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New Estate Agency Helps The Bulletin

Introducing a new estate agency that helps us to help you buy unusual and interesting buildings…

“Unique Property For Sale”

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UPFS Old Steading - Main Building

Helping readers to buy property such as an old stables plus steading with unique island and sea views…

Davaar-Island-Causeway-To-The-Left - Photograph By Russ McLean 1999

Two old buildings for renovation that have this beautiful view. Both included for…


The buildings pictured are just a sample of what we have bought and sold with associated estate agencies and auction houses. Our aim for this edition is to ensure readers have an additional shop window of unique property from which to choose.

(the example above has already been successfully sold)

The Old Steading plus a detached stable building above was owned by us a while back. Ripe for conversion. Not just an unusual building that could become an interesting home, but the view of sea and a small island really made the place stand out as a bit special.

Though before we had time to blink, a very good friend who owned an auction house, helped us to sell the old stables and steading. Forty six thousand very welcome pound notes came in.

As most folk know, the Unique Property Bulletin is not an estate agency. It is, and always will be a not-for-profit publication, compiled for unique people such as you, by like-minded unconventional property dwellers such as ourselves. However, this week’s feature article below introduces our friend’s new estate agency: Unique Property For Sale (here). Whilst this new property selling business is separate from the Bulletin, there will be a mutually beneficial relationship that means the future of the Bulletin is secure. Not least but the volunteers here at Unique Property Bulletin are getting on a bit. We are all still keen to research, prepare and produce this publication along with managing all the adventures that go with it – but there has been a strain of late – not least but because we are down one and a half volunteers.

We will of course continue to feature the full geographic spectrum and price range of unique property in the Bulletin and regular social media newsfeeds (here and here). But we will also have our friend adding to the mix with a decent and dedicated estate agency – Unique Property For Sale. This new business has agreed to sponsor the Bulletin and ensure the old horses at the sharp end here are not worked and flogged into the literary glue factory.

So for this edition of the Bulletin, we would encourage any reader considering the purchase or sale of their unique property to look at engaging the services of this new estate agency

“Unique Property For Sale”

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By employing the new Unique Property For Sale estate agency, you will, in turn, be helping the Bulletin, and hopefully, we will reciprocate that good faith and help you. A virtuous circle. Not often can the word virtue and estate agency be used in the same paragraph. Maybe times are, indeed a changing.

The full feature appears later in this edition…


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Regular Bulletin Listings Now Follow


Fluckton Well

Water On High – Price On Low

The auction guide is just £4,000. Tempted?

Midgley Water Tower, Bar Lane, Midgley, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4AU Photo Neil Theasby2

Midgley Water Tower, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire

Photo Courtesy of Neil Theasby

Well – literally a water well – located atop a big pole! Your architect and you are going to have a lot of fun in the creative process with this highly unusual water tower. The possibilities for changing this into a home are mind boggling. These old towers are fairly rare. Even more scarce are the unique designs that can transform them. The last time a gem like this came up for auction at this level (2014), one of our lot went down with double the amount needed in order to bid. Even at that, the eventual price realised was four times the guide. So please consider this when hoping that £4,000 is what this Fluckton tower will actually go for. 

Midgley Water Tower, Bar Lane, Midgley, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4AU Photo Neil Theasby

Midgley Water Tower, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire

Photo Courtesy of Neil Theasby

Still it may well be worth having a go at buying this. Whatever else you are in for an adventure. If you do win the auction, please consider emailing us (here) as we have a television production company keen to follow your progress.

Location: Midgley Water Tower, Bar Lane, Midgley, Near Fluckton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4AU

Guide: £4,000. Scheduled 21 April 2016. NOW SOLD. 

What happened next: UPDATE: 1.11pm on 21 April 2016 – Just watched the live video feed for the Midgely Water Tower auction. It WAS guided at just FOUR thousand pounds (£4,000 here). We were thinking of a small Unique Property Syndicate (past examples: here) and make a pre-auction offer for this water tower at £15,000 to £20,000. Oh the power of hindsight, and the frustration of having not submitted a pre-auction bid. Midgley Water Tower has just sold for an incredible £110,000. Stunned!!! That would have been a delightful syndicate adventure. Now going off for a cup of tea, or maybe something stronger. More out of frustration than anything else. Must try harder. That definitely was a Fluckton water tower!

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Eddisons Auctioneer – Tel: 0113 243 0101 or 0845 505 1200. Please can folk mention to auctioneer that they found this water tower for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Happy Coincidence?

Happy Valley TV – Virtual Visit Yields Unique House Off The Set

Sowerby Bridge

Happy Valley Police Station Photo Betty Longbottom

Happy Valley Television Series: Main Location – Actually A Real Police Station

Photograph Courtesy of Betty Longbottom

I was just watching the penultimate episode of the police drama Happy Valley when the police station used for the television series kept appearing on screen. Of course there will be buildings like this in a television police series. But the urge to have a wander around the location via Google 3D – set in Calder Valley – was irrepressible…

Click Here To Explore The Local Area & That Bridge (Behind This Link-Shot)!

