Track Record 

Strathy Point Lighthouse Complex (c) Unique Property Bulletin

A Lighthouse Keepers Dwelling for £5,000. That’s five thousand pounds. Don’t believe it. Well we guarantee this is true as we used to own it! The actual building forms part of the lighthouse compound pictured above. We intend to help you find gems like this. Whether £5,000 or five million pounds. Whatever you like.

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A lighthouse or castle; windmill or railway station; island or barn; water tower or stately home. Whichever type of unique property you are looking for we are sure we can help you find it. If you have a favourite style, please get in touch with us by clicking here. Let us know what you are aiming to find and we will do our utmost to assist.

This particular £5,000 dwelling recently came up for sale, but was originally part of a much larger complex that you see in the photograph. Including the Principal Lighthouse Keepers Dwelling; First Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Dwelling; Second Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Dwelling; Occasional/Relief Lighthouse Keepers Dwelling; Engine Room; Foghorn Room; Garages; Land etc. The original lighthouse complex in its entirety was a much larger proposition, but even so, the price tag for this extensive property portfolio was exceptionally good when we bought it in 1999.

Other unique property that our group of like minded enthusiasts from this Bulletin have bought and explored along the way include…


Old Stables & Island View Cottage (c) Unique Property Bulletin

The track record as far as the Unique Property Bulletin readers and membership go can be illustrated by some of the financial reports…

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So you can see, we don’t just feature and write about unusual buildings and places to live. We put our collective resources behind real life adventures. The track record results are none to shabby we hope you can agree.

Moving onto further property bought…

 Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Complex (c)  Unique Property Bulletin

As purchased by the Bulletin’s Unique Property Syndicate in 2001


 Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Complex (c) Knight Frank & Marquess of Ailsa

MV Southsea (c) 1973 Mr Rob Newman.

Even a ship or two purchased in addition to land based unique places.

All in all 18 such adventures along the way to date, covering unusual places such as coastguard stations, lighthouses, harbour buildings, railway stations and many other sorts of unusual places to live.

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