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We have promised an update from Unique Property Bulletin’s enjoyable entity where our group of 365 members club together to buy unusual properties and embark upon real-life adventures. Unique Property Clubs buy, renovate and sell unusual places such as lighthouse buildings, coastguard stations, island property, distilleries, barns. Some of these we keep for several years, most are sold within a year to eighteen months after the renovations are complete in order to grow our members’ nest eggs.

The objective is to grow Unique Property Club members’ resources to the point where those who so choose, can go off and buy their own eccentric castle, windmill or UKWMO nuclear bunker for cash and live mortgage-free.

All projects are asset-backed, fully insured and we mandate prohibition on any borrowing by property clubs. Worst case scenario, several of us end up living in a lighthouse station.

This update is to advise those Bulletin readers who have asked to join a Unique Property Club that we now have some spaces available. 

and also to ask our 25,000 (peaks to 186,000 (here)) readership to help us find the next unique property for our club to buy.

We just missed out on a train set – a real one…




Firstly, if you we have 12 spaces. 2 members passed away and 10 have now bought their own unique property (with the help of funds built up over various club adventures). If you would like to join, please telephone or text Russ McLean on 0757 2768 795. If you tect, please include the phrase: Unique Property Clubs”. Thank you.



for unique property club number 28, we are looking from something that you find interesting, but perhaps not minded (or financed) to buy. Here is an “A-to-Z” to give you some ideas or what we love…

Air Control Towers, Barns, Canalside Cottages, Castles, Churches, Distilleries, Engine Houses, former Fire Stations, Forts, Follies, Generator Stations, Hotels, Islands, Libraries, Lighthouses, Museums, Nuclear Bunkers, Observatories, Police Stations, Signal Boxes, Telephone Repeater Stations, Underground Buildings, Water mills, Windmills, Zoos.

To help encourage our readers to have a session on Rightmove, or your local borough/city council’s property sale page, or if you have a notion, the property auction house websites for tasty morcels, we have a modest £100 “finders fee” payable to the Bulletin reader who finds a suitable candidate building for Unique Property Club 28  

Our successful “Plan A” is to renovate and resell with “Plan B” for members to buy each other out and the core of any particular project end up with a unique property to live in. Ironically, property club number 26 at Noss Head Lighthouse Station had 14 of the 20 members visit holiday for a week each. All asked if we could “hang on to this one” and keep it.

Unique Property Bulletin manages theseclubs and we kept having to emphasise “Plan A” – see if the renovated buildings sell first.

In the instance of UPC24 all of the 8 buildings have resold and all have returned a respectable profit for each of the participating members (plus a free holiday for most).



The £2,775,000 project cost of purchase + land taxes + legals + architect/RICS/professional fees + insurances + utilities + renovation of Noss Head Lighthouse Station is officially registered at Companies House: here, with Shares registered: here. Not there are £2,775 shares in issue and £2774,725 in pro rata Convertible Bond Certificates in order to make the most efficient repayment to members each time one of 8 lighthouse buildings on this site was resold. Were there 277,500 shares in issue, share buyback can require a court-order. The property club solicitors and official accountancy advice guides us on the most efficient way to financially structure each project. All 20 members have pro-rata ownership and equal voting rights in all unique property club projects. UPC24 at Noss Head Lighthouse has shareholders participating at £2,500 right up to our maximum of £25,000. Example Share certificate: here and Convertible Bond Certificate: here.

All unique property clubs are asset-backed. There is no mortgage and no bank debt. All buildings are fully insured. We make absolute best efforts to ensure financially safe protocols are in place.

Each unique property club is registered at Companies House as a stand alone, dedicated entity. This ring fences the project and avoids confusion between different club ventures that are progressing simultaneously. Companies House structure is a long proven, tried and tested way of properly structuring what we do. Each venture is directed by the project manager and all shareholders have a proper, pro-rata and equitable voting right at each stage of the unique property renovation.

At the end of each outing, we have a very effective way of publicising the availability of what club asset is being sold as it is placed in this www.uniquepropertybulletin.co.uk website.

Once all the participating members have been paid back their share and profits, the club is then formally closed and the limited company with it too.


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So far, 20 projects on, we have never had a “Plan B” situation. All properties have resold. With the exception of 2 at a small loss and 2 break-even’s we are currently completing Unique Property Club number 24 at a profit. Not bas.

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Together we can achieve much more than individually. 20+ successful (and profitable) projects over two decades is proof poitice of this statement.

, most ry.  


The Bulletin




12 Vacancies Available Within The 365 Membership