For anyone unfamiliar with this gritty, compelling and compassionate series, Happy Valley is written and created by Sally Wainwright. Here is a trailer from the BBC….

Click on the picture above to watch the video.

Happy Valley has a brilliant, award winning performance from Sarah Lancashire as police sergeant Catherine Cawood. 

Happy Valley4

Sarah Lancashire Gives A Stunning Portrayal of A Complex Character

Photo Attribution: Red Production Company & The BBC

So why this digression? Well the Bulletin features old police stations for sale. In fact the writer of this has come very close to buying an old cop shop on a number of occasions and cannot resist a look-see. Apart from the old chestnut of having a room where the mother-in-law can stay when she visits (here), there is a definite interest in converting former police stations – to places where you can live and work – amongst our wider readership. If the team from Media City UK in Manchester can manage to turn real buildings into fiction…

Happy Valley3 Photo Halifax Courier

A Real Police Station In Fictional Set Dressing

Photo Attribution: Halifax Courier

…then we can have a go at locating fictional set buildings to turn into real homes. With significant thanks to Google 3D interactive.

Just a few minutes virtually walking around the area via the interactive 3D map system (here), combined with a little look around local estate agents and we walk this way (here). Okay it isn’t a police station. The Happy Valley nick is not for sale at this time. But what we do have is a former gate house with a visually appealing nature. Okay, so it isn’t a fictional building – well not yet…

Gate House Happy Valley2

For Sale: The Gate House, Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 3PB

Not a bad find after watching an hour’s gripping tv drama. Here’s the rub, the world of television and movies has a big requirement for places to use in filming. There are dedicated location agents. Methinks if you bought this gate house, it might be worth getting in touch with the production company behind Happy Valley (here) and see if they would consider the gate house as a candidate property for the next round of filming? There is a fair amount to be made from hiring out your property in this way. Though if you do buy the gate house and see it covered in fake blood coloured tomato sauce after a gruesome fictional episode, please don’t complain to the Bulletin 🙂

Location: The Gate House, Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 3PB

Guide: £190,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact – Tel: 07773602305. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this former gate house for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Tanera Mòr Island Purchase – Rebooted

The Art of The Possible

Detached House + 2 Acres Start From £162,777


Tanera Mòr Island – An Exquisite Gem In The Water

Picture Courtesy of Will Copestake Photography

Short and sweet: The owner’s of Tanera Mòr have arranged to split the island into three segments for sale. We ARE now assembling a group of friends and colleagues – some via Unique Property Bulletin – in order to make an offer for the southern third Tanera Mòr Island.

We have focussed on “Lot 3” to start, but intend to make best endeavours to buy the other two lots as well. With regards to “Lot 3”, the good news is that our onward subdivision of individual detached houses and property for sale, has secured 4 of the 6 Bulletin readers we need to join this adventure for this delightful island project to progress to a formal offer being made from our group of prospective island dwellers.

 Arriving At One of Tanera Mor's 3 Piers

Tanera Mòr Island – Genuinely Unique In So Many Ways – Even The Short Ferry Crossing To Get Home


Tanera Mòr Island

2016 May Be The Year We Return To An Island Adventure After Davaar Island and Ailsa Craig Island

Tanera Mòr Island is tantalisingly close to happening. Would you like to consider joining in?

A detached island house and two wholly owned acres…

(with the bulk of the rest in common ownership and access)

…starts from…


Further details…

Click Here

To Read Tanera Mòr Island Sale – Rebooted


Isle of Wight Barns

Ferry Nice Views of The English Channel and Solent Too

Isle of Wight Ferry - Simon Moore

Isle of Wight Ferry- Journey Information: Click Here.

Photograph Courtesy of Simon Moore

Park Farm Barns, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight PO33 1QE
Park Farm Barns, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight

This cluster of old barns has a delightful architect/artist impression of the completed development which is helpful in visualising what the final homes will look like. Well worth a checking out the estate agency link below.

Park Farm Barns, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight PO33 1QE view

View From Park Farm Barns, Ryde, Isle Of Wight

Known as Park Farm and located on the Isle of Wight, the properties for sale are in an elevated rural position, well away from main roads and providing panoramic views over the surrounding countryside and towards The Solent. Good access to mainland ferry links from Ryde (about 2.5 miles) and being just over a mile from the beach with the popular coastal village of Seaview with its sailing facilities being nearby.

Location: Park Farm Barns, Bullen Road, Ryde, Isle Of Wight PO33 1QE

Guide: From £245,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Spence Willard – Tel: 01983 200 880. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found these barns for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Unique Property – Now Almost Daily

As well as this monthly, quasi-magazine format Unique Property Bulletin, we aim to bring you new unique properties most days via…

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The Groundfridge – Planting Ideas For Bigger Underground Structures

Couldn’t resist mentioning this unusual piece of science. Not just because in and of itself it is an incredibly good way to cut down on greenhouse gasses (fridges are a major greenhouse gas pollutant). But with a little lateral thought, surely it would be possible to build a bigger one and utilise it as an underground sanctuary? In olden times they used to be called air raid shelters.

