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Please note, this page simply contains some examples of unique properties. Any possible television format is left to the industry professionals. Here at the Bulletin we are delighted to help in any way possible.


Old Coastguard Stations

Before Renovation

Old Lookout - Photo By Russ McLean 1983

In addition to being an unusual property, this diminutive building is actually where our Unique Property Bulletin publication started. The Old Lookout was acquired in 1983 and provided seven years of enjoyment: both in the renovation journey, and then the delight of staying on a small island.

After Renovation


The current owners rent this old coastguard station for holidays, so it is thoroughly accessible if viewers would like to sample staying on a small island in a converted coastguard lookout station: click here.



The Lookout coastguard station on Davaar Island is accessed over a causeway that is exposed at low tide. Alternative ways to get onto the island include boat, helicopter and hovercraft. There is a helicopter landing pad and a small pier to facilitate this.


Nuclear Bunkers

AAA Penshurst UKWMO Photo Courtesy of Mark Russell RSZ

Not much to be seen on the surface (pictured above). But quite an interesting experience below ground. First a decent down a narrow access shaft…


This leads into a small area, with a WC/Shower in one direction, and a main room in the other….


There is a lot of history to the underground United Kingdom War Monitoring Organisation bunker network. Several hundred of these places still exist, and there are usually one or two for sale at any given point in time.

Currently we have an UKWMO Bunker for sale at Penshurst, Sevenoaks, about half an hour from London, just ready for a showreel feature…

Click Here For UKWMO Bunker Sale Details.


This Image Copyright: Mr Bob Marshall

One of the owner’s of an UKWMO bunker that we helped answered a prescient question: What can you use these for? He had a young family and they camped on the site with a tent at weekends and holidays. If it rained, then the kids went below ground to the warm and dry bunker and had many great adventures over the years.

Further information on the history of these UKWMO bunkers is available: here and here.


Treehouse Like No Other

Circular Cylinder Concept Centred Around A Tree


We have one of our Unique Property Bulletin readers who wishes to build one of these in the UK.

There is a ready supply of folk who wish to progress projects such as these. We would hope that the availability of people from the Unique Property Bulletin would be of use to prospective programme makers.


This concept design is likely to produce a home that may capture the imagination of many. Life atop a canopy of trees…


Indeed if and when this glass treehouse is built, it may become an iconic structure once built. Designed by A. Masow Architects. Website: here.


Lighthouse Life


Strathy Point Lighthouse Compound was bought by a small group of our website subscribers in August 1999. Subsequently some of the buildings have been sold. Throughout the 17 year period, Unique Property Bulletin has had a friendship with the owners, new and old. This may be helpful to television producers as we are fairly certain it will be possible to locate people who have chosen to live in lighthouse buildings. Thereby providing a human interest angle to the aspect of life within a unique building. As an example, here are the old Lighthouse Engine Rooms, prior to conversion…

Lighthouse Strathy Engine Room Before RSZ

Here is part of the conversion after completion into a high specification home…

Lighthouse Strathy Engine Room Lounge RSZ

This particular lighthouse compound at Strathy Point is one of several that the Unique Property Bulletin either has, or has had an interest. In addition, it may be worth noting, several of our website subscribers are, at this very time, putting a formal offer in for another lighthouse compound, and this may help provide source material for some content of future programming.

Strathy Point Lighthouse Video Clip. Click on the picture above to view.


Underwater Homes


There is a whole genre of these amazing styles of underwater home. Firing the imagination as to what style of architectural design might be imagined and brought about for a unique underwater, or quasi subsea home. There are already several viable examples from around the world…


Including ones that you can visit for a holiday…


Here is an interesting video of just one style of underwater dwelling idea – a fascinating home video…

Subsea Living – Further Details: Click Here.

The three examples of underwater abode illustrated above are not all suited to UK waters, however, there are places around the coast of Britain where such an idea, allied with a good architect and supported with the appropriate maritime engineering may provide a very interesting adventure. For sure at the Unique Property Bulletin we have folk amongst our 42,000 readers keen to pursue such a type of aquatic home. As to suitable UK locations? How about here…


The UK has many suitable places to site a semi submersible home.


Marble Arch & London Icons

There are several iconic and unique buildings in London that are being repurposed. For example, somewhere in time there will be dwellings just along from Buckingham Palace at the soon to be converted Admiralty Arch…

Admiralty Arch Diliff

Feature Article on Admiralty Arch & Other Iconic Buildings: Click Here

Other London landmarks set for a unique upscaling include some old London Underground Stations…

London Underground Station For Sale Aldwych-Station-Oxyman


London Underground Brompton 2


Private Island PragmatismTanera Mor NEW PHOTO FOR NEW RELAUNCH

Click Here for full details of the Tanera Mòr Island Adventure

We’ve been fortunate enough to persuade the owner’s of Tanera Mòr Island to split it into three parts. Thereby helping with our assembling a small group of folk to buy individual houses and progress a pragmatic way to buy the whole island – in digestible chunks.

Rosslyn Cottage, Tanera Mor Island MAIN2

Tanera Mòr Island – Making a £1,950,000 purchase Possible At £162,777 Per House

Tanera Mor - CREDIT MGJ Holland

Tanera Mòr Island