Unique Property Television Candidates

For several years we have been studying various independent television companies that come up for sale, with an intention is to launch a dedicated Unique Property television channel. The idea to cover the various aspects of unusual properties – the what, why, when, how etc. Some examples of the industry…

Independent Television Production Companies

We are not quite at that stage yet. Indeed this website is sufficient a modest challenge for progressing, whilst our group keeps ending up buying the unusual buildings that we are supposed to be featuring. There is enough going on without the gargantuan task of a television production company being bought out.

However, a short while ago serendipity came the way of Unique Property and the online Bulletin. This is in the form of Tiger Aspect Television, a subsidiary of the UK’s largest independent television company …

Endemol Television Website

They have asked if we can suggest, or introduce any of our many merry band of buyers with suitable property restoration projects for consideration for possible inclusion in George Clarke’s popular “Restoration Man” television programme….

Restoration Man Television Programme Website

So if anyone is in the stages of taking ownership of a unique building, please can you get in touch ….

Contact Form

…. and we will be delighted to make the introduction to the producer responsible at Tiger Aspect/Endemol Television.

To give our readers an idea of the style of project being considered, we link below to one of our favourites. The conversion and restoration of a derelict Ice House.

The enthusiasm and chemistry between television presenter George Clarke, and the owner of the Ice House, Laird Henderson was infectious and compelling to watch. The result a masterclass in what can be done to bring old, unused and often unique property back to life …. 


The Gallery of photographs for the Restoration Man’s Ice House Television Episode


The Ice House (c) 2011 Channel 4 & Tiger Aspect-Endemol Television.