Groundfridge Diagram

The Groundfridge – Side Elevation Diagram

However, nowadays with the intense assault by all devices electrical, including computers, iPhones, tablets etc., it might just be a good way to go cold turkey on the interconnectedness of modern life and spend an hour or two in quality-quiet, contemplative peace.

Food for thought, and not just for chilled fruit and vegetables.

Location: Anywhere you have some space in your garden.

Guide: Euros-7,450 – Approx £5,776 Click Here.

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact: Click Here.

Please can folk mention to the manufacturer that they found this underground building for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Dream Projects Can And Do Come True


The TS Queen Mary Back In The Day

Five years ago, in 2011 a friend asked if we could help save an old ship. Something to do with the Unique Property Bulletin and our mischief makers having been involved in an earlier classic ship rescue (MV Southsea). Our friend reckoned we might like to help with a new project. This time around the candidate is a genuinely iconic ship that was without a home, nor purpose, and seemingly at risk of being scrapped. That vessel was, and is the Queen Mary.

After much subsequent discussion the Friends of TS Queen Mary (FOTSQM) charity was registered in 2012, and throughout the period from November 2011 (first dialogue) to present day, a huge amount of preparation has been put to the cause by industry professionals and interested persons/organisations. On 21st October 2015 the amazing news that the charity now owned the TS Queen Mary came through.


An Iconic Ship Passes Under An Iconic Bridge

TS Queen Mary – Tow From Victoria Embankment To Tilbury

Her Next Tow? From The Thames To The Clyde

Readers of the Unique Property Bulletin are to be thanked and congratulated for their generosity in helping fund-raise the purchase money, plus the myriad of other forms of assistance needed to make such positive progress.

Now the Friends of TS Queen Mary charity (FOTSQM) is within a few weeks of TOWING the ship back to the place where she was built. Ideally this event will be towards the end of April 2016. Even by the standards of Unique Property Bulletin, the story so far of how this wonderful ship has survived is an adventure. Now we need one last, literal shove, to get the ship back to her birthplace. Part of that is a big fundraiser for the final tow – asking our own Bulletin readers to consider donating a fiver (or maybe a little bit more) to the charity. To read some of the story…

TS Queen MaryThank You Bulletin Readers – Click Here 


Gone Fishing

Freehold Riverside Mancunian Property £20,000

Land and Fishing Rights off Radcliffe Road, Tonge, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1NU 2

Land and Fishing Rights off Radcliffe Road, Tonge, Greater Manchester

Some salmon beats can go for millions of pounds. Indeed many are sold off by the “week” with typical weeks costing £150,000 (here and here) and the average number of fish caught being 6. I know something doesn’t quite add up with that whilst at the local fish shop last week and the price of a whole salmon was nearer £54 (here). It certainly wasn’t £25,000 for Nemos big brother! My calculations work this out at £150,000 divided by six aquatic specimens which then equates to a tasty £25,000 per fancy big cod. Possibly something fishy about my mathematic ability, but however you fillet the thing, going fishing can be a costly enterprise!

Anyway enough of that digression. This sale is for around 2.78 acres of riverside land with fishing rights – we cannot guarantee you will catch anything, but at least you are not paying £25,000 for a big kipper like some folk seem to do.

Land and Fishing Rights off Radcliffe Road, Tonge, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1NU

Land and Fishing Rights off Radcliffe Road, Tonge, Greater Manchester

Auctioneer’s narrative: Parcel of land which contains trees and that has road frontage access plus ownership of land directly up to the River Tonge. Fishing rights remain with the land and vacant possession is being offered.

One last little fact about this big stretch of land. If you buy it, you will be neighbours with the late, great Fred Dibnah’s heritage centre (here). 

Location: Land and Fishing Rights off Radcliffe Road, Tonge, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1NU

Guide: £20,000 Freehold

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact Pugh Auctions – Tel: 0844 2 722444. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this riverside land for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Convenient For The Ferry

South Coast Island Land

Land at Fishbourne Quay, Fishbourne, PO33 4EY

Land at Fishbourne Quay, Isle of Wight

This edition we are spending a short while on the Isle of Wight. Here is one that has good connections to the ferry, and onwards to the mainland. Fishbourne is located on the north east coast of the Isle of Wight. The plot of land is situated on the western boarder of Fishbourne and is approximately 0.7 miles (1.13 km) south of the Wightlink car and passenger ferry. The ferry service provides crossings to Portsmouth, taking about 45 minutes subject to weather and timetabling.

This parcel of land comprises a broadly rectangular tract of land extending to approximately 0.04 ha (0.1 acres). The site is vacant and has a sloping topography from east to west.

