a good size double also with the parquet flooring and is currently used as a study.

Goddington Manor has good access to both Chelsfield and Orpington mainline train stations providing frequent services to London Bridge in only 18 minutes(from Orpington).

Location: Goddington Manor, Court Road, Orpington South, Orpington, Kent, BR6 9AT

Guide: £715,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Contact Unique Property Bulletin direct: Click Here.


Tanera Mòr Island – News


Tanera Mòr Island

New Year and New Owners

Might You Want To Join In?

We have exciting news regarding this beautiful island. For those readers that have not yet heard of the place, Tanera Mòr is the main island of the Summer Isles archipelago. A group of rugged and exquisitely beautiful islands lying just 1.5 miles off the northwest coast of Scotland. Tanera Mòr has a coastline of approximately seven miles encompassing numerous cliffs, coves and beaches; innumerable perfect picnic spots interspersed with fresh water lochans; and wonderful waters in which to swim, sail and fish. Access is via helicopter, or more usually a short boat journey from Badentarbat Pier or Old Dornie Harbour. The pier is about 1.5 miles from the charming and popular west coast village of Achiltibuie. Alternatively, a larger vessel could be moored at Ullapool which lies 24 miles by road or 12 nautical miles to the south-east.

Tanera Mòr Island – Video From The Air…

Click On The Picture Above To View The Video Excerpt

For more information about the current progress of Tanera Mòr Island please feel free to click on this dedicated webpage…

Tanera Mòr Island News: Click Here


Possible Unique Bargain

Keeping An Eye On Kent

Price Level Leaking From This Water Tower


The Old Tower, Stede Hill, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1NR

It can pay to keep an eye on old editions of Unique Property Bulletin. Almost a year to the day this building was listed here for £1,075,000. It had already been reduced from £1,195,000. In fact if you use the Unique Property Manual you would also have a nugget of information in the fact this property last changed hands in 2004 at £102,000. Though factor in the conversion and refurbishment costs which will add a fair lump to the value. So where are we now? Well if you have been rummaging through the old online Bulletins and have this interesting home on your Radar, we can advise that a total of £270,000 has been shaved off of the original price – so far.


A Towering Entrance – Maidstone, Kent

In fact four important words currently adorn the latest estate agency details as far as the current £925,000 asking price is concerned. They are “in the region of”. There may be a little more haggling if this beautiful conversion floats your boat.


The Interior: Stede Hill Water Tower, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent

Earlier agency narrative: A relatively utilitarian – though with a slight architectural grandeur – for the water tower frontage. But there is so much more to this 1903 build edifice than we have pictured.


The Interior: Stede Hill Water Tower, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent

Simply put we recommend Bulletin readers click the weblink below and look at the lovely photographs which illustrate the time, love and care in this exquisite transformation.


The Interior: Stede Hill Water Tower, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent

The conversion and additions provide a reception room, master bedroom with delightful views, bathroom and further bedroom/study. The seller has created a fine single storey addition to the rear linked by a stunning full height entrance hall with spiral staircase. There is a large open plan kitchen/sitting/dining room with feature curved wall and feature glass corner wall. The units are from Germany. There are two further bedrooms and a bathroom. This really is a one off opportunity located on the highly sought-after Stede Hill.

Location: The Old Tower, Stede Hill, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1NP

Guide: Was £1,195,000. Now in the region of £925,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details: Click Here, and also Click Here.

General Details Onsite: Click Here.

Contact: Click Here. PLEASE remember to identify which property you are contacting us about by inserting the identity of the building in question into the email SUBJECT LINE. Thank you.


Watermill Plus Barn & Boathouse

King’s Lynn Working Mill and Land

The Watermill, Mill Road, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn

An award winning renovation of a Grade II Listed watermill into a stunning, romantic home where “True tranquility can only be found when the man made and the natural fit together harmoniously” – Nicholas Crane from BBC ‘In Search of England’s Green and Pleasant Land’.