Location: Land at Fishbourne Quay, Fishbourne, PO33 4EY

Guide: £POA – I wish estate agents and property owners would not write ‘price on application’. It puts a lot of buyers off.

Further Details: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact Savills Estate Agency – Tel: 023 8071 3979. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this island land for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Price Reduction & Plans

Cambridgeshire Chapel Conversion To Complete


Old Days At The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

This former chapel in Cambridgeshire is currently part way through being converted into a family home. The owners circumstances have changed and they have taken a difficult decision to sell. The original property was built in 1903 and opened as as a Sunday School. It has also lived life as a penny cinema, a youth club and even a World War 2 soldiers’ billet. Quite a bit of history going on with this one.


Chatteris Chapel – Plans and Permission

Original planning permission to change the use was for a single dwelling. However, when the current owners purchased the property it had permission to create 2 houses: a 1 x 2 bed and a 1 x 3 bed semi-detached. There remains the possibility of reverting back to these plans if required, subject to permission from the District Council. Copies of one or both sets of plans can be emailed upon request.

Location: The Old Chapel, New Road, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BJ.

Guide: Was £265,000. Now: £249,950

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Contact: Click Here


Unique Property Bulletin

20,000,000 Photo Views!

Lifeboat Station Christine Church RSZ

Converted Lifeboat Station – Our Near Neighbour With Bundles of Imagination

Our IT wizard just came up with a staggering statistic – and a reason for the increasing webhost fees to run this website. Since we moved from the old paper format…

Unique Property Bulletin Original Format

Old Paper Format Unique Property Bulletin

… to the new online publication in 2011, we have, in just over 4 years, had over 20,000,000 individual photograph downloads!

Okay, so each edition used to have just 6 colour pictures, and now we put a couple of dozen and more. You multiply that by the readership. December 2011 around 925. January 2016 we have around 40,000 unique site visitors. Stick those numbers into the calculator for a couple of spin cycles and hey presto, that is…

20 Million Photo Downloads!

From this end that takes a lot to get the old head around.

95% of Unique Property Bulletin is free to view. However, we do rely on a modest £3.65 donation once a year from those Bulletin readers kind enough to chip in…

Donations Page Information: Click Here

The good folk who do donate often get a nice surprise thank you, and this year is special 🙂

This year’s fundraiser has a unique way of saying thank you. A special extra feature article, with a money-back guarantee it will secure you dozens, possibly hundreds of additional unique properties for sale for you, in your chosen area..

Click Here For Password

This year’s donation works out at just 1p per day over a year – £3.65 all-in! It helps us maintain the IT, webhosting and broadband bills for the Bulletin. – including the cost of some of those 20,000,000 picture downloads! The Bulletin is a not-for-profit entity and run by volunteers, so all help is very much appreciated.


Price Reduction

Manx Lighthouse Compound

Now £349,000

Douglas Head Lighthouse Station

Douglas Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages For Sale

This Beautifully Taken, Atmospheric Photograph Courtesy: Isle of Man Film

The former Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House, plus Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s House have been joined together to form one, extensively refurbished and deceptively large home. Though not too big to lose that cosy feeling.

Location: Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, Douglas Head Lighthouse, Douglas Head, Isle of Man, IM1 5BP.

Further Details: Click Here

Guide: Was £399,950. Now: £349,000.

Google Satellite Image: Click Here

Contact: Click Here


Extra Article

Hundreds of additional unique properties available…

In the geographic area and of the genre that you choose

Old Fire Station, Hales St, Coventry, West Midlands CV1 1JA.

This Old Station In Coventry Is One of 100s Extra Unique Properties Now For Sale

Horses not included

In the spirit of reciprocity, if you do donate £3.65 (or more if you would like 🙂 ) we have something that will help you locate…

Hundreds of additional unique properties

Click Here For The “Extra” Unique Properties Article

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The passwords are good for several other special pages as well.


WWII Air Control Tower

Exquisite Essex Endeavour 

Air Control Tower, Former Little Walden Airfield, B1052, Hadstock, Essex CB10 1XQ

Air Control Tower, Little Walden, Hadstock, Essex

These former World War II Air Control Towers are strictly finite in number. This one has been sent in for sharing with all readers by Graham – a top property sleuth and very near to being co-opted onto our editorial side of things 🙂

Usually we have just a shell, or ghost of a building from another era to show. This edition features a high quality historic home ready to move into. No planning permission hassle. No conversion challenge. Just an exquisite renovation of an aviation artefact that comes with great and brave history.

P-51 Mustang - Credit Tech Sgt Ben Bloker

P-51 Mustang WWII Aircraft Based At RAF Little Walden

You really don’t want to see this behind you in your rear view mirror.

Photo Credit: Tech. Sgt. Ben Bloker United States Air Force

Just consider for a moment 71 years ago and the P-51 Mustangs of the 374th, 375th and 376th Fighter Squadrons, crewed by the 361st Fighter Group ‘The Yellow Jackets’. Deployed here from Bottisham on escort and ground support missions then detached to France. Another lifetime, and for a few, a very short life.

RAF Little Walden from the air - Photo Thomas Nugent

Imagine Coming In To Land? Pilot’s View – RAF Little Walden Airfield

The airfield and tower are in the picture – you’d be battle tired and war fatigued after flying in combat conditions over wartime France. Hint – look for the old ghostly runway and taxi ways still imprinted on the agricultural fields.

Photograph Courtesy of Thomas Nugent

Agency Narrative: The Control Tower holds a commanding position as it would have done during World War ll overlooking the air base at the time. It opened in 1943. The present owners purchased the property in 2002 and through their efforts have created a special and contemporary home that is sympathetic to the architectural design of the building. To make the most of the impressive views the main reception area and master bedroom are on the first floor. The dual aspect master bedroom suite is light and spacious with Birchwood flooring, a walk in wardrobe and a private tucked away en-suite shower room.

Air Control Tower, Former Little Walden Airfield, B1052, Hadstock, Essex CB10 1XQ 2
Air Control Tower, Little Walden, Hadstock, Essex – Contemporary Interior

The many large windows offer far stretching views in all directions with spectacular sunsets. In the dining area there is a door that opens to the balcony which wraps around the front and the side of the property. A metal staircase leads to the large flat roof area. On the ground floor there is an impressive entrance hall with a skylight to kitchen/breakfast room. On this floor are three double bedrooms a utility room, a large bathroom and family room with a door opening to the garden. The family room and bedroom four have ample built in storage.

Air Control Tower, Former Little Walden Airfield, B1052, Hadstock, Essex CB10 1XQ 4

Changed Days, From Old RAF Mess Room To Pristine Gordon Ramsay Set

Approached via a gravelled driveway through metal gates there is a wide sweep and parking area towards the rear. Abutting the south western and south eastern elevations there is a large section of decking which has been screened by curved walling, rendered and painted with raised beds well stocked with a selection of flowers and shrubs, providing a wonderful sheltered seating area. Beyond this is a large area of lawn surrounded by mature conifers along the northern and eastern boundaries.

Location: Air Control Tower, Former Little Walden Airfield, B1052, Hadstock, Essex CB10 1XQ

Guide: £775,000

Further Details: Click Here.

Background History: Click Here.

Can You See The Ghost of The Airfield: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Contact Tucker Gardner Agencies – Tel: 01799 731024 – Remi Gannon. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this air control tower for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Bulletin Newbie

Since we established a near-daily update on social media (here and here) the full monthly edition of Unique Property Bulletin is having a new element – newbie – included in a regular slot…

Unique Abroad

The overseas slot is self explanatory. It can have a variety of uses. The primary being to present a direct opportunity for buying something abroad. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried this. I did and left it awfully late to buy abroad. Absolutely no regrets. A pure adventure. A second reason for looking at overseas unique, is the possibility of inspiration at what can be transplanted into the UK. The Grand Tours of the last 200 years were all about this bringing new, exotic idea back home to add to the flavour of things.

Hopefully this regular inclusions into the Bulletin will add to the usefulness we aim for. To start….


Unique Abroad

Abbey Road Farm Silo MAIN

Abbey Road Farm Silo – Oregon, USA

For more inspiration: click here.

Good friend Graham sent this one in to share. For anyone who has spent any time touring America (if you haven’t please put it on your bucket list) then you will probably have seen one of these. Well at least one of the corrugated grain silos. The addition of a home and inclusion of the towers is visually striking. But more than that, from much enjoyment in America, there is something special about seeing how another country renovates property. My own time in the States was spent in the Home Depot (America’s version of B&Q) as opposed to the sunny beaches of Florida. USA DIY superstores are massive and carry an incredibly large and diverse range of interesting tools, equipment and building materials. Seventh Heaven for anyone who likes bringing old buildings back to life. Most folk travel abroad for the sun, sea and sangria. However, to go abroad and become immersed in a building project is kind of sad in one way, but it is an absolute eye opener to study how different countries tackle unusual property renovations and conversions. Fancy having a go? Maybe let us know how you get on? As for Abbey Road Farm Silo, you can visit and stay a while…

Location: Abbey Road Farm Silo B&B, 10501 NE Abbey Rd, Carlton, Oregon, USA, OR 97111.

Guide: Please contact the owners for current B&B rates.

Further Details: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Contact – Click Here. Please can folk mention to the owner’s that they found this converted farm silo for rent in the Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Mid Edition Additions

Since going onto a monthly frequency – first Sunday of each month – we have seen some short-notice properties come up for sale which have an auction/tender deadline that falls short of the next scheduled Bulletin edition. Often these are placed in the near-daily newsfeeds (here and here). However, for the more detailed short-notice buildings that require a little more depth, research and narrative, we will be adding them at this mid-edition spot.