– Fully functioning water wheel
– Original mill mechanisms intact and renovated
– First floor sitting room with stunning river views
– Study
– Third floor sitting room with potential for conversion to a further bedroom with en-suite
– 4 double bedrooms (3 en suite)
– Kitchens Etc kitchen and wet room
– Boathouse/dining room
– Decked riverside entertaining area
– 4.75 acres (approximately) shared woodland/riverside amenity land
– Barn in 0.6 acre (approximately) available separately
– Norwich Approximately 37 miles
– King’s Lynn About 23 miles

Watermill Features, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn

The Watermill is one of only around 500 remaining residential watermills in the country. Built in circa 1737, it was also only one of two mills in Norfolk using both wind and water power in the same location. The Poncelet water wheel was still in operation grinding oats etc, in 1953. Fortunately all of the original machinery was left intact and has been restored and incorporated into the fascinating redesign of this beautiful, romantic home. The meticulous renovation took several years to complete using organic and original materials wherever possible> This included lime-wash, linseed paints, York stone tiled floors and pitch pine throughout. Living by the water on both sides means you are never far from the evocative sights and sounds of the mill pond and mill race.


The Watermill, Mill Road, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn

From the moment you enter the Watermill, you become aware of how special this renovation is. Every space has a unique offering from the beautiful bespoke Aga kitchen to the Boathouse, now a glass fronted dining area with all round waterside views and with a door leading out to the good-sized hardwood decking area for riverside entertaining.


The Watermill, Mill Road, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn

The first floor sitting room offers spectacular dual aspect views, a large wood burning stove, metal support columns and the original mill stones, still in working order for any new owner to take up producing their own flour. The original architectural and industrial features seamlessly blend history with everyday living. From the first floor study, a staircase leads to a large landing and 3 spacious bedrooms with beautifully appointed en suite bathrooms. The top floor boasts a second sitting room with large storage space and the 4th bedroom.


The Watermill, Mill Road, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn

The Watermill is approached off the Overy Road down a sweeping shared driveway. Close to the main entrance is a left fork leading to the approximate 4.75 acres of amenity land across water meadows, woodland and attractive river walks, shared exclusively with the residents of this small, prestigious complex of unique properties. A nominal yearly charge is made through the property management company for the upkeep of the shared land. Also off this track and available separately is a recently built oak framed barn with 3 sets of double doors and about 0.6 acres of garden where the current owners have converted an historic railway wagon into a comfortable summerhouse.

Location: The Watermill, Mill Road, Burnham Overy Town, King’s Lynn PE31 8DX

Guide: £1,600,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Jackson-Stops & Staffs Tel: 01328 801333. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


A Triple Oast

Visual And Olfactory Appeal In Kent


Tenterden Road, Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent

These former oast towers are fairly rare – though invariably popular with our reader who seek a home which has something special brewing about it.

Little Halden Oast House is a substantial Grade II Listed property, believed to date back to the Jacobean era circa 1603. The structure has been added to over the years and is converted to a very high standard by the present owners.


Tenterden Road, Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent

This beautiful property provides light and spacious accommodation with modern interior and decoration whilst retaining its original charm and character with exposed oak beams and high ceilings throughout. Occupying a secluded position in approximately 0.52 of an acre with panoramic views over farmland. Approached via a long sweeping lane.

Location: Little Halden Oast House, Tenterden Road, Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4JL

Guide- Was: £1,800,000 (click here). Now: £1,095,000. A saving of £705,000. Nice thank you.

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Strutt and Parker Tel: 01227 807946. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Amazing Architecture

Dynamic Designs In Denbighshire

Pen Y Bryn House, Llangwyfan, Denbigh, Denbighshire

Summary Details

Reception Hall
Kitchen/Breakfast Room
Open Plan Living Room/Dining room
Cinema Room
4 Bedrooms
3 Bath/Shower Rooms (1 en suite)
Decked Veranda | Balcony
Private Driveway
Approximately 2.6 acres of grounds


Pen Y Bryn House, Llangwyfan, Denbigh, Denbighshire

Interesting Interior

This architect designed home provides a light and airy accommodation set over three floors. It is contemporary throughout with top of the range fixtures and fittings including a sleek Miele kitchen and a cinema room with ceiling mounted 3D projector and motorised projection screen.


Pen Y Bryn House, Llangwyfan, Denbigh, Denbighshire

Maximising house and garden dynamics

The versatile open-plan reception room comprises living, family and dining areas and taking centre stage is a stylish bespoke spiral staircase with beautiful beech treads. Bi-folding doors lead out onto a decked veranda and when fully opened transforms this space by creating a natural flow of inside and outside living. On a lower level is an impressive exposed stone chimney breast which encompasses a double-sided open fireplace.


Pen Y Bryn House, Llangwyfan, Denbigh, Denbighshire

The view from this house is exceptional

A south-westerly facing balcony is another highlight and enjoys incredible far-reaching views, providing a perfect retreat with complete solitude.

Location: Pen Y Bryn House, Llangwyfan, Denbigh, Denbighshire, LL16 4NA

Guide: £1,250,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Strutt and Parker Tel: 01244 354 880 – Jamie Carter. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all reader



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Unique Property Competition

For January & February 2016, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a crisp £50 note:-


Please Name This Unique Building & The Location…


Photograph: 2016 Copyright Russ McLean

The winner is the first drawn from our Competition Box at close of competition on 29th February 2016

Competition Hint

“Victor has a monstrous time on screen, assembling a group of friends and acquaintances”

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Architecturally Unique

Please note, each edition we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are usually NOT currently for sale, but are included to help inspire readers as to the talent that abounds when a good architect’s mind meets the imagination of a unique property person, and something that little bit special is created by the synergy.

Flood-Aware House Innovations


Front Architect’s Inspirational Design

Over recent months there have been some devastating floods. As a result of this subject featuring more and more – especially in headline news, we believe there will be a slow, but sure movement towards future-proofing newbuild houses to provide inbuilt resilience to flooding risks. One particular design firm has caught our eye. Front Architects appear to be contributing to that important vernacular in an elegant way.

 Our Top & Commended Property Designers For This Unique Property Bulletin Are:

Front Architects

Official Website: Click Here

archived here


Front Architect’s Inspirational Design

Whilst our favourite location of this design is the house on a pole in the water, his style of house can be situated in many unusual locations.

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Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin – is NOT for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in any particular genre of unusual abode. This specific listing is for a short-stay break. Our offering for this edition:-

Unique Holiday 

Castle Breaks & Star-Dust

Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Normally Unique Property Bulletin stays within the shores of the UK. Sometimes though, a building is so exceptional that it transcends borders. We believe this is one such case: Ashford Castle at County Mayo in Ireland. Our recommendation for a try-before-you-buy experience in this edition of the Bulletin is Ashford Castle. This building will not be for sale any time soon, but it certainly can give some inspiration if you are looking to renovate your own castle purchase.


Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Don’t worry, these three gentlemen are not the Garda Siochana come to hustle you away. Rather part of the luxury 5 star service at this splendid castle in Eire – including a nice range of hotel transport.

As well as being am impressive building, Ashford Castle comes with some star-dust in the history department. Holywood style. In 1951, the film director John Ford came to the west of Ireland to film The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. The grounds of the castle, as well as nearby Cong, formed the backdrop for much of the action in the movie.

This film was Ford’s first ‘romantic love story,’ received a total of seven Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction and Best Sound. On the day, this film won two Oscars: Best Cinematography and the ultimate – Best Director Oscar for John Ford, establishing a record that is still unbeaten.

Location: Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Guide: £177 – £680

Further Details: Click Here.

Reviews: Click Here.

Contact Email: Click Here.

Contact Tel: 0353 94 954 6003. Please can folk mention to estate agents that they found this place for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.

Ashford Castle Video Presentation… 

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This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

It’s A Secret – Don’t Tell Anyone!


Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Keepers’ Homes For Sale
It is not yet official. You heard it here first.

Photograph Copyright (2016) Mr Ian Cowe (click here)

For this edition of the Unique Property Bulletin we have a fairly short feature. That is kind of the point. The challenge is handed to you, our reader. If you can solve this….