So well worth popping back in the middle of the month to make sure you haven’t missed anything 🙂


Beautiful Views From This Building Plot

Serviced Site With Planning Permission

For A Bespoke Luxury House


Seabreezes, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland – Fully Serviced Building Plot

This is a building plot with an impressive sea vista – the best view in this fine development. The new road has now been built, along with all the required water supply mains piping, telephone lines, drainage etc. This building plot already has planning permission for a luxury detached house (click here, here, here and here). Although you might want to have your own unique bespoke design created for what will be a pretty amazing house when completed. This building plot comes FULLY SERVICED. All the facilities laid to the boundary. As far as the new road is concerned, all that is now needed is the top coat of tarmac. The main developer responsible for the seven building plots in this section is waiting to ensure all sub-surface facilities are in place before applying the final top coat onto the road. It would be daft to apply a pristine final layer of tarmac, only to dig a bit up to install underground cable and then patch it up with an ugly pot-hole style repair.

Location: Seabreezes, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland, KW14 7TD.

Guide: £38,500. For the FULLY SERVICED Building Plot. Check the next weblink for newbuild guide costs.

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Contact – Click HerePlease can folk mention that they found this sea view building plot for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Monthly Editions

We are tweaking the new monthly format of Unique Property Bulletin so that readers instinctively know when a the next one is scheduled. A new edition of Unique Property Bulletin will now be published online on the first Sunday of each month at 9pm. The following dates should help with synchronising this…

Sunday 1 May 2016

Sunday 5 June 2016

Sunday 3 July 2016

and every first Sunday of the month thereafter.

Please remember this new monthly format runs alongside our efforts to add a unique property for sale every day via the Bulletin’s Facebook (here) and Twitter (here) accounts.


Land With Church

Two Lots In Wales

St Pauls Church Landore - Photo Jaggery
St Paul’s Church, Cwm Level Road, Landore, South Wales

Guide: £40,000

Photo Courtesy of Jaggery

For new readers – the general format of each Unique Property Bulletin is we start with a summary introduction of the feature article, then progress to the main listings – this part. The protocol is to begin with a bargain or two, then gently ascend the price brackets as we descend the page! We also do out best to cover all areas of Britain.

This issue, we came across a curious piece of land in a nice location. At first sight £5,000 seems a bit of a bargain and at that price it was scheduled to be at the top of this page.

However, when we made our usual enquiries and discovered that in addition to the £5,000 of land for sale, the adjacent church is also available. Guided at £40,000. So this listing is actually for two component parts.

The church building is being sold by estate agent Rowland Jones, whilst the land is being auctioned via Allsops in London.

—– Church Building ——

Location: St Paul’s Church, Cwm Level Road, Landore, South Wales, SA6 8LA.

Guide: £40,000

Details/PDF Format Brochure: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Contact (for the church) Rowland Jones Agencies – Tel: 01792 648809. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this church for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.

—– Extra Land ——

St Pauls Church Land Adjacent

Land Guided At £5,000 – Adjacent To St Paul’s Church, Cwm Level Road, Landore

Details as per auctioneer’s catalogue

Location: Land adjoining St Paul’s Church, Cwm Level Road, Landore, South Wales, SA6 8LA.

Guide: £5,000 now sold.

Further Details: Click Here.  On the day, this lot actually went for a whopping £37,000 (here).

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here.

Plan Drawing of Land Area For Sale: Click Here.

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here.

Contact (for the land) Allsops Auctioneers – Tel: 020 7494 3686. Please can folk mention to auctioneer that they found this church land for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.



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Unique Property Competition

For March & April 2016, the Unique Property Bulletin competition prize is a nifty


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Please Name This Unique Building & The Location…

1 Underground

The winner is the first drawn from our Competition Box at close of competition on…

30th April 2016

Competition Hint

“Beaming From Underground”

Email free entries to Unique Property Bulletin:-

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Architecturally Unique

Please note, each edition we feature the work of a unique architect. These properties are usually NOT currently for sale. Although with these glass igloo designs, it is likely you would be able to secure some form of licence to build the modules from the architects.

Glass Igloo 1

Glass Igloo Exterior

Whilst the glass igloos were designed for Lapland and viewing the Aurora Borealis. They would also suit an interesting construction for folk who like being under the night sky. So it is entirely possible to see these diminutive buildings virtually anywhere in the world and not just restricted to the Arctic Circle.

 Our Top & Commended Property Designer

For This Unique Property Bulletin Is:

Architect Risto Eräpohja

of Turku, Finland

for the design of these wonderful

Glass Igloo Houses

Click Onto The Photo Above To Watch The Video

Glass Igloo 2

Glass Igloo House Interior

Location: Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland, FI-99830

Main Website: Click Here

Further Details: Click Here

Contact: Click Here

Please can folk mention to resort owner and architects that they found these glass igloo house designs in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


Try Before You Buy

The property included within the try-before-you-buy section of the Unique Property Bulletin is not for sale. Our endeavour is to provide a sample, and actual experience of what it would be like to live in – or in this case to visit – any particular genre of unusual abode. Our offering for this edition:-

On Vay-Cave-Tion

Holiday In A Rock House

Cave House, Low Habberley, Worcestershire MAIN1
The Cave House, Known As Rockhouse Retreat

Photo: Jon Dean and Barcroft Media

Sorry, couldn’t resist the vay-cave-tion pun. This really is a one off. Some Bulletin readers will already know of the irrepressible Angelo Mastropietro who appeared on a memorable edition of Kevin McCloud’s television programme Grand Designs. For just £195, you can spend a luxurious night as a new millennium Neanderthal in the cave house that Angelo Mastropietro rebuilt. Perhaps treat your partner to a delightful night from another epoch.

Cave House, Low Habberley, Worcestershire 3
Jurassic Comforts In This Cave House At Worcestershire

We could wax lyrical about this particular unique property, but reckon it is best to leave you to view some pictures and a couple of video clips. Here is one from the BBC: click here.

The main Grand Design’s edition can be viewed here, or just dip into the programme for a sample, and arrange with Angelo to spend a night or three in the actual cave.

Rockhouse Cave By Barcroft Media… 

Click Onto The Photo Above To Watch The Video

You can also view the Grand Design’s episode here. Apologies for the slow speed and baritone voice. Something wrong with the upload at Youtube

Owner’s narrative: The Rockhouse is a unique luxury romantic cave retreat, hand sculpted from a Triassic sandstone escarpment near the Wyre Forest in rural Worcestershire.. Set in 3 acres of woodland on the banks of Honey Brook, The Rockhouse has been occupied for over 700 years. When the site was deserted in 1962 it reverted back to its ‘natural state’ – until it was painstakingly and sympathetically refurbished in 2015 ‘almost single handedly’ by enthusiast and owner Angelo Mastropietro.

Cave House Kitchen, Low Habberley, Worcestershire 1

The Cave House Kitchen, Brontosaurus Burgers Tonight?

The UK’s first contemporary rock house, this is an authentic cave home and secluded retreat, offering a peaceful haven where you feel miles from civilisation.

Cave House, Low Habberley, Worcestershire 7

Amazing Shower – Rockhouse Cave House, Low Habberley, Worcestershire

As much a sculpture as it is a dwelling, The Rockhouse has been carefully planned out and features stylish creature comforts such as under floor heating, rainforest shower and clever ambient lighting for a nurturing and natural ambience.

Location: The Rockhouse Retreat, Honey Brook, Easthams Farm, Low Habberley, Worcestershire, DY11 5RQ

Guide: From £195 per night.

Bookings: Click Here

Further Details: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact Tel: 07789 160356. Please can folk mention to Angelo that they found his cave house for rent in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.


King Henry VIII Resided Here

East Barsham Manor, Norfolk

East Barsham
East Barsham Manor, Fakenham, Norfolk

Positively Monarchical and definitely a home for those with ankle-deep pockets. A magnificent pile located in Norfolk. Built circa 1520, this manor house has been a place favoured by Kings. It certainly has the wow factor and a footnote in history (here).

East Barsham Manor
East Barsham Manor, Fakenham, Norfolk

The main house is Grade I listed and has approximately 8,500 square feet of internal area made up of the most exquisite Tudor period rooms. All of which is wrapped in genuine and ornate Tudor brickwork. Even the ten chimneys have some architecturally beautiful masonry magic about them.

There are other buildings included in the 4.5 acre of grounds….

East Barsham 2
East Barsham Manor, Fakenham, Norfolk

There are other dwellings on this small country estate, including a three bedroom cottage and detached gatehouse.

Location: East Barsham Manor, Fakenham Road, East Barsham, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 0LH

Guide: Offers over £2,950,000 – though it is worth researching why the price was earlier quoted at £2,750,000 (here).

Further Details: Click Here

Google 3D Streetview: Click Here

Archived Details For Future Reference: Click Here

Contact Fine & Country – Tel: 01328 854190. Please can folk mention to estate agent that they found this manor house for sale in Unique Property Bulletin. This helps us keep this publication free for all readers.



This Edition’s Unique Property Feature:-

New Estate Agency Helps The Bulletin

Please Meet Our New Friends…

“Unique Property For Sale”

Click Here

This edition we have a Feature Event, rather than a Feature Article.


One Example of Our Past Listings

Kinfauns Tower: For Sale At £28,000*

Since inception during the late 1980s, Unique Property Bulletin has been a not-for-profit publication. Run by volunteers for like minded folk who have a passion for unusual places to live. However, after going online in 2011, we have reached a point where the Bulletin needs to employ staff. It may not seem that heavy a job compiling this quasi-magazine type endeavour, but with the near exponential growth in readership that regularly exceeds 25,000 to 40,000 a month, the time is fast approaching where we need to make changes and employ some help. From our unique ISP base the overall total is above 78,000 between our three main websites. As a (welcome) result, there has been an avalanche in emails.

We love the emails.