Another competition will be along soon enough though

How Good Are You At Solving Puzzles?

If you managed the QR code above as just one example of solving puzzles, then we are pretty sure you have the investigative talents required to find, fund and have fun with your very own unique property. Those three “f” words just happen to be the by-line of our Unique Property Manual


This Book Helps You Find The Vast Majority of Genres

Despite the lighthouse tower that was for sale on the front cover this book, our manual is written for EVERY genre of unusual property that could or can be considered competent for conversion onto a residential dwelling: your ideal home. Your choice: Air Control Tower, Barn, Castle, Distillery, Fort, Island – right through the alphabet to an actual Zoo. Yup we have featured a couple of those too.


Starting at “A” in the alphabet – Air Control Towers for sale (£150,000 – click here)

The A to Z of unique property goes all the way to Zoos…

An Actual Zoo We Found For Sale

Our Unique Property Manual Helps You Find The Vast Majority of Genres

So if you are looking to find and fund that elusive unique home, plus obtain the vitally important advantage of several months advance notice that such properties are coming onto the sale market BEFORE anyone else even knows, please consider buying one of the last remaining copies of Unique Property Bulletin. There are just 80 of these books left.


Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Buildings WILL Be Coming Up For Sale
You’ve exclusive advance notice here because of the methods in the Manual

Photo Courtesy of Mr John Allan

So what about that secret property for sale? In fact we were officially advised that there are several. We have featured a couple of them here on the island of Islay. The lighthouse keepers’ homes at Rinns as pictured above, happen to be just two of several that we now know are coming up for sale. But VERY FEW other buyers are aware of these yet. If you acquire a copy of the Unique Property Manual now, we will include a covering letter listing another tasty lighthouse building that isn’t currently advertised, but will be coming up for sale. It is at an iconic place with several dozen acres of spectacular land included as well.


Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses Coming Up For Sale

Whilst mentioning lighthouses – for those who have a taste for the beam born beacons – it is always worth keeping an eye on our sister website:


Muckle Flugga Lighthouse: Former Keeper’s Home For Sale

Photo Courtesy of Bob Jones

There are regular new additions such as the wonderfully named Muckle Flugga lighthouse keeper’s dwelling at £90,000. Just checked – it’s come down £5,000 and is currently at £85,000. Watch this space: click here.


Muckle Flugga Lighthouse: Former Keeper’s Home For Sale

Photo Courtesy of Mr Mike Pennington

Though even if you aren’t that keen on lighthouse buildings, the Unique Property Manual really does cover the A to Z of the majority of other styles that folk look to create a distinctive home within.

An essential part of eventually securing your own unique property is the value of time. How often have you read these or other website pages and just not had enough time to sort out the legal enquiries, paperwork and if you need a mortgage, then ensure you have the funds? All too often folk run out of time and are precluded from bidding. We know – we have been in that position. Far better to be in the situation where you have plenty of advance notice of unique property coming up for sale. The extra few weeks that a little property detective work gives you can mean the difference between success and failure. Again we know as that very thing has happened at this end of the keyboard. Which is why we needed to buy one of these…

But that is a whole other story for another Bulletin 🙂

We had the grace of time and that tipped the scales of fortune, enabling a group of Unique Property Bulletin readers and friends to end up owning a private island lighthouse compound. What a wonderful adventure that was.


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Something resonated with that. I love this Unique Property Bulletin. I love the people who read it. I love the kind and interesting emails from readers and friends, which now take a regular slot between 7am to 11am each day to reply to (please keep the emails coming). I can get so immersed here that hours go by compiling an edition of the Bulletin. It is an amazing and enjoyable reverie. Strange how things work out. I used to think email was the work of the Devil and hated computers. Now that loathing of technology has transformed. Maybe something to do with recently joining that other computer based bête noire. Dragged kicking and screaming onto Facebook Bulletin. Far from being the terrible thing I thought, it turns out that Facebook Bulletin has helped me to find long lost friends, where empty spaces in my life had long persisted like an ache in the soul. Just words on a screen. But I will never cease the amazement at what the simplest of words can do. How about you?