But with issues such as the purchase and sale of peoples’ homes, we cannot manage to reply and help with the required promptness much longer – with just a few volunteers at this end. We need to get this right. To ensure an efficient, solid and consistent service, the Bulletin needs to be able to fund a couple of members of staff.


Another Example of Our Direct Listings For Sale – £175,000

Though this lovely Lincolnshire Church is now sold (here)

Last year one of our readers, who works as a professional architect and has a business interest in a London estate agency suggested we might like to consider a relationship with a new style of estate agency along the lines of…

“Unique Property For Sale”

A Unique Estate Agency For Unique People

Click Here

At the time of the first offer, we declined saying thank you, but no thank you. Then it occurred to us that the Bulletin makes tens of thousands of pounds for several other top-end agencies with nary a thank you note from any of them. One remarkably ungrateful agency to whom we introduced both the seller and the buyer, then pocketed £5,862 in commission for work, the bulk of which we did. Worse, the estate agency tried to get the seller of the property to knock £30,000 off of their building because it was “Grade A” listed. Our guidance to our friend who was selling is that Buckingham Palace also has this same Grade A/Grade I listing, and no estate agent is trying to get the Queen to drop her price 10% so a quick commission can be trousered. Having a “listed” property requires some onerous commitment, it does not mean that a distressed sale should be pushed through just so some yuppie can grab a lazily obtained commission. Once the sale had completed, the seller was that embarrassed at the lack of the most basic courtesy, let alone the absence of a thank you note from the “prestigious” estate agency to Unique Property Bulletin, that he sent a personal £500 donation cheque from his own resources to us to show appreciation. This was unsolicited, but most welcome. It was also a salutary lesson about some estate agencies. After an event such as this (and by no means isolated), we started to reconsider the merits  of supporting a new, independent unique property estate agency. One that from the outset aims to be the best it can be. A new unique estate agency that gives an inbuilt extra measure in quality of service above and beyond an ordinary high street property shop. Literally a new style of unique estate agency for unique people.

Douglas Head Lighthouse Keepers Houses For Sale

A Fabulous Lighthouse Keepers’ Compound For Sale Via The New Unique Property For Sale Estate Agency (here)

Think about it: Which is the best way to sell your unique property? A standard high street estate agency, or a unique property team that are plugged into one of the highest ranking web domains for unique property?

If in doubt, as an example using the property pictured above, just Google three words…

lighthouses for sale

… then see the top three websites that your search returns! Surely it would make sense to sell your property, whatever the unique flavour, with an estate agency that is linked to a unique property website that consistently tops the search engine result charts.

After a lot of thought and discussion surrounding the enquiry from our architect friend and his estate agency colleagues in London, we had further contemplation about helping a new, and properly principled unique property estate agency. Here is what has transpired – a middle way. The Bulletin will remain a separate and independent not-for-profit entity. But we intend to fully support our friends in the new Unique Property Agency (click here).

The natural aim is for the new, independent estate agency to help buyers and sellers of unique property in a dedicated and bespoke way.

In reciprocation, the Bulletin will receive a regular honorarium for advertising Unique Estate Agency (UPFS) listings. That mutual support should improve the chances of our readers locating their ideal home. Plus those selling an unusual property will be given a service that our friends aim to ensure is of the highest quality. The modest advertising revenue reciprocated in our direction will enable the Bulletin to employ staff, and ensure this website continues helping folk.

UPFS Old Steading - Old Stables

We Sold Our Old Stables & Steading For £46,000

It included a second building…

UPFS Old Steading - Main Building

and a wonderful view…

UPS - Davaar Island View, Argyll - PHOTO

One of many successful sales via this website and our favourite selling agencies

The volunteers will still help research, compile, produce and maintain this Unique Property Bulletin website. It will continue to be free to read. We shall carry on as normal. Though with the enhanced ability to respond promptly and effectively to the considerable Bulletin email traffic (currently 100+ detailed communications per day). We will also secure the future of this website for our readers. The contributors and volunteers aren’t getting any younger, and whilst none of us expect to expire anytime soon, the strain has been having an effect for several months.

UKWMO ROC Post Ashwell For Sale (c) 2015 Owner's Collection

Former UKWMO Underground Bunkers Surface Entrance

UKWMO Going Down 3 RSZ

Down The Vertical Tunnel To…

UKWMO Main Room RSZ 

Former UKWMO Underground Bunkers Sell Well Here

Large Or Small – Unique Property For Sale Cover It All

With one or two new members of staff on an employed basis, the Bulletin should continue to help folk find their dream home and manage to secure the future of this website for years to come. The new estate agency will help us afford those much needed staff members. Our aim? To ask you to help the estate agency, which in turn helps us to help you. A virtuous circle.

So from the heart and the head, everyone here at the Bulletin asks buyers and sellers to support the new estate agency.

Unique Property For Sale

To see the beginnings of the new estate agency, please…

Click here

Thank you from…

The team at Unique Property Bulletin


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